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Will you let us help you feel peace and stillness as we unlock the Divine Energy Channel with Michelle Carter today because these simple words hold open the way out of here we search for? Within a few seconds of watching Michelle's video from her intro post here, I could feel the calm!

Intro Post

Michelle joined us on Steem in August 2017 and did an intro post I loved at

“To Create Heaven on Earth Now - A world where people feel 'Happy for no Reason' & 'Random Acts of Kindness' happen all the time.”

RE: Same here! Beautifully phrased!

Appreciating the good that people do is a great way to ‘Make A Difference’

RE: I hope this post helps to appreciate the good you have done here in your first two months on Steem!

It is through the little actions that we do each day that bigger change happens.

RE: Absolutely!

It feels great to be in a place where good people are supporting like minded good hearted people, I sincerely hope that Steemit grows and expands and reaches more people and spreads lots of good, truth, honesty into our world. I believe these are the foundation for humanity and a good world cannot be created when truth, honesty and integrity are missing.

RE: This is what I felt before I even joined and still feel every day here! I think one challenge for our growth is that those of us at lower energy frequencies tend to run away from Steem right away when we feel this. I am impressed a few that seem to operate in the lower frequencies are able to stand it and actively participate frequently!

I’ve not done a verification photo, but here is a photo of me with my two books and you can also check I’m real on Facebook, links below!

RE: Thank you for sharing your Steemit posts on Facebook with your followers!

Latest Post

Michelle's newest post leaves me feeling like I am in the middle of an Eckhart Tolle retreat at

A soul barrier is any energy that is blocking you feeling your soul, so this could be false beliefs or other invisible energies that are creating a block in some way. This can be from this lifetime, but is often from past lifetimes.

RE: Never heard of a soul barrier before and I love the term because it so clearly reflects all the things which get in the way of feeling our soul!

I ask Pure Source Energy / Universal Power to release all energies causing and creating soul barriers now.

RE: I did this right after reading just in case!

What can we do to help?

A question I ask every day that Michelle has made a powerful answer to at

Truth is 'Universal', so for example, the Law of Gravity is Truth. Everything on earth will fall to the ground if not supported. It doesn't matter what we believe, where we live, what our parents or teachers said, what the government is or isn't doing; if we let go of an object it will fall to the ground - Universal Law. (unless it’s a helium balloon!)

RE: When we look at truth, it helps us see there is no need to believe but only to be open to experiencing the truth!

Discerning is asking a question and feeling the answer.

RE: Like a divine polygraph!

Keep experimenting with lots of simple questions that you know the answer to until you are confident with the feelings that you are getting and can really tell the difference between a yes and no feeling.

RE: Love this and I am going to try this more consistently soon. I did a precise experiment with this on and got a very clear yes answer there!

To get clear answers, especially when you don’t know the answer to your question, you need to work with questions that are about Truth and Integrity. As you tune in more then you can expand on this and you will feel answers on other subjects.

RE: Helpful for getting started!

I truly believe that discerning has the power to change how humanity acts and to shift the power from those who are out of integrity to those who have integrity.

RE: Happy I am learning to tap into this power consciously now!

What do you love most about life?

Another post I love from Michelle at

For me this would be ‘moments of sharing with others’.

RE: Had not thought of it this way before and totally agree!

In the short time that I’ve been on Steemit I’ve had quite a few of these special ‘soul connection’ moments with different people, including some witnesses and I have to say it really touches my heart and soul to feel the good being shared here.

RE: Thank you for so clearly expressing this because I have felt the same and had a hard time clearly defining it as you have here!

When we go back to basics and think about what we most desire, going deeper than money and materialistic things, then what we all most desire is to feel loved, valued, appreciated and feel like we count.

RE: Yes and it is amazing how little money or power helps, if at all, with filling these basic feelings!

How Can We Create a Better World? Through sharing and creating loving communities. These don’t have to be physical connected, although that would be great. They can start as on-line communities and spread from there.

RE: You are making my neck work will all the nodding as I read your posts!

