Announcing Actifit: innovative SMT for rewarding fitness activity!

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What is Actifit ?

Activity and fitness are two key aspects that can determine the health and quality of life of an individual.
Today's technology, while improving and easing up communication, access to information, transportation, and so many other aspects of our lives,... yet unfortunately we are getting stuck behind screens and desks for hours and hours, with practically little or no movement.

This is where Actifit is changing the game!


Relying on the innovation of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and particularly - with its impressive underlying social-based and social-oriented approach towards reward pool and rewarding good contributions via upvotes, we decided to leverage this technology in order to provide an incentive for people to get active and fit!

We've had the idea for Actifit for several months now, and now it's became a reality, especially that SMTs are becoming imminent.
Actifit aims to create an SMT on top of to allow proper reward based on "Proof of Activity" for its users. This would require the users to provide proof of their physical fitness activity, and reward them accordingly.
To avoid scammers, Proof of activity relies on automated capturing of said activity, and to get that accomplished, we will be kicking off such work relying on step count, while hopefully expanding this in the near future to allow more activity tracking to be able to better (and more accurately) reward active and fit individuals.

How does it work?

There is a wide variety of step count (and health) trackers available that can be easily installed on mobile phones, such as Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health,... and of course not to forget wearables such as Fit Bit, or hardware-based pedometers.
While some of those trackers allow you to edit your actual activity, which is something we do not allow as it could lead to manipulation, we have been working on building our own app which handles capturing the step count relying on existing open source work and Android support.

We have been planning this announcement for few weeks now, but decided to only make it happen after having our v0.1 of the Android app ready for use, and it is ! :)

So the tracking and reward process would be through those “easy yet active” 5 steps:

  • Download our free Android “Actifit Fitness Tracker” app from googleplay via this link here
  • Install and run the app.
  • Perform your activity / workout. Steps are auto recorded in background (visible through app)
  • Once you reach your target steps, click Post to Steemit. New posts will be created with the first tag as #actifit and auto-includes step count.
  • Get rewarded!
    You are eligible for a single post/reward per day. Only your last post will be taken into consideration when the voting round kicks off.

Please note that We DO NOT store your private posting key online anywhere, and it is sent via https to create your post. We do however store your user and posting keys privately on YOUR DEVICE to be accessible only via the app for ease of re-use to the user.
Also most importantly, our app is open source, and accessible on github here.

Auto Step Recording

Posting to Steemit

What is the Actifit token?

We will be introducing our ACTIFIT token. At the time being, and until SMTs are ready, ACTIFIT will be an ERC20 token to be swapped once SMTs are officially live.
ACTIFIT tokens will be airdropped in different ways to steemit users as detailed below, including as delegation incentive, proof of activity (posts) rewards, upvote and resteem incentive, as well as reward mechanism for continuously helpful members of actifit team.

How is the post reward calculated?

Posts that meet the requirements will be awarded via two approaches:
Steemit Upvotes: via @actifit steemit account, whose SP we aim to grow particularly via delegations (more on delegator rewards below).
ACTIFIT Tokens: tokens will be rewarded for quality posts. More details below
The reward mechanism will be based on two aspects:

  • Step Count: Many fitness, health coaches, and apps recommend a target daily step count of 10,000 steps. In order to qualify for a minimum reward,you will need to have attained at least a min of 5,000 steps as a base number. The number of steps will determine a portion of the relevant reward the post will receive. Below are the general rules affecting what we term as “activity valuation percentage” for every post, meaning how much percent of total recommended effort was the post creator active during the day:

    0 to 4,999 steps: 0%
    5,000 to 5,999 steps: 20%
    6,000 to 6,999 steps: 35%
    7,000 to 7,999 steps: 50%
    8,000 to 8,999 steps: 65%
    9,000 to 9,999 steps: 80%
    10,000 and above: 100%

  • Community Vote: The community will also be determining a portion of the post reward value utilizing Steemit’s upvote concept. The more upvotes a post receives, the higher valuation it gets and following a higher reward,provided the minimum step count condition is met and according to the score received via above valuation. So for instance,a user who has attained 7,500 steps per day, will be at 50% active, and hence this percentage will be multiplied by the pending SBD amount to calculate the ranking of the post according to which it will receive the upvote from the @actifit account

  • Actifit Voting Power consumption: On a daily basis and at a set time, Actifit will review the list of posts eligible for rewarding, and cast a Steem upvote to consume no more than 20% Voting Power of @actifit account, so as to successfully re-generate power for the following day upvote session.

