Utopian is Officially a Registered Company

in utopian-io •  9 months ago

Today marks an historic day for the open source community on the Steem blockchain. Today Utopian became an officially registered business.

Earlier today I signed the company statute that makes Utopian.io a registered Italian SRLs, the equivalent of a LTD, under the registered business name Utopian Company SRLs.

I signed the statute with a pen that holds special meaning to me and was owned by my father. I promised myself I will use it to sign the most important documents in my life. This is, without a doubt, one such paper of great significance.

Utopian Company Statute

Consultation, ideation and creation of online platforms and Open Source software solutions for public, personal, and corporate applications (blockchain and automation systems for the generation and management of virtual currencies); creation and management of online communities for the realisation and promotion of Open Source software and online platforms; software production; tech consulting.


As a registered business, Utopian.io will comply with regulations for tax and employment management. With that, Utopian.io will continue to prioritize decentralisation, and the most platform-critical decisions will always be a result of open community discussion.

Lets Get Serious

Utopian.io aims to be the first global and meritocratic Open Source economy, and I believe Utopian.io is going to be the standard for rewarding Open Source contributions.

Seeking to empower both developers and the Steem ecosystem as a whole, our mission is to show investors how they can use the full power of Steem to bring amazing Open Source projects to life via Utopian. All that, while generating profits and realising business goals.

Registering Utopian as a business is not only proof of my own commitment to the platform, but also the result of massive support I've gotten in the 118 days ago - the day Utopian was born.

I would not be here, writing these lines, without the amazing team of moderators, developers, designers, supporters and investors. Thank you for your continued faith and support!

Let's Make Utopian Even Greater!

Sincerly, Diego Pucci (Utopian Company CEO)

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Congratulations! So... I am officially one of the hired moderators (employees) of the Utopian company now, huh ? ^_^


Hey @justyy mods cannot be defined as "employees" in the pure meaning of the term. Mods are collaborators and they are totally free to decide if and when moderate in exchange for upvote rewards. For sure they are fundamental collaborators and as a company we will do our best to take care of them, their rewards, their education and desire to grow as individuals and as a team.


oh... thanks for reply. Mr. Boss ^_^.


Naaah we agreed Mr. Utopian ;p


General contractors.


congrats @elear looks awesome although i'm not a Dev so some of this is over my head... but love the name https://utopian.io


Yeah and you have rights in Italy.... you can not believe - lol.


I imagine that it has be a great feeling right now @justyy, im 100% sure that you would never thought before, that you will officially become an registered employee in Utopian.io. After all who would thought that such a small project at the beginning will grow itself to enormous size, and even become official company? That is just simply amazing!
I think that nowadays we are witnessess of the steemit revolution of social media, we get more and more attention along with power also!
Utopian.io only makes things better which means that you are one of the engines that make our whole community and platform move to the completely new solutions and advancements!
I would like to say thanks, for your work made onto creating this. Keep up the good work team!


How is it different from Github, other than It is the rewarding & decentralized system?

Just asked out of curiosity.


It's not, you share the work you have done and posted to github, and get a reward for it. It is not competition with github.


is great ..


Have loved the utopian thing. Help me understand its difference with other cryptos like one-coin!


yes , congratulations !!!



@jsteem Wohooo :D 30 $

Congratulations on this day
It is a historical day
Which has become a utopia Officially registered

Congratulations @elear! Exciting times! So glad to be a part of helping you reach the next milestone some small way.

Congratulations @elear for this great achievement of @utopian-io in just 4 months! It is great how the steemit community and the devs have responded to your project. Simply Amazing!

And your best contribution is to come, and its something different, I know, its your life project, the one of building the community for young kids that loose a parent when they are young. And that will be amazing for your home town, and for the people.

And where a better place to do it, than in the lot of the factory you will destroy, with great meaning, and place something new, smart, creative, for the next generations. This is the world how we want to see it.

Regards, @gold84

That's amazing! I hope that we can continue our great work on utopian :)


hmm yes my bro @wehmoen

@elear not only are you creating jobs but meaningful ones too. This is your true achievement! The opportunity to make a living from meaningful work is a wonderful gift! Thank you!

btw... I have one month left to make a living from all this.... :D I think we're going into the right direction!

Doesn’t registering as a company make Utopian less decentralized? Won’t this provide a target for a platform that could otherwise become decentralized should it need to be.

Also I’d this this would complicate employment/contract work as it’s now a company employing multinationals? I say this with the US specifically in mind as the IRS has long arms and many regulations which Utopian might now need to abide by due to have American workers/contractors.

EDIT: For example as a U.S. citizen getting a bank account overseas is almost impossible unless it’s a huge bank.


Utopian is registered in Italy and we will make sure to bind to the european regulations. We will have tos and privacy policy to cover all the things. We are trying to set utopian under a legal perspective mantaining the decentralisation effort.


Yeah, good luck with all the taxes :( ...


