The Blockchain Musicians Guide: How To Transfer Your 'Musicoin' To Your 'Bittrex Wallet'

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The Musicians Quick Start Guide On The Blockchain #2 | Transfer Your Musicoin To Your Bittrex Wallet

In follow up to my first post on The Musicians Quick Start Guide On The Blockchain #1 Today i'm going to cover and share with my fellow musicians in the community who are new to the blockchain How To Transfer Your Musicoin To Your Bittrex Wallet.

The topic on 'How To Open' your Bittrex account is all over the Internet, just search in the Steemit Community or Search Engines "How To Open Bittrex Account" and you will find so many various guides and videos breaking it down in very easy Steps.

I compiled detailed steps supported by Animated Gif's to break down the process on how to transfer your Musicoins crypto currency to your Bittrex Wallet as below:

1- Get Your Muscicoin 'Bittrex Wallet Address'

1- Get Your Muscicoin Bittrex Wallet Address.gif

1- Go to your Bittrex account and go to Wallets
2- Go to "Search" and type Music or Musicoin
3- Click on MUSIC next to Musicoin under the 'Symbol"
4- Click the + sign
5- Copy the Hex Addr string (This is your Musicoin wallet address on Bittrex that you will always use to send your Musicoins currencies to)

2- Send Musicoins To Your Bittrex Wallet

2- Send Musicoin To Your Bittrex Wallet.gif

1- Log in to you Musicoin Account
2- Click on your Profile Picture
3- Click on My Profile
4- Click on Show options
5- In the 'Recipient' Paste your Musicoin 'Bittrex Wallet Address' that we got in step 1
6- In the Amount section set the amount that you like to send to your Bittrex Musicoin wallet
9- Click Send

3- Check the Received Musicoins In Your Bittrex Wallet

3- Check Received Musicoins In Your Bittrex Wallet.gif

1- Go back to your Bittrex account
2- Check the Musicoins that you just sent are under the Pending Deposit section
3- Operation will take around 10 to 15 min.
4- Press Refresh after like 10 to 15 min.

4- Confirm Musicoins Are Available In Your Bittrex Wallet

4- Confirm Musicoins Are Available In Your Bittrex Wallet.gif

After like 10 to 15 min. you will see that your Musicoins are now available under Available Balance section.

Et voila! Congratulations now you have successfully transferred your Musicoin to your 'Bittrex Wallet' from here you can convert it to any Fiat Currency Like USD or EUR etc... or convert it to another Crypto Currency like Bitcoin, Steem dollar or such.

For more information about Musicoin

For more information about Bittrex

Thank you for taking the time to read so far hoping this guide was useful, stay on the lookout for more guides from my series of 'Musicians on the Blockchain' if you have any suggestions for topics that you would like me to cover next please do let me know in the comment section below. Kudos!

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