The Art Of ULOGGING "Mines The Human". Even Your Cookies Have Value; "Own Them" And Steem And A Variety Of Rewards Will Start To Seek You Out.

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Every time i play in the midst of extreme pains, i gain insight and then create ginormously awesome things. 

In this post and likely in the next few posts after this, i will be playing. You will see me play in this very post in just about now:

Here are recent plans that will play out soon on

View all recent issues on the ULOGS GitHub here: (more to follow) 

So basically, i will add #teardrops #untalented (un(dis)talented) on and various other paradigms to the website to "mine the human". While steem tackles "proof of brain" for the most part, we add to this model by mining the "human".

If  you are to look at the recent issues that I have created on GitHub for, you will find very-pinpointly-specific entries, modeled to celebrate "everyone" regardless of SP levels, status etc. You will also notice that the default display on #ulog ( is "new" in place of "trending".

We will explain with insight upon the announcement of the website for full-blown use.

We want to build on "more "value" for "human"". "Humans" are not ordinary; they have never been! "Humans" were created in Jehovah's image, with most other creatures in its subjection. Every "human" is more than a celebrity. 

The world from a general perspective appears to have entered stages where crypto-kitties, superman, Blacky the millionaire cat etc is begin to present more "value" than humans.

We are going back to down-to-earth with! We are leaving outer-space. We coming back down-to-earth. 

Well, if you look more intently at the very current state of Mama Earth, "it has started going back" (with the advent of blockchain and especially, since the birth and use of the "steem blockchain").

Yes, with blockchain "that the world has begun going back "down-to-earth" is obviouser. One day, look at the steem blockchain closely. Over time, make the steem blockchain also a CCTV into the true state of the world and you will see these words of mine play out.

"The world is going back-to-earth and the inclination to do so, is now more popular than it once was".

Well, even oblivious to us, blockchain and especially, the steem blockchain is bring us back down-to-earth. 

"Humans" are now barer and there are many mirrors on the steem blockchain, making "humans" even all-the-more barer and "the painted-ness that once covered most of the surfaces, is losing paint".

The world is suddenly becoming beautifuller; realer; showing flaws and bearing the flaws etc because have we ever been flawless? Remove the paint and we are mere dust. "Brownish!". This is a beauty. Not crypto-kitties, not superman, not pokemon; "Brownish!"

On steem, we tend to forget "human" a bit in the presence of steem power etc until we start to go back to "human" because if we keep on hanging around on here on steemit, "we will go back" consciously or obliviously. 

Steem does something that is not so mentioned and that is where most of its power emanates (when it comes to real world adjustment), moreso than from the financial rewards its distributes or its price in the markets etc. It is in something that steem calls "proof of brain"; which in reality is only the preface because it is more of "proof of mind"

It rewards you for "mining the mind" incessantly in the midst of many "mirrors" (reputable great minds and a bare blockchain).

In separate post when i play again (under duress), i will do a special post to explain steem's beauty and for the first time, i will touch on EOS, to help (you) explain "steem's beauty".

In the one or two times i read of EOS, i see more of "steem's beauty". It is just like Michael Jackson and Usher Raymond. They are both dancers but every time, i see Usher dance, i see Michael Jackson video next because even the worst of AI(s), will suggest a Michael Jackson video somewhere in the mix.

Indeed, one utmosly powerful beauty of blockchain is; "exploring the  human". We want to create value built around the fact that the steem blockchain contains human. People pay to buy crypto-kitties, pugs, virtual babies etc won't people pay for things that constitute human? Well, we will very much find out real-time as enters full-blown fruition.

Yes, sometimes you feel, "why should people be interested in what i constitute; i am no Kim Kardashian". Well, a lot of that will adjust over the course of time as and the art of #ulogging enters full-blown state.

See this video by @snook:

The  art of #ulogging while it simply looks like "creating fresh content" that constitutes "you" daily; it is actually accomplishing "mining the human".

