ULOG: Spent Two Half-Days Reading The Signs. Steemit Helps Matters In This Regard. Plus, Join The SteemGigs Discord Talk Later Today.

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product of @jejes

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Here is a recent video. 

Please use this video as a comment response to inspire, celebrate, appreciate and commend ULOGGERs daily, who you have found to have done a fine ULOG as you curate #ulogs as "true fans":

My days have no real order. I lose track of the days quickly. It is another Saturday and i didn't know "Saturday" is here, till just about now. So this ULOG is for "one day" but involving two half-days. All silly.

Alot of things go on each day (for me). Alot of things involving you. If you doubt that, think thrice. 

Well, for the last 24 hours, i have spent much time, thinking of concepts involving ULOGS, ULOGGERS, "YOU!"

A steem-based website is in works and should pop up real soon, instead of waiting for https://steemgigs.org to become fully-ready first. The vi-mi-ssion is the same and one curriculum and SteemGigs is bound to be the harder website (among the intended 4/5 steem-based websites in the pipeline) to pull off because of the many paradigms tied to it, involving steem and in the grand scheme of thing; "world adjustment"; so development there is paced, till we can hit in right. 

Too, because of it being the first, it delays.

In the meantime, when Ulogs.org begins, i will go into reset-mode to think of ways forward with regards to the development of SteemGigs

For the most part, all four/5 steem-based website from me to you, will be ready within this year and prior to the SMT token called @teardrops.

We simply aren't stopping, however gradual. We will go into the real world from here. We will party for real.

Yes, in the last 24 hours, i have been thinking of concepts in relation to expanding uloggers/ulogs into limitlessness. There's still alot missing in the world. A lot of things are rare and Ulogs and the "mining" it carries can reveal these things as we manage to each re-tap into these things.

There are signs and i read the signs and "'the odds"; i turn them into signs too and altogether, i read the signs. 

SteemGigs; when it first began, a steemian hurriedly bought the domain steemgigs.com, so i had to settle for steemgigs.org. This was a good sign! This steemian loved the idea and spotted its potential and in the later life of SteemGigs, he wanted to sell me the domain, which i considered great altogether. 

May have appeared as an odd but to me, these were signs. We ain't stopping!

Few days ago, i was going to get ulogs.com but i had some card-constraint issue; then i went back like 2 days later and it was gone. Someone has likely spotted "potential" again (for ULOGS) and has gone for the domain. 

I went for ulogs.org and a few others. 

I read the signs.

When i perched on steemit, i saw a sign. I stayed and since then, there have been many more signs. A steemian drew out my entire dream, without knowing it. See this:

A server is now set and the several domains as well and ulogs.org is in works and should be up and usable in a few days and the fun will begin, while i go back into-the-box to come out of it strong, with regards to SteemGigs.

I spent the last 24 hours improving the concept for ULOGS in my head and in the process, i had to read more signs to gather more smile, to sustain my fire. 

I revisited some old memories, like a Facebook page called PINAYMONGO and old concept called "steemit hall of fame", that i pulled off in the past. 

PINAYMONGO was so laughed at:

My first character

Steemit Hall Of Fame: 

It is marveling how ulogs now, has been in-the-making from the past or maybe not. These are signs!

In the past 24 hours, i am conceptualizing how to add a "game effect" etc to our very own ulogs.org, then go also into the "real world" to swell the minds and hearts of us all; "true celebrity-hood for "everyone", once and for all. 

Beautiful disruption

Altogether, this very simple concept (ulogs, surpassinggoogle, steemgigs, teardrops etc) isn't a joke. There is historical history involved. 

Plus, there have been tons of signs and altogether, i keep reading more signs.

I read more signs within the last two half-days. I read through a recent blog post on steemit's blog and i left this comment: 

