President Jerry Banfield?

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president jerry banfield rushmore.png

Will we create President Jerry Banfield in the USA because we are ready to face what is wrong and start doing something about it together?

At 22 years old while working in prison as a juvenile corrections officer in South Carolina, I wrote an ego fantasy plan to become president which looked ridiculous even to me when I faced reality. Ten years later I had lost all interest and hope in our political system's ability to help us adjust our way of living to be in balance with the rest of earth. In every presidential election since 2004 I have voted for the loser and gave up any desire to participate in the process last year.

Recently the idea of running for president has returned except it feels more like receiving a text message from earth instead of pursuing an ego fantasy. In arguing with the idea because it is illogical and inconvenient, it has grown stronger. Comments saying "I would vote for you as president" and "Jerry Banfield for President" are continuing to appear more frequently and are helping me see that maybe becoming president is necessary.

After some quick research, I have confirmed this body is eligible to run as president in 2020 and every year thereafter in the USA because the requirements of age, birth, and residence are all met. For money, running as an independent write in will eliminate the need to file 99% of the paperwork. Asking for upvotes on Steemit as a way to support the campaign financially will remove the need to take money directly.

Spending money on ads that promote President Jerry Banfield will also be effective in selling online courses allowing for everything to be a business expense. My wife @laurabanfield is an attorney that can help handle any legal issues while any follower online can volunteer to help with getting access to their home state ballot.

The best part is there is no pressure to win because nothing is lost by trying! If every election is lost until death, at least an effort was made? Just winning one election might make all the difference in the world.

Starting today I am announcing my intention to become President Jerry Banfield in the USA!

Will we create President Jerry Banfield because are ready to show the love, hope, and faith are what we believe in?

Jerry Banfield

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If Trump can do it. Anybody can lol. No need for qualifications like other countries!

@williams858, how many people ran against Trump?

Loads! BUT, how many people ran for him! Personally not got anything against Trump! But he dares do a lot of things that people are thinking, he does make things happen! Its a love hate thing in America!

A lot of Obama people are still illegally working in the USA government right now in the deep state now in July 2017 months after Trump became the 45th USA President. There are so many people trying to murder Trump right now. They are talking about the Russia thing since 2016 without evidence. CNN and the other left media continue to talk bad about Trump since Trump announced he was running in 2015. A lot of good things are happening in the USA in 2017 but a lot of bad people are still doing a lot of bad things and they continue to plot to replace Trump each day. They are trying to remove Trump and blame it on a crazy person just like they did with JFK and Lincoln and even Reagan too. Reagan survived for a while after the attempt but it affected Reagan so much.

Are you kidding? There's new evidence of Russian collusion every day. His whole family is involved. Tell me one good thing happening in the US today as a result of this 71 year old narcissistic sex offender conman swindler obscene toddler president!

@jeremys, Who made the Uranium deal? Look at John Podesta. Look at what John Podesta did. Please look at the Uranium deal. Look at the videos. See what Obama said in that one video a few years ago. There is so much you do not know. Please go to INFO WARS DOT COM:

@jeremys, look up Project Veritas and look up Wiki Leaks as well: please go to WIKI LEAKS DOT ORG:

I think a few hundred people run for president every time! Amazingly few given what it is! The trick is that almost everyone is doing it one way and if there is a better way to do it, that will only be obvious when it works!

Trump did it a different way and Trump debated over ten people during the ten or more debates and people did not have to vote for Trump because there was Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz and the black doctor and some women ran and Marcos Rubio and Chris Christie and also McAfree and Trump debated Hillary and almost debated with Bernie Sanders.
There are always better ways of doing things. I agree with you with that. We will continue to try to innovate in life and some of us will do that when running for positions of leadership as well all around the world. Steemit and the internet and crypto motivates us all and helps us to do things better as a global community and that is a new thing and we did not really, as far as I know, have this Internet system ever before in the history of mankind and that is so amazing. We are living in amazing times because of what we know and what we can do in global communication and everything.