This is a recipe for positive world adjustment. 

Look at this screenshot closely. Please read every line with feelings and let see where you are at when you are done?

Did you see that as simple as the words on that screenshot looks, there is alot of "mining the human" involved?
Have you noticed how you have lived through each of many-days and not have paid conscious attention to some of the things in the list and if you did pay conscious attention, of how you may have not actually known them to be of much relevance to you?

Have  you really paid attention to these very tiny elements of you, "your very own cookies" that google etc have used to make millions or billions or trillions of dollars. Why then has google etc made money off of your cookies and you haven't? Well, because they see value in your cookies and you aren't even seeing your own cookies.

There is value in "your cookies", do you see? 

While you may feel like "everyone" else or perhaps, feel like you aren't some special person, that the world can pay attention to (celeb), your cookies (per day) are what's so not generic.

Well, if there is already testimonial evidence of google, Facebook etc making money out of your own cookies daily, then these tiniest elements of you, that you will pop out during the art of #ulogging (mining the human), do have immense "value" and can have to you too.

There is utmost value in "mining the human" but  mostly if you use your cookies yourself. Many of us don't use our cookies but you so would, when you become a Ulogger because you would carry out the art of #ulogging daily and consciously or obliviously, you will mine your own cookies and with your cookies now establishing "value" to you (deeply-rootedly), "a variety of rewards and the currency steem" will begin to seek you. 

Well, another core aspect that we will play out in relation to steem on is "a variety of rewards".

Each verified and certified ULOGGER (@uloggers) will have special perks as you will see even now, upon signing in on

So back to some play! What if I tell you that @ulogs is uncountallion steem industry, will you doubt me? Well, think thrice!

Many answers are simply simple. Once start to own our cookies (mine the human incessantly also through #ulogging), not only will it be "true celebrity-hood for "everyone" once and for all"; steem and variety of rewards is bound to seek out and frequency and oh, how these things (steem and variety of rewards) will love our frequency. 

bus(y/i)ness (Play)

Amidst all odds, i just played and now we have this: "bus(y/i)ness".

I simply added Mathematics into the English because while everything appears complicated in Math, look at the word "Mathematics" more intently and you will find English in it.

Like i always say, "while giant solutions lie in the first simplest obviousest solutions, we jump hastily to the nth complexest solutions first and even lose our(very)selves in the process, entering outer-space! Tons of answers even in relation to positive world adjustment are "down-to-earth".

Now that's was me yesterday. I have new shirt today. (I did play)

A day before Now!

I will be home soon and stronger and with more fire. "Your boy Terry" is a constant. I wasn't able to attend with you today, @melanie0625 and @zoeroces @chinito and the others at the steem meetup (June 24th 2018), but you may know why. Be shocked if i pop up there! (June 25th 2018)

Your Boy Terry


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I will be waking the YouTube channel up and storming it with steem/steemit related videos. My videos will contain rare Intel, "no    books" involved (in assimilateable bits).  

Quick Update:   

19,916 Steemit Posts Across #ulog, Since Its Birth A Month Ago! Is In Test Phase! We Can Now Simply Tell Friends To Join Steem To Try#ulogging!!!

Join in and become a ULOGGER today.   

You can use these graphics as comment responses while curation #ulogs as "true fans":

graphics was created by @iwrite and picked from a post of @purpledaisy57

You can get minimalist-design ULOGGER footers like this (below) from @chaelpacia :


I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

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Your Boy Terry @surpassinggoogle 


May God continue to bless you, good initiatives, forbidden to surrender, a great opportunity to change lives, you are an excellent agent of change. Thank you

Hi Terry, I am so proud of you, your efforts, and the great results coming from ulogs. I have been having my own problems with wifi and money and have not been keeping up well with visiting people's posts. But today I came to look and see your struggles and accomplishments. Your mom in heaven is so proud of you.

