Trying to Buy a Steem Monsters Starter Pack - Upfundme Post #002

in upfundme •  3 months ago

All STEEM and SBD earned from the upvotes to this post will be used to buy a Steem Monsters starter pack. This is the second post of my #upfundme campaign to gather STEEM/SBD to buy the starter pack. For more details about how I intend to go about this, read the first post.


Image source: screenshot from showing the page to purchase the starter pack

I was surprised because this week the SBD print rate reached 0%, which means our payouts are giving only STEEM and no SBD! If you don't know what this is all about, you can read this post by Themarkymark that does a nice job of explaining it.

The result is that the first post paid out, and I received $0.178 STEEM (no SBD). I traded the STEEM on the internal market for $0.172 SBD. I've transferred the gathered amount to my savings account to keep it separate from my normal STEEM/SBD. So, now we have:

  • Target: $5 USD ($5.027 SBD according to the current price on the site, after the huge fall the STEEM and SBD prices took this week).
  • Amount gathered so far: $0.172 SBD
  • Amount still required: $4.855 SBD

Still a long way to go, but this was only the first week. There are still a few weeks left!

Thank you to everyone who upvoted the first post, and thank you in advance to whoever upvotes this one!

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Good luck! I haven't gotten into Steem Monsters yet, either. :)


Watch out when you do. It's addictive!!!!

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