Hey good job,keep it up,i will support you...check me out @kamranbhatti

Most dont

@janus27, the difference between boys and men can be found in the level of sacrifice men have and give to their families and communities.

Well here in the UK you need to be elected and a member of parliament! And to even get in the Parliament you need to have a book full of Degrees so there is some level of serious education! But in American is gives ordinary people a chance! Good thing or not, I am not sure?

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I think Kayne West is running next so you will be sure in for a chance! HAHA

No, Trump is direct descendant from king John of england like all usa presidents before him! And Hillary too so no matter which side you pick his direct descendants rule. We think we live in a demokracy but that was invented by monarhs so people stop protesting and demanding demokracy.

We are all related to each other, some more so than others. Two brothers can be totally opposite from each other. Connection does not always mean what we think it may or may not mean to an extent.
What can we do? Please do not focus negatively on what we cannot do.

No, we are not direct descendants from king john of england. If we are all related that doesnt mean you are direct descendant from my great grandfather or that im descendant from your great grandfather. You cant be a king if you are not from that bloodline.

I disagree.

Ok tell me an argument how can you become a member of british royal family. You cant if you are not born into that family. Do you think that prince Charles is born in some other family outside of royal family? Its nice to write why you disagree too.

@winvideos, you are not listening.



In my opinion, once you decide to become a president, you pretty much sacrifice your freedom; but since you are coming from the regular folk -- I would definitely vote you over their own candidates from Senate and so on.

Jerry Banfield will make America great again!

I can see those spam posts in couple of years:

"Nice post! Followed! Resteemed! Voted for US presidency!"


Jerry for president!

This is how it happened!

Lol! Sure it's possible! Go for it!
plzz no nervous breakdowns while on job XD

Haha, you hooked me in with that title!


Quite simply, go for it Jerry! You're an incredible marketer and the added publicity you would receive would allow you to get your message of freedom and love out to potentially millions of people. Most people who live their lives in the mainstream have never heard or considered some of the ideas, philosophies and thoughts concerning how to live their lives with more freedom and purpose outside of the rat race and I think your message would be well received by those who can open their mind.

@orionschariot thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement here!

You've just started the campaign Jerry with this post - go for it continue .........

I will thank you!

Never underestimate the American people ability to surprice with their vote!!!! Upvoted. At least you will use twitter better than the current POTUS

"At least you will use twitter better than the current POTUS" lol you may be right!

Absolutely and you will have my upvote buddy.

I think you have gone off the rails.

You may be right! I may be crazy. Hey! But it just might be a lunatic you're looking for!

He's on a Steem power trip. His Steem balance has gone to his head.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes of-course you can win the elections and become president, if voting could be held on Digital Voting with the use of Blockchain Technology....And we can campaign for you on steemit!

We should begin developing voting blockchain technologies and networks and we should share it everywhere including with Trump, senators, people in your city, online, offline, in letters, in snail mail, in emails, on phones, and everywhere in videos, memes, songs, articles, on Steemit, Facebook, everywhere, each day. We got to do it all more. We do this for our children. We want better voting integrity.



Love it. In Jed We Trust.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

haha thre we go this si what i came to ask for BUT i wish you would redo this using THIS recent photo of @jerrybanfield

woah i google image searched jerry banfield and i found a bunch of crazy photos that make him look way more like a human and les like a marketing robot wearing a human skin suit!
wow he looks so different fat and tanned wtf i cant believe this si the same guy lol looks like hes a stoner college bro in this photo LOL

woah look at this he looks so diferent here!

Here is jerry after killing the original jerrybanfield and winning award for best robot imprsonating a human award

haha im just messin with you jerry! i realy admire your work and look up to you!