I know you are helping so many succeed here and I am doing my best to carry on. you and your father are in my prayers as is everyone trying to succeed here. We will, if we all stick together.

My best thoughts are to you, and thank you for everything you do for us all.

I can understand how hard it is for you to make the post here, But you are still here for us, you are writing for us!

I know #steemgigs and are your dreams and you want to fulfill themm as early as possible.

You want to fulfill them not just for you but for us, for your #ulogers like me, and we love you for that #terry,

You are our boy, you are our boy #terry <3

oh yes human's are the best Creature of God, and we here to spread the message of The God, The massage of Peace and love.

How can we spread this message?

For that, we need to become an observer, We need to observe the people around us, we need to observe that if there is someone who is in need of our help, and is hesitating to ask. if we found someone, it's our duty to help him, in this way we will spread love and peace, I can give you many examples, but the comment will go so long.

You know what Facebook is making millions of dollars using user cookies. and he not giving a penny to its users. That's sad.

On the other hand, #steemit and steem is giving you the power to help others as well as you can help yourself by creating good content, And that's one of the best things of this platform.

I do remember in the start Many bigs whales apposes the blockchain technology but you know what today they want to move their network to blockchain technology, this is the success of blockchain.

I hope #terry Your all issues regarding #ulog and #steemgig will be resolved soon :( I wish I could be a programmer :( but I'm not :(

IN the End, May God bless your father with health <3 My prayers are with you and your father.

hahaha thank you all. all felt and well said. as for developers there are now many. I thank Jehovah

You know what @surpassinggoogle <3 I like your hahaha, Glad to see you smiling :)

Prayers for your father. Everyone is excited to use the ULOG. Hope the issues will be resolved Sir as @abdulmanan says.

One of the things I admire about you is the power your words have to encourage us and make us feel like stars, many times we forget the value we have and we don't admire it, but always with your words and great ideas you encourage us, I respect you, even though you are in the hospital always working for the benefit of us, from now on you will have the support of everyone and I love to unify your ideas in! Thank you for your words, good luck.

Indeed. If it is me, I can't handle all these projects and can't handle to prioritize others if I'm in the middle of the problem, but as he says, the pain can create more ideas in his mind. He doesn't use the pain to fall.

Wow you have been progressing! The look is beautiful. Soon the whole website will be up after the minor fixes.

Yeah with the recent downtrend of crypto, we are back to the earth! :D

Much love to your father. How is his health now?

nothing much. he got calmer but today he had panicks. he was injected and he is currently asleep

Sir @surpassinggoogle, I admire your strong personality. Never let this struggle to contaminate you. God is greater than our problem.

We appreciate all your efforts Sir Terry. We had a blast last night! We understand you, your health is more important to us.

God bless you!

From @chinito, @zoeroces, @ishanvirtue and me!


Ulog is one of the most interesting thing on steemit, its like my online diary.

#ulog is not just interesting, it's a life-changing opportunity for all of us, It's opportunity for all of us to share our daily activities with our fellow steemain <3


I like it! Can we call it:
Fresh Fairtrade, hand picked, raw and organic free-range content?😜

I pray you are not sleeping under those low laying high voltage wires or near a cell tower. Is there a field near you that sprays pesticides?

Your heart is bigger than the world! I pray for positive movements forward with your health and even more calmer days for your beloved father.

Indeed. Let's always support Sir @surpassinggoogle!

I enjoy being a celebrity, like wise, i am enjoying being a true fan. It was indeed a pleasure and a beautiful experience to share a bit of my life to everybody. I am so excited and thrilled about "mining the mind". Thank you @surpassinggoogle and @ulogs for a beautiful opportunity.

U are the one of the talent person who always explore for our talent and our feeling to express by initiating #steem-untalented #ulogs #teardrops #steemgigs
Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle
Yours @summisimeon

We did miss you last Sat night. But @maverickinvictus, @mermaidvampire, @snook and the others were able to fill in. But I am honestly glad you are resting. You need to so you can continue your mission in life. Take care and see you next discord.

