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2018-07-01 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

2@indigoocean58If You Have Courage
3@amvanaken59@Netuoso, Can We Get Steem Retro Re-Vamped? 😮🕹♨️
4@lovebooster41Byteball TTO in Filipino
5@sweettais51Still Life "The Princess and the Pea"
6@suniltikar53Top 5 crypto currency coins on sell up-to 90% off comparing with their ATH
7@adelsz37صباح الخير good morning
8@mal225Cristiano Ronaldo Open The Sound Of Retirement From Portugal
10@jeezz48reality SBD news 😂😂
11@yuxi61Steemmate - Like both Steemit and Steemd? Let’s put them together!
12@rufans60[steempApp v 2.0.3 ] Posts Displays Wrong Time](https://steemit.com/@rufans/steempapp-v-2-0-3-posts-displays-wrong-time)
13@sjeezz48The first thing we need in getting a soul SURE. We will never know what it will be like, but never never know that SURE can change everything.
14@adelsz37CAMEL WITH TWO LEGS - real or fake?
15@techslut66Transforming Content Promotion on Steemit.com Through Better Use of the "Promoted" Functionality
16@adelsz37فيديوهات نادرة
17@smhp201639 Chattanooga: The story of being the most green city from the most polluted city
18@carlpei50[EN/VN] Application as a Vietnamese Language Manager and Translator in Utopian/DaVinci Witness Project
19@mightypanda56[SteemApp] [2.0.3] Next button should stay disabled if no story is entered
20@lasocia52Ciencia en casa! Divertidos experimentos caseros para los más pequeños. ¡Aprendamos sobre la Capilaridad!
21@simnrodrguez65Informe Semanal Utopian - Incremento de las Recompensas para Todos, Fórmula de Votación Optimizada, las Traducciones Listas para Crecer y Más [29 de junio / 2018]
22@breathewind62Application for Translator role - DaVinci Witness Project
23@clayjohn56Godot Vertex Shader Documentation
24@dee-y56Logo Design For Watt [merged and used]
25@ray14788055AIO Smart Sleeve - The best wearable device for all of your activities
26@ionutciobanu61Relax in the park-Days 3 actifit app
27@princeola54Suggestion For New Features To Add Into Phantasma E-Mail Application.
28@feekayo58DBooks.org Frontend Documentation 1; Basic Directory Structure Description
29@sharinglife34Salt Meets Fresh
30@kirkins65Mini-Market-Maker: Example Binance trading GUI
31@ardi9448how to make a post via utopian?
32@feekayo58DBooks.org Backend Documentation 1; Basic Directory Structure Description
33@davinci.witness57Davinci Translation Reports: Week 1
34@trufflepig54I am a Bot using Artificial Intelligence to help the Steemit Community. Here is how I work and what I learned this week! (2018-26)
35@zuur50Logo Design for: Yummy
36@andreina8945Rico Almuerzo el de hoy
37@to-the-sun58Introducing The Amanuensis: Automated Songwriting and Recording - Blog #1 - Demo Video plus 2 Recordings
38@norihany53Step by Step Bralette. (Simple, comfortable and economical tutorial.)
39@luschn59[KnackSteem] - Backend Connection, Single Post View, Lazy Loading
40@sambillingham63Finally Comments v0.11.0 - Custom Beneficiary, Enable/Disable Guest Comments + Fixes
41@rufans60[ SteempApp v 2.0.3 ] Comments aren't loading
42@realinfo64Margaret logo design
43@moissrams54Música Orquestal: Orden en base a un principio acústico
44@blockchainyouth60TEXT - Introduction to Decentralized Copyright - How combining LightScribe Technology in conjunction with STEEM cryptography to prove ownership & date of creation of content
45@abdulmath51Aplicación de la Ecuaciones Diferenciales Ordinarias a la Biología Marina - GMath
46@javalord57[Steemapp V2. 0.3] Incorrect display of date and time of post.
47@clarksoner39THE STREET OF AFRICA! ❤

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