What about the right to be forgotten? With a blockchain that’s an impossibility to solve, isn’t it? If it all works out though it’ll be huge for sure :)


The GDPR (containing the right to be forgotten) kinda requires you to be known in the first place. In a truly decentralized and anonymous eco system, providers of services do not register anything about you. You decide when, if and how much to reveal about yourself. I think the breaking point is users' identity. Without identity on blockchain based technologies, there's no "people" registered on the blockchain. The legislation contains rules and charters on "people's" rights to be forgotten. So from a purely legal perspective, you cannot apply the general data protection regulation here.


I think it applies to photos and news so if I post a photo of someone or story about them they could sue to have it removed by EU law.


Yes, basically you're right. However, in the very first section, the legislation describes to whom it applies. You actually have part of the solution in your comment already. If a person wants to have his photo removed, he can sue to have it removed. But who would he sue? Utopian.io as a platform does not store anything about anyone. The blockchain is decentralized and distributed, so you'd have to sue everyone with access to the blockchain. Since there isn't a single entity registering, processing and storing your data, the GDPR doesn't actually apply as there's nobody to be held accountable for breaches and thus, nobody to sue.

Congratulations utopian and utopianians :)

You should have paid good lawers - founding the main company in Italy is somehow nearly irresponsible & a crime (when want grow, be an online business & be bordered to Liechtenstein). ^^

But anyway - congrats :)

Congrats!! 🎈🍾🎉🎊


Sir vote me i am new here please


very nice post @elear

Congratulations @elear and Utopian, which will further lead to success and accretive to all Steemians. We look forward to follow in your footsteps sometime soon.

Wow - That's great!


Hi @elear , this is a 2nd comment I am making on this post. I imagine you have been very busy ultimately. I was wondering if you got the chance to see the graphic chart were I placed you with @utopian-io with other important people on the platform: @lukestokes @teamsteem @blocktrades @timcliff .

About Autonomous Decentralized Marketing Department - Steem Blockchain - Graphic Steemit.png


Here is the complete post:

The Invisible Forces of Steem - @lukestokes @blocktrades @timcliff @elear @teamsteem @ned , developers - An Autonomous Decentralized Marketing Department of Steemit and Steem was born - (The Promo-Steem project + the @steem-ambassador Guild)

Looking forward to your thoughts on this one.

Regards, @gold84

Congrats on this, but now with the gov involved how will utopian be described as decentralized?

Who has made this registration.

well this must be the second biggest announcement that we hear from you @elear ;) the first one was the announcement of #Utopian platform.

I can now say that I work in a registered company.

Congratulations @elear

Congratulations to everyone involved with Utopian.io ...the website looks awesome...This will definitely bring more value to Steem blockchain... Great Job!

Congrats congrats congrats, glad that utopian has been born in Italy! :) great job you all

I am very happy for you. Congratulations @elear

And The STEEM Ecosystem Gets A Little More Legit...

Well done!


Congratulations to you @elear, @utopian and all the steemians! I hope and think this will bring good things in the future for you and us! Let's make paaaarty!


Congratulations! :D thats awesome

Congratulations and good luck!

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Congratulations ....
With an excellent platform, just one step away for Utopian to master one line in the virtual world.
My suggestion to forward, so Utopian is really and more selective in choosing a moderator, because so far seen many moderators are less qualified and compatible.
Thank you

From day one I've been a fan. Back then I saw Utopian becoming one of the big names on the internet and after following the progress, I'm more sure of it now than I was back then.

There hasn't been a one single action from you that would had made me reconsider my stance, keep that up. Literally can't wait to see how big Utopian gets in a few years once the word truly gets around. Thank you for your hard work! Astonishing, really. Be proud. I know your dad would be.

congratulations on the utopian inauguration, hopefully more progress and success always ... go a head...and do not forget to make my upvote in utopian ...

This is a new great feather added to the utopian project, it wouldn't have been possible if not your resilience and foresight. A big congratulations!

Congratulations!! That is awesome! Let's do this!

I'm happy for you, that you were able to proudly use your father's pen. I joined utopian.io yesterday and I'm already loving it :) Thanks fo much!!!

Congratulations! How exciting. It is cool that you use your father's pen for important documents. That is very symbolic.


Glad to see the hard work put into getting this app up and running has paid off.

Best regards.


Congratulations. I do personaly read Utopian approved contents on a daily basis. I did also post once in Utopian but my post never got approved. I'm still working on my project of translating steemit in Swahili language so as to attract more users in East africa.

I hope to present this project to Utopian when i will be able to fulfill all the requirements.
Please, we are behind you and we do try our level best to support Utopian as it has great value for us as steemians and developers.

I just sent 3 steem dollars for just a cup of tea and appreciation for your great work.

Thank you again and well done for the great work.