  • ACTIFIT token reward: Each post will also receive ACTIFIT tokens relying solely on the activity valuation. Hence the percentages mentioned above will reflect as actual ACTIFIT tokens. For example, the post mentioned above with 7,500 steps will actually receive 50 ACTIFIT tokens, and so on and so forth.

  • Posts upvoted by bid bots will NOT be eligible for reward as this could improperly influence their valuation.

Is there an incentive to delegate SP?

Of course! We are hoping to be able to grow the actifit account to seriously reward physical activity and fitness via Steemit upvotes. In order to do that, we will be rewarding delegators as follows:

  • Posts eligible for upvote by @actifit account will already have a 5% beneficiary amount, the rewards of which will go to delegators pro-rata to their delegation percentage. I.e. the more SP delegated the higher your reward portion will be. Another 5% beneficiary amount will also be reserved for rewarding continuous help and effort done by the Actifit team.
  • Delegators will also receive weekly ACTIFIT tokens which are also calculated on a pro-rata basis according to delegated SP. The weekly reward pool for delegators is capped at 700,000 ACTIFIT tokens, with a max cap of 1 ACTIFIT to be awarded per 1 SP per day. So an account delegating 50 SP will receive weekly up to 350 ACTIFIT tokens.
    You can easily delegate via one of the links below
    50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP, 10000SP, 50000SP, 100000SP,
    Custom Amount
    Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

Did you say Airdrop?

So in addition to the award mechanism above, and the delegators airdrop, we would like to also further award fitness upvoters/resteemers via airdrops, as follows:
We will assign a weekly reward pool for upvoters and resteemers capped at 700,000 ACTIFIT tokens, with a max cap of 1 ACTIFIT to be awarded per each upvote/resteem per day. So for example if you upvote 2 #actifit posts, you will receive 2 ACTIFIT tokens. If you also resteem those 2 posts, you will benefit from additional 2 ACTIFIT tokens.

What’s to come?

  • So as we highlighted above, our Actifit Fitness Tracker Android app is now available to automate the step tracking and allow for instantaneous post creation from within the app. We will look into having an iOS version of the app.
  • Our official website is a work in progress, which will be a goto place to check on actifit posts and relevant activity, but also ACTIFIT tokens awarded to each account.
  • We have further plans on growing the platform to capture and track much more useful data, including cals burned, heart rate, weight, height, age, but also more innovative ways to capture fitness activity including workouts, exercises,...
  • We are looking into integrating with other APIs which could enhance and expand the experience of tracking fitness data, particularly via other wearables.
  • Please note that while we made our best to ensure the best start of the project, yet we might have missed something or made a decision that could have been enhanced, and hence will constantly make updates to the project and aim to enhance all aspects to ensure it satisfies its purpose of rewarding the community’s fitness activity.

Where can we chat more? Discord?

Yes, discord of course!
We created Actifit server to interact with the community.
If you have ideas, you want to chat about the Actifit project, or have questions about the process or the app, you can join us via this link actifit discord

Join Actifit, and start your fitness rewards journey NOW!

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This is almost like Nike+ Run Club but blockchain-based, well done guys.

wow This is very promising and may end up giving steemians cheaper healthcare, wow

imagine when teh whales can gfive all steemian with a certain amount of steem some INSURANCE
omg imagine steempower giving you Health insurance and other benefits and perks... we are more than just a crypto currency or a blockchain or a social media network, we are all of those things and paypal and we are our own google our own amazon and we will become our own travel agency our own law group our own global government for us living on the internet!

Thank you!
We appreciate also you being the first delegator to our project, thanks again!