Thank You Michelle!

We are very grateful for your service here on Steem and will continue reading your posts along with consistent upvotes! Would you please keep writing for us because we value your contribution to our community?

Who Is Next?

Thank you very much for discovering @MichelleCarter here with us! Would you help me find the next author to feature in upvotable 40 because working together feels great in discovering authors we love following and inspiring the writers we want most to keep writing for us? I prefer authors matching most of these criteria below!

  1. Authentic introduction and ongoing sharing including real first and last name along with ongoing pictures of self, family, friends, and life.
  2. Post earnings which appear to be lower than the expected output given the effort, consistency, and quality.
  3. New posts daily or a few times a week for at least a month.
    See upvotable 36, upvotable 37, and upvotable 38 for examples.

Here are a few authors I am considering in future upvotables based on previous recommendations!

Would you please comment below with the author you think I should feature next because I go forward by reading the highest voted comments first and then scrolling below? If you pick the winner, I will give you a $20 SBD tip along with $10 for the top upvoter (assuming it is a person) on the comment!

Jerry Banfield

Shared on

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Wow thank you Jerry for featuring me on your Upvotable #39, what a surprise! :)

I felt so many emotions reading your post, from overwhelmed at being chosen, emotional at some of your comments being so lovely and appreciative,
"RE: I hope this post helps to appreciate the good you have done here in your first two months on Steem!" Yes it does, you've really touched my heart for sharing my work here.

And then laughing at some too, which was great! :) Making people laugh is a great talent!
"RE: Like a divine polygraph!"
"RE: You are making my neck work will all the nodding as I read your posts!"

Thank you so much for sharing my work and my first post with everyone here, I'm so pleased to be here on Steemit and agree with you that Steemit has huge potential to really create positive change. I love the team / community supporting atmosphere and way that Steemit works.

Keep shining and doing all the good you are doing, because it is most appreciated by all those you help. Love & Blessings, Michelle <3

You're welcome Michelle! Thank you for noticing and helping each of us stay connected with the posts you make!

So sweet Jerry. Your comments are very heart felt and touching.

Thank you Michelle!

Pleasure Jerry! :)

I just saw this upvotable post, and I am so happy for you, Michelle, for getting the recognition you absolutely deserve! It's always a pleasure to connect and engage with you here on Steemit! Much love 😊

Thank you Edrica for your lovely comments and support. Most appreciated and lovely to connect with you here on Steemti too. Sending love back :)

Jerry this is my abolute favorite series that you do, I have found more than 40 of the people that I am following by reading through comments in these threads.

This time, I am going to again nominate @vangelov, who continues to put out deep and thoughtful content. His recent article talking about 'The seat of intelligence' made me see entrepreneurship in a new way, and I am an entrepreneur!

He is constantly at work helping to encourage and motivate aspiring writers and the Steemit platform through the Steemit Writers Guild, and is active in the discord group answering questions and helping breathe life into this new collaborative book project!

I consider @vangelov to be my friend, based soley on our interactions here on Steemit. We did our best in The Binary Stars Collaborative Contest and although we won't be moving to round two, we had fun learning about collaboration on Steemit.

Thanks to you Jerry, I always enjoy recommending steemians I love to you, and thanks @vangelov for continuing to express himself on this platform!

I vote for @vangelov also.
I love the concept of 'Intelligence expressed as Uniqueness" in this post of his. Schools really need to take this on board!

Thanks @michellecarter <3 Love the positivism you spread among the platform <3

You're welcome @vangelov
Thanks for your lovely comments! <3

Great choice!
The Kundalini always rings twice.

i fully support @vangelov as a great writer
and team player. Many of his posts are really inspiring and he consistently posts with great dedication and passion.

Love it @vangelov Steem on!

@vangelov is a big writing talent and hard working Steemian, he deserves the spotlight on him, no doubt.

Hi ,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!

Hi Jerry!
You'll love @happymoneyman vlogs
Super positive. Fun. Community based.