You are a great terry, follow your projects

I do not overcome your words of encouragement, you encourage anyone who wants to throw the towel, you are excellent
#ulog is the best you could do brings everything I need

I hope your father is well
Greetings terry see you in the next 😘

Very wonderful article
You really give us very great information, my friend
I will vote for you as a witness because you are a successful person
You are like me here

Encourage your friends to vote him too, he deserves more votes from us.

Never let the pain to drag you down but rise up and wow, you're a strong person to handle that test in you. You will overcome it and you're one of God's King of an overcomer. I admire your strength. God has a big smile for you because you know this is the undone process.

Lemme try using the ulog repository. Congrats Sir!

Ulogs is my favorite its just like what i want,and get a lot of response too comapared to steemit,i am so glad to see new instead of trending,this will help lot of newcomers,Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle.

What could have possibly happen to us if a @surpassinggoogle was not around steem/steemit? Thank you so much Sir Terry for always working hard for the good of all despite of your own struggles. Thank you for creating the idea of #ulog :)

So much love from all of us sir terry .and prayers for your dad ..thank you for your neverending support to us..god bless you @supassinggoogle

wow! After I read your story I couldn't help myself to be amaze. You encountered sadness, worries and even teardrops may fall, but still you encourage us to do greater in #ulog when infact we must be the one encouraging you because of what you've been through now. My words are not enough to repay you. Even if I never had a chance to know you I can be certain that you really are a nice person, God love's you for sure and the feeling you felt now will be replace of happiness and I want to witness to see that smile in your face. You always supported me sir, and I thank you for that. But I won't be selfish this time, you can ignore my post once you are already fine. Take a pause of supporting us and take care of yourself, I want to support you whatever you want to do in the future and I'm hoping to see you're happy in person. Thank you @surpassinggoogle, God bless you and your family, and I pray for your father to be in good health.

I hope that all the issues in the will be ironed out soon. I am excited to see your other programs in

Praying for your Dad's recovery Sir Terry.

Wow! I'm starting to love #ulogs! I watch @snook video and it really gives me a motivation an idea what to post in ulogs. Also the tips posted here by Sir @surpassinggoggle is indeed very helpful! Despite of your busy life you still here giving us valuable information to keep motivated and keep on steeming! Again, thank you Sir @surpassinggoggle!😊😊

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for this wonderful post. We are sure going back to earth. Originality and yes every human is vital.

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for acknowledging the importance of every human life irrespective of the different levels or classes in which the world today grades us, Ulogging is a reminder that we are all important and play vital roles in the community even in as little as our existence.

thank you for that great support and recognize the importance of human life a thousand blessings greeting

@ulogs is one of my favourite platform in the steemit it.It helps the minnows like me to show the talent to the steemit world.It is helping many many and many more minnows to swim in the sea of steemit.It is just like a lifeboat in the sea of steemit.
Iam really happy to be a part of this family.Hope in the coming future u help many other minnows with your ideas.Iam really thankful to you.Thanks for everything you have done @surpassinggoogle
Hope everything goes fine in your life.I pray God to overcome difficulties in your life.

Your initiatives are doing very well. Firstly steemgigs and now, I like both. Your endeavor for success will be fruitful.

You are looking a brave commando and you are a strong man! You have to stay strong, helping everyone out.

Your dad will be fine soon. It is a part of life. We have to suffer from bad times. But those who stay brave will survive it. :)

I tried to copy your style! :D

I call this post- Ulogs made simple?
With the analysis on the screenshot, a #ulogs post can be anything about YOU(me).
We wish your dad a quick recovery.

Please give me upvote Sir...

@isumona this is not the way things work here, instead of this comment you should had written a comment according to the post :)

Well done @surpassinggoogle as @tomboy said the its like a daily diary its also a place to share daily event that happened ulog is beyond the ordinary

I love your products... thanks for you sir... upvote done sir...