@actifit @mcfarhat yes youre cloning an existing working business model and I am proud of you for picking something that we knw will work and ha such promise and such expand-ability to mix in steem monster type games to allow people to do excersize while pout capturing steem monsters in a sort of pokemon go or steem monsters go gps type geocaching game like takara app where you can win btc finding it hidden throughout the map :D this remind some of the EOS San Diego guy Kent who is making his Challenge Token for EOS top challenge people to do pushups or excersize, this seems very similar and you dont need eos 6to do that sort of project, steem can do SO MUCH we just need to get a massive amount of well marketed projects created to show people that just like EOS, we to have projects being built on Steem... SMT will finally allow for that and I cannot wait!

Thank you for the nice words, we certainly are looking forward to SMTs and for our project to bring a boost and more user base to Steem as well, while rewarding people !

And the first delegators name is:
dr.frankenstein... :)
That says it all.. lmao
Yall should call it "Frankenfit"
Promoting technical enslavery for humanity ;)
Plus, forget all my "hatin"
I do patent research since 20 years.
Please explain to me how fine the sensors
of the smartphones can be, to measure
precise ?
And isn't it the easiest to manipulate?
You can put it on something that moves
whole day...

this tracker able to tack my BMI and also my pulse rate with calories burned

So , If I strap my phone on my dog and let him run around in guys wouldn't know ?...asking for a friend

Just kidding...great project guys !!

haha thank you !
The benefit is two-fold using actifit, health-wise and steem/actifit tokens. While we try to minimize the abuse and prevent it, there will always be ways to just do that, and we will always think of ways to combat it.
Still we are presenting the community with a double-sided benefit, so why only take one portion of it?
Thanks again!

bwahahaha...good one!


lol 😂

Is this tracker able to tack my BMI and also my pulse rate with calories burned? I am a sport lover and very much careful about my health so please suggest me should i go for it or should i keep an eye on it?

i am a very fittness lover too...i need these gadgets to moniter my calorie burn....very good information and nice question by you @bibekchandra

you can have multiple trackers working at the same time. At the moment it only tracks step count, but you get rewarded for that :)

i will be buying one please provide me the link...

thank you @mcfarhat

Are these fitness trackers really moniter our health status..? If yes then I will be using one of it and will follow daily routine of exercise...Thanks @bibekchandra

Seems to me that Lympo is already doing this?

Nevertheless, thanks for the solid post.

Namaste, JaiChai

Lympo have a somewhat similar concept for sport reward, but AFAIK their plans is to allow trainers to reward ppl, which is different than our system here. They also still don't have any product in place yet.

thanks for clarifying.

Namaste, JaiChai

Good Initiative with blockchain technology!

This is amazing. Great job bringing this to market. I love to see more applications added to the STEEM blockchain.

One question, any idea on the time frame for Apple version...I know a number of IPhone people.

I will test the android out tomorrow.

@actifit It doesn't work properly. When I downloaded it, it gave me just over 100 steps to leave my house and walk down my alley.

We hiked the trails for 45 minutes and it showed a total of 509 steps. We took the exact same route home and it shows a total of 623 steps. It isn't counting steps properly.

So then I rocked it back and forth a few times and it quickly jumped to over 1,000, but...


We were just discussing this matter with @mcfarhat in the discord channel. Feel free to join if you are not yet in it link. They are aware of this and it is done quite on purpose because some devices are still not that sensitive hence lack in detecting some steps... So for now you get some extra rewards 😁

One step closer to the microchip. Terrible. Warning, people!
Do your sports, mos definitely!
But do it without microchips on your body.
Wanna become a Robot, MindBodySoul!?
And all that tracked Data, what will they do
with that.. of course, just reward you...tsss
I am a sportsman & prob. fitter than most of yall,
but forget about this!
Keep that smartphone distant to your body.
1 Love

Luca prefers these rings!


For those who know & tried Olympic Rings:
Only for strong people.
You know where the type of smile comes from, that you gave me?
It's showing teeth & it's a sign of fear.
Don't be scared 12345...what a great name!


May your battery live long!

Wonderful initiative! Will definitely target for the daily 10k steps!

By the way, just checked the, unfortunate it looks to be done:

This is fantastic guys. I’ve been hoping to see something like this to come along for a while.

Will you be releasing the app for iPhone users as well? I’d love to get involved but only just bought this phone lol...

Thank you, we have plans for an iOS version, hopefully soon !

wow... I will try this ..

can't wait to see your first post :)

More SMT projects? Yes please!