He turned his lawn into a garden on your behalf.
Then ran a contest for lawn to garden.
Then got 2 other Steemians to dig their lawn into gardens.

Here's his most recent creativity. (just 9 second vid)

Also check out his "Lawn To Garden, Dear @jerrybanfield" post.

Much love Jerry. Thanks for your time.

I think Michelle will do great here on steemit!

Thank you cyberblock, I am certainly enjoying it!

@jerrybanfield for president ! :) like many others says :)

I was just reading this article today, you have to admit he makes some good points.

Yeah is true :) . Thanks to replying , keep in touch so :)

@jerrybanfield I am going to listen to the video now of Michelle. I just wanted to UP Vote the post and say Thank You for another terrific posting. Spreading the Love and Positive Vibe.

You're welcome and I hope you enjoyed the video!


@jerrybanfield, excellent choice.
@michellecarter I am so happy for you. I hope more people will be able to read the wonderful articles that you have written and experience your postivity as well.

Thank you @positivesteem. I'm so pleased and surprised! Yes I also hope that more people will learn the work I'm sharing and speed up us all creating a better world!

You are most welcome. Wishing you further success in Steemit.

Thanks, same for you and life!

Dear jerry today i nominate and need your suport for this beautiful person
she is the inspiration of all of us, in get some food in the mountain, you need to be a foraging for get wild food in every plant that we have the oportunity to catch in every time that we visit the mountaint.
When i star in this network, i did not know nothing about my topic or what where my line of post, in which topic i have experience, but she give me orientación and suport and i am not talking about money i speak about a great advice that let me be an specialist in plants and in wild food that we enjoy when we were a child.
Please please review the topic of @haphazard-hstead and i am sure you love the topics about foraging and foraging-trail,
I always be pleasure with her for received me in this amazing network
She was the first person which help me and she has feeling me very very very happy to let part of this amazing family.
Some times i write in english but, my nature language is spanish for this reason, i writte in this language because it is more easy to transfer my knowledge, bit when someone ask me what i am talking about, i try to explain it and this was the way to learn with this amazing and beautiful lady.
Please review @haphazard-hstead and i am very happy for this.
Best regard @galberto

I first discovered @haphazard-hstead trying to dethrone @papa-pepper with me in the How-To Contest. Haphazard won my vote in the serious how-to category by creating a wonderful guide complete with animated gifs from finding and identifying the lobster mushroom, all the way to cooking and eating it!

This is a very worthy nomination!

Thank you for the extra information and for be agree with me about. @haphazard-hstead
because it is an interesting woman and i am happy for found someone who has good knowledge about her.
Best regard @galberto

Hi @jerrybanfield. I am recommending @sharoonyasir. Amazing writer, infact she writes for living. She mostly blogs about positivity and self development but not just limited to these topics only. Fairly consistent as she blogs about 4 - 5 times every week and she is doing it for over a month.

You have my whole-hearted support for @sharoonyasir

Nice post, greetings from Venezuela

hi jerry, would you please look into the posts author has made.
I have realized how strong her words are , from original thoughts to pictures , she does it all.

Shorter entries, but incredibly beautiful. Poetry and photography, I am now a follower. Thanks for the recommendation!

GREAT choice.. Congratulations @michellecarter ! Its great to see her featured here as i have been reading and watching many of Michelles posts and they are amazing. She draws from a wealth of wisdom that you will be lucky to find anywhere.. Definitely check out her blog folks!

Thanks Alex! I'm quite surprised as I've been so busy with @olaat that I've not thought about being nominated!
Thank you for your lovely comments and support, most appreciated! :)

Hi Jerry, thank you for featuring Michelle, great choice!
I was also impressed by your thoughtful, sensitive comments to Michelle´s work, a great combination creating a great post.

I loved how Jerry commented on my work too, it was touching and amusing, great combination.
Thanks for you support likedeeler.