@surpassinggoogle, still seeing your dad in the hospital still give me pain, have always pray for you both, specially to him (your dad.. Mr Ajayi) for restoration of strength and good health. I will be writing a ulog prayer post for your dad... On my blog today, even though i myself have been sick slightly but would pray and tell some pastors to intercede. And i believe hes going to be fit again..

God strengthen you the more sir #terryboy

That's really a nice initiative there seeing the ulog website in full form and also in the github. Have been a ulogger, though I don't post a lot about my day experience because right here am a student and don't really have time blogging. But since I joined the Steemgig and ulog initiative, I must say it's been really interesting.
Sir Terry Jerry keep on doing the good works. And I love your shirt. Wish to get one lol

#Ulog just got better. Awwwww greetings to Dad. May Jehovah stretch forth His healing hands into his system. Nice shirt


Wow, you look like a soldier sir. Commandeering the life in to us by your amazing posts, you are our celebrity and we your fans.

#ulog has been really helpful to me in getting a lot off my mind. Thanks for the mind opening information about cookies, I'll pay more attention to mine.

Warmest regards to your dad.

Thank you for this post. I know you are in pain and with your Dad.

I hope many people will find out that their lives do matter and they are interesting!!

Many prayers and much healing light sent your way!!

I always use the two tags, I follow instructions, I writes what should be considered as ulog but for the past ten days now you are yet to visit any of posts

if I miss you there I may reach you here. I have been doing hospital for days. but I am surenot I have reached your post cos I have seen your face an know it in mu head, and you are lighter complexioned than in your thumbnail. too 19916 posts after the first one month, there is boumd to be delays but I tell you no losslonger. whileyou mau look at today, I lopk the teardrops token and things done can pay off then

Thanks much Sir Terry. Keep shining, hope daddy get well soon

Ulog reminds us all of our importance, it helps is feel needed and acknowledged, we are all celebrities in our different niches, we are all created in Jehova's image. . Thank you for this revolutionary feeling you have given us @surpassinggoogle

I hope your daddy is better now, and if he hasn't, I pray to God for his quick recovery and he comes back home with you and he talk to you like he always do before the absence of your mom that made him that way
I pray he opens his eyes and see his son shinning among the steemians and proud

Great and superhuman thats the name i give you....all your talks are on how human race will get better, the pains are nothing to value their smiles than your pains....God bless you @surpassinggoogle... Resteemed!

I hope your dad is better now. I pray for his full recovery in Jesus name.

We missed you at the talk show yesterday buh I'm happy to tell you that it went well and we had a great time

Yes Terry this is beautiful intel and an inspiration to keep mining my mind and human!

Strength for you and Recovery for Daddy Ajayi
Keep shining!


I shall be having more time now on hand now as you know with the recent events. So hope to put out ulogs daily with an intent to say something meaningful.

I love your project.
Upvote and resteemit done sir.

Thanks for you sir

Glad to see someone is trying to help the community with the initiative like #ulogs and #steemgigs. We love you @surpassinggoogle and we love #ulog and #steemgig,
keep it up your great work mate.

Sad to know about your Father.
My prayer is with him.
God bless him always.

Amazing....mining the human and proof of brain.
You know its easy to get lost in steemit and forget our real selves. Thanks to #ulog, we remember to consciousky celebrate ourselves.
I am a jehivah carrier. Am more than a celelbrity.

You know for sometimes, my friends have kinda been fed up simply because they post content, but never get rewarded.but now, i feel celebrating yourself and getting rewarded is the best so far in steemit. I will re-energize the, and share them the good news.

Thank you for strength and hope you're feeling good and better?

If i may ask,what happening at the hospital? Hope everything is fine?

