ULOGGERS: Today's Certified and Verified ULOGGER (True Celebrity) is "@enjieneer". Join In As Her "True Fans". We Will Fix Many Worries!!!

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"True celebrity-hood" once and for all, for "everyone"

 Basically, a ULOG has two core parts, covering "everyone";  

  • True Celebrities
  • True Fans

However with ULOGS, we will apply "beautiful disruption", adding some "Mathematics" into English, with this simple infinitely-looping equation: 

True Celebrities = True Fans + O; where letter "O" equals loop 

Basically, if you are "true celebrities", you will have "true fans" but in this case there is an infinity-loop because "true celebrities" can afford to be "true fans" too.

@uloggers is beginning to unfold and it will carry excitement and tons of awesomeness. There will be beautiful testimonies.  

No more worries, for together we will fix many worries.
No worries, we are still on track because the entire curriculum has been "one" and the same.
@uloggers is simply a part of one entire curriculum!
Please digest this post and this post and like me, join in and become a Ulogger today. Become "true celebrities" and "true fans" of #ulog.

Each @uloggers legacy post, will birth a vertified/certified ULOGGER; "True Celebrity". 

Each featured ULOGGER will be asked series of questions as part of a  curriculum and required to answer these questions on-the-spot. 

Too, for  them to be on here, we must have gone through with an entire curriculum via DM. There is also an ever-testimonial gift involved. Well, it will be your turn soon. You will find out in due time. 

The essence is to draw unadulterated INTEL from the elements of their very being and use this to dispense in return, "valuable INTEL" ("no books" involved/in the undertone of an illiterate) related to success both on "steemit" and "in life"
Moreso, the entire endeavor is a curriculum to celebrate them. 
We will also use each of these ULOGGER posts, to consciously and heartily fix many worries.
Jehovah in charge!

We implore you to spend today in specially celebrating "@enjieneer" (a now fully certified and verified ULOGGER) with me.  

Kindly, make sure to follow her and become her "true fan" 

Sometimes, you could never really be found out without the rightly-posed questions. Many times you may have the right limitless notions sit forever in your brain and mind because on your own, you can't process these thoughts out into reality, even in writing, without the right directional questions etc.  

We will jointly help matters in that regard. 

On @uloggers, of utmost pertinence is "community"; thus, we will use this activity as often as possible, to strengthen the community, amp its excitement and unveil even its underlying deep beauty.   

We will celebrate each ULOGGER, empowering them, by stamping them "whale inside"/"TRUE CELEBRITY" both on steemit and in "life".

We will strive to touch as many ULOGGERS as possible, empowering them and stamping in them, "never-ceasing burning fire". We will impact hundreds and gradually thousands of ULOGGERS and this is powerful.  

Each verified and certified ULOGGER who has featured on @uloggers, will have roles to play on https://ulogs.org in near future. They will also have an additional "real reputation" to add to their accolades, that we will use to recommend them as viable "SteemGiggers (Dream-builders) in the nearest future on https://steemgigs.org. They may also be celebrated with the @teardrops SMT when it comes to life as well as other perks that will unveil over time e.g opening steem accounts for their friends, mentorship, adoption, connections etc There will also be real world events, autograph-signing, merchandise-sale and all the fun stuff etc down-the-road on https://ulogs.org. There may be an entire game effect too! "Where there are cryptokitties, pokemon etc we will be celebrating "human".

Now is the timely time and sometimes, it is "timeliness" that gives an event, act, movement or endeavor, its ginormous power/effect, more than anything else. 

@uloggers legacy posts, will involve a series of questions shaped to tap into our very elements"untalented-style"; we will put each ULOGGER "on-the-spot", getting unadulterated feedback from their "very person" and we will use this feedback, to give out just the right kind of "breakthrough INTEL" in return.  

We will look to give each ULOGGER, advice related to "steemit" success and an all-encompassing "life" advice
There will be "no books" involved!
I will simply "break down" and dispense this INTEL and it will come out especially made for YOU, resulting from my truly intense love for you. 

Be kind as to value it, by trying to understand even its undertone and by giving it even an illusionary never-ceasing testimonial essence; testament to the fact that, on steemit and regardless of how "donkey-life", life is tending to be, "breakthrough opportunities" can come your way at any moment, not only because situation is better now than ever (with steem, steemit, decentralization, blockchain etc) but also because you are "a true celebrity" and at the very least, a "true celebrity" to me.   

