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I have a personal share story here. I've been exploring myself through creating awareness of my breathing....deliberately playing with the way my breathing works with the in and the out and the in between.

I've been doing cold showers daily as a deliberate way for me to work and play with my breathing - the cold shower is a physical way to create conditions to support with breath work. A bit of an intense exercise...so if it's new to you, my best suggestion is that you ease yourself into it and don't go so extreme with your cold exposure initially.

The work with the cold showers has been about "slowing down" inside myself and realizing just how much my body enjoys holding onto lots of oxygen. The experience is very invigorating.

New exploration within exercise - Biking.

For me I've been a bit of a mouth breather at times and a bit loose with the awareness where it's like I am not really standing 100% in awareness of the move in and the hold and the move out and the hold and the repetition within this.

So - I was out riding my bicycle in 30 degree Celsius weather and I was doing some endurance training....long distance riding...and I always kind of periodically opened my mouth...and even kept my mouth open at times. So in realizing this and just thinking practical about the movements of myself connected to breathing and my efficiency in the performance of riding my bike to the best of my abilities....

I started riding my bike and breathing differently. I started playing with regulating my breathing through my nose. Putting a guard in front of my mouth basically which was a deliberately conscious effort..so it was in through the nose...hold.....and let go through the nose...hold...and repeat. Within this I played with my holds in between breath. What I noticed was that I increased my stamina and overall performance capacity and I actually expanded my range of endurance in terms of distance travelled.

Another interesting thing happened: I quite naturally was regulating my own internal temperature in a more optimum way. Despite the temperature being 30+ degrees Celsius, I remained mostly chill - in a very calm, cool and collected way within myself. I wasn't hardly sweating and I was continuously...periodically really pushing my power in doing some high intensity movements within the pause in my breath. I surprised myself with how far I was able to go in between breaths in terms of my physical out put expenditure as the effort I gave to the movement.

Last evening before bed, I came across the recording, Infinite Moment of Breath - Back to Basics - This recording aligned so much with what I serendipitously began experimenting with while biking. In listening to the recording while laying in bed, I continued to experiment with my breathing and I found it quite fascinating that there was a sort of conditioned restraint within my body and my breathing...where it became a bit of an exercised-self-movement-effort to breathe in a balanced way within and without. I noticed it was the letting go all the way and committing to that which was the most labor uncomfortable part of the process.

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To be continued - As I see "Breathing" as one of the most important things a human can really know. I keep encountering people in different circles who share this same basic regard and attention to breath as key to our best physical living. Breathe Well.

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