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2018-06-25 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@dee-y55Logo Design For Oblecto [merged and used]
2@penauthor56Virus Cleaner- Max security - Antivirus that works
3@hiroyamagishi69🤯 SteemPay My Full Review: I tried to send Steem Dollar using SteemPay! @DTube🤯
4@adelsz36أجرأ الكلام
5@sndbox73The Crypto Renaissance - A Steem Exhibition in NYC [Utopian DApp Mockup]
6@artmom57Rose pastel painting.
7@adelsz36good morning
8@molarity60My illustration works #60
9@adelsz36معتز مطــر يفشخ محمد صلاح بعد مقابلته لسفاح روسيا وخروج منتخب مصر من كاس العالم
10@adelsz36رد فعل المصريين بعد مباراه مصر والسعودية
11@optimusprime201726The story of some of the strange days of the strange days
12@smhp201638Various stories of animals of hammers(part-02)
13@sharinglife34Ocean Wave
14@sourovafrin61Dtube version 0.7- Last vote time shows wrong info as it is effected by posting instead of vote cast
15@clayboyn67Advanced Search Features for Busy.org
16@josephace13560[eSteem Surfer] [Version 1.0.5] - When clicking links from busy.org, the user is redirected to the Feed
17@emrebeyler67Beem Tutorials #2 - Beneficiaries
18@duski.harahap52Universal Vue.js application with Nuxt.js part#4 Dynamic components, Props, Transition page, Dynamic pages
19@markgreek38Rebab is a stringed instrument 2 clasic.1960
20@sweettais50portrait of a famous person - @teamsteem
21@tompeter37Living your loved ones to safe the world 🌍
22@mesutkrgln53Xiaomi Yi Mirror Dash - Wow Save places you navigate
23@realinfo64WPDirectory logo design
24@bitmalaysia43The Beginners Guide to EOS Tools
25@dimitrisp61Ignore this post...
26@adip55🎨 watercolor painting (with steps)
27@dimitrisp61Steemit Greek Translation Is now complete (~2500 words/100%)
28@adelsz36Beauty Angelic while asleep
29@rhn26827Best Way To Promote Your Steemit Next Blogs
30@phillips9345Cafe y Mas Arte
31@joserafaelhf52La marquesita (Cuento) Tercera parte
32@achiron60eSteem Surfer - "RPCError: Assert Exception:_c. abs_rshares == 0" error is shown when I tried update a post I already voted on
33@nairadaddy64[DEV UPDATE] AIR CLINIC WEBSITE V2.2 -- Full Team Page + Facebook & Twitter Social Media Page Buttons + Steemit Blog Rendered For Mobile Devices + Refactoring & Bug Fixes...
34@tdre54Logo for Anole Chrome Extension: A Utopian Task Request
35@adelsz36Go away, Sissi
36@superoo762[Development] Steemhunt back end API dockerize
38@kkb03141◎分手后不想让心痛地话 / To make sure you don't break up after the breakup◎
39@mesutkrgln53Xiaomi redmi 6 pro - Here is the expected budget-friendly model
40@starzy53First Day in School for the first semester - Exciting day
41@jrswab64Archivatory.com Update - Now With User Accounts!
42@jhonattaan53SteemPunk.net juego para steemit
43@markgreek38This flower is made of porcelain, yes ..or ceramic or glass material made is estimated in1960
44@sambillingham63 Finally Comments - Wordpress Plugin V0.1.0 Beta
45@xandar-cage48An Astonishing Discovery On How Alcohol Relates To Cancer.
46@jaysermendez62[KnackSteem API] - More friendly endpoint and moderation tools
47@flash4yard49New feature for Blinkit is prepared, Logitech LCD screens can soon be used with Blinkit - backend development
48@jayplayco57[Steemhunt] Evolution of Steemhunt`s voting system
49@li-art55my inner strong girl , painting
50@navneetkumar28How succeeding further down the road formed Anthony Bourdain: 'I have an inclination that I've stolen an auto'
51@dzivenu61Introducing Curator: advanced standalone curation interface and the age of #curation-as-a-service
53@markup52Statistics of 'utopian-io' tag 2018-06-24
54@skahmed25Business card Design
55@steempress-io58Steempress 1.3.1 : Multiple account support, moderation team and small changes.
56@utopian-io68People of Utopian #6 - @espoem
57@hiroyamagishi69🤯 SteemPay My Full Review: I try to send Steem Dollar using SteemPay! @DLive 🤯

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