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2018-06-27 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@adonisabril7040 Pictures that Will Convince You to Explore the Eastern Sierras
2@nairadaddy64Get Time Or Get Money -- You Need Both To Excel On Steem!
3@adelsz36حلقة قوية
4@phillips9345Algo de Arte en el Cafe
5@sourovafrin61Dtube 0.7 - Dtube is duplicating videos to fill the feed's row on desktop browser
6@batarian7159Clifm New Logo
7@andreina8945Deliciosa Cena
8@kit.andres62Copropiedad Integral - Vehicles administration - Domestic workers administration
9@ulqu353Inocoin - Smart Money meets Smart Ideas
10@cemilekrgln42RYNO MOTORS - an engaging design
11@mansyaprime54New Logo for Fade-In TextView
12@zpzn58Trees... “If I were a tree, I would have no reason to love a human.” ― Maggie Stiefvater
13@hispeedimagins56Steemer app update - Almost ready for release
14@alan-walker53Bug Hunting-- Steemia -- Home icon doesn't respond
15@neupanedipen60Add Global Currency Coverage and Price Alert Feature on SimpleFolio
16@dimitrisp61Steem Bluepaper Greek Translation 33% (~1100 words/33%)
18@zuur47My 1st Contribution - Open Source Projects
19@tompeter37Today kids will never understand evolution
20@markgreek38Photography colorful snakes
21@foodlovers40Random Food Facts That Blow Your Mind #1
22@adelsz36really inventions is very amazing
23@suniltikar25Restaurant Suffers Brutal Consequences - 4.5* to 2.5*
24@tompeter37Life after life
25@dumar02270#task-graphics: The frames for SteemShutter (iOS)
26@cgbartow60SteemConnectV2 - WP Plugin Help
27@irelandscape57Particle physics - exercise 1c solution (CORRECTED)
28@katerinaramm59Byteball - Greek Translation (part 3 of wiki - Glossary - appx 2348 words)
29@nicknyr55Tutorial: Building a web app with React, Redux, and the Steem Javascript API, PART 3
30@yalzeee51Tutorial: Developing a simple calculator with basic command in python(fix bugs in your code)
31@szokerobert57Upfundme-I use my voting power to help new members.
32@susanli376965Chinese translation of Byteball Wiki- 1,192 words(4)
33@adelsz36[LIVE] Incredible Big Cats Hunting Skills including Lions Cheetah Tiger Jaguar Leopard
34@charzhar25Help getting started on Utopian?
35@ray14788055SixPad - Abs Fit 2 - Integrate fitness with Internet of Things
36@isabella39455Spanish Translation of Verdaccio (Part 2) (613 words)
37@bflanagin58eduSteem developement update (Week 3a)
38@moenawar59SteemAX logo proposal [task request]
39@orelmely61SteemAX logo desing proposal
40@dongentle257Promoting Telegram To The People Of Uyo
41@tngflx59Added notification feature to STEEM ULTIMATE EDITOR!
42@kkb04125☞Bitcoin Price and Prospect☜
43@jhonysins46Natural grass photography
44@cemilekrgln42Mercury Intelligent Heated - Designs Relaxing Humans Write Isitan Cooling Coat
45@feekayo57DBooks.org Goes Open Source; Contribute to Our Development
46@to-the-sun58ADD AN EVER-UPDATING VISUAL GRAPH TO A PYTHON SCRIPT: a task request for the open source project The Amanuensis: Automated Songwriting and Recording
47@emrebeyler67Beem tutorials #3 - Delegations with Beem
48@surpassinggoogle70Ulogs Development Update: The Use Of Micro-task (Per Github Issues) And Insight Into Our RoadMap.
49@elpoliglota49[Translation][Spanish] OroCRM (1040 words) (Part 2)
50@cryptohazard62Steem Messenger: improving the cryptography for better interactions
51@sweettais50"Pirate Treasures"
52@dee-y56Logo Design For Image Comparison [merged]
53@jacksartori56Translator Application for @davinci.witness & @utopian-io Project
54@dogancankilment56Utopian.io Reddit Analyzer - Reddit Analysis Auth / v1.1 Release

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