I just joined the Steem ecosystem. It inspires me to read the writings of respected users like you. utopian.io is very useful both for project development and contributing to us. So I will start working on utopion.io as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing :)

projects to life via Utopian. All that, while generating profits and realising business goals.

I agree...I believe a lot in this platform and we can all grow in steemit community ....utopian is great!

Very big and important step! Many congratulations from Romania!

Congratulations! So ... officially you are a great entrepreneur.


Congratulations! It's awesome news

Wow, that's really crazy. Utopian is a company and a platform built on top of Steem/Steemit, which is a company and a platform, which is in turn built on Graphene. People who continue to build tools, projects, and communities on Utopian are standing on the shoulders of giants :)


Congratulations to everyone involved with Utopian.io. The website looks awesome

post good and interesting, do not forget follow me thank you good luck continued in steemit #fauziafrizal

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Congratz ! @elear ! we are happy with Diego Pucci : )

Well deserved brother and the best part, it just got started... The best is yet to come!

I learn daily, what can I say again to you, well-done @elear and all who made this a success.

incredible, I wanted to participate but I want to be fully up to each project, excellent initiative that gives value to all who participate in it.

@elear Sei un grande. Ti stimo e mi piace quello che fai per la comunità. Se ti può servire una mano da un sistemista, te la do volentieri.....

great to list this new regarfing utopain

Congratulations @elear this is good news.

The FUTURE 🌖🌘🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

Congratulations @elear for this awesome accomplishment of @utopian-io in only 4 months! It is extraordinary how the steemit group and the devs have reacted to your undertaking. Essentially Amazing!

Furthermore, your best commitment is to come, and its something else, I know, its your life venture, the one of building the group for youthful children that free a parent when they are youthful. Also, that will astound for the place where you grew up, and for the general population.

Also, where a superior place to do it, than in the parcel of the manufacturing plant you will decimate, with awesome importance, and place something new, savvy, imaginative, for the following ages. This is the world how we need to see it.

That's awesome! congratulations. what a huge progression!

Congulatulations ! I believe that with this if some people would accept where the world is heading, in the digital moment, they would make a beautiful world.
This is really needful to us especially in the deloping countries like uganda.

Nice job and congratulations!

Great work, glad I can say I was not only here to witness this but that I was also there to participate!

That is a nice pen!

Congulatulations. As a newbie, wanted to know the difference utopian and one-coin cryptography?

I will be glad to know because i see this world especially the developing countries cryptocurrency knowledge is scarce and therefore some of us are confused!




me too dear @gn-ahmad


thank you dear

Congratulations on your remarkable achievement! It is an honor to be able to share in this experience with you. These really are some amazing times we live in. I am grateful to all the pioneers and trailblazers such as yourself who are clearing the patch for the rest of us!

Good news for Good community... This will surely help a long way to achieve the intended objectives of the utopian...

gooooooooood job


Congratulations for this great achievement boss , this is a good news !
I really enjoyed the part that you signed the statute with a pen
wich have great meaning to you, it's very touching and very symbolic.
Keep up the good work !!
Best regards.

Congratulations!! Gonna go check out utopian.io now!

Congratulations @elear. Great job you're doing

I'm kinda new here, please vote me

love to hear that

hopefully you will sign up even better document :)

Congratulations @elear hope that we can continue our great work on utopian.

@elear Excellent news, it is gratifying to know that utopian has evolved, of heart congratulations for this great achievement.

Soon I will start and start my steps in the community.

Appreciating the effort to provide security and this new success.

From venezuela @ rayken04

Congrats.. God bless you and help you.. It was really a big moment for you elear.. May you succeed always..


Congratulations boss! =D

Thank you very much for this info, As I am new to steemit with a small but growing team. As you seem like a very knowledgeable person can I please ask is there a way it can benefit me in the U.K.?

oo congratulations! I hope nice things happen

I am just happy that we a few growing.

Congratulations, I'm happy to see that the community became an official registered company. The community aims to help the steemit.com to ensure good services and quality projects in the field of web application development so they really are worthy for the title

congratulations! You have made a great contribution to the world especially in Italy. that way, advertisers will no longer doubt to promote their products to open source companies because it has become a registered company officially. now you should be able to guarantee that the development of open source software will continue. Thank you for this great jump. hopefully can spread to other countries.

Congrats! having a company means a lot of work but i am sure you will have success! Best wishes

Congratulations! it feels amazing to be a part of such an amazing project.

I am happy and proud to be part of this as i have one post that was approved by utopian.

I signed the statute with a pen that holds special meaning to me and was owned by my father. I promised myself I will use it to sign the most important documents in my life. This is, without a doubt, one such paper of great significance.

Continue doing the great work of promoting open source projects.

@elear I love that you use your dad's pen to sign the most important documents, that is so meaningful! Congratulations to Utopian!

Awesome been hoping for this moment.

Congrats @elear you made it!

That's a good development. Congratulations

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Interesting and very beautiful post for us to visit by this beginner thank you and please always support us