Thanks Asher ! :)

I'm super excited about this and I know the whole #walkwithme community will be as well! Thank you <3

Thank you for such kind words ! So are we :)
So happy to learn about the #walkwithme community, can't wait to see more people using our app and getting rewarded !

@actifit is the new revolution of tracking sports and Gaining rewards for doing so

Thank you, that is what we are aiming at accomplishing

Mabruk, dear @mcfarhat, you're a real doer and community leader. I have faith in you and wish you every success with this interesting fitness innovation!

Thank you for such kind words dear Yahia ! :)

Wow thats is awesome! Great work

Thank you @yandot !

Need a logo for it @mcfarhat?? :) that is awesome project!! Great job man

haha I think now you know what I meant on our discussion yesterday lol

By the way @mcfarhat...does the app run in background or do i need to keep it open?

Hell yesss!! And i like it!! When getting my vacation i will always do more than 10k steps hahahaha

  ·  last year (edited)

Great way to kickstart the fitness journey. Love it. Congrats @mcfarhat :)

Thank you Damla ! :)

Already downloaded.

Great! and could see you got yourself 5,000+ steps already ! :)

An iPhone app would be great.

yes we do have that under plans :)

Thanks) Do you know how will we receive actifit tokens?

we are working on the interface, which will give you access to tracking all your tokens :)

An excellent concept!

Thanks @anarcotech ! :)

great wish you all the best man. i think it will be great if this app all other sports lovers shre their daily texcercies lol. like cycling swimming; etc. well done. resteemed and upvoted

hey @khaled-dz Hopefully to get there and ur feedback is more than appreciated

Amazing Concept... Hope so... It can make fit to people... Thanks for this valuable information.
STAY FIT with #actifit @actifit

I tried to post ut i got an eero posting trough the app on the steemblockchain. I had 1300 steps and wanted to try if this works. Also it seem to count more steps then I accually take.

Thank you for giving it a try !
That is odd, we hadn't faced issues sending out posts to the steem blockchain. Are you certain of the credentials you used?
Feel free to chat to us on discord to try and help troubleshooting

do we have to have a minimum of 5000 steps before we are able to post?

no you can post with a min of 1,000 steps, yet the min to get rewarded would be at 5,000 steps.

I walked 4.5 km but the counter counted only 300 steps give or take. meaby because my coinwallet was right nexto it....

Can I bother you to try and keep an eye on the counter for a bit of some time as you walk? Also sharing your phone info would be helpful too
On discord if you prefer :)

I will keep an eye on it :).

@actifit, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

i am impressed, finally some reward for the people who are working out. i love the idea and will download the app straight after this. thanks actifit

Absolutely love this, @actifit. I'm a national step count champion (hey, I have a trophy ) and have tried many reward schemes (UK Steemians may remember Bounts that started off so well). Good luck with this. I'll download and test it out before doing a review. I'm an adviser to the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine and if this takes off, I would love to see it adopted beyond active crypto enthusiasts

this is pure fire. truly amazing. great future a head for steemians.

What a great idea is this, will really blockchain technology give fitness tips, it's really awesome.

Is this tracker able to tack my BMI and also my pulse rate with calories burned?

not at the moment, but those are on our upcoming list

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dear @actifit is there iOS version app available or not ?
If not are you going to made or not ?
What should do the iOS user in this case?

yes an iOS version is planned soon

Thank you for your information and I am waiting for the one. @mcfarhat

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Your blogs are really awesome all the time love to read them
keep it up
stay blessed

@actifit Hey this is very great concept of fitness with crypto. This put much effort towards completing fitness goals .

@actifit Thank you, my friend, your blog is such an awesome and please support me and upvote me if you like my comment

asome work I try it

Great job dude. i already use this awesome app....Keep shareing this type of valuable post.....THANK YOU

Great and very excellent concept

Thank you @shivaay please don't forget to post ur steps

@actifit I really liked the idea. I will definitely try this.

i will try it ,, now i am on Discord actifit... good work Mr @mcfarhat

we are glad you joined us @adiza 😊

Amazing Concept

I also hope that soon you release actifit for Windows

Hey! your team is trying to combine technology with human activity that really a good thought, I appreciate your effort and thinking. After reading your post I can say this project definitely gonna change our living standard.
I hope you will get success very soon. Feel free to ask for any help with us we are with you ;)

I will be grateful to you if you read my post- *Is BTC a Blind Game click here to read full story
and give me ur suggestions I am waiting for your response. It will helpful for me to grow my Network.
Thank you :)

Very innovative idea for all human beings, health fitness is the very important factor in the everyone life, I love this concept.

