Parents WARNING other Parents: Daughter's Epilepsy a Result of DTaP Vaccine

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Describing herself as an Ex-Vaxxer rather than an Anti-Vaxxer, Heather shares her story with Polly Tommey on the VaxXed Bus.

Heather was VERY PRO-VACCINE ...

(Daughter, Adley, developed epilepsy after vaccinations)

"I did NOT UNDERSTAND people that were anti-vaccine;
Why they wouldn't take care of their kids
and do everything to protect their kids?"

"Doctors tell us that this is what you do to protect your kids ... from these horrible illnesses."

... quote from the YouTube video below.

Adam, who is in the military, and his wife Heather, were both taught to respect and obey the person in the white coat with the medical degree.

It was not even on their radar to request and read the ↝Vaccine Package Insert↜ for themselves.

* Seizures are listed as an adverse reaction on the following vaccines: Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Whooping Cough, Pneumococcal Disease, Polio, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Diptheria, Rotavirus

Only after her own infant developed a seizure disorder (epilepsy), did she realize that vaccines come with great RISK.

These parents did not give 'Informed Consent' as they were not made aware of the possible adverse reactions before injecting their precious child. Doctors kept on vaccinating her baby, even after the seizures started, even though the Vaccine Package Inserts clearly say that vaccines should not be given to anyone with seizure disorders.

Their Pediatric Neurologist finally informed them that they were to give the child no further vaccinations. However their regular doctor would not accept the Neurologist's advice, and kicked the child out of his practice when these parents refused to further vaccinate their daughter.

Since the vaccine schedule has increased, seizures and epilepsy in children has increased dramatically!

Heather and Adam concluded that the DTaP vaccine is the most likely culprit for their daughter's epilepsy, because it was the only vaccine that was consistently given every time she had seizure activity, and she had never had seizure activity before the first DTaP was given.

            PLEASE, Please Watch This 24-Minute YouTube Interview of the parents

Posted to youtube on 2017-08-23

Proponents of vaccines, may try to tell you that any seizures related to vaccines are only because of the high fever that a child may get as a recognized side-effect of the vaccine, aka Febrile Seizures.

However, the study below shows otherwise.

'A Retrospective Population-Based Study on Seizures Related To Childhood Vaccination' Epilepsia 2011 Aug

QUOTE From The Study Below:

"Vaccination-associated seizures present in the setting of various epilepsy syndromes, including SEVERE CHILDHOOD EPILEPSIES, in greater than 10% of cases."

PUB MED Link Here: A retrospective population-based study on seizures related to childhood vaccination.

Quote: Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies

This study was undertaken to describe the type and frequency of seizures and epilepsy syndromes in children after vaccination.

A large German database of adverse events following vaccinations was analyzed for reported seizures and epilepsies in children 0 to 6 years of age.

Of all confirmed seizures after vaccination, 15.4% were non-febrile.

Of all children with confirmed epileptic events after vaccination, 12.6% exhibited various pediatric epilepsy syndromes, 11.7% were diagnosed with severe childhood epilepsies, and 8.5% presented with status epilepticus (a prolonged, life-threatening epileptic crisis).

Epileptic events occurred on average 24 hours after receipt of inactivated vaccines and 7.5 days after attenuated vaccines.

For More Info, Read This Article Here at
↛ ..Vaccines Blamed for Alarming Increase in Seizure Disorders Among Children..↚

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I know that this is a very controversial topic ...
but if you care about children as much as I care about children...
surely we can all be civil and help each other discover the best way forward for all our children and future generations.

My son was affected by each round of vaccines that he received. And like most kids with autism went on to develop epilepsy. He and I actually have the same Epilepsy type, Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. His is text book, if I wake him up instead of letting him sleep and get up on his own, he will have muscle jerk seizures. These cause him to fall down --he's ended up with stitches (he can also have grand mals). Mine is more... not-textbook. I get mostly torso and arm jerks. I sometimes throw things and drop things ;) We don't do plastic in this house so that is a lot of broken dishes. lol People know that we always need more glasses in this house. I have no doubt that if I had got the same vaccines he did at the same age, I'd be the one with autism today. Instead I got my hyper-vaccination when I joined the Army, the so my worst issues didn't surface until later in life. A mass vaccination program with all these added vaccines makes no sense. The risks outweigh the benefits. Back in 1996 I didn't know better --and I hate to sound judgemental, but in 2017 I don't understand how a parent can think it's OK for their babies to get 37 vaccines by 18 months. At what point does the red flag go up?

Apparently when people are too ignorant to properly debate they just flag your stuff. I'm super impressed with the tactics. eye roll

Well, their inanity just earned you another couple bucks on this comment. I might not have been aware of it had I not noticed all this flagging going on. They will fizzle out. Thanks for sharing, as always, @jennywebster.

sad fact people do those kind of tactics.

OMGosh! All you did was say how your son was affected by vaccines! How does that earn a flag? You were just telling about your experience.

BTW, have you considered stainless steel dishes as an alternative to plastic? It's something I recently discovered after my children are old enough not to break things so much!

Wow! This is all so sad.
I'm sorry that both you and your son have been injured so terribly like this,
but THANK-YOU so much for sharing your stories here.
We need more people to be BRAVE like you and speak out.

