Who Am I? Short AutoBiography

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After few months on Steemit I realised I never made a proper introduction of myself.

I am Diego, born in Rieti, a small town near Rome, within the mountains, where there is not much but beautiful villages and landscapes.


My family is composed by me, my mother and my sister. My father died at work when I was only 3 years old.


He left a huge hole in my soul that I could never fill. No memories, not even a single word or gesture I may remember from him and this is something I will never forgive destiny for. Losing a father when you are that young and the only male in the family is not easy thing to live with, but was also my biggest strength, my biggest motivation to do something meaningful in my life.

I Was And I Am An Artist (Inside)

I started studying piano when I was only 8 years old and I remember the teacher telling to my mother I would have never been able to play an instrument. It was just not for me.

The school fired the teacher few weeks later and I became the best pianist of my class. I studied piano for almost 10 years.

I also studied violin and drums for quite some time.

...But I Wanted To Be An Actor

When I was 13 I introduced myself to a theatre company of my town and worked with them for 5 years. I left my own town and moved to Rome where I attended some professional acting academies for 3 years and also participated to one of the most popular Italian TV series, i Cesaroni 3. Was funny to sign autographs, I must admit that.


I left acting after this experience once I realised the ideal world I had in my mind, was actually really different.

Another Self Taught Developer

Luckily enough, when I was 18, I had in mind to create a database for actors, since none existed at that time in Italy, but I did not want to pay a developer for that. I started looking into a CMS named Boonex Dolphin and tried to make some changes by myself, without actually ever reading a single line of coding tutorial or book.

Trial and errors, trial and errors and eventually after few months of playing with the code up to 18 hours a day, I was able to do some coding myself.

After I left my acting career, becoming a professional developer seemed to be the most reasonable choice, was also the right one.

First Steps As An Entrepreneur

I opened my first personal company when I was 19 and earned good money just by making applications and enhancements to existing web softwares. I kept doing that for 3 years when I decided was time for me to setup a business and make the big money.

I opened a company and I was able to generate a bare minimum of 15K Euros revenue a month by providing IT services to companies and professionals.

The company failed when I had a bad personal time.

I was really flying high, earning 15K Euros per month at only 22 years old and already imagining myself driving a Lambo few years later.

In reality I had no friends, no social life. Was just me, my ex girlfriend and my work. When my ex left, all the rest broke down and the only remaining things I had were debts to pay for the losses made in the last months before closing the company.

I was working up to 14 hours a day for more than 2 years, sometimes also sleeping in the office...but.. it did not work.

EUR 30K Debts..Yeah!

I moved from Rome to Milan and for the first time in my life I started working as an employee for a web agency. I was 24. I was already able to speak and write fluent english and to code in few different programming languages.

It took 2 years to cover all the debts and I almost had a nervous breakdown. I was working up to 12 hours a day just to pay my rent and to cover the debts.

I did it! Once I paid the last cent of my debts I left the job, took some rest and met my current girlfriend, after more than 3 years alone.

My Little Treasure


Once I left the job in Milan I came back to Rieti. I was in front of a bar with some friends. I was a bit drunk.

I met Francesca and I clearly remember the first thing she told me was "What kind of drugs do you take"?

She asked that because I have a tattoo on my heart that is composed by the initials of my family in chronological order and she was making fun of that.

  • E - Enrico, my father.
  • L - Luigina, my mother.
  • E - Erika, my sister.
  • A - Alessio, my sister's first son.
  • R - Riccardo, my sister's last son.

ELEAR. Now you know where my username @elear comes from.

She was young and so funny and natural, I felt in love immediately.

We have spent more than 2 years together now and travelled most of Europe.

She gave me the strength I lost in the past and thanks to her I found the courage to open again a personal company and restarted my career from scratch.

I worked for few months in Italy when I got a call from Germany and worked there for almost another year, with a very good salary. I left Germany when I found out about Steem.

A Small Mention - My Mother

My mother is not an easy person. She is very rigid and sometimes it is hard to communicate with her. BUT SHE IS MY HERO.