I am your indubitable TRUE FAN.

Invite new friends too; to join steemit to become ULOGGERS; "true celebrity". Be sure to share @uloggers with friends as it will be one steemit account holding a repository of "everyone" in fly/shine-mode. 


Let them be ready to receive me as their ultimate "true fan", from day one because the only qualification is "human"

That simple!

Within each edition of a @uloggers legacy post, we will evolve in our substance and be made anew and all the more solid in our character; empowered!  Here are the things to take note about, each time you come across any of our posts:    

  • Humanity is the brother next to you. 
  • Even within the atomic-like elements of my tiny lines (words), that i will dispense as celebratory advice are giantly "beautiful intentions". So when i say the words, "you are "true celebrity" to me" for instance, it is because "whale or minnow", you matter just as much!
  • I am not a writer. I am not a reader either. My empowering  response to each ULOGGER aren't fancy words. There are simply "Terry".
  • Nations are just locations. We are the world!
  • I am your ultimate "true fan"!
  • You are my "true celebrity".
  • Let's surpass google together!
  • You are bigger things to me than money!
  • Be ready with a plastic bottle labelled "tears of joy".   For soon, we will cry these types of tears. (Whenever, i eventually  do, i will like to save them, for they would have been my first!)
  • Even when i don't appear around (e.g in the DMs, posts etc), know this one thing: "I have done suffering like crazy; i do suffering like crazy but my entire-tired-being loves you still!"
  • If you are not featured just yet, know that i will reach out to  you soon. However, know that my response message to each ULOGGER, is  "me talking to everyone", same as i would in the DMs; thus, by means of each ULOGGER legacy post; know that we have spoken.
  • Whatever you learn from each edition, may it keep on "an incessant testament" to the fact that "possibilities" are very possible.
  • Please look to support each ULOGGER with as a "true fan", leaving  an empowering comment, perhaps, a voluntary donation and kindly strive  to follow them.
  • You are a celebrity but to be "real-deal" celebrity, you must relish celebrating others too. So with each edition, heartily join me in celebrating others.
  • We will draw inspiration from each series to stay excited in steem activities.
  • We will draw inspiration from each series to bring new friends on steemit.
  • We will get to know each ULOGGER, for the human that they represent.
  • We will have an ever-growing repository of each beautiful ULOGGER.
  • The millions in breakthrough-money that you may seek so passionately, may be find-able underlyingly in each of these legacy posts because "i break down" to dispense them. Please look closely! Please don't doubt it! My love is kamkpe strong.
  • etc

Each edition of a @uloggers legacy post, will feature a ULOGGER and has a style-guide and an entire mentor-ship session (behind-the-scenes), designed to empower each of these ULOGGERS and fix many worries; stamping each featured ULOGGER, "true celebrity" in the real-world called "life" and "whale inside" on the best blockchain called "steem". We want to create a vibe by means of the beauty steem offers, "shining "YOU" forth", so that new steemians joining organically true the search engines or after discovering @uloggers; join steemit and stay because of "YOU"; the shining "YOU". 

Kindly look to sharing https://steemit.com/@uloggers online and offline, home and abroad as a means also to easily promote steem/steemit.

(ULOGGERS) whether "private figures" or "public figures" will be featured alike.  

Note that a ULOGGER can stay private while creating  ULOGS. For the most part, if a steemit account is private, the ULOG it  creates is likely to be private too.

And Today's Certified & Verified ULOGGER?


The curriculum involved a style-guide that had a set of general, un-prying questions, answered by @enjieneer on-the-spot. 

Based on her answers and an entire chat mentor-ship session, we picked the very elements of her constituent and we will cook her some timeless heartfelt advice as someone who truly loves her. 

Basically, i will celebrate her, highlight her own strengths and i will sift even "weaknesses" to find strength therein. 
Together, we will celebrate and empower her today. She will become our celebrity and we her true fans.

The set of questions below, simply formed a style-guide, so that we, along with @enjieneer, can build a legacy post together; we as her "true fans": 

 1. Who Are You?  

(This should cover (all or some) things like, your very  definition; your existing dreams; your forgotten dreams; your  aspirations before steemit; life before steemit; life since steemit;  what you would like to  accomplish on a limitless scale, if there were  no odds and what odds there are or there have been; things you don't  like about yourself; things that are unique to you; things people don't  know about you etc. 
Anything at all that constitutes YOU!)   