I just want us to mke a steemit comedy skit like Seinfield but its caled Banfield or Steemfield and you can be senfield, @stellabelle will be elane , I can't think of who would make a Good George Kastanza character and I will be kramer and You will be trying to do your work and stellabele will come in and do elane stuff and i will come in and totaly distract you with crazy business ideas like Kramr did in seinfled, and ill lke try and ride on your coat tails and it will be a great way to promote steemit, itr will ashow you trying to get some steemit posts done and ill cal you and tell you about some crazy crypto ICO that sounds REDOICULOUS but ill try to sell you on it, and we will make fake youtube videos and make fun of bitcoiun spammers and scamers and it will be great, with the right writers we can make t raly funny and about the comedy of making money onine AND we can use it to promote steemit and just show how daily steemit loves are like, it will make people think "woah what is this website theyre using to make money off blog posts?!?!?! i wanna do that!" and in the banfield show we will routinely make a point about how EASY it realy is to make a post on steemit and Jerry you can actually like make a post on camera and it will justs how you off the top of your head typing some bullshit feel good post and youl be liek laughing as you type it, and youllbe like "Watch these followers eat this shit up! It will easily make $100" hahaha and be like "Man i gotta try harder! I could be making $10,000 a day on steemit! " and talk about steemit in the sho MAN this could be So fun nd SO inexpensive to make! And it will atke very little time at al to shoot once we have a goo script down! we all just record the shots ourselves and send em all to me ill edit it together etc

Bold move, Jerry.

You definitely get my upvote for your campaign coffers. Even if unsuccessful you will spread the Steemit name far and wide.

You're sure this is good??
If you spread the name, the amount you earn will sink into the 0,0's!

Thank you Tommy!

Hi Jerry,

Unfortunatelly I can not vote for you in USA but maybe you can find place for me in your team in White House?

Maybe! All the support on Steemit will help!

sory Jerry's whitehouse will be staffed by 100 percent AI to keep the white house intrigue and drama at a bare minimum . Jerry gets along best with his own kind. :D

I don't think it is a good idea. If you bring Austrian economics to the White house the powers at be will have you killed.

You have a good point and I am willing to risk it because this body is only temporary!

Tell your wife that we're sick of listening to your disembodied head, and that we want to hear her story.

Well look whose talking mr disembodied Jesus face shroud of turin! (That is the shroud of turin isnt it in ur avatar??)

good catch bro!
I've posted a few things on the Shroud, with this one being the latest:
Simply mind-blowing science. There is no story like it.

I just did now!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

yeah we actually do want to hear from your wife about how it has been living with you as you have been winning so hard....also every good youtube couple ends up having podcasts, like ethan and hila, and ur wife will be able to get her own steemit account going and shel be able to get almost all your followers pretty fast!!!!
I was just google imaging "jerry banfeild" and i found images of who i am guessing is you and her??? this version of jerry looks so different!!!!!!! i feel like fat Jerry is more relatable to the average american lol maybe you need to gain some weight to get even more popular jerry! Because at least when youre fat you have something in common with all othr fat people hahahahah fat people of all races and genders and backgrounds al bond over their weight over weight I bet marketing guys who are fat end up being more sucesful because peopel see a fat guy and think (Well I dont mind listening to him, he may have more money than me but at least in halthier than me) so maybe w can use a filter to fake fatness in teh future just for marketing purposes

lol man see ur wife looks smart! We wanna hear from her and know why she isnt here on steemit posting too!
I would folow her and i bet at least HALFD of your followers would instantly follow her as son as she did her first post! and two heads are better than one, you coudl start saving up massive amounts of steempower and upvote each others posts lolol

@ackza thank you for sharing this because you made me laugh and I will share your insights with her!

I've never understood why anybody wants the job. It clearly drains people. One-term Presidents seem to age 10+ years over the course of the term and two-termers are empty husks by the time that they leave office.

But you're young enough, maybe you can buck the trend!

But it helps. Trump is getting younger, however. Obama got older.

You're right I do not desire the job because of exactly what you said! The question is would it be helpful if I made an effort and accepted the job if it was offered? We are here to be of service and this means to me to go wherever needed!

Government should serve we the people more. Bad people age faster with more power. Absolute power can corrupt some people absolutely. Power is a dangerous drug.

