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We are talking about the quality of being worthy of attention and importance. An interesting reflection occurred for me quite recently - that being in regards to the question, what is one of the most significant things to happen to you?

Initially for me what came up was this experience of myself where I received a question in the form of a 'helping hand' and 'stepping stone of support' from a friend when I was close to an edge that there was no coming back from once you go over that edge.

What made this moment significant for me was the reflection of it all as the accumulation of past moments that led to shaping the moment itself and so in many ways, 'the moment itself' was a result of a series of significance for myself that I had worked and challenged myself through for years.

It was all the questions I had been asking myself for years. It just so happened that I got myself caught up in a loss and I needed help and it was the simplicity of one friend who made the time and space to talk and simply asked me, Who are You?

My immediate answer:

I know this...

I am Everything Mannnn!

In answering the question it grounded me within myself - I had gotten too floaty - and simply speaking the words and embodying the words as myself in living the response ability as who I am here - Was wildly sobering to see the extent in which I had been under the influence of my own doing' own spells....

In one moment I stopped and everything changed.

  • The sharing here today is inspired by: Marilyn Monroe: My Most Significant Moment of Realization - Journeys Into the Afterlife - Part 98

  • In my sharing in my initial response to the question I opened up other points which didn't really have the same darkness element to it. The recording helped me to realize that "Significance" can come from any and all moments. So much so it's part of the accumulation of moments that bring about an intersection as the moment we are in. There's so much more to the story than the one moment. This was a cool point of clarity for me because, How often do we celebrate our victories...our successes and keep quiet about the whole iceberg we went through of challenges and difficulties that were challenging, disappointing, frustrating and sad?

  • I realized that much of "Significance" can be drawn out of things that one might not initially define as so positive or even uplifting.....but when you really look and dig deep for real, it becomes rather obvious that these difficult and uncomfortable moments are some of the most pivotal moments in creating/crafting our best result. It's like the end result is significant....but the real significance to the end result is in the story of trial and error...the journey through the peaks and valleys of adversity.

This post is an expansion and addition to the post, "What is Most Important In and as Life?"

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It is unbelievable the power of reflection and the effect it has on perspective. Stop and breath and calculate and the grind is more pleasant for sure.


Forrrrrr Suuuuurrrrre!

each must have twists and turns in his life had collapsed and also been at the peak of success. realizing success and failure are merely a deposit and used as a barometer in making the remaining decisions is maturity and wisdom


niiiiice articulation