I have used such an app for two months. Interesting idea.
For my service 10k of steps is not much.

Looking Towrads the project and its plans its sounds great and excited about it lets see how much we get of it ! Thats me Guyzz Follow Upvote and resteem Im New Surely need your support WaterMark1529564549853.jpeg

Author, you are a wonderful writer. I'm also an interesting writer
By the way.I subscribed to you .. I want you to subscribe to me too

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Nice.. i willl try.

Nice .i will try .tanx for sharing

Well Done Guys Blockchain Will Change Sport Indsutry As Well With This Step Thanks For Sharing

i like it

Glad to know that, Hope you made ur walk and posted it

Wow, it is really good app. Well done

I liked it so much , waiting for the IOS version ! Good luck dear brother :D

@actifit sir this free app or need to buy any fetures

nice think

Very Nice

wow, perhaps this will give me an incentive to exercise a bit..nice!

Nice Idea! I will try it out!

@actifit Great stuff mate...Indeed ! everyone can use this device

Sounds an interesting app, I would definitely install it soon.

Great we are looking for your feedback then very soon

I'll probably start using this when I get back to walking when it is not so damn cold. :(

This could not be better timing. I was just looking into these!

Great then , we just made it on time for you 😊

This sounds cool! Will be following and maybe trying it out!

Hope you tried it already while foing ur daily exercise 😊

This is the application of real world in blockchain

Wow. I think this is the most futuristic innovative thing I've ever seen. So cool to see this post. Someone commented on one of @taskmaster4450's posts something about this, and I really wanted more information. Good thing I clicked the trending page! I can't wait to see what this is going to be like!

Thanks @brightstar well we are working hard to make it the top trending since it will make a huge influence on the community, we would like to know ur feedback after trying our App

@actifit amazing!!! I was expecting the same. I thought yesterday about blockchain technology will enter in fitness industry and today I saw this post. Thanks to provide us this opportunity 😊

You're welcome :)

Lets start my fitness activity now! #actifit

Great @aasanka and Hope you posted ur steps too 😊

Announcing Actifit Innovative SMT For Rewarding Fitness Activity Do You Know Main Reasons?

Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

I think one tool is already in market

we would like that you try our App too and give us your feedback

Impressive simply awesome, if you need help to translate something into Spanish count me! I would like to know if in the application we can add photos to make our post more attractive and real, also if there are no problems when editing the post in our steemit blog?

For the time being we only gave the possibility to add text ,later on we will be adding more features to the App, stay posted 😊

thanks great =)

need some fitness tips

hmmm , well we can help in one thing is to start walking while using our App 😊

This is exciting news, I've been impressed with the fitness community here on steemit, this is an excellent addition, looking forward to the IOS app!

Hopefully it will be finished soon so you can start tracking ur steps and getting paid from ur Iphone too 😊

very good topic my friend, I congratulate you for your post

Love this concept. There are a few similar companies out there that I use but it's more just because I am already exercising why not record it and get paid? Love how this is #decentralized tho! Cheers!

yes the main idea it is to get pait for exercising , Hope you did ur first steps and posted it

I have tried for a couple days now friend but it's recording 0 steps for me.. any advice? <3 Thank you in advance!

@actifit This looks like a great idea.All the best.

Thanks @dpalash123 Glad you liked it, don't forget to post your steps 😉

Bro it's @dpalash124

Health is wealth so wish you success

@actifit I am also like ...I have sport fitness

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This is fascinating and such an awesome thing to learn about here on STEEM.

Obviously, the question some of us will be...Any planned date for an iOS app?

But heck, you've made this Apple Fan Boy even think about going and getting a Google device now LOL

Bro @actifit... Can this tracker able to tack my BMI and also my pulse rate with calories burned