Weekly Top of Utopian.io: August 30 - September 5

in utopian-io •  2 months ago

This week we were, once again, able to offer higher votes for the best contributors we have in the community thanks to the delegations being returned. We present you significant announcements from Quasar framework and Hede.io, followed by a professional new layouts design for Knacksteem. These are only a few selected posts of the many great contributions we received in the last week.


Staff Picks

Seed - Development - Transaction Squashing & Blocks by @carsonroscoe [development]

This is @carsonroscoe’s second appearance in the Weekly Top of Utopian in as many weeks, and for good reason. In this contribution, he describes the base implementation, including squashing transactions into blocks, squashing blocks into more condensed blocks, triggering the squashing mechanism, and the blockchain storage of these newly created blocks.

Total payout: 123.05 STU
Number of votes: 73

Quasar 0.17 - Features and Fixes by @quasarframework [blog]

Quasar is a JavaScript framework powered by Vue.js. The project joined Steem recently, and started publishing project’s related information and updates. This post is no exception, and brings a whole load of news about the released version 0.17. It is well structured with significant changes depicted at the top and gradually continuing to the extensive list of changes coming from the previous major release to this latest version. Furthermore, the post is the first of many upcoming updates on Steem before the awaited version 1.0.

Total payout: 121.15 STU
Number of votes: 94

Learn how to create a blog editor with TinyMCE #2 : Plugins and Combine with additional plugins by @duski.harahap [tutorials]

This tutorial provides a helpful guide to setting up tinymce as a powerful blog editor on your web solution. The author provides a step by step guide to integrating tinymce, with relevant screenshots and steps, along with information on how to enable and activate relevant core functionality and plugins, including the much utilized image upload.

Total payout: 9.74 STU
Number of votes: 20

Updates on Hede: New Design, New Features, New Communities and Roadmap by @hede-io [blog]

New updates of the hede.io project for dictionary-like records on the Steem blockchain are presented in the latest post. It is also part of the ongoing Fundition campaign, which may have had a positive impact on the overall high level of format and content quality. However, we can see the consistency, despite the fact that posts have been quite extensive.

Total payout: 367.98 STU
Number of votes: 231

[Steemplus API] [v1.0] [Bug-Report] DOS Vulnerability in the API caused by the SPP-Job by @mwfiae [bug-hunting]

Steem-Plus is a popular extension in the Steem community for its regular updates and the extensive features it provides to users. @mwfiae found a flaw in the API of their recently launched feature Steem-plus points. This flaw led to unnecessary resource utilisation on the server side. He proposed a fix for it as well. This report shows using best practices to mitigate possible outages.

Total payout: 0.96 STU
Number of votes: 27 (Not voted by @utopian-io yet)

knacksteem.org dashboard - New UI Design by @outwork [graphics]

Knacksteem is a community project meant to serve as a home for contribution related to talents, culture, DIY and other skills. They asked for a design of their web interface. The author used a simple bootstrap grid and simple color palette with emphasis on readability and responsiveness. Noteworthy is the number of different screens @outwork has designed, hopefully helping the future development of this project.

Total payout: 90.55 STU
Number of votes: 26

Improvement by adding more detailing functions to actifit by @tykee [ideas]

Actifit is an app designed to keep track of its users exercise activity. These activities are rewarded using Actifit token and also with Steem, allowing its users to earn rewards as they keep themselves fit and healthy.

@tykee suggested some significant features that could be implemented to this app to better help its usability in a more natural way. The proposal is well structured and descriptive with the aid of quality mock-ups. Consider checking it out.

Total payout: 56.55 STU
Number of votes: 34


Utopian.io Post Statistics

The staff picked contributions are only a small (but exceptional) example of the many contributions reviewed and rewarded by Utopian.io.

  • Overall, the last week saw a total of 197 posts, with 155 of them rewarded through an upvote by @utopian-io.
  • In total, Utopian.io distributed an approximate of 7499.37 STU to contributors.
  • The highest payout seen on any Utopian.io contribution this week was 497.286 STU, with a total of 673 votes received from the community.
  • The contribution that attracted the most engagement was Task Request: Kindly Create A New "Tab(s) Area" Across Ulogs.org, with no less than 40 comments in its comment threads.
  • The average vote given by Utopian.io was worth 52.81 STU.

Category Statistics

CategoryReviewedRewardedTotal rewardsTop contributor
copywriting3263.68 STU@harry-heightz
translations53533372.53 STU@ruth-girl
graphics1210455.84 STU@mansyaprime
tutorials2117440.27 STU@duski.harahap
ideas7379.01 STU@tykee
development36251714.51 STU@mkt
blog4125933.17 STU@curtwriter
social33110.15 STU@jingis07
bug-hunting55132.97 STU@mightypanda
analysis1196.38 STU@miniature-tiger


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A bit disappointed with the number of Analysis contributions this week. Hopefully things will pick up again soon.

I wonder if the #iamutopian posts, although not a category as such, could be listed also?



What would like to see with the #iamutopian posts included among the Utopian contributions? Although it is managed as another category internally, these posts are part of the Utopian content and as such, they are resteemed by the main account to include in the feed.


Just how many are being produced each week in the first instance I guess :)


Well, actually the number was included in the stats originally, but I removed it as the other numbers were not fetched correctly.

If I am not wrong, there were 4 posts this week and 2 in the previous (first) one. Although we would like to see many more posts produced by the Utopian members, it's been still an optional way of sharing the experience and tasks in Utopian.


ahh ok.

Yes I like the idea around the tag and hope to see more content in this area.

Thanks for the replies :)

Great progress

Wow my Post is the only staffpicked post that wasn't upvoted yet, I'm special! :)
... but that does give great opportunity to clever curators! ;D

Thanks for the good work as always! :)

Also thank you @stoodkev (and @steem-plus in general) for taking this serious and fixing the bug ASAP.



I believe the issue was resolved after notifying us in Discord. Though, sometimes it may happen that the post is listed here even before it is voted by Utopian.


Thanks for your intervention that allowed us to fix quickly this stupid mistake!

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I am glad that we could include the release updates from some of the interesting projects that joined Utopian. I truly wish that the quality of the writing could be on par with them in general, not only in the blog category. But I understand that writing may not be the most favourite thing for everyone, or they don't have a friend that could proofread their texts before publishing them.

Therefore I recommend everyone to check those posts and perhaps you could see how your posts could look like.

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