Success forever for you sir,,, 👍

What a wonderful musical tribute to @SurpassingGoogle as he takes care of his father in the hospital. So beautifully and lovingly sung. Thank you, @dynamicgreentk!!! xxx

We are being more and more human in an on chain environment as we get more involved in seeing the humanity.

It is good to know you have more developers and those that believe in your vision for ulogs.

I am happy that you rested even a bit.

People will help you all you need is to reach out to all the hands offering their love to you.

If only you felt the same way about avocados... Jk! You really stepped up and gave us your A game yesterday, thank you!

from time to time I come here to your profile to see you updates and great efforts ....go a head wish you all the success for ever dear friend @surpassinggoogle

I love to reading your variation of blogs @surpassinggoogle.
#ulog wanna amazing hashtag community. Great encouraging you given to community. Keep going Terry

Great post sir.
All steemit friends Follow me👇👇👌✍✍

#ulog is a brilliant and empressive concept on steemit. I really loved it. Please check out my latest article.. this is for the whole family of sir @surpassinggoogle.. Thank you and God bless!


thank you for giving us the best information thousand success and blessings friend greetings

Important information. We are alaways with your all programme. Wish your father recover to well soon

Wow, you look like a soldier sir. Commandeering the life in to us by your amazing posts, you are our celebrity and we your fans.

Please am very sorry for asking you to upvote my post, it is a mistake. thanks

Please am very sorry for asking you to upvote my post, it is a mistake. thanks

Woow!..... You've said it all @surpassinggoogle, the idea of #ulog on Steemit makes we humans not forget ourselves thereby getting caught up in the Bot activities rather than our individual lives. Thumbs up to this.

After reading this, i want to follow #ulog every step all the way through out its growth on Steemit

I don't know about that site..please could you help in getting on dat..thanking you ..yours @dayaabhishek

Your ulog is great, I wish I could do a better ulog someday.. and I wish your dad feel better soon,and get will. Take good care 😊😊

Life of an hero is a motivation for others. Despite all you are passing through, you still find some time for us here. You are a real hero. Wishing dad a quick recovery.

I have read it heartedly to understand it more clearly as crystal clear. So fascinating words tackled my little knowledge then...boom! Nosebleed lol. I am trully mesmerized on your deep words bro Terry 😁, good thing google is our bestfriend to look for definitions/meaning of your great words. This really educated me! I thank you a million @surpassinggoogle for you always care for "humans", giving all your very strengths for us "human". Jehovah blessed and guided you bro Terry.

That's great post sir 👌.
Steemit friends Follow me 👇👇✍✍✍✍✍DQmSvuobuW9wzxwKu37YMREHUqsQRvEJ9nNVvwVQWnhZxYA_1680x8400.jpg

Thanks for you and most welcome my dear sir... I am missing @ulog so much, i love been where @surpassinggoogle is, his large heart is awefully wonderful...anywhere or anybody who respects human and seek for their smiles deserves an honour....i appreciate the wonderful recognisation given to people around the is said.. Nation is a location. We are one humans...#upvote and #resteemit done sir...

Thanks so much for your heart to us everyone and for the hardwork. Praying for your father's health and for the success ofof #ulogs with #untalented and teardrops. God bless you and hope you'll find some rest for your health.


I love the expression. I appreciate that no matter what "beautiful distraction" there is, you are still here with us. Keep playing and we will be here to enjoy your "plays".

, i will add #teardrops #untalented (un(dis)talented) on and various other paradigms to the website to "mine the human". While steem tackles "proof of brain" for the most part, we add to this model by mining the "human".

I'll wait for this

This comment was made from

Yes we are miners of our thoughts @surpassinggoogle and nothing is more innovative than to use the human in us to help ourselves and the people around us for that empowerment goals and ultimately to reach our desired happiness.

A big thanks to everything, for giving us value and for making us realize that we have value and even our cookies does have. Thanks that in spite all the struggles with your father's health and you for not having a good rest and also for some conflict in programming works your still striving so hard for us. Thanks much my steemvp @surpassinggoogle. Praying for your family's entire good health and for the success of having #ulog,#untalented and #teardrops in it. Thanks for being so kind ans for the generous and big heart you have.

