Adopt Me Week 11- The Freewrite House

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@blacklux had a fabulous idea - to adopt a redfish (or two) every week.

#adoptme is the hashtag to follow to support the newcomers and/or older little fish on this platform.

A redfish/plancton has less than 500 SP and no significant amount of Steem or SBD just sitting in the wallet.

The Freewrite House decided to join the fun!! Of course, being the Freewrite House, we are going to pick Freewriters for this process.

So what's this thing about?

Once a week we will pick 1 steemian (plankton/redfish) and we are going to adopt them. If we don't have a lot of other voting commitments that week, we might choose two.

We will upvote at 50%, up to 2 posts per day of the adopted steemians. We will also resteem 1 of their post per day for exactly 7 days.

Hopefully, many of you will support the redfish of the week as well and the steemian will grow in this platform.

@ blackly put out the call:

"I would like to see people doing the same, if we all adopt someone we can all grow together!"

And we listened.

How Do You Get Picked?

Every week, we will make a post to pick 1 or 2 new steemians. In the comments, write "ADOPT ME!"
That is all.

As long as this applies:

  • You Must be a FREEWRITER
  • You DON'T SPAM

Easy, right? So if you're a plankton, post original content and don't fill Steemit with spam - then you can be adopted!

Also: You can nominate people to be adopted, just write their name in the comments. If you do, please check and make sure that all the conditions apply to your nominee.

We will:

  • Check the profiles of all the people who apply
  • announce the name of the adopted Redfish(s) in a post.
  • The steemian(s) will get 7 days of upvotes and resteems!
  • We will use the hashtag #adoptme for all posts associated with this initiative.

The Uncle/Auntie Idea

To make this more impactful, @blacklux came up with the auntie and uncle idea.

If you want to help but all your upvotes are already committed? No worries, become an uncle/auntie to the adopted steemians!

How is that done?

Easy! Just resteem our adopted steemian(s) post for a week! That way you will help them to get more exposure here in this platform.

Tell us if you want to be and auntie/uncle and if you do the resteems, your name will be on the next post!!

We already have some dedicated Aunties and Uncles that are very supportive.

@kaelci is sponsoring each adoptee with 2 shares of SBI!!

Uncle Bruni @wonderwop is upvoting, resteeming and encouraging all the adopted little fish.

Let's do this!

Go and write Adopt Me! In the comments below.

@blacklux wrote:

If any other person wants to join me in this adoption madness feel free to use the #adoptme hashtag and tag me in your post! Also, resteem this, so all your friends can apply for adoption!

Tell a small fish about this!!!


Join us at the Isle of Write in the freewriter - retreat

art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics

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Adopt Me!

This is really a kind gesture from your side, as we are still improving and growing on this majestic platform named steemit, with all the original content and copied pictures link always mentioned, I try to enhance the quality of every blog I create, and I would love to be part of adopt me initiative. Thank you for this opportunity.

Great!! Are you freewriting with us? the daily prompt is published every day @mariannewest's profile

I'm a plankton looking forward to growing in this platform. Adopt me! <3

P.D. I'm actually a zooxanthella :D but I can be a planktonic organism when not in symbiosis with my beloved corals!

I love adopting #freewriters. 💕

I would love to be a part of freewritehouse. What a great community and helping to support newcomers. I hope someday to be in a position to do the same.

The next Adopt me post is going up on Friday. Make sure to put your adopt me request in the comments of that post :)

@sima369 since the post went up too late, she applied today at last week's post