The Musicians Quick Start Guide On The Blockchain #1 | Blockchain Solutions & Communities for Musicians

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Musicians Quick Start Guide On The Blockchain | Blockchain Music Solutions & Communities

The Blockchain technology has enabled so many new platforms and solutions for musicians like myself to get rid of the middle man (Monopolized Music Industry) like record labels, distributors, commercial music media platforms like the radio and TV that keeps repeating the same $%^ music over and over and not giving space or room for independent artists to get exposed and spread their music.

Blockchain Technology to Help Struggling Musicians?

musician struggle.jpg

The fact that the technology can eliminate the corruption and the need for the current monopolized music outlets and platforms and enabling the artist to establish a direct relationship between the music creators and consumers is simply Revolutionary!

Artists and Composers no longer need to go through the current purchasing platforms which usually takes half the cut of the revenue minimum! Musicians can now directly be compensated whenever their music gets played directly with transparency and speed.


This is a great blessing for musicians that don't have the financial backings of a big record labels behind their back and especially and new musicians who are starting up with their musical careers.

New Musician on the Blockchain

I'm still fairly new on the blockchain, I'm no expert but so far in my blockchain journey i have learned about and ran into several platforms and solutions for musicians that i can assist would like to share with you.

I explore new stuff daily, i'm listing down here the one's I personally tried and used so far, please if you aware or use something i did not mention feel free to share along!

My Recommended Blockchain Solutions For Musicians : | @dsound @prc

Dsound is a decentralized sound platform similar to Soundcloud but It uses the STEEM blockchain as a decentralized database and allows authors to earn rewards in STEEM Dollars cryptocurrency which can be exchanged directly to US Dollars or other currencies. | @dtube

DTube is similar to Youtube but it is a decentralized streaming video platform that also uses the STEEM blockchain and allows authors to earn rewards in STEEM Dollars. Anything you upload on DTube automatically gets posted on Steemit which grants you wider exposure to your music and to potential rewards. | @musicoin

The World's First Smart Cryptocurrency For Music, Musicoin it's similar to soundcloud but it is a project within the cryptocurrency realm that allow music creators and artists to connect to their fans and listeners. You get paid in Musicoin crypto currency that you can convert to USD or any other currency. I have my music there, the platform has a great and easy interface to upload and manage your music licenses and your musical archive. |

A democratized system of governance built on the blockchain, a blockchain streaming service promising better returns for musicians on their music than spotify and other corporate streaming services out there.

More Blockchain Platforms


Decentralized entertainment platform built on [Ethereum]( were artists and digital content creators can build, monetize, protect and manage their creations using the blockchain.

Bittunes is a monetized independent music distribution platform that promises to reinvent the global music distribution by using P2P file sharing as internet distribution mechanism, and monetizing the exchange of digital data, they use [Bitcoin]( as the primary operational currency.

Storj is an open source project that offers a completely decentralized, secure, and efficient cloud storage service also it serves as a peer-to-peer payment system like Bitcoin. You can sign up to use it 'Free' for the first 12 months, that said even after 12 months Free subscription it's really cheap, it is about one cent per gigabyte of storage per month! Great service for musicians who need to transfer and backup their music files on the blockchain cloud.

My Recommended Blockchain Communities & Activites :


Since i been introduced to this community for about a month now, meeting great new people daily and learning a lot. Caution it's very "addictive!"

If you are a new Musician, Vocalist, Rapper, Producer or a DJ on the blockchain, Steemit community is the place to set your foot on to join other blockchain enthusiasts and find out about all the latest developments on the blockchain, a great place to to network and meet fellow artists and music heads, learn about new blockchain and crypto currency annoucements, tips, news and so on also it's packed with plenty of activities that promotes and rewards artists in the Steemit community.

Here's my list to some Steemit Community Musical Initiatives that I personally take part in or know of and encourage you to check it.

Steemit Open Mic | @luzcypher @pfunk

Steemit Open Mic i just came to learn about it from a fellow Steemian in the comments below after doing the post. Steemit Open Mic is the largest community i saw so far, a space for live musicians to get the chance to share their music with the community and get it heard.

Beat Battle | @chiefmappster

Beat Battle League is a meeting point to highlight the talents of producers apart of the Steemit community and providing a unique avenue for the beatmakers of this community to showcase their skills and have a chance to win rewards consisting of SBD and Whaleshares.

Steemit Music League | @chiefmappster

The SML Challenge is another music production contest but with a twist of weekly themes that producers needs to follow to inspire their musical creations. SML provides an additional avenue for the musicians of Steemit who are chasing their dreams to be highlighted and earn some additional recognition, feedback, and rewards.

