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What makes you a "legitimate" and or "worthy" human being? At the moment there is no clear standard document on to the "legitimacy" and or "worthiness" of anyone. There's various governmental "identifications" that are used to "enforce" legitimacy of movement.

The legitimacy of movement based upon "governmental identification" is questionable at best.

  • Do we really need Identification in order to move and participate? At the moment - mostly yes - if you do not have the right identification you are simply detained and or denied access to certain movements. Identification is a somewhat "radical" issue in that it's like this crazy outflow of "property rights". The "property rights" get into the question - "Who owns the citizens of a nation?"
  • "Who owns the citizens of a nation?" This question sounds absolutely into the nest of ridiculousness! It is and it isn't. Have a look - You are basically the property of your nation state. Like cattle. Depending on your current financial situation you can be defined as either a "free range cattle - headed for the slaughter" or a, "close quarters confined cattle - headed for the slaughter". Either way...it's a slaughter house of sorts.
  • Why is each nation state like a "slaughter house"? There's no real regard for human life. This is evident within the political landscape where the "politics" are not shared equally through the media. Politics/government is about primarily one thing and one thing only - Money. It's not personal or emotional - it's simply about money. Government functions according to money. Government is suppose to be the "protocols" for the effectiveness of movement of money. That is in fact the role of government - to support the best currency movement throughout the nation and so the world. The interesting thing is that the "news" is so dumbed down...like such a waste....that the financial literacy.....the real issues get lost in the reporting.
  • Identity doesn't have to be this draconian thing. It could be useful to have everyone's identification to support with best care taking. It may seem like a bit of a stretch at the moment - but it is possible for government to not suck and be this completely mostly useless thing - it's a process of ironing out the wrinkles - granted sometimes it's awhile to iron out the details.

  • What about a future in which the organization of resources of a nation was connected to and accounted for all the people in the nation? It's interesting because Humans are arguably one of the most devalued resources on the planet...possible the most devalued because the level of regard is staggeringly low - this is evident by the fact that many of the biggest companies/corporations in the world have been participating in the "low baller effect" where it is a race to the bottom - the name of the game is "cost cutting" and "undercutting"...."low balling the price" for short term gain.

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There's a lot that can be opened up here - I think these kinds of "world system" conversations are worth having and also projecting to the future, solutions that make sense for future generations to come - where it's like. "maybe it takes a while for common sense to actually ripple out from country to country"...."but maybe if enough people are speaking the language of common sense, future generations will be able to apply the message...and hind sight will be 20/20."

The writing of this post was inspired by the news article: Promoting Voter ID, Trump Says ID Needed to Buy Groceries

  • Data collection could really be the coolest thing - data analyzing could actually really help solve a lot of issues - the catch 22 is the structural alignment point of "people" realizing we are valuable resources - Life being the essence here.

  • The future could be way more organized in terms of establishing support systems that are actually supporting best information processing practices. I am thinking about how the "operating systems of the world" can be complimentary and accommodating - like lets take medical as an example system - Imagine your medical systems is telling you exactly what nutrients you need...what chemicals...what supplements...making everything way more scientifically factual. "Imagine getting a text saying head down the street and you can pick up a magnesium supplement...your levels have just depleted.." Or better yet - "turn your replicator on and click approve".

  • A world of transparency seems like a scary thing when the current reality is mostly that of secrecy and hidden horrors.

  • When everyone's identification is accounted for, perhaps it's possible to make sure all life is valued and has the right to eat!?

  • Should it be a human dignified right to have food, shelter and basic living accommodations? Or is it better to have a fight to see who can "deserve" it more? Is the separation of man a delusion we've been playing make believe reality?

  • Would it maybe be better to have a bottom level "fighting pit" where you must first "fight to survive" and only if you "make it out of the fighting pit" are you worthy of "privilege" in this world? Public education system right?

  • Sometimes issues/information is positioned a certain way to illicit emotional reactionary responses - I find it helpful to identify my emotional reactions and go beyond them and to see all angles on the point/circle.

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Cheers to STEEM POWER and this ongoing incredible world wide social experiment!

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  • What I like about this social experiment, is the fact that it's success is directly dependent on ordinary people everywhere - where there's a willingness to say,

"Yes - I accept a weekly payment for being a human being to cover my basic costs of Existing Here." @worldclassplayer





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excellent post 📪..I always follow you.

Thank you so much

In my humble version of reality, you are me and I am you. Identification is not required. But hey, what do I know? Less everyday it seems. Thanks for the post. Peace and goodwill.

please support me.. Friends

wonderful post!! Keep up the excellent work.

Great post.Go ahead my dear friend @worldclassplayer

All of your posts are much better.. I like it

"What makes you a "legitimate" and or "worthy" human being?"

Good question. I never thought of this, but perhaps its one that does the Will of their Creator.

How is a Robot assessed of its value? How well it performs to the dictates of its Creator.

I don't mean to use that example to dehumanize humans, I use that example to illustrate the relationship between The Creator and The Created.

Excellent post sir,very informative.

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