Actifit App | Rewarding Fitness Activity (FAQs)

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Actifit App. Incentivizing Healthier Living & Rewarding Fitness Activity (FAQs)

Activity is a way of life and we very much need it nowadays. Sometimes though, we tend to forget it, we tend to get comfy on our couch, while we surf the web or watch TV. The longer we stay inactive, the more difficult it is to get of the couch and make it happen.

Having goals does help; Having incentives, helps some more!

After a very successful app launch and an impressive acceptance by the community, a few weeks ago, a big update came to surprise us even more!

Addition of image(s), post reminder, an option to maximize AFIT tokens and more, are here to keep our interest for this innovative dApp!

So, after the first FAQ, it is time to introduce the updated FAQs, including all the recent changes & frequently asked questions that are being received by its users!

If you have a question that is not included here, please feel free to post any questions here below in the comment section or ask the Team on discord!

Please note: The Updates mentioned above are for the Android version, the IOS update will be released soon.

About Actifit

What is Actifit?

Actifit is an Innovative Dapp, that rewards users' activity with AFITs (tokens) and perks! The application tracks users' activity through phone-built sensors. When the users exceed the minimum of 5000 activity count, they can post an Actifit Report Card as a simple post on the steem and receive rewards such as AFIT tokens, upvotes by @actifit steem account (and potentially more rewards by other users' of the steem blockchain). The app is available for Android & IOS users.

Who is the Team?

The Team is comprised of the Management, dedicated Developers, Ambassadors, supporting Athletes and a Moderation Team. You can see more information at the website

Which blockchain is the Actifit built on?

Actifit is built on the steem blockchain. Actifit is open source and its code can be found at:


When was Actifit introduced?

Actifit was introduced in June 2018. You can read the introduction post here

How many users are currently using the app?

At the time these FAQs are being crafted, more than 1500 users have downloaded the Android App and more than 800 have downloaded the IOS App
On a daily basis, more than 300 Actifit Report Cards are being published & rewarded. Even users who are not using the app, can be rewarded with AFITs if they upvote and/or comment on the Report Cards (more info below).

Where can I see official information about the app?

Actifit is an open source app that can be found here >
You can be officially informed at the website and feel free to contact the Team at [email protected]

What are the official Contacts for support or other inquiries?

We recommend to the users who face any app issues or who have questions to visit the Actifit official Discord channel. Alternatively, actifit is accessible through the official website via steemit, via email [email protected]

What is Discord?

Discord is a VOIP application. Read more here

About using Actifit App

What do I need to use the app?

You need a mobile phone operating with Android or IOS. You can download the app and as soon as you open it, it will instantly start tracking your activity. You will also need a steem account in order to post your activity on the steem blockchain. If you do not have a steem account, you can create one by signing up

Where do I download the App?

Playstore for Android and Apple Store for IOS.

Do I need a steem account to earn tokens?

You need a steem account to be able to post your activity from your mobile phone and to be rewarded.
In addition to that, if for any reasons you do not wish to download the app and post Actifit Report Cards, if you have Steem Power, you can be rewarded with tokens for the following actions:

  1. Delegate SP to be rewarded with tokens on a daily basis and on a weekly basis with sbd & steem power.
    Delegators share a max cap of 100K AFIT tokens according to their delegation amount, and also earn a 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts' beneficiary earnings.

  2. Interact with actifit users by upvoting or commenting posts (that have not yet received actifit upvotes) to get some extra actifit rewards

If you do not have a steem account you can sign up here or contact @actifit to see if you are eligible for the creation of a free account.


How do I earn tokens?

.1. The app auto-tracks your activity within the day. Make sure to post (if you have more than the minimum 5000 steps), before midnight.
At midnight, a new day starts and your activity count resets. A 'posting reminder' was recently implemented in the app, so you can utilize it and make sure you do not forget to post!

Posting reminder, aggressive mode and other settings

To post, you need to enter your steemit username and posting key.
(Check out here how to find your posting key

Please keep in mind that you need a minimum of 5000 steps to get rewarded.

After you enter the log in information (actifit does not store any of it, the information is only locally on your phone), you select your activity/ies and then after writing a short text (90 characters) describing your activity, you can click 'post' and post it on the blockchain.

