Tales of the Urban Explorer: British Mohair Holdings Ltd

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I had been thinking of doing an Urban Exploration expedition to Bradford, West Yorkshire for some time. I had no expectations on what I or we may find as cities have previously been out of scope.

My friend and reluctant Steemian @goblinknackers is a local to the area and so I asked him to scout out a few locations in advance.


Having earmarked around 10 locations using www.28dayslater.com, we intended to have an all day explore at several of them. @mender1 was up for coming and so we rendezvoused at @goblinknackers place and then headed out.

British Mohair Holdings Ltd was one of THREE city successes we had that day, the FOURTH being outside the city area. It was also not one of the ones I discovered but had been noticed by @goblinknackers.


One thing about cities is that they make me wary. In the 80’s I had my car nicked in Manchester, so I made double sure it was locked as we started walking up the side of this enormous derelict old mill.


The top area contained anti-climbing fencing but as usual there was a broken-down piece in which we all climbed past. At this point the mill was directly in front of us and looked windowless.


Climbing through windows is easy enough so long as the glass is all gone, but the problem was this veritable jungle that was between us and our target. I walked the length of this thick undergrowth and found a tunnel through it.

We had to bend double at points to get through all the shrubbery, branches and small trees but finally got close to what were once windows. @mender1 at this point stopped me at pointed to something on the ground


Sachets of Ascorbic and Citric acid covered the floor, and was that a needle?

I cautiously approached the open window and saw a young bloke who had his back to me and was in a sitting position. His head was up in the air and he looked completely off his head and oblivious to me watching him.

I knew at some point in time I was going to meet people like this and with there being THREE of us it was as good time as ever. I retreated to warn the others before composing myself and creeping up to the window again.


It wasn’t hard and my increasing skills at subterfuge were paying off as I viewed not one but two blokes both in cloud cuckoo land, eyes semi-closed and sitting facing each other in a haze.

That day I was wearing my Blauer heavyweight police jacket, a garment favoured by law agencies in the United States and so it was with extreme confidence I stood up straight and boomed...., ‘ALRIGHT LADS’.

The response was immediate, both delinquents shot up in the air and looked terrified. One had no shirt and it was the middle of February and around 8C.

<<<What the fuck were these guys on?>>>

Are you cops’, one stammered out looking petrified? At this point @mender1 and @goblinknackers were both flanking me and from their perspective it would have looked like a bust.

I felt that was enough, and smiling simply said, ‘No need to worry, we are not here to bust you’.

They still didn’t seem convinced and I vaulted over the window with the other guys in quick pursuit.

We are here to photograph the place, nothing else’. That seemed to relax them and so they continued with their needles and whatever else they were doing.

I tried consciously not to stare. It was their business and I was not here to judge them.


This part of the mill was quite bare but had some suspicious looking holes in the floor. Some were huge and could fit a man while others were the size of my hand. Below was a 6-foot drop into a semi-waterlogged basement. Was the floor unstable?


Could we gain access to other parts of the mill via this method? I had no wellington boots so was not up for that despite @goblinknackers' suggestion. The rest of the mill was boarded up quite securely and so there was not so much to look at.


@mender1 got this great candid shot of the smackheads and has kindly allowed me permission to use it.



After realising that we were no threat, the smackheads mentioned that it was easier to get out via the back entrance and so we headed in that direction.


One stood up swaying around and started shouting, not in a hostile way but simply making a point that he was a normal person and we shouldn’t judge him.


@goblinknackers, always the charitable one walked toward the teetering addict and gave him a couple of quid. That seemed to settle him down, and seconds later they were happily sticking their needles again.

That will get them a couple of burgers’... <<<more like their next shoot up I thought.>>>



It was easier than crawling through the jungle using the alternate exit, but we had to get past this section of nasty razor wire first.


It was then directly through some bushes and on to the footpath but not before we saw this den and its needles. Someone had been having a good time and I was wary of getting too close to them. There must have been over 100 of the things.


I doubt they could have penetrated my shoes, but I was not taking any chances.

Technically British Mohair Holdings Ltd was a bit of a failure but meeting these characters made up for it. You never know what’s going to happen, and that’s what makes this interesting.

I have done my share of drugs in the past, but never this type. What of the smackheads? They are probably still there doing their thing and not eating cheap burgers.

All photographs were taken by myself.


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Dang, you are much braver that I would be. I would have probably called it a day right then. It is sad to see that this epidemic isn't isolated to the US. That's just straight up scary and sad to me.


Weapons are not as widespread here in the UK, eg.. I have never seen a gun ever.. though they do exist. It's probably the safest country to do this due to this reason.


Still would have given me quite the start! I imagine letting the authorities know this is prime spot for this type of thing wouldn't do much good?


I don't think they have the resources.. with all the austerity measures here now the government had little money.

That is one creepy building! That lift... ugh. Those junkies must have hit some level of despair to immerse themselves in that.
"British Mohair Holdings Ltd" sounds like the setting of a 1970s comedy show! Whatever happened to mohair. It always made me itch.


I do know what Mohair is.. my father sold wool when I was a kid.. my instruction was to say 'no we don't sell mohair' when asked.., the explore would have been dull if they were not there.. its all so exciting sometimes.

YEs I think going to sites like this its only expected to run into people using one thing or another, its sad but a part of reality


It was going to happen, just glad there were three of us. They were in no state to put up a fight and were scared of us. You can get paranoid on some stuff.