Get A Record | @seveaux

Get A Record is a new born community initiative, the contest enables you to make music with strangers, a place were producers and vocalists from the community can work together and collaborate on music, get rewarded and possibly have their music pressed on a record (Physical CD or Vinyl).

Got 16's | @voyceatlas

GOT16s is a contest for the rappers out there, the contest is based heavily on Lyrics and Judging is based on how well you can come up with clever lines, metaphors and story telling, get rewarded and recognized.

SteemIT Rap Challenge | @rondonson

The judges choose a weekly beat , and any artists that want to participate can drop a verse and post a video of it, your entry will be judged on the best rhymes for that week, winner will get rewarded and exposure in the community and possibly get to collaborate with other rappers in the Steemit community.

Steemit's Got Talent | @bambam808

The motto here is 'Any Talent is a Talent' Make a video showcasing your talent and post it following the rules, talent is not enough as judging is based on votes, so you need to do the efforts on engaging with the community and getting support on your entry so you get the chance to win the rewards.

MSP-Music Curation | @isaria

I just came to learn about this new great initiative to support musicians in our Steemit community called @msp-music initiative is made by community members @isaria and the team @krystle @meno @buckydurddle who manually curate musicians post daily. if you want to support this initiative check the official post here

Steemit Record Pool | @djlethalskillz @vandigital

The Steemit Record Pool is where quality music is curated. There are no genre or style limitation and selections are purely based on individual curators taste and mood. DJ's can provide either an "embedded" Audio or Video file in the post along with a short description of the song in your own words. Use the hashtag #recordpool for other users to search for posts and make sure you start your post title with Song of The Day

Forum for the Beatmakers on Chainbb | @heymattsokol

Great community of musicians, a place where you can share, listen, & collaborate. A Place for Beatmakers & Lovers of the Steem Blockchain.

Discord Channels to check out

Steemit Music Alliance

The Steemit Music Alliance Channel on discord is for Steemians who love to make or listen to music and looking for networking with other artists in the community, share ideas and collaborate to getting your music heard by professionals for feedback to live DJ shows and Live Jamming.

MSP Waves Radio

MSP Waves Radio presents various shows covering a wide range of topics, All the show hosts and hostesses are volunteers from the community. Make sure to stop by and check out their massive roaster of great community radio shows.

Note: there's a lot more solutions and initiatives out there. The mentioned above are based on my personal experience so far on the blockchain and in the Steemit community and what i have learned and experienced so far. Please If you feel i missed something, I missed crediting somebody or something needs to be added it is unintentional the purpose of this post is to highlight for new musicians like myself where to kickstart their journey on the blockchain and Steemit, i would appreciate if you advise me in case i missed anything that deserves mentioning in the comments below. I still have a lot to learn!

I hope this guide was informative and helpful to our fellow musicians and new artists joining the decentralized blockchain revolution.

If you want to share your experience as an artist on the blockchain, How is your journey so far and what other platforms and tools you use. i would love to hear from you! Please do share in the comments.

Thank you for reading and wishing you all the best in your blockchain journey! Kudos

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I just wanted to let you know that I've bookmarked this post so I will always have access to it. I have been sharing it with all of my musician friends who I'm trying to get onto the Steem blockchain. I really appreciate that you have gathered all of these resources in one easy place! Thank you so much for putting this post together! I've also resteemed it.


@rodeo670 appreciate spreading the word and the support mah man, it's my pleasure to share my learnings so far with the community especially the musicians as theres so many amazing opporunities on the blockchain and Steemit platform, def the guide is not complete yet as i will be doing sequels to it grow the information in it as i learn about more initiatives and solutions out there. If u know of anything that i missed i would appreciate if u pass me the info.
1nce again thank u for the feedback and support im really glad that this might help anyone in any way. Kudos!

This is the bible... lol😀

We should keep adding to it. Dope. Good work!


@voyceatlas haha mah man! appreciate the feedback and def we should keep it going as we explore and learn new tools to help musicians in their grind haha, kudos on what u doin mah man! Salute

Awesome Post my friend, much appreciated by me, and all musicians and producers on Steemit and elsewhere I am sure. :-) Thanks for putting this out there for everyone, keep on rockin this info my friend!

Have a great day. :-)


@inthenow it was my absolute pleasure to document my learning so far on the blockchain and share it with my fellow musicians. More to come as i learn more, thank u for the support! Kudos

dude this is killer! If anyone tell me they want to get into music, I will certainly send them this post. Wonderful job as always


@roofcore mah man thank u for the feedback and support! Kudos

Thanks for all this info man! I'm pretty sure it'll help a lot of musicians who wants a good startup here.


