Translating the Steem Whitepaper | English-Dutch | #7

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Project Details

I'm spending endless hours on the Steem Blockchain and love to explain Steem to both newbies (on and off-blockchain) and people who are already familiair with it. There are a lot of different aspects on the Steem Blockchain that are very detailed and I've noticed many people who are for example writing blogs on Steemit for months still have a lot of questions about the way reward distributions, witnesses or Steem Power work. Translating the Steem Whitepaper in my native language (Dutch) is my addition to add to a better understanding of the Steem Blockchain by more people.

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I translated four (sub-)chapters from the source language English to Dutch. The chapters I translated today covered the topics of Censorship, Solving Organic Discovery via Search Engine Optimization, Shifting Toward Blockchain-based Attribution, and Replacing Advertising with Blockchain-based Content Rewards. I also went back in the whitepaper since parts of it were translated before by a Dutch colleague @minersean. I wanted to make sure that no inconsistencies were found and replaced a few translations with others that match the parts I translated. I translated about 1300 words which were then proofread and approved by @misslasvegas after I corrected mistakes I made. The total translation of the Steem Whitepaper from English to Dutch is now 100% complete.

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Some final words

My goal was to finish translating the Steem Whitepaper before the end of September. Thanks to some HardFork issues I'm posting my report about a day later, but I translated indeed the whitepaper withing the goals I had set for myself.

This was my first DaVinci/Utopian translation project. A challenging one at times, but overall a lot of fun and a very educational experience. I've enjoyed working together with @misslasvegas who works hard and is precise and respectful in her feedback when needed. I believe the people one works with is the best predictor of how fun it is to do the work, any work, and since I have no complaints there I see myself doing many more projects as a translator in the coming months.

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Thank you for contributing to the translation project for Davinci-Utopian @altrosa!

With this translation, we have come to the end of the Dutch translation of the Steem Whitepaper and this is now finished 100%!

In this last part of the translation, I found no mistakes, no errors anywhere. Very well done!

I am very excited that I have been part of this piece, and I believe you can be very proud of yourself to have brought it to an end in this time-frame.
I sure am proud of you!

It was a joy to work with you on this project and I am almost sad that it's over. However, we have been talking about new projects you consider taking on and this will bring new challenges, but also new excitement and surely new learning curves.

I for one, am looking forward to this!

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Wow! High score! :D Thanks a lot for our collaboration @misslasvegas! I'm proud indeed - we did it! Also a shout out to @minersean who did the first part of the translation work :-)


Absolutely! Of course @minersean deserves some credit! Great job, the both of you! It was a pleasure to work with you :)


Thank you for your review, @misslasvegas!

So far this week you've reviewed 1 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hi @altrosa!

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Congrats on finishing Steem Whitepaper !!! You worked really hard!


Thanks! Super glad I did it :D


:) already working on the next project?


Quasar Framework! :D It's basically a tutorial about Open Source for now, so not too difficult, but fun and educational it is :-)


Oh yeah, I read that already lol.. forgot sorry. Educational is always nice :) Have fun!

Hey, @altrosa!

Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
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