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RE: Parents WARNING other Parents: Daughter's Epilepsy a Result of DTaP Vaccine

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My son was affected by each round of vaccines that he received. And like most kids with autism went on to develop epilepsy. He and I actually have the same Epilepsy type, Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. His is text book, if I wake him up instead of letting him sleep and get up on his own, he will have muscle jerk seizures. These cause him to fall down --he's ended up with stitches (he can also have grand mals). Mine is more... not-textbook. I get mostly torso and arm jerks. I sometimes throw things and drop things ;) We don't do plastic in this house so that is a lot of broken dishes. lol People know that we always need more glasses in this house. I have no doubt that if I had got the same vaccines he did at the same age, I'd be the one with autism today. Instead I got my hyper-vaccination when I joined the Army, the so my worst issues didn't surface until later in life. A mass vaccination program with all these added vaccines makes no sense. The risks outweigh the benefits. Back in 1996 I didn't know better --and I hate to sound judgemental, but in 2017 I don't understand how a parent can think it's OK for their babies to get 37 vaccines by 18 months. At what point does the red flag go up?


Apparently when people are too ignorant to properly debate they just flag your stuff. I'm super impressed with the tactics. eye roll

Well, their inanity just earned you another couple bucks on this comment. I might not have been aware of it had I not noticed all this flagging going on. They will fizzle out. Thanks for sharing, as always, @jennywebster.

sad fact people do those kind of tactics.

OMGosh! All you did was say how your son was affected by vaccines! How does that earn a flag? You were just telling about your experience.

BTW, have you considered stainless steel dishes as an alternative to plastic? It's something I recently discovered after my children are old enough not to break things so much!

Wow! This is all so sad.
I'm sorry that both you and your son have been injured so terribly like this,
but THANK-YOU so much for sharing your stories here.
We need more people to be BRAVE like you and speak out.

Hi jennywebster, deeply sorry for your situation. My son (6 years) kept loosing his skills starting at 18 months age after he got DtaP and finally diagnosed as autistic boy at age 3 years old. It's a nightmare thinking about his future !!

@canadian-coconut thank you for a good contain of post, as usual... I love your article.

There is a group on Facebook called Rogue Recovery. Search it out. Lots of good tips on how to treat vaccine injury (aka autism). There are things I wish I had known when my son was younger but it's still never too late to help them feel better.

Thanks jennywebster, I'll check it out for sure!

Cool, so FB doesn't take vaccine info down anymore? Would they feel at home on Steemit?

You raise a really good point. This is 2017, not 2007. What we know now about vaccines and their toxicity and effects is so much more than what we did 10 years ago. There is so much resistance to accepting the potential harms with vaccines, because it is seen as the cornerstone of modern health.

Common sense is hard to accept when put against deeply held, longstanding beliefs. If the doctors were wrong that means the CDC was wrong, which means the government was wrong, which means..everyone I believe in was wrong...where does it end? Most people regard their doctors as they do God. It's pretty hard for them to see common sense when that is the case.

So this is how pro-vaxxers troll on Steemit?
Pay bots to down vote things they disagree with?

I am totally pro vaccines (only if there are no contraindications of course) but I still think that down flagging is the wrong way. This step should only be used against spam and bad behavior!

F.e. @canadian-coconut and I had some discussion in her previous post(s). Of course, ​she could have just shut me down and destroyed my account by a few 100% downvotes. But she decided to discuss rather than misuse her power. While we may not agree on the vaccination topic, we at least seem to agree on the way of how to behave on steemit. This makes me glad. Most people in​ this world are not capable of a normal discussion anymore.

Good discourse! See. We can all get along and still disagree with one another. This makes me :)

It seems to be mostly one person who owns all of those accounts that flagged.

I don't know why he suddenly decided that this post and your comment had to be flagged so hard.

I feel much worse for you than I do for myself.

He doesn't have enough power to make my post invisible since it has so much support from the community, BUT to flag your comment invisible while you are talking about your injured child is really, really sad.

I'm SO SORRY that you had to experience that. This type of thing use to be very rare on Steemit, but sadly it is starting to become more common.

I try to look at the positive side.

The old saying goes that at first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

We seem to be at the stage now where some people are fighting back hard,
but it is only because they are losing.
I try to see the positive in this.

VERY soon the truth will be so pervasive that the admissions of fraud and deceit will start pouring out for the public to clearly see, and we will be proven right all along.

The old saying goes that at first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

Yay! So true, we can't thank you enough for your positive voice! I was wondering what more we can do to bring awareness. Is there a vaccine trail or can form a health curation group?

Don't feel bad for me. I'm used to it. :)
It just shows how pathetic and desperate they are.
I'll be here... willing to have a conversation with anyone who disagrees with me.

I'm glad that you are okay. That's good to hear.
It does seem to be a desperation that what you and I have to say will cause people to question something that they believe to be something unquestionable.

Funny, because that's what this post was all about.
The parents in this video unquestionably did what their doctors told them to.
And their child paid the price.

That's terrible! Aside from polio, I was never vaccinated and I have never suffered such issues. From what I am seeing, they seem to be far more common in the Western world than in Africa where I live.

Can we have a scientific discussion together with the down voters please?

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