Hi jennywebster, deeply sorry for your situation. My son (6 years) kept loosing his skills starting at 18 months age after he got DtaP and finally diagnosed as autistic boy at age 3 years old. It's a nightmare thinking about his future !!

@canadian-coconut thank you for a good contain of post, as usual... I love your article.

There is a group on Facebook called Rogue Recovery. Search it out. Lots of good tips on how to treat vaccine injury (aka autism). There are things I wish I had known when my son was younger but it's still never too late to help them feel better.

Thanks jennywebster, I'll check it out for sure!

Cool, so FB doesn't take vaccine info down anymore? Would they feel at home on Steemit?

You raise a really good point. This is 2017, not 2007. What we know now about vaccines and their toxicity and effects is so much more than what we did 10 years ago. There is so much resistance to accepting the potential harms with vaccines, because it is seen as the cornerstone of modern health.

Common sense is hard to accept when put against deeply held, longstanding beliefs. If the doctors were wrong that means the CDC was wrong, which means the government was wrong, which means..everyone I believe in was wrong...where does it end? Most people regard their doctors as they do God. It's pretty hard for them to see common sense when that is the case.

So this is how pro-vaxxers troll on Steemit?
Pay bots to down vote things they disagree with?

I am totally pro vaccines (only if there are no contraindications of course) but I still think that down flagging is the wrong way. This step should only be used against spam and bad behavior!

F.e. @canadian-coconut and I had some discussion in her previous post(s). Of course, ​she could have just shut me down and destroyed my account by a few 100% downvotes. But she decided to discuss rather than misuse her power. While we may not agree on the vaccination topic, we at least seem to agree on the way of how to behave on steemit. This makes me glad. Most people in​ this world are not capable of a normal discussion anymore.

Good discourse! See. We can all get along and still disagree with one another. This makes me :)

It seems to be mostly one person who owns all of those accounts that flagged.

I don't know why he suddenly decided that this post and your comment had to be flagged so hard.

I feel much worse for you than I do for myself.

He doesn't have enough power to make my post invisible since it has so much support from the community, BUT to flag your comment invisible while you are talking about your injured child is really, really sad.

I'm SO SORRY that you had to experience that. This type of thing use to be very rare on Steemit, but sadly it is starting to become more common.

I try to look at the positive side.

The old saying goes that at first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

We seem to be at the stage now where some people are fighting back hard,
but it is only because they are losing.
I try to see the positive in this.

VERY soon the truth will be so pervasive that the admissions of fraud and deceit will start pouring out for the public to clearly see, and we will be proven right all along.

The old saying goes that at first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

Yay! So true, we can't thank you enough for your positive voice! I was wondering what more we can do to bring awareness. Is there a vaccine trail or can form a health curation group?

Don't feel bad for me. I'm used to it. :)
It just shows how pathetic and desperate they are.
I'll be here... willing to have a conversation with anyone who disagrees with me.

I'm glad that you are okay. That's good to hear.
It does seem to be a desperation that what you and I have to say will cause people to question something that they believe to be something unquestionable.

Funny, because that's what this post was all about.
The parents in this video unquestionably did what their doctors told them to.
And their child paid the price.

That's terrible! Aside from polio, I was never vaccinated and I have never suffered such issues. From what I am seeing, they seem to be far more common in the Western world than in Africa where I live.

Can we have a scientific discussion together with the down voters please?

Here is the actual study that you mentioned in the post.

Thank-you for the link to the full study!


@canadian-coconut Thank you for sharing this hugely important but equally heartbreaking post. I sometimes wonder how long it will take for people to realise that in the eyes of big pharma we're all little more than walking revenue streams? I don't profess to know the answer to that question, but what I do know is that with the tireless work of people like yourself the tide of awareness seems to be turning. Thank you for being a big part of the change.

It is interesting to hear this from her perspective in the video; for someone who had never thought to question authority before, this was a hard way to learn not to trust the white lab coats. It sounds like the mom went through a lot when she realized what she had to do to ensure the safety of her child, going against the family doctor. A lot of doctors are probably frightened that they'll lose their license for going against the drug industry if they dare say anything against the vaccine schedules, but it seems like I am hearing more stories about doctors suggesting skipping the shots.
It was nice to see the child laughing, fidgeting, bored, and excited, she seems to be doing well, I'm really glad her mom woke up!

I had no idea that there were more additives in US vaccines, but hearing that, it makes complete sense.
That's unbelievable about the pediatrician. How awful. And a great example of why parents are so scared to not vaccinate, so many doctors make you feel as if you are neglectful, even abusive by not vaccinating.

Another military family, hm. It sounds like seizures are the prime injury, and they lead to different problems, from mild to very severe.
My autistic nephew was given a dog for therapy, it didn't work out unfortunately. Though I have heard of cases where it was a Godsend.

Again, thank you for this. I am going to share this link with my brother and some friends. I think it's especially great to have the perspective of someone who was once pro vaccination. You have been such a fantastic source of vetted information, I can't tell you how much I appreciate each and every post of yours my lovely friend.

I hadn't heard of the Canadian vaccines having less additives than the USA ones before hearing it on this video,
so I don't know if it's true or not.
Canadian vaccines are bad enough to avoid anyways,
because I have friends and acquaintances up here who have had bad side affects from them.

