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What will I learn?

  • How to download the actifit app
  • How to best use the actifit app
  • How to post to steemit through the app and be rewarded with AFIT tokens & @actifit upvotes



Tutorial Contents

  • System Requirements
  • How to Post to Steemit
  • How to View Personal Tracking History
  • How to View Daily Leader Board
  • How to View Wallet
  • How to Change Settings

ACTIFIT APP - Android Tutorial

Almost 2 months of its launch, the @actifit app has come to change steemians way of thinking & acting!
Actifit app already has more than 800 downloads and more than 150 users on a daily basis who cover the minimum of 5000 steps, posting their results on the steem block chain.
The outcome? They stay active, fit, improve their cardio respiratory system and get rewarded for it by earning actifit tokens + steemit upvotes! (AFIT)

What do I need to download and run the app?

Any smartphone with android will do.
Preferable android version greater than 4.0.3
Size of app: 5.04 MB

Click https://bit.ly/actifit-app or visit playstore and search for actifit

Click on Install and give it a few moments (It is a small in size app so it will be installed in no time)

Click on the icon at your screen to get acquainted with the app

Once you tap the app icon, you will see the below screen:

Your total activity (It starts over after midnight) and the below buttons:







The app will be tracking your movement as you are walking, jogging, doing household chores, walk the dog or whatever activity you are performing.

Please note that it will run on the background and you will see a small 'icon' on the top of your phone. If you do not see that icon, please click on the screen icon to open the app and make sure it is tracking your movement.


Lets check the functionality of the options on the app.


.1. Steemit Username: You need to fill in your username (without the @) i.e. katerinaramm
.2. Steemit Private Posting Key: You need to fill in the Steemit Private Posting Key (please see at the appendix where to find it) The app does not store your credentials, so in case of an app update you might need to re-enter this information
.3. Remember: You should post only once per day to be rewarded and there is a minimum activity of 5000 to get rewarded with tokens & steemit upvotes by the @actifit account (please see appendix 2 for all)
.4. Post Title: This is by default My Actifit Report Card: Date but you can edit it as you will with no effects to your rewards
.5. Activity Count: This is automatically updated according to the tracked current activity and it serves only informational purposes
.6. Activity Type: Here you will find activies in alphabetical order. You tick the correspondent box(es) to select your activity. Tap down to see more activities. When you are done with your selection click the 'back button' to exit to the previous screen. ATTENTION: Be honest with your selected activities.
.7. Track Measurements: You can fill in any or all the information provided and it will be included in your Actifit Report Card
.8. Post Tags: The first tag that will automatically be included is actifit. You can tags separated by comma for instance: health, fit, life, taekwondo
.9. Post Content (Describe your day's activity): Tap here to write your daily activity. You can prepare a text in advance, copy and paste it at the app. There is a minimum length of 30 words required in order to be able to post on steemit. After you post, (you will be able to edit your message from steemit (or other) platform(s) for adding images, edit your text etc.

Notes: Whenever you tap on a field (Such as Post Tags, Track Measurements, Post Content etc - the keyboard will come up for you to write anything you wish. In case of any problems, find the Team at discord for further support.)


Click here to see your daily tracking history in detail. (Date + Count of Steps)
Attention: If you have closed the application, it will not run so make sure you keep the app on the background.


Click this button to see the daily top 5 actifit users who achieved the highest scores for the previous day. For a full daily list you can visit the @actifit account on steemit and check out the daily updates



Click here to see your token balance. Your steemit username will be displayed by default (without the @) and if you scroll down you can see information such as date, reason for AFIT distribution (i.e. delegation, upvotes etc)


The settings button will take you to the option to enable a more aggressive background tracking, to change the measurement system (metric or us) and to select if you wish your tokens to be donated to a charity. Let's see those options in detail

Background Movement Tracking:

Tick this box to Enable Aggressive Background Tracking, in case you are facing any issues with app tracking your movement while the screen is locked. Please note that this may cause a quicker drainage of your battery.

Measurement System: Click on your selected Measurement System, metric or US

Donate to Charity: Click the box "Donate Rewards to Charity" and select one of the available Charities to donate your token rewards.