Her husband died leaving her with two kids, I was 3, my sister was 11. Her husband died in one of the most tragical ways I could imagine. She found the strength to go on. She made us grown up. She went through every possible issue in life. SHE IS THE STRONGEST PERSON I KNOW.

Thanks for being what you are...Thanks mom.


I Am Utopian!

While the idea of Utopian started to flow in my mind 5-7 years ago, the concept behind is way older.

I am an entrepreneur by nature, but one of that kind who hates how money work, who just cannot live with the fact this system is wrong.

I actually HATE working as the society has imposed us to do.

  • I worked for multi-million euros companies where I was the only one to let them survive on the software side and having just a misery in exchange for that. I remember one time not sleeping for 3 days in a raw because their servers were down.

  • My father died at work, in a giant enterprise, because they were saving money on safety...A boiler exploded while my father was there. He was alive for one week and then died. The enterprise also tried to pay the minimum insurance possible. Thanks to my mother, that did not happen.

  • I never had a reason to work. Once the enterprise paid the insurance for the death of my father I could have lived by that for many years, but instead I started immediately and made working-for-a-mission my biggest obsession.

Who possibly hates working more than me?

That's where Utopian comes from. The necessity to create a fair economical system.

The Dream Behind Utopian


I was in Germany when I found out about Steem. Thanks @jerrybanfield for that.

Utopian was an idea I had in mind and experimented the concept already few years back, but I did not have a practical way to achieve the mission, until I found Steem.

Once I realised the potential, I left the very well paid job in Germany and gave myself 100% to Utopian.

  • I do really want to change something with Utopian.
  • I do really want to create a new, decentralised, meritocratic economy from which everyone can benefit immediately.
  • I do really want to change the way we think about working and I imagine a society where people work for their own will and not for necessity.
  • I do really want to create an economy where professionals are rewarded for the real value they bring and not for the position they have.
  • I do really want to create a platform to fast forward the creation of Open Source softwares, fundamental technologies for the evolution of the entire humanity.

What Do I Want To Get From Utopian?

PROFITS. Yes, I am not the new Jesus Christ and would be dishonest if I'd say Utopian is a project just to change the World and I am not looking for anything back.

I am a developer, I could build the next shitty e-commerce and have a decent income just by doing that, but I am not interested.

I always wanted to deserve my profits and to be proud of them. Utopian is the way. Utopian is my opportunity to try to make a change, to put my fingerprint in this World and to live by that. IT IS WORTH TRYING!

What Do I Want To Do With The Utopian Profits?

Well...buying a Lamborghini is a dream I have from a long time ;p ...but there is something else in my mind, that I will have to achieve before or later.

I want to tear down the symbol of that enterprise that killed my father.. It is still there, in my town and I see it every single day.



SNIA Viscosa is not just the enterprise were my father died, it is the perfect symbol of how wrong the society we live in is.

It is still there. I can see it every single day. It reminds me I need to do something.

The entire place is abandoned since many years, but it is still there. An entire polluted field no one wants to buy.

I want to buy it.

I want to tear it down.

I want to make that thing explode!

And I want to build a park and an organisation to help kids who lost their parents tragically.

The cost of that shit is 5 Million Euros and I promised myself I will have them soon enough to make my dream, a reality.

Thanks for reading.


hey, welcome to Steemit @elear! I wish you good luck))

Strong words - power on @elear! Upvote from me

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to the steemit community
Hope you like the new platform

All the Best!


Hello, I trully admire you for utopian-io. I hope that is make huge success!

Nice first post! Welcome to Steemit!

Sometimes people do not really know the pain behind the fame, you have gone so deep to reveal that @elear, and a beautiful accronymn to your name too

Thanks a lot

you are right @josediccuss.. welldone @elear beautiful and inspiring story you have up there

@josediccus you took with wisdom I bet you had unique experiences of challenges you survived and become victorious like @elear

Quite an inspiring story about your tragic loss and journey in life. I am sure you are going to tear that place down soon enough because that apparently is your liberation and peace of mind. Good luck with it though.

