GDevelop Localization Project | 1243 Words Translated to Filipino

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Project Details

GDevelop was created with love by a genius named Florian Rival. It is an open-source game creator, designed in a way that anyone can use it to create any kind of 2-D game - be it puzzles, strategy, shoot 'em up, or platformers . To encourage everyone, the platform was made simple and easy to understand. The website is thick with links to tons of tutorials that would help anyone who might want to create their own game, even those with no programming skills. Their manual is abundant in explanation that are generously expounded and are even accompanied with visual aides, such as the one below.


Being a "codingless game creator", users of the platform need not learn programming language in order to turn their envisioned game to something that can easily be published to the web. Games developed in GDevelop can run everywhere - iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and even Facebook Messenger.

This is my third contribution to the localization of this project and I find it rather awesome to be part of it in my own little way. I love how GDevelop aims to empower everyone to create games and encourage limitless creativity.

I must say it is no easy feat. I find myself spending a lot of time finding the right terms that could convey the words I am to translate. The strings use terms which may have more than one meaning in the Filipino language, and using an inappropriate Filipino translation may impact the whole context of the string. I also aim for the most concise and direct terms in my attempt to mimic how GDevelop makes it easy for its users. I frequent the GDevelop Wiki pages in efforts to grasp what the string really is trying to say. It is also where I get to read about the words used by GD as technical terms, which should not be translated. Below are some of those words, and their functions.

  • Objects : the game's building blocks. Almost everything displayed on the screen is an object. Has different types.
  • Sprite : a type of object that display animations.
  • Events : gives life to the game. Conditions are set upon it and when those conditions are met, actions are triggered.
  • Behaviors : a way to modify an object's behavior. Has different types.
  • Physics : a type of Behavior which makes objects behave realistically, as if they are subject to the laws of physics.
  • Scenes : different screens making up the game. Can be navigated through Events.

While working on the strings the past two days, I have only encountered a couple of these terms. However, there were other terms apart from those enumerated above, which I did not translate.

  • Parameter
  • Operator
  • Channel
  • Audio
  • Pixel
  • Mouse

While the screenshot below will show you samples of translated strings.


Crowdin Translation Report:


As you can see on the screenshot above, this localization project is not that huge. It has 25 312 translatable words. This number is then divided to the 5 Davinci-approved Filipino translators, me included. So far I have translated 3725 words to Filipino, and have about 1250 more before I complete my task for this project.

Contribution Specification


As the screenshot shows, I worked on translating 1243 words between the 18th and 19th of November. It usually takes more Filipino words to express a thought and so there is a 271-difference between the number of Words Translated and Words in Target Language.

Project Page :
Filipino Translation Project :
Source Language : English
Translated Language : Filipino
Number of Words: 1243

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Proof of Work

Images and information were taken from various websites, whose links you will find below.

Crowdin Profile

Dandalion's Activity in Crowdin

GDevelop Project Activity in Crowdin

GDevelop Project Reports in Crowdin

GDevelop Website

GDevelop Wiki

Once again, a note of thanks to @utopian-io and @davinci.witness - for considering my application to be part of the Filipino Translation Team, to the Filipino Language moderator @ruah - for the continuous guidance and patience - and of course, to my fellow translators, @toffer, @marou27, @timliwanag, @josephace135, who are all working together to ensure our translations come out seamless.

Hi @dandalion, Thank you for contributing to the Davinci-Utopian Translation project!
This is your 8th contribution to the translation category and 3rd contribution to the translation of @Gdevelop project.

  • You did a very good job on this part of your translation, it's clear that you do a lot of research about the project, I just found some minor error/typo on one of the strings you translated.
  • one typo in this string multitouch please correct the typo.

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Thank you for pointing that out @ruah! Corrections have been made. =D

Thank you for your review, @ruah! Keep up the good work!

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Good work! And it’s great that you provided us about the detailed information about this project. Thanks! ;)

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