Thank-you for sharing this post with others!

I hope they've got help. I've had success with treating vaccine-induced epilepsy with homeopathic detox.

That is very good to hear. Thank-you for all the healing help that you bringing to vaccine injured families.

Why was this post flagged so heavily? Why was it flagged at all?

It is discouraging to see the army of flags.
All but a few of them are from the same powerful person and his many accounts.
I don't know what triggered him, but I hope that he doesn't continue to bother me and the people who comment here.
I can almost understand why he would have flagged my post since it was earning a lot of steem,
but I was incredibly disheartened to see that he tried to shut down a new lady whose comment was about her injured child, by flagging that comment invisible. It's one thing to bully me when I have 3 healthy children and a good reputation on Steemit, but to bully a brand new person with an injured child -- I have a hard time comprehending that!

Thank you for your concern my friend.

Yeah, it makes me feel angry. I have a few ideas about some projects to curtail it, but think maybe it's just best to let these guys burn themselves out.

We can discuss that on chat if you want.
But yeah, usually people just need some time to cool down. An occasional post will trigger them, but so far I haven't had anyone who regularly flags each post.
It is a difficult situation,
because I know that most of these people really have a fear that if our message is heard that children will be harmed.
Meanwhile, the entire reason that we are sharing this message is so that children will NOT be harmed.
Generally speaking, both sides LOVE children and want them to have a bright future.
It's too bad that we can't all talk peacefully and find a solution.

What fantastic words at the end of the post CaCo.

I know that this is a very controversial topic ...
but if you care about children as much as I care about children...
surely we can all be civil and help each other discover the best way forward for all our children and future generations.

That is the kind of attitude that will hopefully one day stop this awful situation from occurring ever again.
Once a child is damaged there is no going back.
Parents please, please do your due diligence before committing to the vaccine programme.
Another great post as always.

Thank-you so much!
I wish everyone who flagged this post would have read this statement at the end first.
But I am impressed that there are so many GREAT comments here.

Thanks again Linda for all you are doing. This time it's not just you being an inspiration - the whole situation with this post is inspiring.

I've long been aware that some powerful accounts on Steemit are pro vax, and have been a bit nervous about potential censorship. But now that it has actually happened, it turns out that not only do you have the most awesome supporters on Steemit, they also fully have your back.

A lie exposed often enough becomes a public scandal...

I so totally agree with you on this. I love to see all the awareness and visibility those posts bring on the subject.

I also love to see the mutual respect it bring in among the community even from those who down vote the posts or those who would love to down vote it but prefer to abstain. This is much better than on reddit or any other platform where these post could simply be ban or where so many shill account will come to down vote or bully the authors.

People must respect other people here on Steem even when they disagree on a subject. We move on, we learn and grow.

TRUE! I love your outlook on this.
There is a bright side.

About two weeks ago the very same thing happened to one of my posts. I was having a bit of fun trying to draw attention to all the fake introduce yourself posts being posted, and a few people got the wrong end of the stick.

It was the first time I've ever had a post flagged and to start with I was a bit bummed.

But then some of my awesome followers sorted things out. It was on a much smaller scale to your post, but a lot of those awesome followers are the very same ones who got behind you.

And now I'm thinking that Steemit has evolved past Fakebook and Reddit, and the truth isn't going to be censored here.

It was seeing this post, where the censor had real firepower, that really brought home to me that we can win this.

And that is awesome!

I think more people are becoming aware to the dangers. You will always get those who don't agree and that's OK as long as their opinion is well thought out and respectful, however flagging a post such as this is an abuse of the system IMO.
Thanks again 😉

The chiropractor my family goes to has a saying about doctors that prescribe harmful vaccines or procedures.

As far as they know, it is the best course.

The point being is that we ought to do the research for our child before allowing others to give them medicine. Doctors only know what the universities and traditions have taught them for the last few decades. There are other ways to healing than what is popular at the moment.

Very interesting point you're raising here. I know two young girls starting medical school this year. Nice, caring, honest girls and I've been wondering where they're going to be in 20 years. Will they become cold-hearted drug-peddlers just like so many doctors these days? My fear is they will, because questioning authority is something foreign to many public-schooled kids. They've worked so hard to get to med-school and I doubt they'll have the guts to start questioning what they are taught.

The stats are not in their favor. All we can do is raise the issues and show the facts that are becoming more clear and accepted.

Thank you for taking an interest in them.

The Epilepsy it is very hard, specially when you forever need to take pills of epamin fenitoina sodica dilantin or deintoinale, the worst pill for it is the tegretol or carbamazapin it is to hard for the system, you feel very dizzy, and when the moon have a movement it is could afected you.
And some people see extrange when you have a crisis.
I did not know that it would be product of vaccines, this condition it is hard in your life, you feel that need to living in a shadow for people do not know that you have this condition.
I lived a little condition about it because my mother have this condition and really really you lived feeling fear because in every moment an accident could be occur.
Dear thanks for the topics and please
We should be compasive with every person who have this condition it is very very hard. :( :( and we need helps in everything.
Best regard

Thank-you for your personal insight into epilepsy and how difficult it is to live with.

