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Hi @jayplayco here! I am a Steemhunt evangelist and using the service on a daily base. I am using the Discord Chat channel from Steemhunt also because it is a place to communicate directly with the project owners and moderators.

For the new ones reading about Steemhunt, here is the the elevator pitch.

Elevator pitch : Steemhunt is a steemit based producthunt.

What is Steemhunt and why should I care?

So here are the new development news and updates about @steemhunt.

0. Repository


The last weekend had been some very busy days for the team around @steemhunt as they have reached a SP delegation over 1 million (1,456,809 Steem in total). Their voting power at 100% is now over 200USD and that comes with some great power but also great responsibility, as it can impacts the whole Steem community in good but also opposite.

1. What is the problem? / Find the bug

Due to the fact that the Steemhunt bot is upvoting each hunted product after a day, based on the ranking some users abused this system to use upvoting bots and take the ranking from Top 1 to Top 10. Unfortunately also the content quality was decreasing, as these users were not interested in the content itself but only in milking the system.

Steemhunt is also appreciating (upvoting) "Pro vs. Con" comments about each hunt, which should be used to spark the discussion and also make it possible to have a deeper view into each product. Users realized that just adding anything into it and even duplicate the same comment will benefit them. The main issue here is also, the content was suffering.

2. What is changing / Bugfixes

[Source : https://unsplash.com/@freestocks]

a. Bit Bot exclusion from hunts

As mentioned before the @steemhunt team is currently preparing an ABV system.

The system should be ready in about 2 weeks (Source) but until then Steemhunt has the problem that users are abusing the system until then. Due to the fact that the delegated SP has reached over 1 Mil. and the effect on Steemhunt is now much bigger, as the payout is getting bigger and that attracts a lot more people and let them try to trick the system.
Steemhunt has decided to approach this very agile and to exclude all bit bot upvoted hunts until the ABV gets online. The moderators are reviewing each post and will see if they user has used a bot to upvote his own post. This is will be a total manual process and it will not be able to stop all abusing, but after seeing it live for a day it is quite effective. The next 2 weeks will be a very busy time for the moderators and developers from Steemhunt.

Icon Source : FontAwesome

b. Updating upvoting review comments

The Steemhunt team adapted new rules to the steemhunt bot and the rules are like followed.

  • Only one review comment per post per person will be counted.
  • Minimum length of the review comment must be over 80 characters.
  • Reviewers MUST upvote the hunting post that he or she reviews by at least 50% voting weight.
  • Reviewers CANNOT post on their own hunts.
  • EDIT An update after writing this article is, that Steemhunt is going to randomly upvote only 500 review comments per day

Icon Source : FontAwesome

3. So what does that mean?

After the total delegated SP over 1 Million the Steemhunt team decided fast and agile how to handle the consequences for the community. Even if the ABV is not yet implemented, most of the current abuses will be either handled per new rules or moderation. My personal feeling is that the content quality is getting better over the last few days and also the engagement from the users.


The mentioned rules and updates are effective immediately. ABV is still under development and after the latest announcement should be ready in about 2 weeks.

5. by the way~!

@utopian-io is also supporting the @steemhunt project, as it was announced with their all new amazing and cool AI arrival. The voting trail will include the Steemhunt`s post in the area of science, innovation, tech and open source. @utopian-io will upvote the post with a 5% relative voting weight, which is really awesome!

This is the spirit of Open source supporting each other on good projects!

6. Github Account


Thanks for reading!

Other articles about Steemhunt.

Join their chat channels if you need more information as the team and the moderators are answering very fast on any question:

Discord: https://discord.gg/mWXpgks (this is where the magic happens)
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AzcqGxCV1FZ8lJHVgHOgGQ

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