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Before I begin

This post is intended as a hopeful clarification and more careful explanation of our project. I hope that at the end of this post, readers can say "Spunkee Monkee!!! NOW I get it!!!"


This is a long-ish post. I will tell you NOW that if you read it and are one of the FIRST 20 to answer in the comments with the CORRECT secret word - I'll award each of the first 20 with 1 steem + 1 SBI. (because I believe in rewarding your time spent reading this post!)

Recently, I've had a handful (maybe two handfuls?) of people saying, "but how do you PLAY Spunkee Monkee????" When I explain it to them verbally, it clicks. However, when they previously read it - there was a disconnect. I have asked several people AFTER they've understood the premise of Spunkee Monkee:

"Where was the disconnect before?"

They haven't been able to explain it to me, because they look back and read the posts and see it was all there, but somehow missed. In a conversation with @bluefinstudios last night trying to narrow it down - it dawned on us.

This app isn't really a traditional "app".

I need to stop you right there and ask you to not skim over that. This is not a game where kids will be "learning about life" on their own. This is a FAMILY- driven system. This is a non-traditional app where kids will not be isolated from the family, glued to an electronic screen - but will be enlisting the PARTNERSHIP OF THE FAMILY to participate.

Yes, the PRIZES are for the KIDS, but there are meaningful REWARDS for the PARENTS too.

I bet you're trying to already guess the secret word, and you're tempted to skim. Don't do it. 😉

Admissions of a Busy Parent (me)

  • My kids love video games
  • There have been times when I was grateful for hours of cartoons to give me a "break"
  • When my kids have been "grounded", I realized that I was "grounded" too - and sometimes, the mere thought of that exhausted me.
  • My plate has been so full that I literally could not add another thing, and sadly, there have been times when this was at my family's expense.

    Dear parent, grandparent, guardian.... I hear you. I feel you. I've been there. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we just need to push through that season. If you are there, I wish you the greatest success in climbing out of that very difficult position. Without sounding trite, I do believe that "This too shall pass."

    However, don't let too much time pass. Those little lives will be out of the house faster than you can blink an eye. A season of busy-ness is ok; it's life. Don't let the season stretch into a lifetime. But if you are in this season now? I humbly submit to you - that SPUNKEE MONKEE MAY NOT BE FOR YOU..... yet. When you're ready, we're ready for your family! Until then, don't add more commitments than you can handle. No judgments. We understand. I understand.


    • If you look around the room and everyone's face is in a device, and you WANT something different.
    • If the last time you played a board game with your family, you thought "we should really do this more often!"
    • If plans for a hike outside or a bike ride with the family brings a sparkle to your eye.
    • If spending more time with your kids intrigues and excites you (let's be honest - it doesn't always!)
    • If family karaoke night (or other ridiculous fun) makes you giggle in anticipation
    • If you are ready to be a PART of it WITH them, and excited to go on a Treasure Hunt TOGETHER


    I have been doing a lot of promo, marketing, cheerleading and "rah, rah, sis boom bah-ing." It's very tiring! But I believe in this project and projects take money - so, there you have it. (Pause for shameless plug. If you haven't donated, please do! You'll make this so much more fun for the families involved! DONATION LINK BELOW, but finish reading first)😉

    In one of the forums where people were asking HOW Spunkee Monkee worked, they asked directly:

    "So your staff manually comments on the Monkee posts?

    Wouldn't it be easier to just have an automated response?"

    Yes, it would be easier. SO MUCH easier! But that's not the point of Spunkee Monkee. Easier doesn't always equal better. We are asking families to spend the time to connect.

    Why would we offer anything less?

    Manually commenting, encouraging and INVESTING in your family's lives is what we are committed to doing. It's what makes this app - DIFFERENT. Spunkee Monkee is a personal tool that YOUR FAMILY uses in their arsenal to prepare YOUR CHILDREN for life. (and by the way, the secret word is family+ , and don't forget the + symbol.)

    IF THIS EXCITES YOU, you have the heart of a Monkee.

    ...and you have a place with us! So come join our Beta Test, starting February 1, 2019. We are gonna have a lot of fun, but most of all, we hope that YOUR FAMILY connects on a more special level. Because THAT is a priceless treasure for life!

    1. Parents set tasks for kids to complete in 5 areas of growth (Health, Environment, Service, Hobbies & Future Career)

    2. Kids complete tasks daily

    3. Kids write a short post explaining how they completed tasks - daily.

    4. Monkee Pals (staff) award points, according to kids' posts.

    5. Kids use points to choose coordinates on map to reveal if they have won prizes.

    ... and that's how simple it is! No gimmicks, no tricks, no switcheroos. You put in the time, we reward it. The end!


    Before you forget - Give us your support at Fundition or Kickstarter!

    Click image to support our FUNDITION

    Click image to support our KICKSTARTER

    HAVE YOU MISSED THE FUN? Check out these posts below!

    What is Spunkee Monkee: a FANTASTIC explanation by @shadowspub

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    Shop the Monkee Store? yahoo!