CBD from cannabis is non-psychoactive and has been a great help to many people with epilepsy especially children with severe epilepsy.

I read and listen about it and think in it for help some people and would be help them
But here unfortunately this plant is ilegal and would you have a lot of problem with this for this reason
It is not an option, but maybe get a little of oil and it help a people.
Thanks for the information.

It's crazy to see that despite all the warnings, many parents still run after vaccinations! I will take example from my brother's son and daughter. They make all kinds of vaccines my friend, since they are born and nearly every 2 weeks one of them is sick, i've talked with my brother, but he just does not want to listen!
On the other hand, my daughter 3 yrs old, I did not give her any of these and thank lord, she is very well and only catch a flu here and there!
Thanks so much for again showing the world of the problems associated with vaccines.

Sorry for the delayed comment... Excellent Post as usual !!

As You may know, live on my sailboat and most likely will be pretty harsh with this Hurricane Irma... but NOT going to evacuate... need to protect my boat + some other's boats during the hurricane.

Thanks Again Linda 4 Everything You Do, especially "behind the scenes" !!

Cheers !!

Thanks for stopping by my friend.
I'm a little bummed that this post was flagged by an army of accounts.
But the truth will prevail!
They have been trying to silence the voice of the vaccine injured for a long time, but it is too late. They are being heard and people are waking up.

wow..and how many more are out there like them :(

If 1 out of 20 children have epilepsy, how many of them are a consequence of vaccinations?
I think that we need to see a study comparing epilepsy/seizures between the fully vaccinated and the completely non-vaccinated.

100% Yes CanadianCoconut! We need those studies.

I am so thankful my parents have exposed me to free thought and to not be caught up in ",,,both taught to respect and obey the person in the white coat ."

Yes! Question everything!
You are fortunate to have been brought up that way.

My older sister has epilepsy and I know she developed it as a child - I need to ask my mom what age it was exactly, but it makes me wonder! Thanks for talking about the "hard stuff" - I really enjoy your posts! :)

Thanks for your comment and you are welcome. Yes, we need to talk about the hard stuff.
People need to know the pros and cons before they make important medical decisions like vaccination.

Ahhh modern medicine. Where we try something random that has all sorts of effects on our body. One of those effects just happens to be something we may be looking for, the rest we call "side effects". Nope, they are all effects. Also, if we happen to add them all up; there are way more 'negative' effects than there are 'positive' ones.

Also, may be fun to point out, everything we're vaccinating ourselves from only exists because of our disconnection with a natural diet and way of life...


my mother has epilepsy I was recently talking to her about vaccine injuries and asked her if she remembers getting shots around the first time she had a seizure she was 5 years old and she said honey I had my shots a day after my 5th birthday and two days later I got the high fever and started having seizures. We always blamed the fact they packed her down in ice, now I am not so sure.

wow! Sure sounds like your mom's seizures & epilepsy were vaccine-induced.
Thanks for sharing that!

Yeah we have come to that conclusion too

@canadian-coconut Thanks for sharing this interesting post. I think it is very important to spread out the awareness about this topic. I can remember a quite long conversation with my girlfriend about her daughter and we came to the conclusion it is better to avoid most of the vaccines. Unfortunately I heard about upcoming laws, that it will be obligatory or do you say mandatory... I live here in Austria.

At least I have in general a problem with "most" of the doctors here. I used to work as psychological councelor in an counceling office for drug addicted people and heard a lot about doctor who gave pharmaceutics to people
with insufficient clarification - especially benzodiazepines.... :-( I also had such cases in the private sector... this is really inresponsible and I totally wonder, why they often dont mention, that it causes an addiction after a while. However, blessings from Austria, Martin

Thanks a lot for this info. It is great to have it available here on the blockchain. I always like to keep well informed and this is helpful.

Our first born child in India got first vaccination after 3 days. We believed the doctor stating that this is absolutely needed in India as polio and some other ones are still very active here.
However, our tiny little quite baby started crying and didn't stop for a whole month, that was so awful.
We never went back for vaccination and never vaccinated our 2nd child, we learned quickly.
The word has not only to spread, we should be out on the streets as schools are refusing non-vaccinated children, this is totally unbearable.

Thanks @canadian-coconut for being such a great resource for parents who are at least curious about understanding the risks associated with vaccines. There are so few resources outside of people like you. It's much appreciated.

Knowing that more people are starting to ask questions is helpful and it's because of people like you. It's frustrating to constantly be attacked and told all sorts of horrible things by people around me when you just ask a simple question about vaccine safety at a dinner conversation or around the office water cooler. They call me a bad parent, stupid, moron, or a wacko conspiracy theorist etc etc.

You are such a powerful force in this awakening of humanity and raising great awareness of these issue that truly need to be seen. I'm so glad to see that you're being supported in spreading the word. I'm so glad we are all on the same page and can support and share such powerful realities. Thanks for doing the work, being a voice, and standing for truth.

I mentioned you in my most recent post. Truly grateful to have connected with you, knowing we are doing this together!!

