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Continuing from the previous posting, Mutual Consequences in Relationships:

When and as I see myself jumping into things quite quickly - I stop and breathe - I take a look at myself and the way I've been acting/reacting and ground any energy in me that is creating like a "flighty" and "floaty" experience within myself. I realize it's when I am within a "flighty and floaty" experience that I am inclined to rush my decision making and compromise my best decisions/actions. I realize this is a consequence of creating a sort of emotional/feeling dependency within myself where it's like I am feeding off the experiences I am creating within myself and making believe it to be a sort of external magic when the reality is that I've been entirely hypnotized by my own choices. I realize there's great responsibility in the decisions we make from the very small to the very big and by having well developed principles - one is able to navigate through life based on living principles - I realize my starting point in relationships will shape the very definition of the relationships.

I realize, understand and know the balance between my internal reality and my external reality. I realize the harmony within is equal to the harmony without.

I realize any sort of external hypnosis is a result of an accepted and allowed internal hypnosis, and that hypnosis has to do specifically with the state of our consciousness.

I realize I am responsible for my consciousness.

I realize I create my own states of mind.

I realize I do not require to deliberately hold myself in particular states of mind in order to function as a human being.

I realize more often than not, how I've compromised my best living has been a result of stubbornly holding myself within a particular state of mind.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for holding relationships within myself in a particular state of mind that I am in a way controlling and limiting myself and the relationship.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to wrestle to hold onto particular states of mind that I feel I should fight to hold onto.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create a sort of morality about particular states of mind as being better or worse.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be insensitive with myself in forcing myself to hold onto particular states of mind and within this not really considering Me.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to take offense and defense to individual's states of mind - not realizing and understanding my own reactions to the particular states I find myself having these ever so subtle reactions to.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how to best correct myself in the moment in a way that is swift in efficiency. I realize by allowing myself to be honest about what I am seeing and experiencing - I naturally let go of the need to fight with various states of mind. I realize I've conditioned myself to quite naturally wrestle with various states of mind and kind of superimpose a sort of submission and suppression - I forgive myself for not realizing and understanding how I've been unconsciously doing this to myself and playing out this kind of reactive responsiveness to others in my reality.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for kind of expecting others in my reality to want to wrestle as like a form of play that can be good. I forgive myself for not realizing and understanding I've been seeking out a sparring partner of sorts because I haven't understood how or Why on a deep level I've been wrestling with myself in my own thoughts/thinking/living/planning.

When and as I see myself looking/seeking for something in another - I realize and understand that this is a time of self-reflection and the attributes I may be seeking in a partner, may very well be points of suppression within and as myself. I realize often when I am looking for something in another, it is a result of me missing a part of me that I am not realizing exists within myself. I realize the external is here to support our best caring for our internal reality.

I commit myself to utilizing my external reality as a cross reference for my best internal care taking.

I commit myself to using my external reality as a canvass for expressing my internal reality.

infinity of love consequence.jpg

To be continued

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"I commit myself to using my external reality as a canvass for expressing my internal reality."

That line to me expresses the interlink between the two mirrors... that of The Creator and The Created. If more people navigated their lives by paying more attention to the input/output system that this dynamic entails, people would make better decisions in terms of how they navigate their lives, and would optimize the probability of reaching their goals.

Why? - Because they will then find themselves being more in line with doing activities their Creator created them to do and they then have the momentum of the universe.

My point is, a number of querents ask me how to optimize their lives for desirable outcomes without having sufficient awareness of what they are 'inputting' that is leading them to get undesirable 'outputs'. So if one can generate 'inputs' into the Matrix that is in line with their Greater Will/purpose for existence/reason why they were Created by The Creator... that is how they evoke having the momentum of the universe behind their actions.


Thaaaaank Youuu @zero-infinity for adding clarity to the narrative here - your words are much appreciated - Best Regards All Ways :)

Great explanation love your ideas thanks a lot,have a great day.

Explained me a new chapter in relationships,thank you so much.

I like the way he is able to explain the subject in an assertive way