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RE: Discover @MichelleCarter in Upvotable #39!

in #upvotable4 years ago

Wow thank you Jerry for featuring me on your Upvotable #39, what a surprise! :)

I felt so many emotions reading your post, from overwhelmed at being chosen, emotional at some of your comments being so lovely and appreciative,
"RE: I hope this post helps to appreciate the good you have done here in your first two months on Steem!" Yes it does, you've really touched my heart for sharing my work here.

And then laughing at some too, which was great! :) Making people laugh is a great talent!
"RE: Like a divine polygraph!"
"RE: You are making my neck work will all the nodding as I read your posts!"

Thank you so much for sharing my work and my first post with everyone here, I'm so pleased to be here on Steemit and agree with you that Steemit has huge potential to really create positive change. I love the team / community supporting atmosphere and way that Steemit works.

Keep shining and doing all the good you are doing, because it is most appreciated by all those you help. Love & Blessings, Michelle <3


You're welcome Michelle! Thank you for noticing and helping each of us stay connected with the posts you make!

So sweet Jerry. Your comments are very heart felt and touching.

Thank you Michelle!

Pleasure Jerry! :)

I just saw this upvotable post, and I am so happy for you, Michelle, for getting the recognition you absolutely deserve! It's always a pleasure to connect and engage with you here on Steemit! Much love 😊

Thank you Edrica for your lovely comments and support. Most appreciated and lovely to connect with you here on Steemti too. Sending love back :)

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