Hi, Samuel Stonehill has spoken highly of you and recommended to follow you. I can see why. Your blogs and posts hit a spot and are very important in helping people to understand the importance of making decisions that unquestioned may damage even more people when it comes to Vaccination. The pharmaceutical mafia certainly is hell bent to push their agenda which has by far greater ramifications than most people are even aware of. It is a prelude to brave new world...shudder!!! So keep it coming and share your insights . Thank you

Thank-you and I'm glad that you have found your way to my blog.

dear @canadian-coconut first of all I want to thank you for this posting. Short about us: We are a young family with our baby / now 14 Month old). We are traveling around the world together. Before we start our traveling, everyone was saying and forcing us to make waxing to our baby which was that time just 6 month old. Everyone- means: grandparents, friends and Familie members. It was really hard to fight against this. Everyone said we will kill our child on the traveling if we didn't waxing our baby. Of course the baby doctor too said this. But we was strong enough to fight against this pushing. We didn't waxed her. Till now not. and now after 10 month of traveling trough Asia, our baby still healthy and no illness. We even heard from a doctor which is against waxing that we did it right and children unter 1 year, special get very fast ill after waxing. the brain of the baby is not ready for that. I wish other parents are same strong and will fight against this waxing illness. Stay strong :-). take care

I am so glad to hear that you turned that misinformed advice,
and that your baby is healthy because of it.
Thanks for your great comment!

Thank you Linda :-) So sad what happened with other babys because of the fake information only for the profits. In my last working company I had a partner he let his small child waxing against the swine flu. Same time it comes out he made it. Very sad to see that parents did same time when they hear about and because of afraidness the run to the doctor

Sorry to learn of this happening to such a sweetheart. I am Canadian and I also have a daughter who I chose to strongly not let her get that very same vaccine, and she did not. Thank goodness. Thank you for spreading and educating the masses of such a horrible thing that has happened as a warning to all parents out there. Upvoted and following. Hey Discord now has a pure Canadian Channel just for us, who use Steemit. You should check it out.

And yes, maybe I should join the Canadian Discord Channel.

Is it possible to recommend cannabis oil after vaccination? Cannabis oil is effective against epilepsy.

Yes. If you listen to the interview with these parents,
they have had pretty good results with cannabis oil,
except that they can not afford to have a regular supply of it.
Treating epilepsy is expensive!

Great then! I hope that the legislators in my country will support the legalization of medical cannabis. By the way I am advocating for its legalization. And I'm writing articles about it. So far I've got 2 articles related to it. I hope you can read it :)

My second youngest was saying words at 6 months old and after her vaccines she went silent for more than 6 months. My youngest has never had the needle and never will. Thanks for sharing this, resteemed.

That is sadly an all too common story. I'm so sorry that it happened to your child.
Thanks for coming here and sharing your personal experience with vaccines injury.

just shut up and stop spreading fake bullshit. Vaccines are necessary and do some examinations before taking a decision for your child's health.

Pretty rude comment.

CDC pushing vaccinations are the same that ran the Tuskegee experiments, and sprayed DDT on everything. They have a track record of conducting experiments on the public that were kept secret from the people involved for years.

If you want them, then you take them. If you have all your shots, then it doesn't matter what someone else does because they cant give it to you. You could also comment without swearing too, try adding to the debate without being belligerent.

if you seriously think my comment is rude, i dont want to know what to say about unvaccinated kids who put other kids at risk. stop playing with other's people life. are you vaccinated? because i am. i dont have epilepsia or whatever diseases this post mentiones.

Telling anyone to 'shut up' because you don't like what you read, declaring it 'bullshit' without any further evidence or information is incredibly rude.

unvaccinated kids who put other kids at risk.

How is that possible? If the other kids are vaccinated, then how are they going to get anything?

I could post some follow up articles, maybe even one released today but, you've made it obvious that reading is not your thing.

I invite people to chose compassion, humility and kindness to let other know they care about them.

One of the reasons I stopped being a CNA is the last place I worked was seriously considering making us get the Flu shot every year. This is starting to become common practice for healthcare workers and it sickens me to the core.

Great article. I wish I had of known more about vaccines when my kids were born. We didn't know much in the late 80's & early 90's so we never questioned it.

As as result my own son is on the Autism spectrum and so are my two step sons.

I personally also think a factor into all of this is the GMO foods being forced on us at every turn. I've been trying to go more organic as it becomes available. This is also something I wish I'd of known more about years ago.

Yes. It is awful how much the flu shot is being pushed.

I know what you mean about being sickened to the core,
as just this last weekend I was at a drug store and witnessed how they set up a table at the entrance,
had a pharmacist doing injections,
and another lady with a clipboard reeling in the customers.
They were preying on the elderly and they had lots of customers.

I honestly felt like vomiting and was so angry that they were targeting these seniors. I never saw them give out any disclosure forms or have the seniors sign anything at all. It was hard pressure sales.

They do that here too. It also sickens me.

They had my mom believing she needed it. Every year it would make her sick as a dog.

She recently passed away but I had tried to talk her into not getting them over the years. Sadly, she always chose to do it.

(Her passing was prior to the shot this year so it was unrelated as far as I know.)

A couple of years ago my husband went up to the pharmacist at a different grocery store/drug store who was advertising the flu shot.
My husband asked about the shots and they gave him a copy of a disclosure form that they needed people to sign first before the shot.
To this store's credit, the disclosure form was downright scary!!
It mentioned that it can cause Guillaine Barre Syndrome,
gave a fairly long list of things in it you could be allergic to,
said to wait 20 minutes after the shot in case you have a reaction,
and to sign permission for them to give you an epi-pen in case you go into anaphylactic shock afterwards.