surpassinggoogle (70)  ·  2 days ago
Genius! Adds more to the "mining the human" paradigm, where real world adjustment happens. This can't be coincidence that I have so loved steem. steem has been about the "human" in relation to the tech. to pull all this off, I mean as seen in this post has shown alot of the "human" side of the men behind steem. Genius but they have so maintained "human" and in today's world, that in itself is A ginormous edge because in the entire world of tech, gosh this is standout. reading this post, it just played out "real life", going back to times before govt etc in the small clans and communities where there were no books and they'd have had to figure themselves out over time, to where in some cases, perhaps the  oldest becomes the oracle as they tie the number of generations he has seen, to wisdom etc. I see so much fun, so much play, so much attempts at out-of-the-boxness with Steemit inc team and well, so much "human" and in today's world, though the harder route to take, the testimonial  harder route and I do feel touched as it is indeed a rarity. steem is reshaping the entire internet but beyond that even oblivious to the world, it is adjusting it. speaking of the approach to promoting steem e.g "involving anyone (community)" etc I see genius there but especial genius in steem's approach to serve the search engines. imagine a time  where every search query leads to the steem blockchain organically, whether through steemit, busy, ulogs, dtube, steemgigs etc and the then "thousands of gateways to the steem blockchain"; steem will attain beyond mainstreamity, we are talking historical history. 
speaking of organic, I am a product of "organically finding steemit" through the search engines and oh how much beauty i instantly saw. my first steemchat channel, was steemitisbeautiful and reading this post, I so saw it again. till date, no tech or social network platform on earth has taken cognizance of "anyone", in the creation of the model. plus, none had been able to put "real life" into the picture. however gradual, I love how steem is  trying to explore the full beauty of the steem blockchain, by daring to go back into attempting untapped routes. 

Many things are still rare in the world, even with "its" array of knowledge, many things are still rare. 

e.g The world still has very few legends, icons, great men/women, dream-builders, "true celebrities", brothers etc (in the real/full/weighty sense of the word)

The world has talents etc but i tell you, a brother, a dream-builder (SteemGigger), a "true celebrity" (ULOGGER) etc "is something way way way different". 

You spot these ones and you so instantly know it and one of the reasons?; "it is still so so so much of a rarity in the entire globe, to find these ones". Yes, quote me.

Yes, you spot a great man/woman, an icon, legends etc and yes, they are easy to spot and "one of the reasons"? These are rare. Yes, "quote me".

With these very simple looking concepts like ulogs etc, i so so so no where we are headed and it is no joke. We will evolve many legends, icons, great men/women, dream-builders, "true celebrities", brothers etc (in the real/full/weighty sense of the word)

A SteemGigger is a "Dream-builder" and these are rare too. Quote me. But with these simple-looking endeavors like https://steemgigs.org where "everyone has something to offer", we will emanate many SteemGiggers and for real, though there are so so so many talents in the world, i tell you; "a SteemGigger (Dream-builder) is something way way way different (advance) and when you see one in the midst of thousands of talents, you will know it".

The SteemGigs Talk Show

It has been very tough and things aren't going on well today but the show will still hold. 

12 AM Manila Time (+8 GMT)....... A FEW HOURS FROM NOW

Amazing things were slated to happen during today's show, including live music performances but things aren't going according to plan for me. I will try to explain. 
Regardless, the show will hold. @mavericinvictus @mermaidvampire etc will take charge incase, i am not able to be fully there. So join in here:


If you have joined Steemit recently, where should you start?

I will now confidently say; "start by subscribing to my YouTube channel here and join the SteemGigs discord server here to be part of the weekly talk show. 

If i have not been able to tend to your DM yet?

Please don't hastily conclude about matters. Simply join in on the discord talk as well on the weekend and you can reach me on there "live". 

During these talks, however rough, i end up staying on there for 9 hours or more. 

Plus, subscribe to my YouTube channel as i could reach out to you using my videos directly or indirectly.

Each of my steemit posts as well, very much involve "YOU"
Join the weekly SteemGig talks!

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Too, subscribe to my YouTube channel and let's go on a journey, up the testimonial harder route and let's taste how surprisingly simple a route it is!

Your Boy Terry


Important Notice:

Our most recently certified and verified ULOGGER is @jejes. Kindly visit her now to become her "true fans".

Also the concept of the ULOGS website is falling into place. Here is little insight into its model flow:

Likely ULOGS logo created by @jejes:

Quick Update:  

#ulog generated more than 6,000 comments and 2029 posts within the first 6 days since the tag was born. Join in and become a ULOGGER today. 


Incase you want to join in, in curating #ulog as true fans, here are two images that you can use to educating those who are attempting #ulogging but who are miss out on some things:

You can also use this video not only to encourage them but also to educate them further:

If you find a nice ULOG, while curating #ulogs as "true fans", you can use this video to celebrate these ULOGGERS:

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I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

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"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?