2. How do you feel about yourself now? Is there an old-self,  you would like to regain? Is there a new-self you would love to attain?  

3. Mention one virtue, you wish you could work on. 

4. What do you write about the most on steemit and why? 

5. How did you find steemit and has it become your bus-stop and why did  it become your bus-stop? 

6. If you were to have a business, enterprise or company etc, what would you call it and what would it be about? 

7. Do you believe you can fly? 

8. Is there one person on steemit, that you can say, "as long  as this  person stays on steemit and keeps on active, i will be also  stay active  on steemit" and who is that person and why is it this  person? 

9. If you had just one shot at "breakthrough" and it was your "very next  steemit post", what would you write about?  

10. Would you still read a mind, if you knew that this mind has loads of problems, that you aren't able to fix?   

Legacy Question: 

  • If generations yet unborn arrive and they had to read your legacy; what will they read? 
Tell me what "legacy" you will leave behind. Keep it as short as possible! 

@enjieneer: spoke to me on-the-spot. She answered most of the questions above:


1. Who Are You? 

-->I go by the name @enjieneer at Steemit but outside the online world, I am Jie Hernandez. An Electronics Engineer outside Steemit and a typical woman with dreams and ambition. 

My ultimate dream is to be financially free, build a house of my own and settle down someday. Thus, the reason why I cling on the possibilities of achieving these goals through the help of my involvement with cryptocurrencies such as Steem. The thing about me is that I always tend to doubt myself because I've always been afraid of failing and disappointing everyone. I lack in confidence. I do. 

But thankfully, despite all of these, I somehow managed to keep up with my goals and achieve them one at a time. I'm socially awkward too especially with new people around me but with Steemit, I feel like a different person. I love interacting here because I feel that people are so much kind and  welcoming. 

2.  How do you feel about yourself now? Is there old self, you would like to regain? Is there a new self you would love to attain?

-->I'm  perfectly okay about my current self. I've learned to accept the things that I cannot change anymore. I believe that I always change for the better that's why my current self is just an improvement of my old self.  I'm still a work in progress though. :) 

3. Mention one virtue, you wish you could work on

-->It  would be being courageous. There are times when I unintentionally let opportunities slip away just because I'm afraid to fail. I sometimes let fear rule me and then regret it later. I would definitely want to work on that and just courageously take chances. It's better to try and fail than to never try at all and wonder how it would've been. 

4. What do you write about the most on steemit and why? 

-->I love traveling and trying out different foods and restaurants that's why you'll often see me posting about food and travel blogs. I've always loved sharing about my experiences and I'm so glad to be able to share it with people who share the same interests with me. I am also fond of posting photography shots taken by me and my boyfriend. 

5. How did you find steemit and has it become your bus-stop and why did it become your bus-stop? 

-->I  found steemit through an online friend and a co-blogger of mine from the previous platform I joined in. Aside from the numerous opportunities and benefits that we could get out of using Steemit, it has also become my go-to place whenever I want to relieve anxiety or stress because I get to share my thoughts here without being judged. It's very unlikely for me to share the things I share here on Facebook or other social media sites because I'm not that comfortable unlike here. Finding  Steemit was like finding my home. 

6. If you were to have a business, enterprise or company etc, what would you call it and what would it be about?

-->It's  a struggle for me to start a business but it's definitely one of my dreams! If I were to start a business, it would be about the things that I love. A Food business maybe? The name would depend about the kind of food that I will sell so haven't think of it yet.

7. Do you believe you can fly?

-->Yes! There are so many ways I can think of that I could try to be able to  experience the feeling of flying. How about Zipline ala Superman? Or skydiving perhaps? You see, you don't need a wings to actually fly. If  you really want something, you'll find a way. 


8. Is there one person on steemit, that you can say, "as long as this  person stays on steemit and keeps on active, i will be also stay  active  on steemit" and who is that person and why is it this person? 

-->It's  none other than Terry aka @surpassinggoogle! He's been my constant inspiration since day 1. No kidding. When I first started here, I am  really clueless about what adventure awaits me, or how I'd be able to  build my account here but he helped me in so many ways he wouldn't even know. I saw him helping a lot of Steemians and I saw the passion that's burning inside him. I saw him struggling, I saw his pain but despite all  this, he never stopped loving. He even loved harder. His dedication to  Steemit is really inspiring and reading through his posts is like  peeking through his soul. You'll feel many different kinds of emotions.  If this guy who handles a lot of accounts, projects etc on Steemit while  also helping thousands of users manages to stay on Steemit, why can't  I? 

