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Dear Steemians,
We have implemented a new function to our Bot. that will serve to improve the ROI of your bids.
If you use @Minnowhelper before your post has 1 day and get an Upvote greater than 1%, you will automatically receive upvotes between 1% and 10% as a bonus from our other robots.

The following table describes the characteristics of our Bots.

Bot NameMin BidMax BidMax Post AgeVoting periodMax Vote
@minnowhelper$0.010No Max3.5 days144 minutes0-100%
@minnowhelper-1$0.001$0.0011 day14 minutes0-10%
@minnowhelper-2$0.001$0.0011 day14 minutes0-10%
@minnowhelper-3$0.001$0.0011 day14 minutes0-10%
@minnowhelper-4$0.001$0.0011 day14 minutes0-10%
@minnowhelper-5$0.001$0.0011 day14 minutes0-10%

Not only for Authors this model is interesting, but also for investors.
Investing in any of the Bots can be very lucrative. Daily payments are made and the minimum investment is 10 SP.
Use our delegation manager to easily carry out your investment

Another service that may interest you, are the weekly writing contests. Participate in our competitions and make your publications more profitable. For more information @minnowhelpercont or here

Thank you very much for reading and sharing, if you have any questions, do it in this Post, Slack or Discord.

Happy Bidding & Have fun!
The @minnowhelper team.


Hey the bot died, maybe something wrong in the background, you should check it.

Indeed! @minnowhelper
Something has gone wrong, people are still trying to use your bot though, so you might want to look into it! Would hate to see you lose users or for them to unknowingly be losing value. You've got a pretty substantial stake, so your investors I'm sure would like for things to be fixed as well. :P

Hopefully this will help, tagging them all. @minnowhelperteam, @minnowhelper-1, @minnowhelper-2, @minnowhelper-3, @minnowhelper-4, @minnowhelper-5

And, just incase these larger staked investors are around or part of the team, I have also tagged them below in hopes it'll reach someone. I informed those still sending payments first, so that hopefully the disruption in payment would trigger some questions/response, but it seems they keep coming in lol. Would maybe be more clear to them/those who can contact them, that there was an issue, if payments stopped going out. The votes have been down for seemingly a few days now, so in case of a non-return for good, I don't want to see people losing their SBD/STEEM.

@theduuude, @vander, @brittuf, @colourqueen, @bruzzy, @xyza, @btsbobjones, @tinowhale

Should the bot not be turned back on and no response or if it's made clear that it won't be continuing, you are all free to delegate to @ezvote in whichever amounts you wish. The returns for delegations are 80-20 and will be higher in the future toward the delegators, once delegation leases have filled out more thoroughly. However, you will also be paid for filling delegations to the bot through DLease.io at %APR rates of above 20%! So in addition to daily returns from delegating to the bot and it earning, you will be paid just for delegating at all. :)

Buenas tardes me podrian explicar que significa esto, compré 0.010 y recibo 0.001. Sera que no entiendo.hace 6 horas Transfer 0.001 SBD from minnowhelper The current bidding round is full. Your bid has been submitted into the following round.
hace 6 horas Transfer 0.010 SBD to minnowhelper https://steemit.com/microterror256/@surika/concurso-de-microrrelatos-de-terror-microterror256-semana-4-el-ente

Hola @surika,
Tenga en cuenta que el soporte técnico es unicamante por Chat. Los Links para el Chat están al final de esta publicación.

Con respecto a su oferta. Hace un tiempo hemos implementado la siguiente regla cuando @Minnowhelper tiene demasiadas ofertas, y es de que las ofertas que llegan más tarde se las votará en la siguiente ronda.
Por que esto? Es solo para garantizar que cada usuario tenga una votación que le de ganancia positiva y no que reciba un voto de menor valor que su oferta.
La siguiente Imagen muestra que con su oferta de 0.010 SBD recivió un voto con un valor de 0.027, eso quiere decir un ROI de 270%. los 0.001 se le enviaro para informare que su oferta se trasladó a la siguiente Ronda.

Si tiene más preguntas, contáctenos por nuestro Chat.

Muchas gracias por utilizar @Minnowhelper

Estoy muy agradecida por la informaciòn. Y entiendo mejor el procedimiento. Muchas gracias

No hay porque, que tenga un buen día.

Les agradecería si me pueden atender

You got a 1.44% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @minnowhelperteam!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

Sorry it's my mistake


Please Stop - @hossainbd

You just said "upvote my post","vote my" and in your your last 100 comments you used 30 phrases considered to be spam and you made this exact same comment 1 times. You've received 0 flags and you may see more on comments like these. These comments are the reason why your Steem Sincerity API classification scores are Spam: 73.30% and Bot: 4.20%

Please stop making comments like this and read the ways to avoid @pleasestop and earn the support of the community.

Guys, 4 hours have passed, I hope that you have not forgotten about me?

@minnowhelper , @minnowhelperteam
Bot did not upvoted for me.

20 minutes ago Transfer 0.050 STEEM to minnowhelper https://steemit.com/followforupvotes/@r1s2g3/free-upvote-for-my-followers-02-oct-2018

Minnowhelpwer.com site shows it upvoted, there is bug in your bot, please refund me.

Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.

When you copy/paste or repeatedly type the same comments you could be mistaken for a bot.

More information:
The Art of Commenting
Comment Classifications

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