4 or 5 websites plus SMT this year? You are really are working so hard for new ideas for the community, Thank you so much for that.
We, your fan surely are excited for all of those projects you have.We are ready to support you😊

with the oracles thing on steem, I actually don't understand about it, but for sure it is for the better of steem/ our beloved community- steemit

I'm subscribing your youtube channel now. 😊 and I'm glad to join again tha talk show later.

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for making all this efforts. Now an upcoming #ulog.org website. I am excited with this new project.


Hello ullogers international, am so down in sickness. Please remember me in your prayers.

I still follow your every moves and visions.
God bless you

Thank you dearest @surpassinggoogle I'm not in talk you show yet. Would like to join.

I hope the weather will calm down and will let me be there later tonight. I don't wanna miss a thing 😊

Aerosmith po madam?😀

:D Parang ganun na nga po @atongis :D See you!!

Regine Velasquez po pala,
yun po ba kakantahin m po sa after party?hehe :-)
Pakinggan ko n lng po cguro sa recordng, haha
May importanteng lakad po kasi bkas :-)

Hehe. Cguro next time, sir @atongis. Masama pakiramdam ko tonight so as my daughter. Sa ulan cguro. Ikaw di pa kita narinig kumanta. Go na po :)

bka mas sumama po panahon pag kumanta ako kaya wag na lang,hehe
Pagaling po kau madam:-)

ed privat covered your request robbie william

Hi, Terry! Thank you for the mention on discord. Can't stay still, my daughter is not feeling well. I am going to check @ed-private's postnow. Same song, I sang on my last Steemit post (Dlive) :) Be well, Terry I heard you said earlier, tonight was rough for you. I am including you in my prayers.

Thanks for setting our expectations high with Ulogs and other projects in the future @surpassinggoogle. I'm sure there's more to come as the blockchain and steem ecosystem evolves. I hope you won't get tired of helping others as well because you're doing a great job!

The Steemian who bought the steemgigs.com and ulogs.com is very clever. hehe. He/she saw the potential of steemgigs and ulogs.

There are signs and i read the signs and "'the odds"; i turn them into signs too and altogether, i read the signs

All things works together for our good!
Even if ulog.com was taken .org is still ok and it serve it's purpose.
Welldone sir. Looking forward to today talk show.

Good hopes in these projects @surpassinggoogle. I have recently checked out thr ulog and i have been amazed by how much enthusiasm i find there. Have just subscribed to your youtube channel. Guess it's time to roll.
Thanks for this great inspiring community you started @surpassinggoogle

Many people here on Steemit discuss how Steemit can be made appealing to potential users.

I think it is such inventions like Ulogs and Steemgigs which will in the short as well as long run entice many many people to sign up for Steemit.

I mean, look at YouTube and Facebook. Many on Facebook post about their everyday life, and on YouTube many people eventually drift towards posting about their travelling and so forth. So when here on Steemit we ponder what exactly the goal is - should it be exclusively a platform for high-quality censorshop-free content with the predominant part being readers, or should it be a platform where all peoples' content will be successful ?- by introducing your Ulog idea you are perfectly bridging this delicate transition from elite platform to mass-adaptation. And of course it is mass-adaptation which will benefit all of us in the most positive sense!

So stay tuned, for the Universe is in the middle of conspiring something wonderful for all of us! Thank you! :)

Been binge-watching your youtube posts. Sometimes, my brain really dont understand whats with #ulog #untalented #steemgigs #teardrops and others. But I still keep using the tags because I know my heart understands it.
Thank you for letting us be US.

That's really sweet. Follow your heart and the rest will follow. It's like shooting and then aiming - learning as you go along.

Wow! Hope to catch up the talk show later. A million thanks to you @surpassinggoogle. Love much! 😀💖

For a steemian to purchase those two domains, it really shows that others has seen the vision of the project.
Meanwhile, I have learned from your post today to always turn a sign and odds that arose from any project I'm involved in as a stepping stone (moral booster) .
Looking forward to the talk show.

Very excited, Sir Terry/ @surpassinggoogle, to hear that the #Ulogs website will now be moving in to first place implementation while #SteemGigs gets sorted.

So happy. #Ulogs is world transforming and perhaps one of the easiest of your initiatives to impact the wider online community. Bless you for all you do and sending Angel Blessings as you go through today's challenges.

Muchas gracias @surpassinggoogle por inspirarnos y me encanto el video muy emocionante,saludos.

Improving every day, the evolution of these projects is unstoppable, the best is yet to come. God continues to bless you.