Congratulations @michellecarter! Keep the positive energy flowing. :)

Thanks Finnian most appreciated, and I sure will! :)

Hello @jerrybanfield. I would love to be on your Upvotables for the Utopian project, that rewards anyone contributing to the Open Source world via Steem. Here the latest contribution: and others from early adopters are coming soon! Utopian has been recently listed on Steem.Center too:

I would like to nominate my post about The Human Biological Clock and How it won This Year's Nobel Prize in Medicine

Great Post jerrybanfield as usual ; Welcome Michelle among steemit community ;Good luck for the rest ;peace

I can't agree more. She is a selfless soul.

Thank you for your lovely comments positivesteem, much appreciated.

Thank you for the welcome rinaalone
Peace and blessings.

Thanks, @jerrybanfield for introducing us to @MichelleCarter! I am looking forward to following her content. Thanks again, and keep shining the spotlight on excellent users.

Thank you @ironanmatt for wishing to follow my content, I'm so pleased. :)

Wow! I am going to have to set aside some time to explore all of those links! Thanks for introducing us to Michelle! Upvoting and following!

I'm so pleased you enjoyed this post and have commented on my introductory post and my newest and are going to follow me!
Thanks for your comments and support! :)

I see all the videos in your YouTube channel. You make a great video.

Hey @jerrybanfield thank you for your support to the community, congratulation to @MichelleCarter for your selection, best wishes for upcoming fortunate people on your radar who are trying their best to give their best to the community.
Finger crossed for me that in near future I will be in your list.
I called you The Holy Monk for your good and enthusiastic deeds to the community, for the betterment of new comers and shake of good hope to be here for a long time with better expectation.
Please follow me sir,

Another great post!!! Keep it up. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this.

Great stuff! We can all use a little more motivation in our lives! Love it!
For number 39 I'd like to nominate a post by @arevolution,
It's so important to know what's going on in our system so that we can make informed choices for ourselves and our children. I know it's a little depressing to think about the world's problems but sticking our heads in the sand won't help either. So here's to information and I look forward to the big #40!

Thanks Jerry!

Thanks Jerry! @jerrybanfield You were the one that got me on Steemit eventually with your long throughout videos on youtube. It took many months after seeing your video (+wait time for account acceptance) but finally I'm here. I have lots to learn. Nice to see also spiritual content here as I have been spiritual junkie over a 5 years but not so much lately. Have to get in to meditation again and make it a stable habit.

Thanks for the post! Still trying to figure this all out and your youtube channel and posts have been very helpful!

Nice information. From Azerbaijan Baku.

hopefully fore I can enter the upvotable category that master @ jerrybanfield. For photos I often use some old photos. I currently have no money to buy a camera. You may know master @ jerrybanfield in indonesia to earn money with the price of one camera is very difficult. hopefully fore I can have it with STEEM results on this platform. It's hard to be the poor @jerrybanfield. Without facilities sometimes we are considered not serious by most people.
thank you Pak @jerrybanfield has shared this information hopefully my hope for my family is achieved

Well done! Thank you for your videos, I found about this community on your channel. You earn yourslef a loyal follower and supporter. Cheers! :)

Nice thanks for sharing. Hope you share that energy!

Good information
Nice work

Good this post

good job sir. i just upvoted and follow you to see all your future blogs. sir please you follow resteem and upvote me please sir.
I will much more support from you

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good post

i am just going to wtch the video and again thank you for inspiring me to join! have lots of question still and hoping that we could talk soon, keep spreading the good news!

Interesting. Do you ever astro travel?

ok so this is strange i was just listening to a vide on youtube whilst commenting and viewing some posts alongside here on steemit, i just clicked on your post and i realise that i currently have your video playing in sync. Thats coincidence.

Seems like a fine user who is well rewarded for their efforts!

Looks like Jerry is already a follower, even interacting in the comments.

I notice now that shes been preselected!

very informative content

Michelle is a beautiful thoughtful being. I love her.

I'm looking for the best commentator here, but I found that Readers are better than the commentators. even those who didn't like this post Praising Jeryy & Michelle. for the vote up. :P :)

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