When the actifit bot does its voting rounds, your post will be both upvoted, offering you Steem Rewards and you will also earn AFITs tokens to your account.

.2. When you delegate part of your SP to the actifit account, you also get rewarded daily with tokens.
How to calculate how many tokens you will earn
(Your Delegated SP) * 100,000 AFIT MAX / (Actifit Account Delegated SP - without account own SP and any delegators who opted out).

Delegators share a max cap of 100K AFIT tokens according to their delegation amount, and also earn a 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts' beneficiary earnings.

So for instance if you had delegated 100 SP, your daily earnings would be around:
100 * 100,000 / 213,000 = 46.94 AFITs

.3. Upvote or Comment actifit posts
Every time that a user explores the created actifit posts and decides to upvote or comment on them, both they and the post creator get rewarded with extra tokens.
Tip You can exclude all other posts by visiting the website and clicking on activity

Please note:

  • It is best if you upvote after the window of 16 minutes (this is a good practice for every steem post)
  • You should upvote before the actifit bot to be rewarded
  • If any system abuse, duplicate users come to your attention, you can let us know at discord or via email. Our goal is to deliver better and honest content and to create a healthier, more active environment. Users who inform actifit about system abuse will be extra rewarded.

Can I maximize the tokens received?

Yes, following its users suggestions, it was decided to implement a new option, that when enabled, maximizes the tokens received.

Prior to posting your Actifit Report Card, click on Maximize AFIT Token Earnings.

What this will do, is to set a new account that was created for those purposes, @actifit.funds, as the beneficiary of the remaining 90% of the post (already 5% goes to for delegators, and another 5% goes to actifit), so that you will receive 2 rewards:

The standard AFIT token rewards at the timing of the upvote, based on the existing reward system.

At the time of payout of the post, the amount of SP/SBD earned by the post, will be converted to AFIT tokens, and will be credited to the author. The calculation will be based on current STEEM price in USD, and SBD price per USD, converted per AFIT discounted offer price per USD.

The benefit of this is that you are earning more AFIT tokens, which would increase your User Rank, while also earning them at a discounted price.

You can also cancel any time by un-ticking the 'box'!

My post has not been upvoted. Why?

Maybe your activity was less than the minimum of 5000, or the bot has not reached 100% Voting Power yet.

My post had more than 5000 activity and was not upvoted.

In case the bot does not upvote a valid Actifit Report Card, it will be upvoted in next round with your current Report Card. Please wait at least 48 hours and then feel free to let the Team know on Discord.

Please note

Some versions of esteem app still cause issues when used to edit your reports, via removing essential info Actifit uses to identify proper reports. This prevents related reports from receiving rewards. Until this issue is officially fixed via the esteem team, we advise that you use other Steem interfaces for editing, including our own, steemit, busy or others.

How are actifit token rewards spread for actifit post authors?

As per a recent announcement, the procedure for the Afit's rewarding has changed.

Reward Mechanism & User Rank: The reward mechanism so far has been solely focused on recorded activity. The new system has come to change that and to further incentivize better content quality, but also further accumulation of tokens, as well as delegation to the system. The new rank system is based on delegated SP, tokens accumulated, rewarded activity and recent activity for the last 10 days. Each user's rank will affect their rewards and combined with the new approach to evaluate actifity posts/reports will reflect how many AFIT tokens and Steem upvote each post receives.

How is the User Rank Determined?

The higher the Rank the better and the more rewards you receive. User Rank is affected by 4 items: SP delegation to Actifit, AFIT tokens owned, total number of rewarded actifit posts, and number of actifit posts in the last 10 days. The more those components score higher the higher your score will be and hence your rank.

User rank itself has 30% based on delegated SP, 30% on AFIT tokens, 20% on total rewarded activity count and 20% on last 10 days activity.

What defines how my Actifit Report Card will be rewarded?

Reward System Percentages:
In short, 25% of your post score relies on activity count (minimum 5000 activity), 25% on the user rank, 20% on engagement (upvotes and comments it receives), 20% on content, and 10% on moderation.

Where do I find my User Rank?