Very good. . Thankyou for sharing @jerrybanfield, I strongly agree if you become president. I hope you can help upvote my posting. Greetings from new users of steemit in indonesia.

Welcome from Indonesia thank you for commenting here and I upvoted your comment!

Thankyou . I keep following your post

lol @nazarwils if @jerrybanfield becomes president I will ask him to make Steemit Mandatory to pay your taxes with so everyone wil need a steemit account just to pay their taxes with LOL it would cause the price of steem to skyrocket LOL or maybe making steemit the pfficial social media platform for the us federal govrnmemnt LOL for TRANSPARENCY purposes!!!!

I could vote for you, Jerry. Upvoted. Resteemed. Liked. Shared. Thanks.
It is a win win situation to try. Art of the deal.

Awesome Joey!


Definitely not the post I expected to see. Surely, if you felt overwhelmed and overworked a few weeks ago, flailing endlessly and pointlessly at the political system cannot be a good use of your time and mental health?

I don't think you'd enjoy that den of vipers.

You're right and I am grateful I made adjustments to adapt!

Comment saying I would vote for you as President and Jerry Banfield For President.


Do it dude! You'd definitely have my vote :D

Jordan thank you very much I think we already have enough support within the last few minutes to at least not come in last!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You can do it... I can run "security" for ya 😬😂

Excellent I have a friend that might be interested also we have a "security team" already 😬😂

I'm ready when you are lol

You are God Jerry.

Andrius thank you it takes one to know one!

Im here because of you. My friend @hqmafa420 showed your youtube video about steemit . Re

Getting an early start on the campaign trail is wisdom .

Like a marathon especially if no victory until 2024 or 2028 or 2032!

Wow... these are high goals. Well good for you. I wish you all the best of luck!
But maybe in 2024 if Trump gets reelected. So lets wait and see

I may also try to run too. Competition will be increasing in the future.

I am willing to keep trying until the time is just right even if it ends up being 2040 or 2060!

Trump talked about being President with Oprah in 1988.
So, it is always good to prepare because, "SOON..." it will be our turn.
We do better as we always prepare with a smile.
Service with a smile.

I wouldn't rule it out. After all trump became pres. It makes me think of that old saying, aim big miss small.

Totally! Is there anything higher than president to aim at?

The only thing that comes to mind is the moon and the stars, but first things first, world domination then conquer the universe. All joking aside, follow your dreams.

Definitely! I think the president of the FED is way more powerful for example. But in terms of prestige you might be right. ;)

The FED has had lots of power through the NWO.

Give your wife some Steem you meany, she has only 63 cents

True I am waiting to see if the Steem price goes down more to buy her in! If not I will send her some of mine!

It would be epic to see you on Mount Rushmore. Vote for Jerry Banfield!

I wrote an ego fantasy plan to become president which looked ridiculous even to me when I faced reality.

@jerrybanfield You don't know what the future holds for you. You may actually become POTUS one day, keep the dream alive.. A big welcome to your wife @laurabanfield. I hope to read her #introduceyourself post soon.

Thank you Lucas!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

so long as you keep your shirt on whilst on the campaign trail you should do fine..

although... then again.. who bloody knows these days!! The first naked president! ha ha

Speaking of shirts I plan to make some soon!

Fake it til you make it. Shake it til they take it.
Sure, why not?
Go for it @jerrybanfield !
Just enjoy the ride.
If you shoot for the moon, but at least make it over the pool,
that's a win. ;) Cheers @ecoknowme


Homer Simpsons Cliff Jump Fail is very legendary.

But you realize that politics is a charade? Statism is a religion? Hey some presidents (ruling over others) have their face on Mt Rushmore! I think you could make some Steemit posts about the topic from Cowspiracy instead depending on your motivation for the issue(s)


This is so audacious that it just might have a chance!

It looks like you've got a solid plan and the start of a small campaign team in place already.

