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Today's harvest from the garden.


Guess what I had for lunch?
Open tomato sandwiches...

  • Toast, spin blend, tomatoes, salt & garlic

If more people were able to grow tomatoes, the world would be a happier place. You find joy when eating a sun ripened tomato fresh from the garden. It might be impossible to have a bad day after eating one.

  • It is also very healthy. It contains lycopene which is good for the heart and fighting cancers.

Desert was 1/2 a cantaloupe.

  • We've had a few smaller ones that have now been eaten. These are getting a bit bigger.
    Some "regular size" ones are ripening now.

Do you have a giving heart?

Today I was at our local farm store (Orscheln) shopping for railroad ties. A guy gets my attention by tossing me an onion and saying "think fast." haha I looked at him and noticed he was a bit eccentric. His pants were tucked in his socks. Around here, we just don't do that. haha We chit chatted a bit. He had moved here from Ohio to take care of his sister who was going blind. He asked if I could deliver a couple of ties to him in town, and I said sure. He was driving an older Mercedes, so obviously that wouldn't work for these... He went in to pay for them. When he came back he said, I bought 3. 2 for me and one for you. These are going for $15, so that was great.

  • I went in to purchase 11 more and ran into the assistant manager I worked with back about 20 years ago. We chit chatted a bit. We both had moved around a bit since then and ended back where we started.

Wake up call.

I turned 59 this year and today is the first I've really noticed I've lost a step. Whew! I got those RR ties unloaded, but they weren't nearly as easy to wrestle as when I was younger. Unloading and stacking a dozen of them, left me pretty wore out. In fact, I took a nap. haha

  • I can either accept that I'm getting older, or do something about it. I choose option 2. Time to do a bit of strength training. It's pretty hard to beat pushups as a start.

Which brings me to my next point...

@actifit woes

I went to post my actifit info and it showed I had 0 activity. Hmm, not sure what happened... It seems to be working now.

My chess game

I hit 1100 rating. So, my chess game is improving a bit. I'm getting better competition now, since the app from chess.com tries to match you with similar rated players. The app will analyze your play and point out mistakes and blunders then show you better moves you could have made. That has been very helpful once I started using it. I've also been watching chess youtubes here and there when I find time.


I enjoyed my day off.

I hope you had a wonderful day, too!


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That's a lot of tomatoes. I also have too many so I appreciate fellow tomato farmers and fresh and new ideas with what to do with my tomatoes.


What a nice "problem" to have!
...too many garden fresh make-me-smile-when-I-eat-one tomatoes...


My neighbors who get free tomatoes agree haha.

Tomatoes from your garden are tough to beat for flavor and the health benefits.

I've been feeling your 59 since I was 47, if I remember right. Not fun, especially if the exercise done is just keeping up with being, in my case 52, without any more deterioration. Seems like more energy needs to be exerted just keep up, let alone do anything more. I guess keeping up is better than nothing, but not when you're used to being in front part of the pack.

It's nice to run into people who are giving, and then to reciprocate. I need to get back into doing that more, I think. Not easy to do when I'm sitting in front of a computer all day. :)

What are you going to do with the railroad ties? Sounds like a project brewing. Maybe I missed a post?!


I'll use them to stabilize the skirting a bit better and keep the dirt from washing away. These are heavy enough I won't have to worry about the wind...

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