Trying to Buy a Steem Monsters Starter Pack - Upfundme Post #001

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In an earlier post, I wrote how I recently got interested in the Steem Monsters card game, thanks to a card I won in a giveaway. But to be able to actually play it when tournaments start in September, everyone needs to buy at least a starter pack, which costs $5 USD (payable in USD via credit card, STEEM, SBD, and other cryptos too).


Image source: screenshot from showing the page to purchase the starter pack

I have a bit of STEEM and SBD, but if I use it all to buy the cards pack, I'll be left with almost no STEEM/SBD to keep growing my Steemit account. So, I need to save up. And I had an idea. Upfundme to the rescue!

@upfundme is a crowdfunding community that help steemians raise funds for their goals through upvotes. Goals can be basically anything. For example, people are using it to raise funds to buy a new digital camera, to buy a new smartphone, to organize a birthday party, among other things.

I've been curious to try upfundme out for a while, and think the Steem Monsters starter pack should be a simple enough goal to... uh, start off.

  • Goal: buy a Steem Monsters starter pack before September arrives!
  • Target: $5 USD (at the time of writing, the Steem Monsters site says it's currently $4.694 SBD)

Starting small for now. $5 USD shouldn't be that hard to reach (I hope!). And since Steem Monsters card packs can be paid in STEEM and SBD, I don't need to worry about trading the gathered amount on an exchange and paying extra fees or anything like that. Seems to be a good option for a first experiment. This is how I plan to go about it:

  • I'll save these upfundme posts' SBD payouts towards buying the starter pack. If the payout also includes STEEM (like it has been happening recently), I'll save the STEEM for that too, and then trade it for SBD on the internal market.
  • Once the upfundme posts pay out, I'll transfer the gathered amounts to the savings account to keep them separate from my normal STEEM and SBD.
  • When I publish a new post, I'll inform how much was gathered in the previous posts.
  • While it may be tempting to publish an upfundme post every day to reach the goal faster, I'll probably only post once a week because I don't want to clog my followers' feeds with these upfundme posts. If I see that the results are too slow, I may increase the frequency to twice a week, but I definitely won't post every day!
  • If worse comes to worse and the goal isn't reached by the last week of August, I'll try to cover the remaining required amount with my own SBD (I hope to reach at least half of the total, though!).

I think this is it. Since this is my first time doing an upfundme, I don't know if I missed any other important point. If any other issues arise, I'll have to deal with them as they come.

Alright, let's do this and see how it goes! Thank you in advance to anyone who upvotes.

If you would like to also help other people's causes, check out the @upfundme profile and the #upfundme tag to see the more recent posts you can upvote. And if you are interested in using upfundme for your own goals, be sure to read the rules.

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Upvoted and re-steemed. Upfunded? ;-)
Good luck.


Thank you! :)

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I'm happy to help as I can. Good luck gathering enough for a Starter pack!


Thank you for the help! I can already imagine how fulfilling it will be to get the starter pack this way :D .

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