UpFundMe Premium Services Update (Crowdfunding services for steemit and fundition.io)

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Are you crowdfunding through fundition.io or #upfundme on steemit?

You can already get great support for your crowdfunding needs by using #upfundme on steemit/busy or by creating a crowdfund on fundition.io. The @upfundme account and following trail has provided basic support and promotion for crowdfunding for a while now, and we think it is time to unveil UpFundMe Premium.

@upfundme will continue to run exactly the same as it has, providing basic support and promotion for crowdfunding posts using #upfundme on steemit.com (for now).

Those who wish to use UpFundMe Premium can delegate ~30 SP (Amount delegated is actually 61000 VESTS) or pay dues in the form of 1 STEEM / month. You MUST request to join beforehand by commenting on one of these posts.

UpFundMe Support
UpFundMe Premium Support
1 STEEM / 30 days or a 30 SP delegation
Vote weight depends on available vote power.
Consistent vote weight!
Manual votes.
Automatic voting!
TASKMANAGER trail following at 40% scaled vote weight.
TASKMANAGER trail following at 80% scaled vote weight AND @tmholdings following wilth 100% scaled vote weight!
Manual resteem.
Automatic resteems!
Supports crowdfunding posts via #upfundme on steemit
Automatic support for crowdfunding posts and updates on fundition.io, hyperfundit.com and #upfundme on steemit!

Current Standard Vote Weight For @upfundme.net and @tmholdings: 66% ($0.23 post value added)

This is a new service and additional benefits may be added over time. Steem Power is currently limited, but will be increased over time. Please keep in mind that dues or Steem Power required may change at a later date. Blatant abusers trying to game the system may end up on a blacklist across all @taskmanager related services.


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If anything goes wrong, find the most recent post and comment about it, we will try and get it fixed right away!

@upfundme.net is not a bid bot, we are a membership based crowdfunding support service for crowdfunding ONLY. You should request to join before sending any STEEM by replying to this post or any recent comments from @upfundme.net or @taskmanager.


This is only for posts with the tag #upfundme right? And what about people with Taskmanager tokens? If I buy premium, which will be used, taskmanger votes from the token or from upfundme?

All good questions, first off for now it is only set up to vote for posts under #upfundme and #upfundition, allowing support for fundition.io crowdfunds too.

The TM50 trail that gives votes to TASKMANAGER tokenholders has been following @upfundme for quite some time now, it will do the same in this case but at a different weight. Everything should continue to function as is. This is used out of my share from the TASKMANAGER token delegated to whatever task is required.

I hadn't thought of what might happen if someone has both TASKMANAGER tokens and UpFundMe Premium. If any conflicts arise I will do my best to make it so everyone gets off better on each end. I think I might offer a resteem from @taskmanager for crowdfunders who have both Premium and X amount of TASKMANAGER tokens. (I'm even thinking of making it so token holders get a daily share from the @t50 bot too once they hit a certain ownership % of the TASKMANAGER token. Probably 250+ TMs so you would qualify already)

For Upfundme Premium, @upfundme.net votes first at a 66%, @tmholdings follows that vote with 100% scale (so also 66% vote weight). @tm50 is also following with a 80% scale (so a 52.8% vote weight), the rest follows @tm50 at different scales and weights so that's a bunch of math...

Thanks for the reply.
I think the best way to deal with that it might be timing. Set up whatever has higher to vote a little bit quicker than the other one so the higher amount prevails. I'll be sending my delegation shortly.
I'd like that daily share, giving even more reason to buy tokens for people who haven't already.

The problem is the communitybot code doesn't allow for timing, it votes for the next available post in line once VP hits 100%. So it could vote for the post a minute after it's posted, or it may be a few hours after depending on how long the queue is.

I think I'll just come up with a good enough bonus for having both that the random chance of a difference between the two will matter a lot less if at all.

That works too. I don't think that theres too many of us running a upfund and have the tokens.

@taskmanager I would like to become a premium before starting the promotion campaign. How can I do that? I understand I have to give an answer before accessing the premium.

You have been added to the list to be able to join UpFundMe Premium. To join you can either send 1 STEEM / Month to @upfundme.net OR you can delegate ~30 SP to upfundme.net. (The 1 STEEM/Month goes to long term delegations increasing rewards for everyone using UpFundMe Premium)

This will give you access to premium support for crowdfunds and crowdfund updates on #upfundme and fundition.io.

Hi. Just few hours ago I created a post for the purpose of crowdfunding. And I received comment from @upfundme that I can upgrade to premium support sending 1 Steem. I would like to upgrade to premium support. Please let me know when I can make the 1steem transfer. To @upfundme.net right? Thank you for the support. It helps alot.

You have been added to the list for premium support. I hope your crowdfund goes well and here's a little more to go towards it in the form of an upvote.

You are correct, you send the 1 steem to @upfundme.net. You will then be added and it will go through the last 6 days and upvote any missed crowdfunding posts.