My husband saw seniors look the form over and walk away without getting the shot afterall.
So I can at least respect that store for letting people know that they could be killing them before they give out the shot.

I should go back and get a copy from them and post it here.

But it makes it extra terrible to see this different pharmacy reeling in the customers without any disclosure of risks.
Also, who warns the parents of babies and children that are getting the shot?

No one warmed me when my babies were getting the shots. There should be a sit down appointment explaining every detail prior to a child receiving them for sure.

As a child I had many seizures and though I don't have them anymore I am on meds for the rest of my life. Vaccines and seizures are very serious matters not to be taken lightly. I am sorry for you and others who suffer at the hand of the greedy and heartless medical field. Sadly it has always been about money and protecting oneself against being sued.

vaccines are not for everyone. You have no idea what they are pumping into your body. Doctors do not often have the time nor the incentive to level with you. They are PAID by big Pharma. They have no reason to level with you. If they have monetary opportunity to treat the symptom for $750,000 for a period of several years rather than cure you for $300.00 they will listen to money. Many folks have adverse reactions to vaccines and it should be an individual choice. WE HAVE THE CHOICE TO HAVE AN ABORTION BECAUSE IT IS OUR BODY BUT NOW WHEN IT COMES TO vACCINES! That is hypocrisy and a convenient double standard. WHY?

vaccines are not like clothing, laptops or cars that can be mass produced for all. The Henry Ford of assembly line drugs does not drive well in our bodies. Different chemicals have different reactions. One person's body has an entirely different set of chemistry than another person has. So two people will react differently. Folks have died of vaccines. They have acquired autism and a host of other sometimes permanent conditions and illnesses from choosing to believe what they are told by the media, the medical field and their peer group. It is not cool to be anti-vaccine is the mentality out there. Therefore there is pressure to keep the anti-vaccine movement at bay. Or they work hard to discredit the claims.

You are given one body baby. For some of us we work to preserve it as a temple for God. Regardless one MUST protect themselves and not be a part of the blind sheeple. No on else is going to do it for you. Educate yourself about vaccines and their effects on the human body. Educate others like this post is doing. We have a moral and even spiritual responsibility to do this for ourselves and others. How many more folks must die before we wipe off the apathy and fear and take a stand for humanity? Thanks for sharing. -

Again I am sorry for what you have gone though. Stand up for yourself and others because chances are no one else will. Blessings.

Thank-you for your well thought-out comment.
This is not my own personal story. It is one of the stories collected by the VaxXed Nation Tour as they travel around the USA giving people a voice.

I feel so sad reading this story, and really it could be any of our stories, people who have vaccinated their children. I realized that it was playing russian roulette with my kids once I woke up and stopped vaccinating. It is terrifying reading story after story like this. When will it be enough?

I'm so proud of everyone who is speaking up about their experiences. The more speak out the quicker we can protect all the kids.

thank-you for speaking out about this type of thing as well, @lyndsaybowes !

I thought you are the one in the YouTube... 😊 It's really not easy to have EPILEPSY. My friend died with that sickness her name is Michelle, past 6years ago she died. Thank you very much for this topic and resteem for the others to see.
this is the other reason why I am very curious in my health especially to my 3 child. That is why I decide and very comfortable to blog about the food we are eating. Especialy for my kids, a food lover... Thank you for this topic @canadian-coconut.


I am being forced to get a TDAP vaccine for college or they will drop me from classes and kick me out of school. This is so evil.

That is awful. Look into exemptions as there should be an exemption available to you.

look into a medical exemption or a faith exemption, shoot my daughter just left for college and it was submitted online with no proof you could just make up the date to be honest, unless the school wants to see the actually vaccine record. But Purdue didn't want to actually see it, but they had exemptions for both

Oh my god, we didn't knew the bad effect of this injection, my brother in law always refuse to make the injection to his baby, but are ll the family was surprised, they think that this decision can get the baby after a danger disease, but when i read your post i start understand his
opinion,and his decision. Epelipsy very danger my aunt got it she made many operation but still sick, she was a teacher she left her job, many times she fall down when she was giving a lesson to the students, this a big problem, we have to knew how to protect our children from this poisonous injection.

Hi friend, Good morning. You are most welcome for your great topic. Yes, where there is a risk there should have choices. Recently my friend kafkanarchy had posted a post about vaccination controversy, he had to fached vast controversy in that post. I want to thank you for the great fact about vaccination effect. The little girl has victimised ,very sorry for her and her parents. I think we should make people awere about the burning side effects of the vaccination practices. For our children we should have right to think and chose their well-being. Thanks for the valuable information about the great topic. Wish you good luck and good health and happiness.

I like your article today, I am also a medical, but our government in Indonesia continues to implement immunization programs on a large scale du every elementary school for children aged 7 to 10 years, then in integrated service post for babies and pregnant and lactating mothers. although I do not like the vaccine that has been the agenda of the health department, even my own child I do not give the vaccine and he always looks healthy and cheerful. I think the vaccine is a test that targets developing countries like Indonesia, India, Pakistan and other countries. how to anticipate this?