    Monkee Trading? Let's make a deal!

    SPECIAL thanks to the Steemit witness who have been supporting Spunkee Monkee: @aggroed, @steemcommunity (made up of @paulag and @abh12345), @derangedvisions (who is the other half of the @c0ff33a witness team), @jackmiller, and @enginewitty


    All Spunkee Monkee images have been created for Spunkee Monkee by the amazing @jimramones! Images are not to be used without permission from Spunkee Monkee.

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Hey @dreemsteem! First off, this is a great writeup. I hear your heart. I see that you offer grace. And I know that this is about family+

Second, keep pressing on, friend. My hope and prayer for you is this dreem of those will reach many people and change many lives.

Keep up the great work! Don't lose hope! Don't lose faith!

yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SBI FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehehehe

and i love the way that you spelled "dreem" hehehehe

Great job on finding the hidden word! :) hehehehe I will try not to lose faith and hope - i appreciate you :)

You echo my thoughts on family time and kids
One of the reasons why I even started kaerpediem... so we could do things together... it gave us something to plan and til today, the kids watch some of the older YT videos, laughing, reminiscing

My Monkee is all set and so is his mother :D

hehehehe isn't that the best!? That is one thing that is really hard to regret "time spent together!"

it can always be revisited and often brings SUCH joy!!!

hehehe I'm SO glad that our Monkee and his Monkee Mom is ready to go!!!! if you can't tell - I am too! hehehe

thank you for always being so enthusiastic and encouraging! I came up with a new fun idea for the map today :) as we get closer - i'm getting more excited but more nervous - you know??? LOL

but i have to remember - no matter what -each Monkee matters! if it's just a handful of us - then -it's the exact group it should be! hehehe we can start small and grow from there as @juliamulcahy reminded me today! :)

This is one of our family mottos - and I just need to keep reminding myself. Start with one! :)

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So that's what it's all about!

Glad @purplemaze and I are jumping in with both feet. I learn so much better experientually. Lol!

It's about Family+ times, creating memories and building life long habits. I didn't know you could do that with an app.

Amazing! Looking forward to it. February is going to be one fun month!

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh she found the SBI word! hehehehehe great job!!! :)

I'm so glad that more people are finding it hehehe - i love giving out SBI :) Thank you for being apart of our Beta Monkee Test!!!! it's totally gonna be so much fun!!!!

Thank you for bringing your flying heart to my page to support us once again!!! hehehehe

I've been following what you have been doing with this project and I'm so happy for you that it is starting to take shape!

I know I've been a little hesitant to jump on board with family+myself but the main thing is that at the moment, our kids screen time is pretty limited and so far we are pretty happy with the status quo! Screen time is a rare treat (including TV...), and the tablet is more used for music! Plus, as you mentioned, Spunkee Monkee is really a whole family orientated activity, which unfortunately doesn't really fit our current time constraints as two freelance musicians!

However, I am sure it is an activity that will suit different families other than ours and I hope your venture is successful!

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH another SBI winner!!!!! nice job!!!! :) and its ok @bengy! when you are finally ready for Spunkee Monkee - we will grab hold of your family with open arms and have lots of fun!!! :)

sending your SBI right away :)

thank you for the encouragement!

I can't support you with donations, but I can delegate some SP once app will be live.

all help is appreciated! Thanks for the offer and thanks for reading! :)

Well mu monkeys are 10+ Years old. I dont know if a family + app will still be useful. And we play board games every week, it really is an excellent way to feel connected.

nice job finding that hidden word!!! :)

and yes - the monkees can be ages 8-14 hehehe so come join the fun! :)

and i agree - board games around the table with lots of laughter is a GREAT way to spend time with the family! :)

thanks for visiting and finding the word! hehehe

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*** Copy & Paste error - thanks for the spot @BlueFinStudios ***

This post has been included in the latest edition of SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Curious @pennsif is this a tool you are drawing attention to?
or not intended here...

hi @pennsif! I went to the link - but I'm confused! hehehe what is this for? :)

now corrected

hehehe oh! thank you! LOLOL

Apples? Yum!

Applications? Like job applications. Online forms. Taxes!!!

Gawd! Why are you making me think about _ taxxxxxxes??????_

I prefer apples.

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why didn't you find the hidden word for an SBI! LOLOL go find it go find it!!!! :)

Oh lawd! You are NOT asking me to THINK, are you???

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LOLOLOL what?!?!?!?!

Thst was my reply!!! Wut??

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Such a great initiative, @minimining you might want yo take a look at this, a cool way for you and your sin to soend more time doing offline stuff and getting rewarded on steemit!!! Have a read, im sure there is still time for you to get involved in beta testing.

@dreemsteem im not sure if i should giveaway the secret word directly in text since its all about the hunt and family+ of course!!! Also i finally sponsored those sbi shares to spunkee monkee today, so you should see results soon!!

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Right. But.....hrrrmmm well....no

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