Yes on your own you may have decided to mive on I know I most likely would have

I wonder what the smackheads thought about you guys... they probably thought it was pretty weird! Anyway, you post a lot of these urban exploration posts! Do you do them every weekend or something? Or do you have a week of doing them and then have them all saved up for the rest of the month of posting?


Last time we went out it was a full day and we did 4, with 3 failures.

That's good going. I post around 1 a week generally, and have 3 left in the bag.

Will do another full day soon... I tell you its exhausting and by the end of the day I'm knackered.


Ah... similar to my Tasteeming then... when I'm away on tour... I eat out practically every night and sometimes lunch as well. So, I end up collecting lots and lots of places to review!

Ah! It was only a matter of time before you bumped into those people haha. I'm surprised this hadn't happen a lot before. I'm sure you'd bump into them more frequently here in London.

You guys are brave though. I enjoyed the photos and story. Cheers.


The very first place we visited and this.. yeah it happened! It was a case of safety in numbers and @goblinknackers resembles an Asian Steven Seagal.. , he's the muscle and scary looking.

I hate junkies... I really do, had some friends that were consumed by heroine and cocaine and ended up dying. And the part where he stood up and started yelling to make a point he was a normal human being... I would 100% be threatened by that. I hope you take some "protection" with you to these places, a knife, tazer, pepper spray... anything, a needle with HIV can ruin someone's life forever... Stay safe friend!


I can imagine you have a hatred for them, I didn't know whether to scorn them or pity them, so just ignored them. They were off their faces and no threat to us.


I do both... I have a hate/pity relation with most addicts, especially since the ones that introduced my friends to the whole drug thing are still around. I guess some people are more resistant than others...

Hi slobberchops. Seems like a wasted building in more ways than one. I have been to Bradford once and was shocked by how big the Indian community was there.


I used to go all the time as a kid as my father bought his materials there (he was self-employed). I was always sick and complained about the 'Bradford air' hehe..., the city is full of abandoned buildings these days.. its an Urbex paradise.

Hehehe you scaring these junkies sounds like the funniest thing ever :D

Yet that was very brave, even while going in a group, most people would have turned around at that point, you just never know what could happen.

Anyways nice shots! Definately a very loved spot of drug addicts.


I'm always one for a windup..., the cop jacket gave me extra credibility.. haha!

The romance of being a junkie? I don't do drugs and can't understand what drives people to that. At least they left you alone


I read about these situations by other Ubex'ers.. and the general consensus is.. just tell them you are visiting.. and say alright lads.. I just said it a little louder.. hehe.. they are generally scared, isolated people and wont harm you.

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Thank you @travelfeed :)

Wow man that just looked like a living death for those dudes. What a life...SMH. Really quite sad and sobering. Great post!

Hey @slobberchops just sent you 2 sbi shares -keep up the good work 😁😁


Thanks @conradt, have a couple back!


Awesome thanks!

Most entertaining!

Urban exploring and messing with druggies' heads. It's maybe a blockchain and possibly even a social media first.

Lucky they were on the opiates (by the sound of it).... you might find that jacket red rag to a bull if you stumble across some candidates on coke.

I recommend investing in a pack of 20 Malboro and a lighter just in case - it's the universal semiotic to neutralise coke aggression - they chain smoke and you get the fuck outa there.

Just love these urban exs.


The needles kind of gave away the game on what it was.. though I'm no expert. Whats with all the vitamin C hanging about though?

I tried coke once, got 'the jaw' and nothing else.. 50 quid and bugger all.. never again. Maybe I got crap gear.


One should be able to find a needle exchange somewhere, usually a pharmacy like Boots. Boots in my area has a needle exchange that comes with Citric Acid BP sterile sachets, 100mg per sachet. Apparently 100mg of citric acid is enough to dissolve 1 gram of brown heroin, but that is going on average purity and as far as i know the purer it is the more you need.


Vit C I dunno. I would've thought multivits more appropriate.

tried coke..

Shhh! It's an imutable chain!

I have never tried hash, coke, ecstasy, mushrooms, acid or heroine.

I'm pissed as fuxk atm, but that's fine: alcohol's a drink, not a drug.

Posted using Partiko Android


It was a long time ago and I haven't done anything in years. The body gets a little pissed off with you the older you get.

Alcohol.. now that's a fucking horrible drug.., but is sociably acceptable so we can talk about that without fear.

I have tried more than one of those you mention, and have no regrets.


NO regrets...

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 21.12.43.png



Level 6? You have no business being so far down the ranks! Outrageous!!!


It's 'cos fewer people are playing I think - I'm getting more miss-matches and drubbings (is that a word?) too.


Although it has just made me think this is a strength of steem - I drub you at monsters, you go drub me at drugwars...

Just made me realise that steem could be like 'sportstars' - sure you remember that.....

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Thanks @livinguktaiwan, that's awesome!

So scary to think there were used needles everywhere 😨 You were lucky only to meet a couple of drugged individuals at a time. I guess the building possesses more interest from the outside, but I bet on a sunny day it would feel different inside the derelict structure.


I have never seen anything like it before and had to google about the vitamin C lying around. Its mixed with the heroin when its heated up.. I'll know about all this if it ever happens again.

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I was told life in cities are more rugged than life in town. Is it true