Upfundme Steem Monster Starter Pack Post #019

in upfundme •  3 months ago

I would really like to be able to play Steem Monsters with my friends. I hear that I am able to obtain cards to build a deck via give-aways but I do not have a starter pack which prevents me from joining the tournaments. I was discussing this with my friend and they suggested I try an crowdfunding option. So here I am asking for help to obtain the Starter pack. I will be using 100% of all liquid funds from these upfund posts for the purposes of obtaining a Starter pack.

Thank you to @trisquelwhare for giving me my first 2 Steem Monsters cards a Giant Roc and a Goblin Shaman

Goal is ~ 13 Steem / 11 SBD for $10 starter pack. I may be able to achieve my goal sooner if they keep the $5.00 price that is listed once logged in.

Pending donations so far. Feel free to vote any of these below :)

Post 13 Liquid rewards: 0.032 Steem
Post 14 Liquid rewards: 0.089 Steem
Post 15 Liquid rewards: 0.030 Steem
Post 16 Liquid rewards 0.033 Steem
Post 17 Liquid rewards 0.03 Steem
Post 18 Liquid rewards 0.045 Steem
Total pending liquid so far: 0.259 STEEM

Expired Posts:

Week 1 posts total: 0.527 STEEM
Post 8 Liquid rewards: 0.095 Steem
Post 9 Liquid rewards: 0.081 Steem
Post 10 Liquid rewards: 0.092 Steem
Post 11 Liquid rewards: 0.035 Steem
Post 12 Liquid rewards: 0.045 Steem

Total collected from expired posts: 0.875 STEEM

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Hello @ityp! Do you know my motto? - Sometimes the goal is in the way - ! Your path to the goal led you to me! I'll help you to a stage victory! Just stay in the games and have fun!

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