My kids were vaccinated, and I myself always thought how can parents not give their kids the vaccines, that is so selfish. But when I started to hear more about the vaccines and the more I researched I wish I could have known this when my kids were younger, because I would have been one of those crazy people who does not give vaccines to my kids, but I learned a little bit too late. Thank you so much for sharing this post with us and teaching us that we as parents have to take control over our kids health, because as much as I appreciate and have huge respect for the doctors, they are not always right.
I teach people how to take care of their health naturally with essential oils which are a great benefit for brain function and processes especially when you use them aromatically, like diffusing them. Essential oils directly access the brain and through the olfactory bulb and are able to initiate almost immediate physical and emotional responses int he brain. Essential oils are also important in maintaining a healthy brain. If you would like more info let me know, or just research doTERRA Essential Oils. You can visit my website if you like or check my previous posts and I'll be making some more posts about the oils and company.

Grief over the incident that happened to Adam's son and his wife was a problem for them, who expects his child to be healthy with vaccinations but on the contrary his son is exposed to the disease due to vaccination. Doctors should be more honest with parents who will vaccinate their child. Thank you linda for sharing very useful information I hope people know more vaccine danger from your post.

The more I read about childhood vaccines the more it sounds like they are trying to kill us from the start. It all scares me and I hate to say it but thank God we don't have any children. All these new diseases popping up and old ones getting worse, rises in cancers and leukemia and many others. God help us all in the very near future.

If your child has been injured by a vaccine, the people who can help you are called DAN! doctors:
The method of treatment is called biomedical treatment:
This is your best option as conventional medicine offers nothing more than suppression of symptoms with drugs that further damage the brain.
Good luck!

I do not think that the DAN! Drs list is being updated anymore, it's morphed into MAPS. Check out this link:

Im so happy about the work you are doing! Information can save lives, even if its just one! Ty so much... my son, 1 yr old healthy male Jaxon, 0, 0, 0 vaccines

So glad to hear that you are protecting your baby the right way.

Shout it to the roof top and never stop! Sharing...

The case that happened to Adam and his wife Heather is very sad, such cases are very much happening, including in my country. I hope the case of Heather and her son does not happen to other children. Loving children just like love yourself, do not insert foreign objects into their bodies

That is a hard story - the god in white is driven obviously by pharma companies which is nothing new but this here sounds like a crime. Did not know the facts here though

How many stories like this must get in public to people see what is really going on? I know it is hard to brake myth that doctors are holy cows that know everything about health, but there is many sad stories like much more people need to open their eyes?

Thank you for sharing, and I am so sorry to hear this. I have always heard stories that vaccines are detrimental and they can cause side effects especially in infants.

Up until recently I did not pay too much attention to it as I did not have any children, but over the last couple of years I am now the father of a 2 year old and another one on the way, I have really given some thought to the vaccines my child is scheduled to take.

These are hard conversations to have especially with your partner as she has no interest in these so called 'conspiracy theories' and wants to stick with the traditional process of taking all the vaccines and injections that usually take place and has the argument of "well we are okay"

Hopefully in time there will be more 'real' education and it won't always be about big pharma.

As a fairly educated person I can't say I agree with everything written here. But I'm not as asshole, I do agree that we can't trust everything the medical professionals tell us. It is a money making industry that will do a lot to keep their funds rolling in.

I like to look at this kind of thing from a detached view. I like to say "what if"
What if the child was allergic to a part of the vaccine?

What if kids had a reaction to panadol, would panadol need to be banned even though millions of others have great success with it?

I'm not anti or pro anything, I just like to think logically and dispassionately

Thank-you for your thoughtful and reasoned comment.
Doctors have no problem with realizing that penicillin can kill a few vulnuerable and allergic individuals, and they will always ask if you are allergic to any antibiotics before prescribing them,
BUT they will NOT ask you if you have had a previous bad reaction to a vaccine before pushing more of them on you?
It makes absolutely zero sense.
It is an EXTREME unwillingness to admit that vaccines have adverse reactions just like ANY other pharmaceutical,
and they are not one size fits all.

That is the most sensible response I've heard regarding antivax.
A vaccine MAY have an adverse reaction on SOME people. Thats not to say that all vaccines are bad as they are going to give you epilpsy or cancer.
The vaccine is no different to any other pharmaceutical, it doesn't work for everyone.
But for people to just blantantly say "No my kids can't have it as it'll give them epilepsy" is just plain stupid. But if they have a reaction, then yes thats just good sense to not get it.
The one size fits all argument goes both ways.

I'm very much pro-vaccine, but if my kids got sick because of it, I'd look at not getting the follow up shots as well.

Every Vaccine Package Insert that comes with each vial,
says clearly in it that the doctor is supposed to go over the information with the patient and discuss it.
It also says to take a family history and that certain conditions, like seizures in a family member for instance, are a reason to NOT give that particular vaccine. It also says to ask if there have been any previous reactions to the same type of vaccine, and in certain cases not to give it.

You are concerned about what would happen if vaccines were banned.
But that is not a likely situation.
On the other hand, what has already happened in several places,
(including in Australia where you live I believe)
is that vaccines are being mandated for everyone!

