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RE: Parents WARNING other Parents: Daughter's Epilepsy a Result of DTaP Vaccine

in #vaccines3 years ago

What fantastic words at the end of the post CaCo.

I know that this is a very controversial topic ...
but if you care about children as much as I care about children...
surely we can all be civil and help each other discover the best way forward for all our children and future generations.

That is the kind of attitude that will hopefully one day stop this awful situation from occurring ever again.
Once a child is damaged there is no going back.
Parents please, please do your due diligence before committing to the vaccine programme.
Another great post as always.


Thank-you so much!
I wish everyone who flagged this post would have read this statement at the end first.
But I am impressed that there are so many GREAT comments here.

Thanks again Linda for all you are doing. This time it's not just you being an inspiration - the whole situation with this post is inspiring.

I've long been aware that some powerful accounts on Steemit are pro vax, and have been a bit nervous about potential censorship. But now that it has actually happened, it turns out that not only do you have the most awesome supporters on Steemit, they also fully have your back.

A lie exposed often enough becomes a public scandal...

I so totally agree with you on this. I love to see all the awareness and visibility those posts bring on the subject.

I also love to see the mutual respect it bring in among the community even from those who down vote the posts or those who would love to down vote it but prefer to abstain. This is much better than on reddit or any other platform where these post could simply be ban or where so many shill account will come to down vote or bully the authors.

People must respect other people here on Steem even when they disagree on a subject. We move on, we learn and grow.

TRUE! I love your outlook on this.
There is a bright side.

About two weeks ago the very same thing happened to one of my posts. I was having a bit of fun trying to draw attention to all the fake introduce yourself posts being posted, and a few people got the wrong end of the stick.

It was the first time I've ever had a post flagged and to start with I was a bit bummed.

But then some of my awesome followers sorted things out. It was on a much smaller scale to your post, but a lot of those awesome followers are the very same ones who got behind you.

And now I'm thinking that Steemit has evolved past Fakebook and Reddit, and the truth isn't going to be censored here.

It was seeing this post, where the censor had real firepower, that really brought home to me that we can win this.

And that is awesome!

I think more people are becoming aware to the dangers. You will always get those who don't agree and that's OK as long as their opinion is well thought out and respectful, however flagging a post such as this is an abuse of the system IMO.
Thanks again 😉

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