Do you I actually need to come out post everyday on the same crowdfunding? so far i only did once. not sure how to go about since you mentioned "upvote any missed crowdfunding posts". I had only posted one time. Do I make post everyday for update sort of? Please guide. Thank you @taskmanager.

Adding an update each day or every couple days will give community members a chance to support you more than once. This will also give you an opportunity to update supporters on any progress towards your goal.

If you decide to also use fundition.io they work in a similar fashion. You create a main post and then post smaller updates to your campaign every few days (or at least once a week) so people can continue to support you. UpFundMe Premium also works with fundition.io campaigns.

It is possible to do a fundition.io and #upfundme update at the same time by using your unique fundition campaign tag along with #upfundme within steemit.

I just transferred 1steem to @upfundme.net. Please verify receipt, thank you ;) Okay I will try fundition.io too. Been reading it and still trying to understand certain part.

What is the unique fundition campaign tag? Is it i create it myself? and at the same time tag #upfundme too? I understand #upfundme tag must be the 1st. I hope the unique fundition campaign tag does not need to be the 1st.

Thank you for your support and guidance. It helps alot. 😊

I just transferred 1steem to @upfundme.net. Please verify receipt, thank you ;) Okay I will try fundition.io too. Been reading it and still trying to understand certain part.

What is the unique fundition campaign tag? Is it i create it myself? and at the same time tag #upfundme too? I understand #upfundme tag must be the 1st. I hope the unique fundition campaign tag does not need to be the 1st.

Thank you for your support and guidance. It helps alot. 😊

Your STEEM has been received and picked up by the bot software.

Once you create a crowdfund it will assign it a unique fundition tag for goal tracking purposes, it does not have to be the first tag. It can be found in the news section of your crowdfund on fundition.io. You can post an update on fundition and then edit it on steemit to add in #upfundme, or use steemit to post the update and use both #upfundme and your unique fundition tag to have the update show up on both.

I am in the middle of doing a full guide with some screenshots on posting a fundition.io and #upfundme update at the same time. It is taking a little longer to complete than I thought.

I wish I could apply for a premium upfund but I have a litte SP right now. Maybe a logo contribution will do? Heres my contribution for @upfundme company.

I will pay your dues each month until your crowdfund goal is reached. Thank you for the logo to use. My artistic skills are quite lackluster at best.

I will have to send you the STEEM dues and you would have to then send them to @upfundme.net for the software to pick up your membership.

Edit: I may be able to sponsor you using my own delegation, not 100% sure I will find out if it worked or not when VP hits 100% for @upfundme.net

Wow thats cool man! Thanks! I really need a camera and this sheds a light on me. I will put this into good use. Thanks again @taskmanager :)

I was unable to edit you in without crashing the bot so I sent you the 1 STEEM for the 1st month of Premium. Send that 1 steem to @upfundme.net to activate your premium membership.

Thanks man! Done with the enrollment.
Thank you sooo much for the support.

Hi there Taskmanager,
I have an #upfundme campaign that received a recomendation to join the premium service. I am very much interested in joining. Where can I send my SP delegation.

Sorry for the delay I added you to the list last night before bed, started the comment and went to sleep before I finished it.

You can send 1 STEEM/month OR 30 SP delegated to @upfundme.net and the bot software will take over from there.


I actually transferred over my campaign to it's own unique account to have it separate from my personal account. Could you possibly add @steemmedia.org to the list? Would it be a problem to delegate from this account for the steemmedia.org account? Maybe we can meetup on discord to discuss; if necessary.

I think we can do that but you would be the first to help me test this feature.

To set it up you would need to delegate the 30 SP from your account, then send 0.001 STEEM to @upfundme.net with the following memo:
$mulletwang @steemmedia.org

transfered the delegation and sent the transaction. Would it have worked if I sent SBD instead of steem>? I ask because I don't always have liquid steem available.

I tried both SBD and STEEM from my own test account after that 1st comment and got 0 results. There is an option for sponsorship in the json file, I may just have to edit it in. I'll see what I can do.

Lemmie grab a coffee and a snack and work on it. It will grab any valid #upfundme posts within the last 6 days once it reaches 100% VP for you while I'm working it out so it's a win.

Figured it out.

Send 0.001 SBD from @mulletwang to @upfundme.net and use the memo:

$sponsor @steemmedia.org

you will only have to do this once, then it will automatically pick up all #upfundme posts for as long as you are delegated.

Nice work. I am thrilled to be a part of this.

I won't have to resend will I? I already sent the $mulletwang to @upfrundme.net with STEEM and received confirmation and upvote.

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Just passing

can I join again? I mean after 1 mo can I send another 1steem to continue?

I want to join Free support.

Anyone can get free support by posting under #upfundme and having a clearly defined goal. Use #upfundme as your 1st tag to qualify for free support. Check out the trending section of #upfundme to see what a good upfundme post looks like.

I want to join i will send 1 steem to upfundme.net.

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