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2018-06-28 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@jrswab64Dlive Exclusive - Developing The #1 IPFS Upload Service 😉
2@keugalak43A photo can beat a thousand words
3@phillips9345Celebrating one year here at Steemit With this Cafe with Art
4@suniltikar25Father of and at times manager to pop stars Michael Jackson sadly no more.
5@amigoponc50𝔻𝕠 𝕀 𝕖𝕒𝕥 𝕚𝕥 𝕠𝕣 𝕕𝕠𝕟'𝕥 𝕀 𝕖𝕒𝕥 𝕚𝕥? The children's food.
6@adelsz36الملك فاروق - آخر ملوك المملكة المصرية
7@adelsz36مصر النهاردة
8@adelsz36هام جدا وخطير
9@tobaloidee63My Logo Contributions to two repositories of related projects in "ClosedXML" (both Merged & Used)
10@jeezz48Photography flower visualisasion edge color
12@tompeter37Imagine the question asked by the 21th century child 👶
13@cemilekrgln43Foxit Reader - it is now easier to read the PDF file
14@adelsz36معلومات مفيده
15@muntadhar36Kami punya Jalan Baru
16@napa52Orange + my handmade doll 👋
17@leczy59Building custom websites with play 2.6.x(Scala) part 2
18@zpzn58Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. "William Shakespeare"
19@zoneboy62Enhancing Actifit with the addition of Map, duration, distance features
20@jrawsthorne57Busy.org Bug: Post with no json_metadata crashes the whole page
21@realinfo64Librex logo design
22@chronocrypto68Learning Python the basics
23@tyady38Pisang ayam /barangan
24@danluppi27Landscape photography
25@pckurdu55Yazılım amaçlarım
26@ontofractal67Cryptocomparex 0.1 release: Elixir/Erlang client for CryptoCompare API
27@iqbalhood60Logo Design Proposal for Autopermission
28@abdulmath51Aplicaciones de las Ecuaciones Diferenciales Ordinarias - Lección #9
29@iqbalhood60Logo Design Proposal for Android File Chooser
30@shaphir58Test post
31@utopian-io68Weekly Top of Utopian.io: June 21 - 27
32@cemilekrgln43Apple iMac Pro - dynamic flair and power performance
33@markup52Statistics of 'utopian-io' tag 2018-06-27
34@stmdev55Beem: Account.history() fails with float division by zero exception
35@javalord57Steemapp V1.0.3; picture not uploading
36@famil58Logo for Page Reloader
37@arithmatic36Free SBD earning Easily.
38@ahyar9257Add feature Categories (New And Popular) and Views in Trove NLA
39@adelepazani61Sympathy - ink drawing #2014
40@sourovafrin61Busy is showing blank page on replies page
41@timons45New logo for File Browser
42@adelsz36Spirits strength and beauty
43@mightypanda55[busy.org] Vote value of 0.01 is not showing up for comments
44@kabooom56Linking jcenter Android Archive (AAR) library to Maven Central Part 2
45@adelsz36Crocodiles vs. Giant Snakes
46@rufans60[eSteem Surfer] [Version 1.0.6] - Sorting Posts By Payout Displays ''Nothing Here''
47@adelsz36Wilderness confrontation between an elephant and a crocodile
48@arcjen0254New development (SBD-Converter) should integrate steemconnect secure login.
49@aligaby8944Nice Picture
50@sharinglife34Sea Shore Grip
51@sk-russell53The Area Belongs To The Protected Landscape Area Of ​​Pálava To Our Smallest, But To The Greatest.
52@steem-plus65SteemPlus 2.17.7 : Witnesses on Busy
53@lasocia52Ciencia en casa! Divertidos experimentos caseros para los más pequeños. ¡Aprendamos sobre Densidad!
54@swapsteem27Swapsteem.online - Chat, Buy and Sell Steem with fellow Steemians

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