9. If you had just one shot at "breakthrough" and it was your "very next  steemit post", what would you write about?

-->I'd  write about the platform and the benefits and rewards they can get by using it! I've been managing @steemph.bulacan for a while now and my ultimate goal is to be able to promote Steemit to the people of Bulacan. I've always envisioned the group as a group filled with dedicated members. It would take a lot of effort for me to get hundreds of people to engage in here but it isn't impossible. With the rewards they can possibly get here through their hard work, it will sure be a great help especially to those who are struggling financially but have the ability. The platform has helped a lot of people already and I don't want them to miss out on the opportunity.

10. Would you still read a mind, if you knew that this mind has loads of problems, that you aren't able to fix?

-->Yes.  I'd still want to read a mind regardless so that I'd know if a person has burdens that he is carrying. Knowing that, I'd be able to adjust how I should deal with them. Everyday, we encounter a lot of people and  sometimes we are very quick to judge based on their personality and/or  actions not knowing that this could be out of their frustration and that  this person might be going through hardships. 

Legacy Question

If  there generations yet unborn arrive and they had to read your legacy;  what will they read? Tell me what "legacy" you will leave behind. Keep  it as short as possible!

--> I would want to be remembered as the enjieneer who has a big heart for everyone. Living a life with  substance through offering my whole self to help others even without  getting anything in return is my way of living. My legacy would be every  life I've helped and touched. 

My Life Advice To Her

I am really sick, so i won't be able to talk as much as i want to on this one

Well, we have talked to a large extent in the DMs (and we will continue on, where needed). You dug and spoke and it came out different. 

Your very elements are bare. They are pure, they are you, they are beautiful. 

The enjieneer who had a large heart and wants to help everyone; that is a grand resume; a grand legacy!

So that aside, a large measure of what you need (as per life advice) are in "6 words". These 6 words however, are hefty; "has weight and occupy space" and will put you in a state of "fly"; shine etc and these six words are; "you were made in Jehovah's image". 

Yes, applying these 6 words (to your journey) in the full-extent of its beauty, will drastically put in fly-mode-zone

Hahaha, there is loads of context to that simple-looking sentence above, loads of technicality and even underlying power, if applied in your case.

Yes, even in the very tiniest things, you can explore the full context of the words above and attain new heights en-route tapping into your super-mega-star. 

Your super-mega-star (icon-hood/ress) does exist; and it is very much inside you! 

You will have to explore these very tiniest sides to you, using "every moment". When you do so, you will tap into your full-blown confidence and fly's next.

Alot of growth can still happen (in your case) inside-out and you can use even the tiniest moments to "love yourself" a bit more (each time) and learn loads more about you. You were made in Jehovah's image. 

I will give you playful scenarios to help you "grasp", using some of the common moments that you cherish e.g food and travel etc


When next you taste that food, "feel something". Apply your tongue in newer ways each time; identify new aspects of you; touch into new areas of your core, using and re-using that pretty tongue. 

Be made to tap into new emotions, even never-ever-before-felt emotions. Be reminded of your beauty as a creature; then follow the next-to-come route and be "re-told of our Creator". Be made to marvel at the complex beauty invested into creation of your tongue; "your very own tongue"; be re-told of life and of the "life that was intended" and then be made to re-spot its beauty. HE loved you especially. HE took his very time and formed it into a tongue for you and one that can taste "the tastes", just so you can feel the moments; just so your heart can have swell times; just so that you are ever-incessantly reminded of your beauty, of your ever-deservedness of awesomeness, of your specialness, of his especial love for you

Well, HE also wanted you too to explore these marvels of creation in each moment, so that you can look at/in the skies one more time "each time" and be re-told that "He is love". 

Hahaha, the next time you gulp at the tempting bulgy cream-of-ice, darling; "don't just swallow!"; be paced about it! Big-or-small gulp, let that next ice de-la-cream, do more things down your tender throat than "it just being food". Steal a moment, (you see even stealing can be given testimonial good use) follow the ice-cream in through the hollow of your chest; feel it "filling your chest up" and feel something more; tap into new emotions; learn "you" down into your every nook and cranny of you; "master it", ponder/wonder; marvel; do alot of marveling things using just that one tiny moment. Feel, see, open your eyes a bit more and see things like, "life is beautiful"; you are something, you are lot of awesome things, there must be light inside the tunnel etc 

Well, there is tons of learning to do about the person of you and much of this learning is in the un-obvious, tiniest moments. Much of it is not in "ages" but in "moments".