@zord189 Thank u for the feedback mah man, this is only a small part there's sooo many more solutions for musicians as i'm learning daily about new stuff and trying it out. I will do a follow up on this soon i gather more information, do some trials and errors haha. Kudos !

That is a lot of great i formation for musicians. Amazing job here. ❤


@sergiomendes thank u mah man for the feedback, lookin forward to learn more about ur intiative also i will def share about it in the sequel if your doing an ongoing thing. Kudos!


Yeah this is happening right now and it is time for the artist get a bigger visibility here in this community. I am happy to encounter you in here and see all the good stuff you are up to. And hopefully letss work together in this and who know in 2018 you will be on the stage performing in the 2nd Steemy Awards ehehehe ❤ but for now... lets make this one happen 😃


hahah likewise mah man, likewise great to meet lie minded musicians and looking forward to learn about ur initiatives and see how we can collaborate in creating more beautiful initiatives for musicians and the community. Kudos!


Not a musician myself. Super not talented when it comes to music. Lol but love to listen and support musicians ❤


Listening and supporting takes a talent too bro, Much Respect!

A lot of musicians will benefit a lot from these. Good work you are doing.
Keep it up.



@seyiodus Thank u so much for the feedback and support, Bless up!

... i feel its essential that the #openmic is mentioned !! @luzypher @krystle @passionground @pfunk and @MenO are all focused on uplifting and supporting musicians on steemit including rappers and even djs imo.


@limabeing apologies if i missed any other activities happening in the community, im still new in the community and this first part is just documenting activities that i have personally learned about so far and got involved in, it's only part #1 i will be doing sequels to it as i learn about more initiatives supporting musicians on the blockchain throughout my journey in here. I will check the hashtag u provided and community members u tagged do the research and update it accordingly, if u have any other information of importnat intiatives that i missed i would appreciate if u share some with me so i can add it up to the post, thank u for ur support. Cheers


Ah! Ok. :)


@limabeing i wanna thank u for highlighting the #openmic initiative that i missed mentioning, i did amend the updates accordingly. if you feel any other musicians community initiatives that i missed deserves mentioning here i would appreciate if you let me know. Thank you so much for your input! Cheers


None that i know of!! You are welcome!

@djlethalskillz, THIS is such a useful post! Thank you for this, will definitely look into dsound and dtube and also musicoin. aLL sounds like a platform for me to explore! I hope to add some value to all this different platforms.


@your.system appreciate ur feedback! all these platforms provide amazing blockchain solutions for us, explore them and make use of them. if u need any more info hit me up. Steem on mah man! Kudos


Hi @Djlethalskillz,
was trying to login into Dsounds but i cant seem to login. It should be the same password from my steemit account yeah? any advice on this? Anyways I am uploading also a video that we did soon so be sure to check it out :)


usually u log in with Steemit user name and pass, im not sure y u should be having logging in issues.... make sure ur using your "Private Posting Key" u got it from ur wallet under persmissions... also heres a post on DSOund that has lots of info it might be of help lookin forward to check ur works guys, Salute!

Uau!!!! Thanks a lot for this info!!! That's all I have to say!


@maxjoy pleasure mah man hope the info was helpful, i will follow up on it once i learn more. Thank you for your feedback, kudos

This is really good information for musicians to have now and going forward! Independent musicians need to understand how they can benefit financially from the blockchain by getting paid for each play. Us musicians also need to know that the blockchain is another method of storage outside of the cloud and other traditional storage methods.


@katanahaley totally agree with youm, the blockchain does offer great tools and platforms for us to strive. Glad to know the post was informative, thank you for the feedback and wishing you a great musical journey !

Salute. Great post @djlethalskillz checking out bittunes.


@authenticbeatz Mah man! appreciate it bitutnes is cool they got an app for andorid and ios also. keep grinding, Kudos!

Very helpful post, brutha @djlethalskillz! There are tones of opportunities out there! Thanks for reaching out for my initial journey in to Steem!


@stickykeys Salute bruv! Glad to see u finally on Steemit and active, i know u have lots of beautiful things that you can share with the community and a lots to learn in here. Hope the info i shared today can assist u in what ur planning to achieve on your musical blockchain journey ;) Kudos!

Love love LOVE this post. Thank you for making this. My greatest excitement about blockchain are the possibilities for musicians and artists. Your post is perfect to share.

Thank you for posting this info Lethal, very good info for us musicians that are newcomers to Steemit, keep it going and updated!


@sensei.archers Thank u for the feedback mah man, i will! Blessed Journey on the Blockchain ;)

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