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RE: ULOGGERS: Today's Certified and Verified ULOGGER (True Celebrity) is "@enjieneer". Join In As Her "True Fans". We Will Fix Many Worries!!!

in #ulog5 years ago

I always admire girls, who are Engineering students, especially those who made it to the mountain top. They're very gutsy.
Matira, matibay sa Engineering. hehe

Congrats miss Jie.


Hahaha! Yes matira, matibay! I guess I was that decided to finish Engineering for my parents. For me to become my parents' pride. I'm grateful that I was able to do that. 😁Thanks so much! ❤

I have no idea how to deal with an Engineering course. Hehe

Haha! it's tough, tiring, stressful but once you finished the course, it's all worth it 😁

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