Urban Exploration: Holdings Country Pottery (Revisited)

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We are Urban Explorers, we are not vandals. We take nothing besides photographs and leave nothing but footprints.

Holdings Country Pottery was my first ever ‘proper’ Urbex and is still one of the best places I have visited. Being in a very remote area has mostly saved it from the vandals and dickheads, who like to burn, tear down and spray places.


It has not completely escaped but has held up much better than others. @mender1 expressed an interest in visiting and I couldn’t really deny him. He is much more into his photography than me, owning multiple DLR’s and being a semi-professional.

After our Camelot visit we passed by the place and had another look. Just like last time, access was laughably easy. It’s a case of simply knowing where it is, and like last time I won’t divulge this information by means of the @steemitworldmap.


Danger of death my arse! There’s a danger of falling on it if you don’t look where you're going!



As I previously covered what I could find regarding the history of Holdings Country Pottery, this post is more a visual one in which I will try and reveal things I missed in the original explore.


The press was a photograph I took previously but was not happy with the result. With the aid of multiple strong lights, I was able to get a much better one this time.




I was intent of getting some shots which I missed previously so focused more on areas that I didn’t go in simply because of the amount of junk I had to clamber over.


The ‘Holdings Country Pottery’ sign (cover shot) was in the same exact position as my last visit with all the dust still intact; that’s was a good thing.


The wrecked piano was another shot that I failed to capitalise on last time. The lights brought it alive on this visit.



I did uncover more correspondence and personal items from the 1960’s.



Someone had been here since my last visit 4 months ago. The loft area now had a large hole with items of clothing hanging down in a strange way.


I wonder if the ceiling had collapsed under the weight of the other explorer. That would have hurt.



I found this kiln right at the back of an area I didn’t venture into before. It was dark, and I struggled to hold my light while taking the shot.



More items of pottery; there was no shortage of these items.


The light switch has not been used in some time!



The level of graffiti had increased a little. I wonder how many visitors had been in since I was here last time.



This room looks like its been ransacked but could otherwise look quite normal. I have seen a lot of wrecked places but this is one of the better ones.



It was good to see Holdings Country Pottery again. Last time @bingbabe had accompanied me and she was getting the jitters.


I have always felt comfortable at this place and we had more time to look around this visit.


This is the ultimate UrBex location for beginners. Easy access, little danger and lots to see but I’m still not telling you where it is!

All photographs were taken by myself.


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Nice shots! That piano is pretty awesome. I am shocked that no one has taken the unbroken pots and tried to sell them on Ebay. Not you guys of course, but other people who don't have or follow the code. It looks like it was a productive return visit!


There stack of plates, unbroken and unused. Even the graffiti lot haven't nicked everything.. are there ethics with these people, maybe?

Goodness - so many personal possessions just abandoned! That piano! You almost expect it to have a skeleton sitting at it. You certainly captured the atmosphere there.


It could provide a home for the homeless if they only knew its whereabouts. It would be a drafty but better than outside. Saying that, I wouldn't like to spend a night here.


No, it would definitely give me nightmares!

Wow! What a lot of stuff in there! Looks like maybe people have been camping out? Glad you didnt die, haha! Danger of death... That's funny.


It's great that all the stuff is still there, though I guess some may have been removed. You don't find many like this one... and yeah.. I'm still here!

Pretty creepy finding the clothes hanging there this time. I wonder what led to this abandonment. So many personal items were left behind. It all seems so weird!


I did a previous post about this place months ago and tried to deduce what had happened. The letters and personal stuff are from 1968 or thereabouts.

It was quite tough to find this place though it's well documented (apart from the location) and I had to really dig to locate it.


Good sleuthing!

Oh, I want those clay pots to plant springtime flowers in on my deck! That piano is quite mystifying. How in the world could anything destroy a piano to that degree. And the chair still sitting there as if someone intended sit down and play a song. You do find the most amazing places and your photos are excellent!

I love that piano and that almost normal room is bizarre!


You could almost live there couldn't you? Except its very dark.. we needed those huge lights to get this shot.


I could see the huge lights showing up all the detail in the shots!

That place is a real treasure trove, if you like old junk. Lots of potential for moody black and white shots.


Yeah, I need to do more black and white, during the Bradford trip (forthcoming), we did a huge mill.. that was great for B&W.

I did uncover more correspondence and personal items from the 1960’s.

You should go through it...you never know, you might find a lottery ticket from 1960 xD

That place looks amazing! I hope the floor didn't break while the other explorer was in there, that would have hurt really really badly!


Its one of the best place I have explored. I didn't go up in the loft as previous reports say ts just full of clothes.. and holes now.

The old pots and flowers were cool! Loved that piano!

These are great reports SC.

This one enticed me to go off and read up more on Holdings Country Pottery, which in turn led me to this fascinating site which you may have already come across...


I haven't seen that one @pennsif, I get most info from those ones in the references but also just looking around and seeing what most people don't. There's many derelict place but we simply don't see them.


Definitely encouraging me to have a go with UrbEx.


I would welcome more UbEx posts on Steemit. There's very few.. just don't go alone.. it can be daunting and scary.

I do sometimes but the difference of another person being with you is amazing. There's lot of places to go.. have a look at 28dayslater.co.uk for starters.


I am out in the Welsh countryside - so mine might be a little more RurEx than UrbEx...


I like the rural ones the best, less interfering people getting in your way.

I think it is danger of being squashed by a big arrow? Anyway, the messages on the wall and everything is pretty creepy...


When your not alone these places seem much less creepy.., alone.. now that's different.

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Nice photos but that place need to be renovated i guess


Its been empty for many years, there more chance of it being demolished.

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