I will! :)

Very true @izge. @elear you will have a blast here with those unique experience and great writing skills. Steem on you must

Wow, what a deep view into your life. Thanks for sharing that with the world. Utopian has already changed my life and many others. Thank you for that!

Thanks to u for being such a great supporter!

Wow you think it can also change mine @flauwy?

Of course. Start posting daily on Utopian and earn Steem for your contributions. :)

thank you for these very personal words!

Hi @elear
Very inspiring words. I am also a programmer and it always starts with an idea, in your case it was actor database and in my case it was movie database. I am also a self taught developer and now I am a CTO for a company here at India.
May you achieve your dream soon. Good luck

Wow che storia! Ti auguro di riuscire a realizzare i tuoi sogni. Anche io ho perso mio padre a 17 anni, incidente in moto, qualcuno lo ha sbattuto per aria e non abbiamo mai trovato il colpevole. Strana la vita eh?!

Mi dispiace moltissimo.

Probably the best #introduceyourself I've seen

Behind every great dream lies a story that is worth telling. Your life's history now shows where the passion for floating utopian comes from. I am happy to witness the birth of something big. Congratulations on doing this and thank you very much for sharing.

Thanks so much for your nice words!

You are most welcome.

Very inspiring words there @greenrun. Yes steemit is lucky to have another interesting Steemians

welcome to steemit! upvoted and followed! cheers!

Indeed I feel like I know you from this personal bio which is what an intro should be. I'm glad you have goals and luckily you are here. Crypto could be what makes your dream possible.

Crypto are our chance to change something and we should hurry up :)

I do hope crypto makes his dream and everyone here come true @engineeringsteem

Amazing choice of words bro...
This is the first post I read on Steemit and I am glad I did. Having went through some similar circumstances I felt connected immediately... Great Work!!

Hey, thanks for the awesome post. Love what I read, especially about the controversial utopian ideas that most would be a little taken aback by. But I guess that's the point of this community. Steemit allows for us all to live in a censorship-proof life with little worries. Cheers - Lindsay 💋

Its moving introduction of a tenacious boy, life full of passion and love. Hats off to you Elear, for your spirit and inner strength.

really nice biography and very beautiful photos you have added in this post

Nice one bro thanks for sharing keep up the good work

Great introduction, so in-depth! Love the part about you meeting Francesca and also when you honored your mother's strength!

Amazing introduction, congrats for your huge hearth family.


The best intro I ever read!

Great comment and I agree @monomyth

Wow... So much about that one can learn from aside knowing you well. Sorry about the loss of your dad at such a tender age.

Hardwork has brought you thus far, no wonder you are making so much impact here within the time you got here. I don't need to be told but I already know how a caring man you are, loving your family and helping others grow. I am tempted to ask what exactly you cannot do, because it feels like you are a self achiever who can practically do anything and everything stemming from your wealth of experience already.

I am a music person and I love to sing and the piano part of you got me, maybe someday I can have you throw in your skills while I sing because I can't play any instrument yet even if I love singing.

Knowing you are the brain behind utopian-io is mind blowing, such a genius idea to reward open source projects.

Thanks for your Awesomeness

I tried posting my observation on notifications on steemit in utopian-io few days ago. Please do check it out.


True @phait hard work and discipline always make a difference in this life. As James rohn Said don't pray there won't be problems rather pray you are stronger

wow! lost my old boy when I was three as well, @elear you must have faced some hard realities.......which has now formed the basis for your success story. Truly there is a story behind every glory. I'm inspired here.

@usainjames I'm sad to hear that I hope you're OK. Thank for your encouraging words to a new Steemians

Thanks for your concern @gratefulayn, those experiences just got me stronger. I've gotten over it.

what a life story... keep dreaming don't give up..

One big wow, your nickname genesis... Masterpiece:)

I've read every single word and impressed about your effort. For all of us life gave something we doesnt like but the description of strength is how you react. You just said fuck off and move with all you have and that made you achivement guy. Thanks for you to create utopian. All of us still do not know how this is happening in anyway everybody happy. Everyday for better utopian!