Hahaha and sometimes, i try "starvation is sarap" to learn new things about me. So, what if i played a bit the next time at the luxury restaurant and order "empty plates"; but that's me! 

Then "travel"; i haven't done much of it. I do want to do much of it. But the last time, i went hiking here in the Philippines years ago, when i got to summit, i looked down and i saw new things and "loads" did i learn about me. I tapped into new worlds. I saw fears and leaped over. I saw new heights of fear

Now, when i looked up, i said a very-very-very special breed of prayer, because i did feel i was notches closer to the heavens. I felt power. I felt HIS power. I was all "mere dust". 

When i kept my gaze midway, i was in between, "in a new world still", for i saw "me within the expanse of creation" and gosh, why should HE tend to me so much and HE (Jehovah) so does and knowing this is power. 

I wanted to leap off that summit and fly but i didn't because i exercised "mountain-high" of self-control, then i came back down to fly from the ground up. 
Bottomline is, "travel" is a great venture into "greatness" but you may need to put "travel" to use, to this effect. We can sight-see and fill our fancy but we can do way more things too. 

There was a moment during that hiking, when i was dying. I wore the wrong shoes; "my shoes had no friction" and i was sliding all the way down, a very steep slope and practically dying. 

Not to die, i was using my palm as friction, peeling it off. It was comedy to everyone. "No hand came" as many simply drew "comedy' from my dying state, but then, a point came where i added a bit more will, "force" and i am sure Jehovah helped and i was able to stay gripped to a spot for some 15 minutes; then, i gather "every ounce of liver" for one giant push "going up" and it worked! 

My shoes too had gathered some friction and when i became "up-i-go", "up i went". 

Well, when i surmounted that, i became ready to go to the next summit, "my fears were gone" but there is more; "i learned more of brotherhood". I shook my head really, for "my very physical life at the time was like that too", where "everyone says "Terry, Terry, Terry", yet i can't pick out "one real brother" and you know, on that same day, i was going to be brother to someone! 

We were climbing the next summit and there was a rope and a brother (stranger) was falling and i gave him a hand and that brother understood brotherhood in its true deep sense.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" was never without gravity.

In that one-day "travel", i was conscious of the learning moments and i grew each time. Many many many moments have shaped me, not many ages! So, "i am your boy Terry" and perhaps young but i am so so so old in my being and i have not traveled much. 

You will "travel" much. Use each moment.

"Nations are locations too"; as you travel the world, spot moments that highlights this. Experience the "shake my head moments" where you are re-told; "so this was it all along". 

Use travel to expand your horizon. This way you will fly better. Re-tap into human;  "the awesomest version of human" as you go from ferry to ferry etc; then, go into the next airplane or touch-down and you will "fly better".

On each journey, open your eyes a bit more and see. Use your eyes to value the colors ; the sights but see way more things too.

Overall, what i am saying is; if you have seen things; "many things"; then many things become normal. 

Thus, you will need to expand your horizon beyond just your location, in-order to see more things and many once weird-looking things, by our former standards etc will become normal. 

Once i saw you, i could see many many many more things. When you said in your response above, that "i will do pain and still be "your boy Terry"; i have seen many pains, that to do pains and be brother still becomes "my normal".

You are alot of awesome things @enjieneer, so i tell you the weighty things. You have that "woman" side to you, that you will not crush under its weight.

All i tried to paint out here, you also have touched on, in parts of your answers! So, i took note of where you said; "you would peer into someone's mind still, even though you knew you can't fix it as an avenue to learn about you". 

We are simply using what you already know to new dimensions, using the un-obvious, tiniest moments too.

You have these special abilities and well, you can so fly. Well, the flying; shining etc has begun in more varying dimensions now and henceforth. 

One more quick thing:

Regarding your dream of a probable food chain etc it is very (very attainable). Make your very definition even now, display your intentions; resound it to yourself incessantly with resolve. 

Many times, dreams aren't even for us. 

For now though, you still have room for play, learning, fun etc, while playing out, rehearsing, building your dreams into fruition. 

You can build your dreams on the go. Simply add the dimensions or parts of it, into your journey.

When i say "play" though, in relation to an enterprise, dream, business, innovation etc, i can be very playful there! 

So, you may want to build a chain of luxury restaurants, that serve "empty plates" as if you don't, i would.

