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A little over a week ago we had written our introduceyourself post that gives people some insight on what we have been doing for the past 11 years and our plan for this year and we are so thankful for all the love and support that you have given to us!


We are making one of the many transparency reports that we will be doing whenever we receive funds in Steemit we will make sure it is accounted for.

We will be listing our donators and supporters and if you wish to remain anonymous we respect your right for privacy.


We thank you for your kindness in wanting to give a brighter future to children through education.

@tarekadam in particular gave 500 STEEM to 10 different charities and advocacy that he chose to support.

Introducing the winners of the 500 STEEM contest for projects that support people in need

It is very admirable that you did this and will impact the lives of quite a number of people all over the world.

We would thank @surpassinggoogle for believing in the dream that we have for these children.

We would also like to thank @czechglobalhosts who we met through the awesome @derangedvisions who when we talked about this project of ours and said he will help. We are forever in your debt.

@czechglobalhosts was also kind enough to create a post that further promoted our post and our advocacy in providing education to children.

Call to action: help raise funds to provide school supplies for poor children in Philippines!

Now it is not only they that we want to thank. We would like to thank everyone that has upvoted and resteemed our post to have more exposure. Each cent that you gave is more than what we could hope for.

We would also want to thank the @promo-mentors for their support and in encouraging us to put our work in Steemit. @futurethinker has been very kind and help us get the courage to be here.


Introducing Gift In Kind PH | Bringing hope to children through education

The Introductory post was able to receive 390 votes and had 80 comments. It paid out with $112.34 which gave a liquid SBD of 41.965.

We also received 64 SBD and 50 STEEM. Using Coinmarketcap as basis SBD is at $1.70 USD and Steem at $2.35 USD.

This gives us $ 296 USD. 1 USD is to 52.71 Philippine Peso which is about PHP 15,602.


Each bag that will be given costs PHP 300 so we will be able to fund 52 bags for the children this year!

Through the power of a Steemit post we will be able to provide education for 52 kids in Banawen. All thanks to that giving spirit that each one of us has in Steemit.

We are in the beginning of the age of abundance and the gifteconomy of Steem works. This is what it means to humanize the blockchain.

We can do so much good to the world.


Speaking of doing much good we will be doing curations for charity works here in Steemit. Having received 450 Steem Power delegation we will endeavor to support our advocacy in Education, Child welfare and familiy protection.

We have already started supporting @youarehope, @tarc and @backtoschool and will be manually curating the charity and upfundme tags.

We will try to publish once a week a Charity Curation post to give more exposure to others.

We will also be sharing the songs, dances and culture of the Aeta people so that it will never be lost as in most cases of indigenous folks had their culture lost with the changing times.

As always we will do our best to create post that will make people care for we are better together.

We endeavor to make the world a better place for everyone.

All earnings will be used for donations to Gift In Kind PH. A portion of it will be used to continually power up the account.

For Donations

Coins.ph Peso Wallet

Coins.ph BTC Wallet

Coins,ph ETH Wallet

For Peso Fiat Donation you can send to:
Bank of the Philippines Islands to Cynthia A. Arienda with savings account 0479 169 217

With the help of your upvote you will be making a difference on the lives of these children and give them a better opportunity at life.

Our Facebook Page

Our Twitter Account

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steemit is a blessings to the humanity and we become a blessings to our brethren.


Thank you for the kind words and the support!

Still loving the cause! Keep up the good work people :-)


Thank you for loving our cause and we will continue our advocacy of doing this for the children.

It's remarkable what your group has been able to accomplish! We are very proud to be named in this post, and promise we will do everything we can to advance our goal of ending the homeless pet crisis in Central Appalachia. :-)


And we fully support you :)

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Thank you for the curation and for the upvote. We really appreciate what you have done and hope that the account grows more.

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777


Appreciate the support and being a friend today :)

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Filipinos are really awesome talaga. Laging nagtutulungan. Proud na proud ako sa ginawa mo @giftkindph. You inspired me to help other people. I am a 16 years old man who dreams na matulungan din ang mga nangangailangan. I hope that someday I will help those people who in need. I salute you kuya! Wish you all the best and more power!


There is nothing impossible :) when we first started it was our first job and we were not earning that much.
Even starting young you can volunteer your time and smile and give hope to people that someone cares.

Huwat! I got mentioned here? Hahaha!
It really feels good to help. Thank you so much for the opportunity