Please check my thankful post as my contribution to @mermaidvampires #givebackchallenge (#givingbackchallenge) it's dedicated to you and your goodness my #steemvp. A big thanks to you..

I am glad to be a witness of just how you turn pain into power. Fight strong! You will win this. God bless!

Ulogs which are powered by @surpassinggoogle is amazing,great features great community,and now i see lot of newbees are doing well,they started to bealive in themself sir,i really appriciate your work a lot,all the best for future projects sir.

You are really so great [email protected]

I believe in humanity again. Thanks @surpassinggoogle .

Wow it amzing information I got write now it being so greatly for me

Mines The Human is amazing concept sir,great idea to impliment new instead of trending hope most of them gets benifits from this.

Thanks for share this . DEar friend you have a new follower . Help me to grow up in Steemit . Thanks

I heard you're not feeling very well nowadays, sir terry @surpassinggoogle. I hope for your speedy recovery, man.

I heard you're not feeling very well nowadays, sir terry @surpassinggoogle. I hope for your speedy recovery, man.

That's great job sir.
upvote and resteemit done sir 👌

Once upon a time facebook is everything but now ulogs are my life got learning and earning in same place,thank you terry boy.

Ulogs are next best thing in this world,they are cool and awesome this looks like an instagram for me,Thanks @surpassinggoogle i really love your idea behind it.

Ulogs is a great idea that what has kept me going when i was in steemit i was feeling like i am in no mans land,but the introduction of ulogs has made a real difference in my life.

wish u all the best for all your efforts your doing for all of us in the community & thank you brother, we know you're in pain right now but still you keep on doing things for us. May Jah bless you and give u and your Dad good health

This comment was made from

Ulogs are so hot sir,sice its has been introduced a month before the kind of response you got is amazing,credit must be given to @surpassinggoogle as you are amazing person you keeps everthing so simple and the way you support these people is quite amazing,within no time i have become a big fan of you,always i wish you for a greater success.

Wishing you and your projects all the best!

Thank you so much sir for introducing ulogs,these are awesome in alfha stage only started to create wonders,looking at people joy i am so happy,once again thank you so much sir.

Hello sir,great updates this time sir,this new tag instead of trending is a great idea sir,hope your father is well sir,everything will be fine sir,have a great day.

Hello sir congrats on this great success now morethan 20000 are using ulogs and still running successfully in a long run it will dictate the terms for blogging sir,Thank you so much for your support towards ulogs.

@surpassinggoogle ulogs are creating a lot of impact people loving to use ulogs,its a great experience sir,thank you so much sir,loving discord too sir,we are having lot of people who are loving ulogs than anything else.

Please am very sorry for asking you to upvote my post, it is a mistake. thank

Please am very sorry for asking you to upvote my post, it is a mistake. thank

Hi friend @surpassinggoogle, the work you've done so far is wonderful, and many people are grateful for that. Everything that is proposed has a purpose that every time has an added value and that does not stop surprising.
For a long time I have seen how he has worked without stopping to achieve something good within the platform.

Please am very sorry for asking you to upvote my post, it is a mistake. thank

This is my song offering for you Sir Terry.I hope you like it and help ease your pain in your heart and mind.Jehovah God loves you!

excellent project I hope continue with that hard work will reach the proposed goals thanks for sharing the information and visit the site to be high

Excelente post me parecio interesante, y sobre todo el video,saludos.

I did it all for the cookie! waoo I see many people pleased with this new project I congratulate you @surppassinggoogle is excellent as you have won thousands of people, and now you have won me too, from now on I will be your new follower I will follow your every step
Greetings, Mr. Terry

I love using this new condenser.I am using it now
God bless you Sir Terry.We always love you.I hope your dad will be going better.

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