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Hello Steemians! How's your Wednesday? Hope you are all doing well.Today's another round for our up-gage challenge , we're on its 56th , wooohoooo!!! And we got announcements on this round And that could be found below . Last round we had completed all 10 spots and i love how the engagement is going. Hope to see new participants this round. So let's go below and read important announcements that we'll be starting today. We have 3 and here they are.


Let's all welcome our 2 new entrants last round. We have @joanawatts and @paradigm42 . Guys , a warm welcome to up-gage challenge. Hope to see you on the next rounds...


After many rounds we have to let go our dear @jurich60 , she is already on her 56 reputation and can no longer join this and the next rounds. I would like to say thank you to her and for all her time and effort in joining tha challenge since day 1 , and for this i'll be sending you @jurich60 a small gift of appreciation. Don't worry valid entrants may still be able to recommend your posts. I wish you success on steemit , just keep going, and keep engaging . Minus one for the faithful up-gage participants. again , Thank you sooo much @jurich60 and congratulations on your level up reputation 🎉👏😘❤️




And the winner of 0.500 PLKN token each are @oluwashinaayomi and @ogoowinner . I've used google's random picker and no. 5 was generated, and that's your entry number last round. Your tokens has already been sent to your steem engine account , so go check it out. Thanks again @mermaidvampire for your support. To know more about PLKN To know more about plankton token check this post out or follow @plankton.token to be updated.

And those are our 3 new updates . Alright! , let's continue to get the challenge going. Here is the list of the participants in Round 55 and their recommended steemians.

List of Participants in Round 55

1.) @nasreena - recommended @playdice post

2.) @lonejaveed - recommended @bonp post

3.) @njjasim77 - recommended @nasreena post

4.) @jurich60 -recommended @theluvbug post

5.) @oluwashinaayomi -recommended @ogoowinner post

6.) @joanawatts - recommended @elaebi post

7.) @cdaveboyles23 - recommended @kendra19

8.) @paradigm42 - recommended @chris-the-batman post

9.) @deantonio - recommended @olivia08 post

10.) @dizzyapple - recommended @fernwehninja post

Thank you all guys sooo much for joining




I came up with this challenge as my giveback move to the very kind samaritan who delegated SP to me. I want to promote engagement first Thru commenting with others' post and give upvote as my support. So it's UPVOTE+ENGAGE = UP-GAGE*

The challenge is open to steemians whose reputation are 55 and below.

I post the challenge every Wednesdays and Saturdays


Recommend a post and Comment it on the challenge post . All you need to do is look for a new post , preferably 1 hour old post , but as much as possible, get a 15 minute-old post or below. And please recommend a post that has at least 30-50 words or less to explain what is it about the photo , not just one photo. Unless it's a photo story or an entry to a photo contest that doesn't require any explanation. Then get the post link and comment it to the challenge post.

Leave a meaningful and related comment to your recommended post with #up-gage . As you visit and recommend a post, please don't forget to comment on it , a worth reading comment for engagement purposes as well ,and of course please add the #up-gage on it.


What can you get out of the challenge

You and your recommended steemian will get my upvote for your recent post( my vote value would depend on your post content) and your comments for #up-gage plus 0.100 Steem for each valid participant sponsored always by my supportive sister @avhyaceulip. And of course you got to interact with a lot of other steemians..

There, very simple to join . Hope you can read this carefully and follow what you have to so we'll be fair to everyone. But don't forget to enjoy and have fun as well. Again, thank you to everyone who has been supporting #UP-GAGE CHALLENGE since round 1. I really appreciate all the efforts. I cannot tell until when i would have the delegation, but i hope even without that i can still run this challenge. But i should say, yeah sure I can, but the delegation has been a big help of course and i am so grateful for it. Again, let's keep steeming guys, like what i said will get tired ... but will never quit! Continue fighting and smile to the world!

I'd like to invite you all to @nathanmars twitter movement , kindly click on this and read the post fpr further info . Also, kindly follow @plankton.token for more exciting updates and rewards from the token made by @mermaidvampire .

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Kindly check @contestkings for more awesome and fun contest/challenge

You may visit them all and join the fun!

my awesome footer by dear @coquiunlimited

much love,

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hi there , thank you for joining this round , appreciate it.

#up-gage entry#5 ; steem sent

Thank you Maam

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you're very welcome sir 😉

thanks for your participation for this round. appreciate it.

#up-gage entry#1 ; steem sent

!plkn 0.5 Congratulations!

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hello , appreciate your participation , [email protected]!

#up-gage entry#2 ; steem sent

hello there , thanks for joining round 56 , appreciate it.

#up-gage entry#3 ; steem sent

Hi sis..eto ulet entry ko..thanks ng marami


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morning sis , appreciate your time and effort

#up-gage entry#4 ; steem sent

thanks for your time and effort @deantonio , appreciate it

#up-gage entry#6 ; steem sent

hello dear , thank you for your participation , appreciate it

#up-gage entry#7 ; steem sent

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thank you always @esteemapp and to the curator ❤️

Oh I guess my rep has disqualified me from participating

hahahahaha. let's use overqualified instead of disqualified. hehe. thanks for the visit dear

Nice post @zephalexia

hello dear kindly recommend another steemian's post

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So sorry accidentally I have pasted mine, here is another one
Thank you and sorry for any inconviniance


it's okay dear not a worry , appreciate your participation

#up-gage entry#8 ; steem sent

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Hey @zephalexia, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Here is reward for you !BEER

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