ULOG: Good Report from Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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6 years ago my wife went through cancer treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. She had both chemo and radiation.

  • Last week we went for the 6 year check.
    • She is still cancer free.
    • Her cancer markers have actually come down, after quitting smoking for about a month.
    • All tests turn out great.
      • I'm very happy!!!

We've been going to the CTCA in Zion, IL. When she went through treatment her doctor was rated #2 or 3 in the whole nation for her type of cancer. She has since retired.


I don't recommend anyone getting cancer, but if you do find yourself in that situation, I highly recommend Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They are a class act. The man who started CTCA saw his Mom treated like a number when she was getting cancer treatment. He saw this as an opportunity to create a unique kind of hospital. One that treats the mind, body and soul.
He chose the boy with an airplane as their mascot...

They took really good care of my wife.

  • They put together a team to work with her during her treatments and even on followup visits. This consists of a nutritionist, naturopathy (holistic) healing, her doctor, her nurse, and a person to call to make sure everything is going correctly and to take care of any problems situations...
  • They have a great cafeteria and even pay for your meal.
  • They pay for transportation of the patient to and from the hospital. If you drive, they cut you a mileage check.
  • They have hotels to stay at at a discount rate. When she went through 6 weeks of radiation treatment, her daughter and her stayed at a special long term type of apartment/hotel.
  • They have state of the art equipment. I remember them saying their radiation machine could treat a problem with the eye without damaging the eye. That's pretty rare and pretty exact.
  • They are ahead of the curve when it comes to diagnosing and treating all kinds of cancer.

They took care of each and every situation my wife went through. She was always treated politely.

I can't speak highly enough of them.

If you or anyone you know ever gets cancer, please check them out. At the very least go there to get a second opinion. They will pay you to come meet them and check them out.

  • We got to know a couple of different people who were doing great while going to CTCA. For one reason or another, they started going to their local hospital for treatment. Neither made it. I think they may still have been alive had they continued to go to CTCA.

If you happen to end up visiting the Zion, IL, and like to fish, you may be interested in the MONSTER King Salmon we caught during one treatment trip...

I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!


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