Wow, all your initiatives are wonderful. I've heard alot of goods about you @surpassinggoogle . I'm a new Steemian and I joined basically because of my passion for kids. But the only issue is funds for carrying out my dream wish. I hope steemit is the best to help me to achieve my dream of helping kids in the orphanage home...
Here is my first ulog post

I subscribe to your youtube channel sir Terry and start to watch every video you've made.

Informative. So much to learn. Thank you for this post @surpassinggoogle. You're doing a great job in helping newbe @steamians like me. Love your #ulog initiative!

I appreciate what you have done for us all steemians @surpassinggoogle grate works.
I Will join your discord Chanel and be apart of works

To be honest, I paused my daily ULOG. Because none gave comments and some of my posts are unrewarded, I am in need of others opinions so I could learn more. But naahh, I found ways to earn while blogging.

I think I might return Ulogging in the next couple of weeks or maybe days, I also look forward to the Teardrop tokens!

Wish you all the best @surpassinggoogle our boy Terry! Godbless!

Ulogging shouldn't change what existed. It can be a recap of the day and is designed as an additional reason to post and especially for rewards in the grander scheme of things. A ulog is simply one more thing. I talk about it more recently as it is a new project. As for posts, if i am able to come across one, i look to support every type of post. That hasn't change as ulogs is simply another thing. Overall, i look to inspire moreso than reward. Many things are priceless, even your posts. As for rewards, there many types of rewards. A ulog may not give you financial rewards but it may open you us up to opportunities. I speak with testimonies. Yes, ulogging can make the world seek you out.

@surpassinggoogle for your explanation. I hope to be able to join it soon!

Thanks, friend, @surpassinggoogle, today I learned something wonderful in this post, now I wonder can I use this tag even if I write in Spanish my ulog?

yes. as long as it is a ULOG. ulog allows all formats of media, even if just text and ofcourse any language as long as it is freshly created and constitutes you, events, friends etc, for the most part just try that the content doesnt resource from the internet as you can do that using another post

wow, thanks, good news, I have 6 months on this platform and I have felt lost, this label gives me the opportunity to share daily.
Thank you, greetings to your mother, if she is a Jehovah's Witness, then she is also my sister. Like all those who love Jehovah God, creator of all good and beautiful things.
Get a greeting from Venezuela!

I am glad about that. I sse many from your location on #ulog. my mum died, so in paradise we will pass greetings

I'm sorry, I did not know, I'm just reading your story. May Jehovah give you strength and together we can see the promise of Jesus Christ in the Gospel Bible of John 5: 28,29. See them again.

So proud of the progress we have made so far.
It's feel great knowing people are watching our every move and anticipating what domain we might want to get next.
You work too hard Terry.

The Steemit discord talk was amazing last week and I'm sure this week's own will not be anything less. You have a standard and you you never go below it. I am anticipating this. Let me dust my shoes

The idea of #ulog website is great. I understand steemgigs is big and might take time to be fully ready. Kudos to you and your team.

I've been anticipating today's show since after the last show. Once again, the time is 5:00pm Nigerian time

Thanks for informing me of the time, I thought its even tomorrow.

Thanks for informing
Me of the time, I thought its
Even tomorrow.

                 - dubem-eu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It's today bro. It's starting in less than 4hrs from now

Alright, thanks so much.

Wow I'm glad to Be here.
I'll love to Join this community.
Have heard of many life changing event.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle

Hello @surpassinggoogle

Have been absence from her for quite sometime because I have actually been so busy with something else. But I am back now and going to add tempo to already excited community of uloggers.

The new video you have here is so motivating. Your words of thanks are welcomed and we thank you too for always finding the best way to engage the community and make them happy.


@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

Wow my boss is finally back, we at @euronation really felt your absence. Welcome boss!

The #ulog website idea is a great one. Terry, you are just a wonderful being

It was first to voice chat ever, to be very honest, I was nervous, you may have noticed that I wasn't able to speak properly, but I wanted to be a part of this conversation and I did :)
I'm feeling amazing, my confidence boost, people have mentioned me in their post, you know what, that is just amazaaaaaaaaaaaing.
I just want to thank you for arranging this meeting, can't wait for the next Sunday, you know what I have invited my one another musician friend @davidfar, I hope he will join us like @edprivat did, @davidfar is from turkey and he is a great musician :)

Here is my #ulog that I have posted yesterday :) can't wait to see your view about this #ulog,

" I remember you advice on my old #ulog that you need more content on your #ulog :)
hopefully, i have done that :)

this is awesome works, being part of ulogs is an amazing experience.

we believe in you , indeed , you have try to explore humanity into its awesomess version true ulogs and steemgigs etc. i still believe that there is more you can incorporate to ulogs ,
to bring full expanse of ulogs. please look within yourself you can do it . i see a lot within you that that is yet to manisfest which will going to reshape the whole humanity in general ,we need more from you . i will be glad if you incopporate game on ulogs website.