Basically, now is the time to play awesomely:

e.g i would usually say; "pick a pen, rehearse your signature, hone it, for soon you will be signing autographs and thank  you for doing just so here. 

Now, you have signed us (your true fans) "autographs": 

A very technical autograph i must say but as your ultimate"true fan", i appreciate and value your attempt at out-of-the-boxness; "un(dis)talented. 
Thank you for signing autographs for us all! 
As true fans, please consider having a copy of her autograph (for keeps) when you want, either digitally or hard.
You can take  pictures with it, if you desire and show up in the comments, if you are a "public figure".

Note: I would have like to print your autograph and have a selfie with it but it didn't happen this time because of not being physically fit but this is bound to happen soon as i value your presence here, my love for you is real and each certified & verified ULOGGER, will be an important part of the model behind the ULOGS website, when it becomes ready, among other awesome things.

My Steemit Advice To Her

So first things first:

You are staying (on steemit) and staying present and sometimes "staying present" is all that may be needed altogether, to succeed on steemit and even in life. 
I am staying and you have established within your answers above that, that will keep your fire, desire etc to stay on steemit, burning!
Now that you are staying, "succeeding" with your steemit journey is a notch simpler. 

Hence, for my simple and short steemit advice to you you will simply need to apply the same logic in my life advice to you, to your steemit journey. There a ton of ways to see steemit and one way in relation to what you constitute is "a CCTV into the world". Before you play out "travelling the world" for real and using all the tiniest moments to re-tap into your core, you can do so here on a steemit. 

Steem contains all nations, "the world" etc
Use steemit as another means to explore your very own beauty. Then, use each steemit post to shine a bit more. 

You are still in a state of finding yourself and there is loads to find out. After you "find", you will still need to explore your findings, re-define and define these findings, till these findings enter spanless-states. 

It is a long road.

There is a lot of sides to steemit/steem. Steem is the blockchain. It puts you in the picture for real. 


So look past the blogging just a bit. You have the ability to! 

Or use your blogs/ulogs to tap into other aspects of steem. What i am saying is, "read this!"

Did you know all along that though you are an enjieneer, you own your very own bank?

Explore this very beauty. The next time, you look at your wallet, see your bank! 3 seconds block-times, micro-transactions, fee-less, audits, timestamps, transparent, permanent, verifiable, savings etc Hahaha, that's better than a bank and its yours!

So look to explore the beauty of the steem blockchain as well. Think of an entire enterprise in your mind's eye and look at how "steem" can come in etc. 

Again, build the dream first; be limitless about it, then use each steemit blog-post, dedicated to dream-building to play and rehearse this dream out till it enters set-state. When the dream is fully cooked, you would have had a conglomerate of like-minds who have sought you out; then sought to bring this dream to life. 

Now, you have your own bank, like-minds, true-fans etc and "going to the moon" happened, "what noble dream can't you bring to life". 

My point, you have alot of play and exploring to do. Well, because you can!

On steemit, "nations are locations", you have the world!; "an enabling environment", so expand your connection, to involve the entire human race. 

You need a variety of mirrors; "You in the mix" and you will find your true self; your true mission. 

So on steemit, relate with the world as whole, "each human" as they come and make the globe and you, your audience. Recall, that you also have the search engines as an audience too. Well and generations yet unborn.

Yes, we may have a mission on Earth. Many never ever get to knowing that because it can be an overwhelming mission, just to find out your mission.

Steemit does pose signs that can direct you.

I have come to know my mission. There were signs and yes, even on steemit came more signs but i had to spot these signs and know them to be signs and read these signs. 

Identifying and establishing what my mission is, was an entire giant mission. 

Now, i may want to tell you to look in that direction too.

You do have the ability to find yours; your mission on Mama Earth! But again, to do this, you may need a "variety of mirrors" and steem offers that in the form of "every nation".

Overall, it is obvious that you love steem as seen in your response to my question number 9 and yes, that is an amazing route to take on steemit as well as your will impacting lives for real. There is utmost joy in doing that, so keep that up. You now have one more way to do so. You can show invitees legacy post and #ulog, removing all "barriers to entry" and having them join because they are your "true fans" and because, they can be "true celebrities" and you their "true fan". I will always be their "ultimate true fan" unshakingly. "#ulogging is as difficult as 1,2,3".

True Celebrities = True Fans + O; where letter "O" equals loop 

Plus, if they need help with their steemit-account-opening, i can always help!

