Steemit widget that allow to show Steemit article on your own website

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Project allow bloggers to include custom steemit post on their website. All they need to do is paste simple javascript snipped on their website. It can be done whithout technical skill. It work just like a facebook widget. I implemented also SEO ipmrovement so widget show that original content is from steemit.


I am going to improve configuration of widget. I want allow users to change some important CSS by caonfig. I also want display information about steemit. Maybe above a post. It could be banner with information about steemit. That banner should be displayed by default.
Another idea is create wordpress plugin which allow to use this library in wordpress post and articles.

Mockups / Examples

Implementation is very simple. To display article from steemit you need to copy and paste code from below. Then replace author and permalink with yuor own. Content will be displayed inside <div id="steemit-article" ></div>

    <div id="steemit-article" ></div>


      document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
        new Steemget({
          author: 'piotr-galas',
          permalink: 'o-continuous-integration'

    <script src="[email protected]/js/app.js"></script>

Example page that where I use this plugin:


Before I found steemit I blogged on my own blog. I needed to choose where to publish content. Now with this plugin I can always add articles on steemit and then with simple javascript, include it in my private blog. It is important to me.
I tried to find something similar, but available solutions display only collection of posts.

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But I would recommend you to take a closer look at @mkt's offer and continue to take care of your project. If you have made significant improvements and changes there, you can submit a contribution to Utopian here.

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Yes. You are definitely right. I did not know about project you describe. Thanks for your time.

That's great, I think that many people will get to know it and start using it.

Sounds real good. Useful and simple at the same time.

Nice idea, Piotr.

I've just tested the script and if I understand it correctly, I'm only including a single Steemit article, the one whose permalink I gave.

How does it behave if I want to display several Steemit articles on one subpage? Is this foreseen? I have tried, but only one article will be displayed, the last one.

Btw. there is a typ in the header text Seetmitinstead of Steemit.


Thank you very much for correct my typo in title. Cool that you tried to use plugin.

You are correct. Plugin can display only one post. Currently it is not possible to show more post on one page.
If you think that it will be useful please give me more detail how should it work.
I am going to improve plugin, so every idea is valuable for me.

I am little afraid about performance of including many article on single page. But maybe it will not a big problem

Hey! Do you know
I made them a few months ago. Maybe you want to have a look and improve them instead of starting your own project. I am looking for a new maintainer!


No, I didn't know that such project exists. I didn't find it, so I write my own. Your project I definitely more advanced, and there is no reason to reinvent the whell. If I can help somehow in your projejec It will be pleasure for me.


Sure, feel free to fork the repository and submit pull requests. I would for example love to see steemconnect integrated, so that people can vote and comment. But I think some refactoring is needed anyway.
If you have any questions, you can contact me on discord.


I am glad that you are interested in my help. I will read detailed your code and then I will ping you on discort.



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