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2018-06-20 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@kingscrown77Idex Delisting Many Coins (And Guide How to WIthdrawal)
2@axeman67House in the Sky
3@gringalicious75Easy Baked Fries + Guacamole - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT
4@adelsz35How to trap snakes
5@damiendoumer33Brief Javascript ES6 Tutorial For Beginners Part I
6@jbeguna0460Orca Designs for Steem Avatar @wearecodex (Accepted)
7@cmichel49Building a landing page in Vue.js
8@fajri.jauhari9351My Design - Logo for steemg
9@mirrors54Re-Imaging Africa: Re-Framing Its Economic Challenge Part I
10@cryptouru53SteemOrganic Development - Responsive Feed
11@podanrj63Simple flat logo designs for steemg.org project
12@chimzycash62My Logo Design – Logo for STEEMG
13@rezamusic57App Crash, When clicking on "love / likes history" icon more than one click
14@shaphir57My suggestion: adding new featute (Account status and Posting Count) in a Steemia app
15@beladro54My Best Logo Design for STEEMG
16@adelepazani61A Cast of Bargue 🎨
17@snowyknight45Yurts, yaks, glaciers, the ice age, and more - Central Asian Science Fieldwork Photos 2
18@samuellmiller58[Translation][Spanish] Verdaccio from English (1101 words) (Part 1)
19@learnelectronics53SteemAX is currently in need of a logo.
20@melaffection48Adding "Ask Questions" Feature And More On Easy Photo Map Application
21@markgreek37Photography money indonesia th 1951
22@holger8061Update for beem - missing API calls and ImageUploader added
24@ggabogarcia58My Logo proposal to Steemg [Task Request]
25@filippocrypto48Translation report: Roadiz CMS
26@svozkan45Scilab: Modelling and Simulation - Tutorial
27@tensor65Building Basic Backend Servers with Dart's Core Library - Dart Tutorial Part 4
29@susanli376965Chinese translation of Byteball Wiki- 1,173words completed
30@designcourse25Angular 6 SEO Project: Getting Started with Angular 6 Material
31@amigoponc50The Sun God; and his strange relationship with our biological and cellular clock.
32@adelsz35Egypt is the first to come out of the championship officially
33@adelsz35Strength and beauty
34@sourovafrin61Bug: Existing product link searching is not working in case of google play store product link
35@adelsz35Funny Monkey Compilation
36@arslanshn54New Logo Chatbot
37@adelsz35مفيش حاجه بتفرحنا في البلد دي We have no need to rejoice in the country
38@adelsz35Funny and embarrassing situations in the history of sport
39@utopian-io68Weekly Top of Utopian.io: June 14 - 20
40@sweettais49"Aladdin's Room"
41@flaws46Conociendo a: Utopian! Recompensando a los contribuidores de los proyectos Open Source(Código abierto)! - Guía acerca de la comunidad - Categoría: Traducciones - Traducción(Parte 3)
42@tobaloidee62My Logo contribution to SwipeTransition (merged&used)
43@adelsz35Thoughts of Sheikh خواطر الشيخ الشعراوي
44@naan25Python Programming Tutorial - 1 - Installing Python
45@mightypanda54[steemia] Up-vote fails when upvoting with low SP
46@jeeuuzz55"Logo Proposal for Steemg" (Logo Proposal Submission Approved by Project Owner @dapeng)
47@helo60The Magic Frog in French (Development Update #2) by helo
48@proba145Introducing Insteemr: Your favorite steem analytic tool
49@adelsz3560 days with steemit
50@arithmatic3612 unique technologies, which have changed our lives!
51@davidmind48Logo Proposal For Steemg
52@penauthor56Correctera - Get your text checked by vetted editors within an hour
53@your-best-friend44Use Dtube (ipfs) as video source
54@jefz53Logo Design for Steemg
55@rosatravels68Steemit Milestone: 10th Month 第十个月 - Translation Resurrected!
56@stmdev54Beem documentation update
57@rorogr54Byteball TTO Greek Translation (361 words)
58@dontador42Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Series - The all-in-one Smart Watch
59@jayplayco56[Steemhunt] How to get your hunt verified on Steemhunt

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