  1. Your rank appears on the app dashboard (open the app, at the top right you will see your rank)
  2. You can see your rank in the website (after your log in with steemconnect)

Where do I find my wallet?

You can see it via the app itself (open app > View Wallet), or via the website

I believe that the app is not accurate enough, counting my activity.

If you are using Android, you can click on 'SETTINGS' and from there to turn on the Enable Aggressive Background Tracking. If you are on IOS, make sure you have the latest version of the App.

I have put extra tags in the tags section, but they are lost when posting.

You can use comma or space between the tags. The first tag will always be actifit. If you notice that the extra tags are lost, please try using commas instead of spaces, see if this solves it for you and let the Team know if the issue persists.

How can I increase my rewards and upvote %?

An Actifit Report Card is a steem post, and as such, its content quality is very important.

  • Post good quality content and when possible, use good quality photos to go with.
  • Post more frequently, so that your actifit ranking improves
  • Do upvote and comment to other actifitters' posts and make more acti-friends.
  • Delegate to actifit or increase your delegation amount.

If I upvote an actifit post before the bot, what determines my extra rewards?

We have a max reward of 20 tokens per comment that has reached a min of 1 STEEM reward. If you are the 90% upvoter, you will get 90% of the 20 tokens.
AFIT stake does not affect your vote, your SP does, unlike your actual post rewards which are affected by your stake.
So, when you upvote an #actifit post before the bot, you are extra rewarded:
a. With AFITs (their number depend on your %SP and you get rewarded after the bot upvotes) and
b. With Curation Rewards (You are rewarded after the post's payout, with SP at your steem account)

What is the leaderboard?

The Leaderboard shows the 10 users who have managed to gather the top activity count for the day. You can check it at any time via your app, (your phone needs to be connected to internet to fetch the most current data), and you can see the list of the top 3 if you visit the website and of course when following our announcements you get to see our news along with the top actifitters and their rewards / activity!

When does the leaderboard restart?

Leaderboard updates every time a new entry gets in, but also once an upvote round takes place, all upvoted entries will be removed. So, an entry will show as long as it is not upvoted.

How can I delegate to @actifit?

To delegate, you can use any of the following links below
10SP, 20SP, 30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 50,000SP, 100,000SP, Custom Amount

Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

Attention! When you want to increase delegation, you need to actually use the new total amount as the delegation amount, and not only the increased amount. Otherwise only the new amount will be used, and the remaining will be undelegated. If you wish to cancel your delegation, please enter 0 as the delegated amount

How much is the beneficiary reward for actifit when I post through the app?

When you do post via the app, @actifit & are set as beneficiary accounts. @actifit account receives 5% of the post's payout and the account will receive 5%, that will be distributed to the delegators on a weekly basis, proportionally to their delegated SP.

What do delegators benefit from?

Delegator Rewards: Delegators share a max cap of 100K AFIT tokens according to their delegation amount, and also earn a 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts' beneficiary earnings.

Here is an easy way to calculate your AFIT tokens for a full day of delegations: (Your Delegated SP) * 100,000 AFIT MAX / (Actifit Account Delegated SP - without account own SP and any delegators who opted out).

So for instance if you had delegated 100 SP, your daily earnings would be around: 100 * 100,000 / 216,000 = 46.29 AFITs

  • 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts, meaning when a user creates a post via our app, 5% of the reward of the post will actually be sent back to delegators and split among them according to how much they delegated.
How does the 5% beneficiary get split?

There is an account called, which is set as 5% beneficiary for every actifit post and this account accumulates he 5% beneficiary on the payout of each post at the end of a week.
Every week, the delegations received from all of our delegators for this week's period in total SP are calculated and split that 5% amount accumulated in the account.

This applies to 2 weeks before. Let's say you delegated week 1, so at the end of week 2, you would get a portion of the beneficiary payments. Reason being is that post payouts actually happen after 7 days, and so your SP was used in the week before and you are rewarded for using your SP as beneficiary

About AFIT tokens

How much will the total supply in TOKENS be?

The total supply will be 2.1 Billion Tokens

How much is the price?