@omeratagun as master Yoda said failure is the east teacher. We become strong by the challenges we faced than run away from

I like the quote Sally Field said on her dying bed to Forrest Gump of the Forrest Gump movie..."life is like a box of chocolate a person never know how it taste until he/she try it". If a person know about the end of their destiny before they start, I am sure most of them won't take it.

Great to get to know you more @elear, very inspiring life story. Hopefully, you will get to tear that shit down soon enough =)

@stoodkev indeed we need to read more good and inspiring write ups than the sad news.

Thanks a lot man. Glad to collaborate with you and looking forward for a long term journey together!

very very great, experience and in an amazing way.
a mother is heaven, i lost mother and it is painful, mother is the most precious person of any kind.
and you @elear, are the one who can make something great, I salute your story and it's so inspired.

@joelsteem mothers are first teacher and first caregivers their lost is always painful to anyone at any age. So agree with this comment

That is a vision more or less an ambition YOU just Need to work toward it . That great and parting elear may the LORD our GOD help YOU

@dolapoemmanuel true persistence pays off in this world

This is truly like one of the best Intros I have read on this platform. From tragedy to the top! Cheers man @elear. Nice acronym. So you hold your family near your heart with a tatoo. Welldone!

Yes a very detailed and inspiring introduction indeed so agree @nairadaddy

A very interesting introduction @elear

Fascinating! What a mission. Thanks for sharing this so openly. I've seen your name mentioned a lot around here, but now I know who you are and why you do what you do.

Of course I've seen the name Utopian around, too, but I didn't really check it out yet, since I had the impression that it is only for developers. Is that right? Or can I benefit from it as well, as a regular Steemian?

Same question here @connecteconomy.i too have seen it here but don't know what exactly it stands for

@connecteconomy @gratefulayn. Utopian is not only for developers. Many professions can join it actually, to name some: Translators, graphic designers, content creators, teachers. Connect with us on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x

Utopian really changed my documentation habit, thanks @elear!

I wish it can change mine as well @alanzheng

Good one thanks for sharing.

People know you from your achievements. Today, they have come to realise how much pain, sufferings and efforts together with an unwavering will to succeed makes you the man you are.

Sheer brilliance and lots of courage has defined your journey to utopian. Rest assured you have thousands of hands tearing down the walls of VISCOSA. One bit at a time. And with each impact, gathering more and more momentum...........Have faith... We are Utopian!

What does it exactly mean to be utopian @shreyasgune seems like a great idea to emulate

Thanks for being part of us @shreyasgune !

Thanks for sharing! Keep following your dreams and they will happen!

So agree @oneansonlyetganm. Dream or die.

Ma va! Que bella la tua historia! Davvero, sei così stimolante! :)

Grazie :)

Buen resumen de tú vida. Ponte en marcha para que mejores tu plataforma. Busca ayuda de personas que tú sepas que te pueden impulsar y sobretodo no escuches a quién te dice que no puedes.

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Thanks for sharing this. I understood how hard it was for a young kid without father. I lost my father too but I was in a much better situation. Maybe that is why I didn’t have that strong motivation for a startup:). Fully understand your motivation and I believe utopian-io can help you achieve it. Good that you not only think of yourself but others too. This is one of the key reason why I like utopian-io. All companies have a soul and heart behind it. And you are obviously the one for utopian-io.

U would want to know more about utopian. @susanli3769 we all dream of a world like that maybe it's hard now for the real world but hopefully here in steemit at least we will have a taste of it. I agree @susanli3769 that if we love god we need good to happen to others to not just to ourselves and to our loved ones

@elear this is a very moving introduction. Indeed what you went through everyone here caN relate. Here the work is underpaid that most go to loan sharks. Yet like you we all quest freedom. keep steeming

Learned a lot from you personal bio....I really loved reading your post thank you for sharing your life story with the world....your mother is really a strong lady lots of love and respect for her....have a good life...

Thank you so much. Much appreciated!

Beautifully described it was interesting to read you can begin to write the book.

What an introduction @elear. It clearly states the stages of your life. How hard working you have been and how much you love your family... Would love to read more about you... Followed :)

I am touched by your intention.