Thank you and I hope to make the whole campaign team on Steemit!

hahaha!!! I LOVE it! @jerrybanfield for PRESIDENT!!! I am with you all the way on that one! Trump did it... so why the bl**dy hell not!

Fitting really... I wrote a post now about gratitude and I would like to share it with the future president of the United States of America...

I hope you enjoy it Mr. President ;)

Thank you I will read it soon!

Is bloody a bad word?

I suppose that would be up to the person using it :)

I love reading your articles mate, but this is a bit erring on the weird ones.

I laughed in the beginning! I thought this was an April Fool joke but found out you are serious. Had I been an American I would have supported you. Here take my upvote. :)

You are doing a great work!! The best!

I'm getting your T-shirt already then :)

@jerrybanfield your face should be there! :)

Haha. I would vote for you (if I was in the USA)!
Jerry- you seem to love Steemit more than anyone. Surely you'd love onG.Social. Why don't you post your content there?

Only in America, cheers mike

I could not vote for you because I'm from Argentina ... Democrat or Republican? Or Ross Perot? ... haha ​​... what I do is follow you here ... but that complicates haha


In the future, the parties may change names and colors. We have a freedom party or MAGA party or smaller government party. The left could try to rebrand their party to be the equality party or welfare party. There are other parties too, but we normally focus mostly on the red and the blue division. However, I do not like the red or blue because they were infiltrated and altered by people like Soros, Rothschild, the NWO, the Fed, and others, like for the past 2 centuries or longer.

personally do not like Trump very much, but I do love democracy, so we have to respect where the people of the USA put it ...

Trump is a symbol of reducing taxes, increasing freedoms, fixing health care, creating jobs, helping people so much in so many ways, in reducing regulations, and more.......

I can not say too much about what you say and much less refute because I do not live there ... those are good measures without a doubt ... I speak of what transmitted to me as a person and things i hear from his own mouth... and from the outside if I have to say something in a few words whats trump for me "" the world in danger ""...It's a personal opinion that I can not only be wrong, I want to be.

Your opinion is not your opinion. They brain washed you.

Ah look ... I see that you are respectful of what another thinks ...
I think it is obvious that the brain washed it to you ...I think directly from what I hear from trump...
I do not listen to American media that tell me if it's right or wrong ... but you do ... and they brainwashed you ... I have a free thought of what they say there ... you're not ... that is to say If you want to see a brain washed look in the mirror

You are brain washed. You are sad. Because you cannot see what I see. You ignore what I said. I can give you books. But you will not read the books. That means you are closed minded. I can tell you so much. But you do not want to listen. You should mute me because you already muted me in your heart.
You are of the left. Soros owns you.

@jerrybanfield Your ego may be running out of control on this one but everyone will agree with you anyways. I am not American but do you really think the solution to an inadequate president is another? Would it not be more appropriate to use those funds for your wife or someone with more relevant experience to run?

It's not like I think your a bad guy or anything but do you really think that is what would be best for America?

Experience is not the most important factor especially when government is infiltrated by the NWO. For example, Bernie Sanders & John McCain have so much experience but they did not become president and you can look at what they did in politics and you can study their lives and see what they did and WHAT THEY DID NOT DO. Experience does not make things better when the people in politics are puppets of the NWO.

Experience is of course the most important factor. would you hire me, with no relevant experience, to fix your car just because your last mechanic overcharged you?

That would be down right irresponsible and put other people in danger.

This is essentially the same situation.


@gnimeets LIED AND SAID I CHANGED MY ARGUMENTS OF WHAT I SAID but I did not do that. We can ask for money. That is not bad. That is what I say. I can ask you for money but you do not have to give me money. You have the freedom not to give me money. I did not change what I said. I always say stuff like that. You are reflecting. You are deflecting. You are not listening. You do not have to listen. You do not have to be rational. You have the freedom to do what you want with what you have and do not have. I have the freedom to do waht I want to do too. I might be bad or good or both. Everybody asks for money and time and love from each other all of the time on Steemit and Facebook and online on other social networks and in email and offline and everywhere in so many ways and that will continue. We all have ego. We all have bias. Control is something that is everywhere kind of. Control is not always a bad thing.
Think about alternatives. Let the better ideas win.