For the pricing, the actifit team made their financial studies, projections and valuation of the potential starting market price for AFIT tokens, similarly to how other cryptos would do.
The pricing set is 12.5 cents at around the launch of SMTs. The Team decided to give the community the option to bulk up on more tokens early on, and provide a discount for anyone acquiring AFIT tokens before the planned SMT price is reached. Additional options to acquire AFIT tokens during this period to maximize profit for early adopter, will be provided.

Where can I see how many tokens have been distributed?

You can visit the website for the most updated information regarding AFITs

(screenshot | date 20 November 2018)

Are there cases that you revoke users' tokens?

Yes, when users are found abusing our system and not following the terms of service we will remove all distributed tokens and put them back in the pool.

About Rewards - Ranking

If I upvote an actifit user's latest Actifit Report Card and upvote at 100% of my Steem power and leave a comment. Does this help his payout in Actifit Tokens and influence his rank in any way? Does my upvote and comment influence my rank in anyway? Or would this come by him coming to my post and upvoting/leaving a comment/or both?

(question asked by @wil.metcafe which we include as originally posted in the discord channel)

The higher your upvote is, the higher is your reward. The more upvotes the user gets, the higher his reward. Your comment also helps him get more rewards.

In short:
25% of your post score relies on activity count
25% on the user rank
20% on engagement (upvotes and comments it receives)
20% on content and
10% on moderation.

User rank itself has 30% based on SP, 30% on AFIT tokens, 20% on total rewarded activity count and 20% on last 10 days activity

I have missed a couple of days / posts and now my rank has dropped. Why?

We count the reports of the last 10 days for defining a user;s ranking. As long as you get 9 or 10 reports in the last 10 days, you get a full score on your recent activity portion. So we advise everyone to stay active and post daily.

Is there a certain time in the day when the upvotes are given to latest posts?

The actifit bot runs when it reaches 100% voting power and starts rewarding and upvoting posts. After it runs and upvotes; it should run again in less than 24 hrs

You can check the actifit VP by visiting

How are/will the actifit tokens used?

The plans are to have Actifit tokens available for purchasing fitness related equipment, tools, gadgets, sports wear and enable transactions between providers and actifitters.
Also, when SMTs are launched, Actifit tokens will have their own valuation against STEEM as well as FIAT currencies, and hence can be cashed out for actual FIAT currency.

Just recently the devs managed to read data from FITBIT users, this is a step that is bringing wearables integrations even closer!

Where do I see my AFIT tokens balance?

  1. Through the app > View Wallet > Input your steemit username without the @ and then > Check Balance
  2. Through SteemConnect > visit and click on sign in

Why doesn't my wallet reflect my upvote and delegation earned tokens?

The upvote tokens & delegation tokens are updated within 24 hours of the actual upvote/reward session. So on any given day, you should see the tokens for the past day rewards.

How many activities can/should I choose?

Be honest, post an image and a relevant story/text of your activity.

Please note that abusive selection of multiple activities would lead to your ban from the actifit program. Please make sure to only select the actual activities you did within the day.

Do you have a posting policy?

You can check the actifit & steemit etiquette here


Alternative Accounts

We have recently implemented a new delegation beneficiary feature, targeted to help actifitters who own 2 accounts (a normal account and an alt account just for actifit). These users now can benefit as follows:

  • Transition delegation User Rank value from the main account to the alt-account. So let's say for example user john has his main account "john", which he uses to delegate to Actifit, and an actifit-specific account "acti-john" that he uses to post. Normally the account "acti-john" is not benefiting from the delegated amount to increase his User Rank. Now with the new development we made, john can decide that his acti-john account would be the one to receive the increase in User Rank.

  • Transition AFIT token delegation rewards to the alt-account. Under this setting, the user acti-john will also be the recipient of the daily delegation rewards that the user john normally receives. This will also indirectly benefit the User Rank of the example account above acti-john by accumulating more tokens, and hence the possibility to increase User Rank as well on a longer run.

  • Transition STEEM+SBD delegation rewards to the alt-account. Similarly to option above, you can also opt in to have your STEEM/SBD weekly earnings be sent to your alt account instead of your main account.

Is this optional or am I required to inform you?

You can opt in for one or more combination of the above. It is optional for the users.