So i will keep this advice short, with alot of context underlying, leaving you with things to dig upon and in due time, we will return to the DMs to help with translating your findings (where needed) as well brainstorm ways to make your dreams real, "you as true celebrity and we as your true fans".

Bottomline, for your steemit journey, you simply need eye-openers and this is what we have tried to do here. 

Simply expand your horizon in general; with regards to location; with regards to the person of you and with regards to the way you explore steemit/steem as there are many other sides to steem/steemit beyond the blogging.

A lot of what you need is in what you have already started and it involves "expanding your horizon" and then, "dig times dig times dig = diggist"

To conclude, i want to commend you for your legacy but also remind you that it a grand legacy and does take alot of "dig". It also involves lots of love and not only for humans.

"Love" and "Jehovah is love" are really hefty-weighty words. You will need to be really ready. 

You have established alot of amazing things about you, what you represent and where you are at in your journey. It is still a long road but there is a lot of "you can!" to you. 

Pray and i will pray and we will pray and together, we will say amen; then go out and shine.

There is a ton to rehearse now; experiment with; play around with.  For you and your hefty responsibilities; i tell you; you will need to play.  

You will need to be bigger than money inside-out and money when it knows you are bigger, will seek you out.

I will pause here! 

Simply tie the life advice to the steemit advice and you will grasp. 

Your are awesome!

Your boy Terry @surpassinggoogle 

Your ultimate true fan. 



Every certified ULOGGER becomes stamped "true  celebrity"/"whale-inside" in the real world and on steemit, in an entire  session involving an entire curriculum.  

We all play a role. 

True Celebrities = True Fans + O; where letter "O" equals loop   

  • Each ulogger is likely to have a space on the ULOG steem-based website, if there happens to be one.
  • We will also use each ULOGGER legacy post, to enhance general reputation for SteemGiggers on the steemgigs website.
  • On @uloggers, we will bring each ULOGGER to the limelight before the faces of hearty "true fans".  
  • We will use each post to fix worries.
  • Each ULOGGER experience and entire curriculum involving talks and methor-ship involving 
  • We one to keep on account on steemit, that holds a repository of ULOGGER legacies. Ever-ongoing evidence that we were here.
  • We want one steemit account, that each steemian can present to a mainstream audience in their efforts to promote steemit; one steemit account full of "shine"; one steemit account that is able to appeal to the soft-spot of every genre of "human", to levels where "new ones" begin to desire to flock onto steemit because of us, moreso than just the incentive to get rewards. 
  • We want to serve the search engines with our beauty.
  • Right here on steemit, we look into creating a really solid, visible community of ULOGGERS. (Though, we have a base-community building on behind-the-scenes on the discord, there is timely need for something visible; "in the limelight"; right here on steemit.)
  • @uloggers will hold physical evidence of a growing list of "true celebrities" ever-ongoingly. Our shine will fill steemit and will provide incessant inspiration to on-lookers and ULOGGERS alike, to strive towards span-less levels of greatness. 
  •  We want to create a vibe right here on steemit, by means of a visible community of ULOGGERS, that stirs further community and amplifies steem & steemit's beauty inside-out, growing steem/steemit into further levels of mainstreamity. 
  •  At this timely moment in steemit's young life, we want to unveil the true depth in beauty of the steemit community, to tighten and strengthen our conviction in steem as technology but moreso, in steemit as medium upon which "humans" can shine regardless of status. 
  •  We want the world to join steemit, also for the sole reason of ULOGGING; becoming ULOGGERS. 
  • We want one steemit account, that you can simply show to friends,  home and abroad, offline and online, promoting steem/steemit as a home  and for "everyone"
  • We want to create a historical history.
  • etc
We can

Note: We are still working out concept for us involving merchandise-sale etc e.g t-shirts for each featured @uloggers but it is still in works. As "true fans", we want to print out or purchase @uloggers shirts. Once the concept is complete, we will release the high resolution copy of the "print" above for shirt printing etc 

There will likely be an update post regarding this.

Please read all the resources about #ulog and @ulogs, so that you can grasp the grand underlying of what we will constitute.  