Fine I will copy paste it again because you keep trying to make it public for your benefit. Being so transparent wont work you know.

Oh didnt notice you started a new thread to make sure other people see this lol.

I will copy paste my response here so you can get some acclaim for your righteous stand against anarchy.
""It is his money, not your money." Your post previous to that was basically all about that it is his money so he can do whatever he wants. If that was the driving force behind this then I of course would have no issue with it. But that is not what happened. He asked for everyone's help in realizing this goal. I got no problem with someone asking for help.

I do however think that we should decide where that help is most needed. Jerry running for president is a good use of community funds? It will take a seriously good argument to make me consider that true.

I can be wrong and when that is the case I have no issue with it because it is just a learning experience. But so far you have made no actual logical case for jerry being president so in effect you are blindly trying to push forward someone elses agenda"

"I have never had an issue with Jerry asking for money. You had an issue with my response and continue to fight rather than just admit your wrong.

You got a great vocabulary but you use it very ineffectively. I rarely lose a logical argument. "

Of course I am reflecting on your previous comments. they have weight on this debate.

You preach freedom and money yet when I give my opinion I must be an anarchist because I think help should go where it is needed rather than wanted.

I did respond to you but unless it is showing up on the main page rather than in extra comments you have no interest in continuing this debate because you somehow think this will get you acclaim.

Just so people know. I have responded every time, but only works for OP if other people see his comment ^^

I cannot ask for money? Jerry cannot ask for money?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

At least read my comment....sigh

""I have never had an issue with Jerry asking for money. You had an issue with my response and continue to fight rather than just admit your wrong."

Do you believe anarchy?

@gnimeets said he is going to flag me. He said I was wrong. He did not say why or how or what I was wrong about. Jerry can ask for money. You either agree or disagree. What was I wrong about? You said you agree that Jerry can ask for money. That is what I said. We agree but you still continue to say I am wrong even as I agree with what you said. You said you agreed that Jerry can ask for money. That is what I said and that is the main thing I said. But you continued to say that I was wrong for agreeing with you which means if I am wrong then you are wrong too because I only say and said what you say and said that Jerry can ask for money and I agree and you agree but you said I was wrong for agreeing with you.

You went to my most recent blog post to get attention. I was nice enough to warn you before I flagged you. YOUR WELCOME

I have repeatedly told you how you are wrong.

You just refuse to acknowledge it or respond. I am enjoying it all the same. You think this is going in your favor when I use facts and logic while you just scream. You know other people can read ALL the posts.

Why do you continue to make a joke of yourself

@gnimeets continues to say "YOU ARE WRONG" but does not say what I was wrong about. He continues to talk like OBAMA. Maybe, he sleeps with OBAMA. Maybe I am wrong about that. What else am I wrong about?

Your last comment is a fine place to leave it. I now know you are not worth anymore effort. I did give you ample time to have an intelligent conversation but you clearly refuse to.

On to the next trolling event for you ;)

You are too smart too be a president. Which will make you the best president and you will really make America great again!

Hope you won't forget us after you will became a president!

You do need to be smart to be a leader. You got to delegate a lot.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Jerry for Mayor: While it's very possible for Jerry to run for president, it not likely you would win because 99.99% of the people don't know who you are. You would have a much better chance to be a mayor of your town, it's More realistic to run for Mayor of your town, then you could pass local laws regarding the environment and allow everybody in the St Petersburg area to utilize all their land for growing food instead of grass if they so choose, etc ..then you can work your way up to President. Now that more Real!

Trump did not go up political ladders.

But he's was well known and unfortunately inept for the job

@robertchr, why did the stock market rise over 4 trillion USD in 2017 while Trump was President? That is my first question. Robert, you do not know nor care about how many questions I can ask. You do not think about that. You do not care about that. You probably watch CNN all day.