I wish to combine my alt accounts rewards. What should I do?

  1. Please contact one of our moderators on discord

  2. Show proof of ownership of both accounts

  3. Confirm your choice of which you options you would like enabled; option 1: User Rank Grade Beneficiary, option 2: Delegation AFIT Rewards Beneficiary, option 3: Delegation STEEM Rewards Beneficiary.

Once confirmed, we will set this up for you in our system, and it will become active on the next delegation payout round.

How about previous rewarded AFITs? Can they be moved?

At the moment this is not possible.


ANDROID trouble Shooting

I have the aggressive background tracking checked. I can open the app and check it's working and then lock the screen and it will stop after a few minutes. It doesn't stop immediately.

You will need to check if battery saving is enabled for actifit on your phone, this could be causing the issue

IOS trouble shooting

Activity sticks to zero and does not count

Please make sure that you have the latest version of the app. As you download the latest version, once you open the app, it should auto show you the current activity tracked for the day.

General - Device Related Questions

I updated to the newest and the app refused to open / crashes.

If your telephone has a dual SIM, please make sure that your sim card 1 is set as default
You need to go to sim card manager, and set it as default.
If it doesn't work you might need to restart your phone.

I have a rooted device and cant get the app working. Why?

Rooted phones cannot have Actifit installed unfortunately, as they pause a potential for abuse

I try to log in / post but I receive an error. What should I do?

  1. Please make sure you have the latest version of the actifit app -and-
  2. Make sure you are using the correct posting key

At any time you can also contact the Team at the discord for immediate support! Website

When/Why should I use the website?

You are informed about all actifit news, activities and it can also serve as a useful tool for your actifit curation!

When you visit the you get to see all the recent Actifit Report Cards, where you can immediately upvote, comment while you get instant information about the user ranking, posts activity count, and you can check if AFITs have already been rewarded or not.

Your upvote weight is adjustable so you can check the percentage you wish to upvote with.

To comment on the post, you need to click and you need to be logged in or change the to to be able to leave your comment.

Through the website you also get to see your wallet, your ranking and all your previous activities!


Based on the previous version of the app and the FAQs


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For the Copywriting category, your work needs to be merged on Github, or officially used by the project maintainers. This condition was not met on this contribution. However, we spoke with Actifit's PO, @mcfarhat, who deemed this post to be very valuable to the project and planned on using your content later in time as an updated form of the FAQ section.

Please remember to add your personal experience on Blog posts pertaining project promotion or to wait until your content is used/endorsed to post it under Copywriting depending on your intentions towards the content published. This exception may not happen again.

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It would bring me a lot of joy to see this kind of content more often in the category.

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Dear @jmromero,

Thank you for your invaluable comment and for taking the time to reach out to @mcfarhat!

This post was something we have been discussing with the PO, since the first version of the FAQs I created has been a point of reference for all the app users. I should have mentioned it in the text.

As of now, this new version of the FAQs that include all major, recent updates to the app & ranking / rewarding system, will be used for the app users.

I apologize for not taking the time to read the guidelines before using the tag and thank you again for taking the time to review my work.

All the best : )


Thank you for your review, @jmromero! Keep up the good work!

a big update came to surprise us even more! Addition of image(s), post reminder, an option to maximize AFIT tokens and more

is the update for ios too? i cant seem to find it in the app...

Thanks for dropping by Chris!
The IOS update will be released soon :) Thank you for asking, I inserted this info in text so that it would be clear for everybody!

I must have missed that part, there was a lot to cover. Thanks for the update!


Thanks to "Ctrl+f" I found it:

Please note: The Updates mentioned above are for the Android version, the IOS update will be released soon.

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Thank You Utopian! Maybe I should try SteemPlus or Steeditor : )

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You've been accordingly rewarded 250 Actifit tokens, as well as an Actifit upvote.
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Wow. Now I know more about it. Haha. I keep forgetting to click on the app whenever I'm out and about. The other day I went to lots of places and forgot to use it. I walked 8 blocks! Omg. So sad. 😅

Excellent work! You have covered all aspects of actifit! I am looking forward to all new features which certainly will be implemented in the next weeks and months.

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