Also visit all the certified and verified @uloggers on https://steemit.com/@uloggers

We Are True Fans

Today's ULOGGER ("True Celebrity") is public figure and she is @enjieneer


How You Can Join In As Her "True Fans"

  • Leave her a solid comment displaying love for her.
  • Pray for her
  • Give her connections
  • Delegate steem power to her (coming soon)
  • Add to her ideas
  • Refer her in good light to others
  • Visit her to inspire her
  • Adopt her! (You may want to do so in the comments or seek her out in the community HERE!!!)
  • Voluntarily donate to @enjieneer
  • Print her autographs and take selfies with it
  • Follow her
  • Always visit with her
  • Become a "true-fan-type-curator" on #ulog, so you can spot her ULOGS.
  • etc

How To Become A Ulogger?

Please digest this post and this post and like me, join in and become a Ulogger today. Become "true celebrities" and "true fans" of #ulog. 

You can start simply by getting your personalized ULOGGER header/footer from @phantum04 here!!! 


 You can also use these profile cover ULOGGER banners freely: 


You may need to resize them! Perfect dimension would be  1280 x 191 as recommended by the creator "@jejes"

There are also free dividers that you can use with your steemit posts: 

Please subscribe to this YouTube channel below as it will start to be loaded with simple short videos dispense rarest assimilateable INTEL in relation to success on steemit and in life. 


If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.  


Nothing but beautiful words Terry! The life advices that you gave will be forever engraved in my heart, and I'll sure use them to succeed and to turn my dreams into reality. You were definitely right when you said that making that legacy ain't easy. Much digging is required, but I'll be consistent for me to really achieve that. Your words struck to my heart and I will cherish all these. Thank you. It means so much to me. And I believe He used you as an instrument to make me realize that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. ❤Much love to you Terry @surpassinggoogle

Amen. We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Indeed! ! He gave you useful informations. Do well to take it to heart.

Yes. I'll take his words seriously. I'm sure it'll help me in many ways ❤

I do hereby announce as her fan. I do believe on what she said to us. As a leader she would never let us down. There's no way the leader would do something that would break a thing called trust. So are we. We'd never break the trust that was given to us, as her member. "Trust is fragile broken at once, can it ever mend?" She's the best leader alive.

Thankyou boss! I won't give up too no matter how busy I may get. Ikaw ang savior at co-leader ko kasi without you, hindi magiging fully functional ang steemph.bulacan. ❤😊

I always admire girls, who are Engineering students, especially those who made it to the mountain top. They're very gutsy.
Matira, matibay sa Engineering. hehe

Congrats miss Jie.

Hahaha! Yes matira, matibay! I guess I was that decided to finish Engineering for my parents. For me to become my parents' pride. I'm grateful that I was able to do that. 😁Thanks so much! ❤

I have no idea how to deal with an Engineering course. Hehe

Haha! it's tough, tiring, stressful but once you finished the course, it's all worth it 😁

Another certified ulogger.. Wohoooo! CONGRATULATIONS @enjieneer . I admire your personality, no wonder..

Thankyou so much! 🙏🏻❤

It is comforting to know that there are people in the world who are beautiful inside and out ... and that their beautiful feelings are willing to help others and leave a legacy to the future generation ... I declare your fans

I am vulnerable when it comes to people in need. Whenever I see someone who's struggling, I cant help but feel like my heart is being torn into pieces. it also makes me realize how lucky and blessed I am. I guess that's where I'm coming from.

I am your certified fan and your posts are really inspiring.You are a package of beauty and brains and kindness.

Thankyou so much. Makes my heart melt. ❤🌸

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you @enjieneer aka Jie Hernandez. We are all your fans now. You don't only possessed a pretty face, there's a lot more from you. More importantly, you have a big heart that can accommodate a lot, especially the needy ones.

You shine girl :)

Thankyou so much sis! Comments like this always make my heart flutter. See you around! ❤🌸

Pa-fansign naman dyan sis.. :)

hahaha sure sis! ❤

Congrats for being certified #ulogger. Reading your post is truly inspiring and encouraging. Keep it up.

Hello there! Thankyou so much 😊🌸❤ Keep on steeming!

Congrats ate!!! you are now a certified ulogger. Truly the epitome of Beauty with Brains. I am fan Ate matagal na hehehe. Stay as awesome as you are ate Jhie! :)

Aww. Kilig 😍Thankyou sissyy!! Glad to have witnessed your success here. Brain and beauty ka din! At your age, you are already conquering the crypto world! you're an inspiration. ❤

who says engineering is only for men? hehe
Congrats to our new Celebrity @enjieneer :-)

Engineering is for everyone. I'm a living proof for that. Haha! Thanks! ❤

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