Very good and interesting article

Great story........
I drew your portrait(^^)

Nothing is impossible buddy. It's clear you minds set on it, and that only means that old building is going down. I wrote a post you might be interested in. You need to visizualise that building with a tyson punch right where the sun don't shine. Tyson punch physcology

I have been trying to visualize my soulamtw but none does it mean it's an impossible dream @gsari. Good advise here you gave to write about his interest .if I may add to write without stopping

wow what a life story! i must confess i got a bit emotional when you talked about your father and what you dream to do with the company that he worked in. Welcome to Steemit! and a lot of power to always achieve what you dream! Have a great New year!

Damn, reasons why you built the Utopian turned out to be way more complicated than I thought. Good luck in achieving your goals.

Great story... And it is only the beginning!! Inspiring to see Utopian continue to grow!

Are you a utopian yourself @debraycodes? Care to tell me about it in more like what's the vision and mission of a utopian

Utopian is a platform where devs are rewarded for their open-Source contributions on the STEEM blockchain...

Thank you @elear for the utopian.
And trust me that day isn't far when you buy that company.

Welcome to Steemit :) (Officially lol)

Very nice introduction :) Im just new member of steemit and your introduction was so inspiring .. keep it up .. just make your dream real :)

You are one of the most impressive people i have came across on steemit. You are artist actor entrepreneur and man who knows how to value small little treasure in life. I hope one day i will the same persona as you. Please visit my account i m new baby top steemit if you like please upvote

beautiful pictures @elear

wow, such astounding story, would love to see you achieve your dream and create that foundation/organization. Thank you for bringing Utopian to steemit, it was a game changer especially for us minnows. Now, I'm almost debt free because of the help from you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :-)

This is so inspiring. You have no idea how much this has jolted my mind. I didn't have such tragedy at an early age yet I give excuses, I live in a city, yet I give excuses, I have 24hrs to the internet, yet I give excuses. This post among others have taught me to sit up and do something for myself. Thanks!

Both a fascinating and inspiring story built on grieving shoulders. I am so sorry to learn about your father, but he would undoubtedly be so proud of you today! Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best with your goals :)

thanks @elear , with the concept @utopian-io and steemit, you've become a big help to my skills and knowledge, especially to my family's financial support! THANKS A LOT! thanks for helping a lot of people, especially here in the philippines.
BTW that mountain is a good scenery. you live in a good place.

Thanks to share it and I feel so sad to hear the loss in your family! I believe your dream will come true coon. Thank you to create Utopian-io! You did great job! Keep it strong!

What a life! Very interesting to read...
I feel so sorry for you that your father died!
I hope you can make your wish to destroy this factory come true!
The best feeling in the world is to Wake up every day with the girl you love.
This is the best motivation you can get!
Keep your girl and keep on fighting for a better world.
Together we can make it happen

But the utopian thing... i dont get it... i am new here, just posted my first article and got so many questions ... now the next big thing utopian 😂
So many new things to learn! Great!

Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!
As we say in Germany

Happy new years eve everyone

I just tend to cry...

Great! You are a full package of talents my friend... Great! God bless you!!!

Welcome to steemit hope it's the beginning of a long journey! I'm here for whatever you need, do not hesitate to ask for help! Great Story! I will follow closely your posts and your blog updates. Will be happy if you follow @nunojesus

I really want to give a good long reply, but tear got in the way. Wish you all the luck :)

Your story is so inspiring. It really touched me.
I'm a student of italian language and culture and you're the first italian I find here. I love your story. I 'll become a loyal follower!
This is superemotional! 😊

I dont know If you already realized, but what you are doing is something really big.

It May be small in size now, but It is definetly a base for a real huge thing in the future.

I think that @Utopian-io project, in conjunto on with Steemit is the First thing i ever saw in crypto culture that is actually creating real value on the crypto economy.

Its no big deal that you also look to have some profit with this endeavour, and it is well deserved.

We are all moved by the Basic instinct for survival, and in the moderno world that means having money.