Hey @surpassinggoogle, it will be good and i will be glad if the #ulog has a website, becayse i have fully know the meaning of it by @ulog, when he reply to one of my post yesterday. I will on have time to be a real celebrity if the website is created now. Also @surpassinggoogle how can i convert the time 12 am manilla time to nigeria time, i don't want to miss today discord talk.

HELLO,Sir, @surpassinggoogle! I hope you are fine. I know #ulog develops so fast, you have proved all your hard work to help all new users or minnow in steemit.you are the only one who cares about the growth of this steemit by creating a project like #ulog so that everyone can tell their daily lives.Is a great you are doing serving te humanity!! so we can share our lives with others, I always support you! keep doing a good job on this platform!That's definitely you Sir, @surpassinggoogle! You're amazing! While almost everyone got their sleep, you didn't even take a nap!Thank you so much sir @surpassinggoogle.

What made you stay awake that long? I mean did you take a cup of coffee? Did you even eat? hahahaha! Thank you so much for all your time and energy you've put on the show.so amazed by how far you've reached, supporting and inspiring people in this growing community 👍🏻👍🏻

Sir, @surpassinggoogle! Everytime I wait for your interesting posts.Your talking style and expression is first class.wait for your next post..I just want to say Salute boss you're great..take care yourself.. love you Sir. Thanks for your #ulog..

sir @surpassinggoogle. I am resteemit and upvot done your post.keep it up..may god bless you,Sir

#We Love Sir @surpassinggoogle. and respect you sir.

man i think you should make your posts as pdf files ,we would download them and read them later properly
Your posts are longgg ,unique ,detailed and always full of emotions
it seems the person is speaking wholeheartedly
bdw Ulogs is a revolution

Is a great you are doing serving te humanity thanks God bless you @surpassinggoogle

The video is so inspiring.....of a truth there are so uloggers that always miss out of some thing....but when their is delegation of authority....which you have given go ahead.....anybody can curate any ulog he/she think it's inspiring.
Thanks @surpassinggogle for being a unique being. You are indeed one of your kind.

vlog is so much fun,happy weekend @surpassinggoogle

It's going to be another great time with the genius @surpassinggoogle. Hope to see you all there

It is going to be an amazing time with you. To learn from you is always my yearning.

You are an embodiment of experience and wisdom.

See you at the hangout!

I think, one more thing we need for steemgigs is a job posting. I see the site of jobstreet and found out the same idea we need to improve steemgigs. If we can encourage some company to use the platform steemgigs is searching for a job, we can definitely surpass jobstreet 1 to 2 years from now. A lot of people were just rely on jobstrret for looking for a job. So we need that market.

Can't wait to be a part of today's voice chat, i have invited @davidfar to be a part of such an amazing community @surpassinggoogle, hopefully, he will be there with us, and I'm also Reminding @edprivat about the today's voice chat.

Well done @surpassingoogle, keep the good work going!!!

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today

Does it mean that its fully operational now?


man your projects are really changing too many lives! Ulogs are the same
they are adding further taste
Once ulogs.org will be in full flow a new dream building process will take the shape
your work is highly appreciated

I am new on steemit....
I don't know about @steemgigs..
What is stemgigs . I am just join your sharing discord channel..@surpassinggoogle.

It's amazing how viral the #ulog tag and activities have gone on this platform,just a reminder of how much your initiatives have touched people's life for good.YOU SHOULD BE PROUD SIR.Won't miss the steemgigs discord talk show later today for anything in the world......HAVE A BLISSFUL DAY

It was to be expected of you excellent initiative, fabulous idea of ​​the web #ulog. Congratulations to all the team, for so many organization goals achieved and for achieving, excellent work they have done and what they are doing and will come. Follow the success! The good thing is to be expected!

Let's keep it locked in with the discord talk show in few hours time, at least I would appear online to listen to the talks.

In-depth truth....
You have a big dream that is still taking shape.
I hope to be at the steemgigs discord server today

There are signs and i read the signs and "'the odds"; i turn them into signs too and altogether, i read the signs.