Attention! Remember to click "SAVE SETTINGS" after any changes you have done

A Dollar A Day > https://steemit.com/@adollaraday
Mannacurrency > https://steemit.com/@mannacurrency
School For SDG4 > https://steemit.com/@schoolforsdg4
SteemMinna > https://steemit.com/@steemminna
YouAreHOPE > https://steemit.com/@youarehope


.1. How to find the Private Posting Key

You visit the link >> https://steemit.com/@myusernamehere/permissions
You click the 'show private key' and you copy-paste that key to actifit field


.2. How are actifit token rewards spread for actifit post authors? Count Actifit Reward

Activity CountTokens Rewarded
5,000 to 5,99920 tokens
6,000 to 6,99935 tokens
7,000 to 7,99950 tokens
8,000 to 8,99965 tokens
9,000 to 9,99980 tokens
10,000 and above100 tokens

.3. You can find FAQs here

I try to log in / post but I receive an error. What should I do?

  1. Please make sure you have the latest version of the actifit app -and-
  2. Make sure you are using the correct posting key

At any time you can also contact the Team at the discord for immediate support!

Where else do I find @actifit?

Actifit is also on social! Feel free to click the images below and follow actifit using your favorite platform :)


play.jpg | steemit0.jpg | www.jpg | steemauto.jpg | discord.jpg | facebook.jpg | twitter2.jpg | insta2.jpg

Image Credits: All screenshots from my mobile except of:
Image 1 - CC0 Modified
Image 2 - CC0


Thank you for your contribution.
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  • This is a very valuable textual tutorial for the use of Actifit app.
  • Although there were other tutorials written before for Actifit, yet this is probably one of the best works I've seen around, particularly targeting the most recent version.
  • Great work on the images/gifs.
  • Accurate information about app use.
  • The linked FAQs are of great quality and usefulness as well

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Thank you for your review, @mcfarhat!

So far this week you've reviewed 2 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Buenas noches, buen tutorial, seria bueno que este en español también, algunas cosas son confusas, espero se mejore eso, saludos

Can't believe that I only discovered the Actifit app yesterday. Have taken it out for a test run today. Very impressed. Great work team. Just what I need to get myself moving off the couch.

That is great to hear! Welcome to the @actifit community!
To get rewarded you need to post your report cards to steem (minimum 5000 activity)
Let me know here or on twitter (katerinaramm1) if you have any questions!
p.s. Better late than never.. you cannot believe how much this app has motivated so many people, from all ages (you can check the twitter of actifit where there is a 7 push ups for 77 days challenge going on (organized by @nathanmars7)
See you soon!

excelente tutorial precisamente esta buscando uno donde me explicaran como usar la apps aunque sigo con algunas dudas ya voy entendiendo la apps gracias, una pregunta esta aplicacion se puede colocar en español?

Thank you for your kind words! As the app is very new, still in beta, it is only in English at the moment. However there are plans for its translation in many languages.
Let me know if you have any questions and of course feel free to join our @actifit discord!

Hey @katerinaramm
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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For IPhone I don't see a small icon on top of my phone when it runs on the background.

What does measurement US or metric mean?

And I have a feeling that there is a bug that causes it not to track all my movement. Do you suffer the same on an Android phone?

Hi! Thanks so much for commenting.
There are indeed some minor differences between IOS and Android Version.
For instance Android has the option 'enable aggressive tracking', while IOS does not have it
Regarding Measurements US or Metric: if you use meters or kilometers instead of feet or miles, you are using the metric system.
About the bug you mention, I believe there was an update available yesterday but it is better to join us at Discord where the Devs can help you more :)
Again, thanks for dropping by!


Katerina - @Actifit Moderator | Chat with us on discord
Visit our website | FAQs | Android app tutorial | Video Tutorial

Didnt know about this app! I think its a cool idea of bringing health apps to blockchain. Wishing actifit a great success.

Thanks for the tutorial! Trying out Actifit right now! ;-)

Κατερίνα είναι πολύ κατατοπιστικό!! :)))

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Wow amazing app I have iPhone so I try to do it finally let’s watch

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