Just take a look at what you acomplished with this project:

  • You helped to add real value in something still deemed as invaluable in the majority of the society still thinks doesnt have value.
  • You help bring visibility to some amazing open source projects, like the ReactOS, that i only knew about It because i did a translation through utopian.
  • You are helping to create an economy around the sharing economy. People are getting rewards to do voluntary contribution! Imagine when projects like this start to leak to others areas that depends on voluntary work!
  • You are encouraging people to learn New skills. I am starting to think about learning some conding for real.
  • You are helping people around the world in countries with economic problems (ie Venezuela) to have an extra income.
  • You spread the concept of fairness. People who try to work the system gets punished (Bans) and good work gets rewarded. Most of the times (need some improvements here) the reasons of punish and reward are clear.

You sir, have a really big good thing in your hands. Please, keep going!

I Will definetly be one of the people spreading the world about this project.

Thank you!

Nice to know about you😊

I was impressed with your story, Diego. You reach your goal as soon as possible. And I adopted the idea of leaving a trace in this world. Thank you, Reis.

This is what I call living a life. This is how real life heroes act. They never quit. Hit the ground just to bounce back higher. Really nice to hear the inspirational story of a multi talented geek.
Keep steeming :)

This was a good read. It felt like it came straight from the heart. How many of us cannot say much because we are stuck with organizations that frown upon what you say on the internet. What a terrible system we have imposed on ourselves. I am not a software guy but a medical sciences guy so I can’t speak much to how open source will change the world. It is encouraging to see people talk about changing the world. It need changing in all directions. Do you part well @elear because you are encouraging people like me to try in our own fields.

ELEAR? Amazing coincidence...
Couldn't stop smiling when I got to that part.

Given that you're introducing, I'm obliged to say welcome to steemit (once again). Enjoy

Thanks for sharing your story @elear. It's really ispiring. I also want to express my congratulations for the good work with utopian.io. I am already registered and I hope to be able to contribute.

Usually I don't read through messages to the end but yours caught my attention and I must say I am inspired. Just realized sternum has a lot mire to offer cos before now I was almost giving up on the whole steem thing. Thanks once again @elear

Awesome Post😍😍😍😍

@elear Hello sir i have read your stories and i have learnt many things from them and i hope you will keep us updated with these kind of stories because i get a lot of motivation from you i hope you will go up from sky.

I have written a story about my self and it will be an honor for me if you read and give a feed back Thanks a lot

This is my story https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@hamzaatiq/hey-i-am-hamza-read-my-inspirational-story-a-photographer-blogger-and-freelancer-i-hope-i-will-learn-much-from-steemit-and-make

I hope you achieve your dreams. I believe in utopian and you!

I wish you continued success

Utopian sounds interesting. I may try it.

Very inspiring post. #utopian-io is a great initiative. I contacted them at Facebook and not heard about the questions I had. Can I have your discord or steem.chat info so that we could talk about it? Primarily, it's about how to get started at this platform as a contributor but my real question was how can a non-tech writer be part of it? I mean I can write about tech but not as good as on non-tech topics because that's what I have been doing professionally. I'll appreciate your response @elear.

Steem On!

It's not easy to lose a loved one at such a young age and the issue of dealing with debt it can really weigh someone down.Well written story.

I would not imagine being in his shoes too considering loan sharks here are merciless they will take whatever their hands can put on @frigirl

Those concepts of the "Utopian" are mostly all values or things I would like to happen as well...

"I do really want to create a new, decentralised, meritocratic economy from which everyone can benefit immediately.
I do really want to change the way we think about working and I imagine a society where people work for their own will and not for necessity.
I do really want to create an economy where professionals are rewarded for the real value they bring and not for the position they have."

Especially these, which is essentially what your "Utopian" is, if these principals were how society operated, the world would be so much better off..

I specially like what you said about professionals @biffybirdcam. But it seems impossible yet noble

Welcome to Steemit
Make sure to follow me @bankthecrypto

Hello Diego nice to meet you and tead this all about You 👆🤗

worth the read.

So inspirational! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

You are a really great man with a really wonderful mom. I really learn many things on the way of your life. You are really Outstanding man

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