And it is next to impossible to get even a Medical Exemption.
Doctor's first are unwilling or unable to recognize an adverse reaction to vaccines,
and even if a doctor does write up a medical exemption the government is likely to reject it or even strip the doctor of his license if he has written more than a couple of them.

In the end, it should be each parent and individuals choice,
with Informed Consent or Informed rejection.

For me, I have refused all vaccines for my children for 2 main reasons.

(1) - the unvaccinated children that I know are almost always MUCH healthier than the children who get all their vaccines. This includes little things like not getting ear infections as babies all the way up to extreme conditions like epilepsy.

(2)- I'm not overly afraid of most of the things being vaccinated against. I had measles, mumps, chickenpox, and rubella as a child. My own children were exposed to Whooping Cough when it went through my town and had only the mildest cough (I did isolate them to protect others.)

I am glad that we both can respect each other and our different positions.
I think that we agree on the most important things.

This has been brought into Australian politics. It started off at No Jab no Play, so they withdrew childcare funding. It was still your right to not vacinate, and you could still do daycare but you didn't get the 50% childcare rebate.
Now I think QLD (where I live) has mandated that you must have the jab to attend school. I don't know how I feel about that, I'm on the fence. Why should the child be disadvantaged because of the parents decision, the kid has no say in that.

One thing you will notice with any of my posts, is that I aim to be respectful to others beliefs. Just because I don't agree is no reason for me to vilify them or try to prove them wrong.

Great post C.C <3 I have missed reading your amazingly informed and well researched articles. Thank you for being a fair and reasonable voice in this community <3

Thank-you. It's nice to hear that you appreciate my work.
All the best!

after reading your post @canadian-coconut, I am very happy as a parent to my child, who is now 2 years and 8 months old. and to this day my child is healthy and full of energy in his daily life, because I am one of the parents who managed to keep my own child from vaccinations and immunizations. and my step was very precise and true after I read a lot about your postings about the dangers of vaccination and immunization. I am a very supportive person to your post about the dangers of vaccination. hopefully always triumphant.

You're brilliant I'm so glad I found your page through discord and steemit. Please keep posting people like you open everyone's eyes to the unnoticed. Beautiful thank you 💞

Thanks for highlighting this, I believe my family was affected in the same way. Have followed & Upvoted

I'm sorry to hear that your family has been affected so badly.
But thank-you for reading and commenting here.

My kids were vaccinated, and I myself always thought how can parents not give their kids the vaccines, that is so selfish. But when I started to hear more about the vaccines and the more I researched I wish I could have known this when my kids were younger, because I would have been one of those crazy people who does not give vaccines to my kids, but I learned a little bit too late. Thank you so much for sharing this post with us and teaching us that we as parents have to take control over our kids health, because as much as I appreciate and have huge respect for the doctors, they are not always right.
I teach people how to take care of their health naturally with essential oils which are a great benefit for brain function and processes especially when you use them aromatically, like diffusing them. Essential oils directly access the brain and through the olfactory bulb and are able to initiate almost immediate physical and emotional responses int he brain. Essential oils are also important in maintaining a healthy brain. If you would like more info let me know, or just research doTERRA Essential Oils. You can visit my website if you like or check my previous posts and I'll be making some more posts about the oils and company.

As a microbiology student, who offer a course call immunology, one of the things have seen is that most doctors themselves do not understand the risk associated with vaccine. Giving vaccine is good but there are conditions the body system of the recipient must meet before qualify to take a vaccine but most time, our health personnel just administer vaccine without bothering to check out on those conditions

wow .. perfect family, may always be happy, regards for the children

Thanks for the warning! I don't like vaccinations, it's a shame when people defend them without knowing the true consequences

Is anyone aware that CBD can stop epileptic seizures? It works on animals too.

Watch "Charlotte's Web - CBD for Epilepsy" on YouTube

the government is trying to kill its own population

Its a great pleasure reading your post.Its full of information I am looking for and I love to post a comment that "The content of your post is awesome" Great work.

This is a very scary subject! People need to be informed, so thanks for sharing!

parents are live for their child. They are very special to parents. If they feel sick parents also feel worries..
nice post and thanks for sharing.......

CBD from cannabis is non-psychoactive and has been a great help to many people with epilepsy especially children with severe epilepsy.

Nice share.
Just Info, maybe You or other user need this info. please resteem:

Thank's I follow You

I hear u loud and and clear. I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. My kidney is filtering out protein and doctors are feeding me with steroids. I become so weak and almost can run my daily life. That was when i say fuck it...either i die with dignity or i be bedridden and body filled with steroid (prednisolone). Doctor told me i have 2 months to live if i choose that path. That was 9 yrs back.

upvoted my fellow Candian! I myself and my wife stay far away from vaccines, if my body cant handle it naturally too bad, not something I will let the gov intrude upon. Check out my blog @steveblack Cheers, @Canadian-cocunt I

Thanks for sharing this helpful post.
Is Epilepsy a lifetime treatment ? Is there any cure to this kind of illness?

Muy bueno tu post, saludos

I really like your post man ,my friend also additive in vaccine, and he is recovering again and he help man people were be affacted by this because he know the pain of it,thanks for this post .and your baby is cute.