I read this line like five before I could understand it.. Lol.

Can't wait for the voice chat later today

PRAYZZ (1).gif

another inspiring night and motivation for 7th saturday night, hoping that signal is okay even heavy rains ...see ya all😊

The show must go on.

I subscribed your channel and pressed the bell icon, so that i won't miss any notification from your channel.


Wow some people have moved and bought the
.Com of both ulog and steemgigs, well as much as we would love to have the .Com domain, it looks like some people are seeing the prospects of ulog and utilizing it to the barest maximum as well, the truth is ulog and STEEMgig is visionary and extend even above the walls of steemit, I know you're developing this prospect and honestly Its quite a responsibility Terry, howbeit we are expectant really you're moving into an amazing prospective and soon we will be basking In the accomplishments of steemgig and Ulogs.
See you later this evening, it will be a blast

Woah, never thought that there are some signes of you taking the #ulog in the community. Love that your post last year was somehow connected on the #ulog project

IMG_20180609_123412.jpgI love you so much that I have seen the beautiful post of your mind and I am in the spirit of the inventions of the inventions of the inventions i your fun

Won't fail to miss this... Let me go finish chores before evening...

The amazing thing about the show is, @surpassinggoogle himself moderate it. That's incredible, and you need to hear his voice... WOW

Glad to know that you are going to open ulog.org. Eagerly waiting for it.

i will try to be attend the talk show later. i don't wanna miss opportunities. but i can't promise that i could stay the whole time just like the previous. i need to recover from my surgery. see y'all

The idea of having a website for Ulogs is great. I am only surprised as to how you manage your time between all of these. You are truly special!

Another website and it's for ulog? Wow. You have so many projects yet you still manage it all well. Thanks for your effort and thanks for involving us on your projects :)

I mean, I'm your big friend, I mean to you

I can't just wait for it to start soon, it's 5pm here Nigeria time although the network still did rubbish but I managed to join the conversation.
We have Guitar 🎸 steemian last week, I know it's gonna be more fun today cuz people would have prepared so may have piano and cool talented musicians

This was a nice idea coming up with #ulog website. Surely this will be successful and you have my 100% support.

Welldone Sir. The #ulog website is a great idea!
More Inspirations and Motivation @surpassinggoogle

The idea of ulogs.org is exciting. Steemgigs.org are made of dream-builders whereas ulogs.org are steem human celebrities!
Thank you so much Sir Terry for being the genius in creating opportunities to "untalented" us.

Go here https://steemit.com/@a-a-a to get your post resteemed to over 72,000 followers.

Love your contribution in steemit sir and i appriciate your work.

We are going to be awesome with Teardrops SMT.

I have been thinking of the Steemgigs Hivemind sbdby Community.

Then when Steemgigs and Ulogs condensers go online and working to its potential people will find it as dream building and hope and moral raising.

See you later at 12 am .

Special Huge shout out to Ulog!
Extraordinary unique. Proud to be a Uloggers.
Steem on

I think it does not matter with the domain name. Success for everyone depends on their own , how much effort they are giving. You already a celebrity and You are successful!. by the way is there any changes coming through ulog website.

Thank You sir @surpassinggoogle in advance.

It's really great and wonderful seeing success in ulog. Its life changing "i see the sign". Wish you can get the ulog.com from the buyer, many of those people do buy to park. Like park a potential domain for profit. But i pray for the tears to allow him release it at a normal play price. Still many other options yes.
So i will say, some other times, park domain first and start talking about the projects.
Having an interactive ulog site will be great. Like a chat box at right. Keep it up. One love

Oh its another Saturday already...

3 hours to go... Yaaaayyyy

@surpassinggoogle well, my question to you is borne out of amazement of u and i'm also wondering, WHAT MANNER OF MAN IS THIS?

I have been waiting for the discord talk later, however I am a little bit concern. We all know that summer has ended in the Philippines and was raining at the moment, hope that the internet connection will not get disrupted because of this matter. See you later

Woooow! @surpassinggoogle when i saw this your recent video on my post as a comment i was elated, i love it, i love your prowess and choice of words, you are true leader always thinking how to be great with other, looking forward to the website as you have promised

More to come and something to look forward to. Ill be joining the discord talk later, sa wakas! Haha nice logo btw ☺️👍🏻

I have subscribed to your channel @surpassinggoogle


very cool and interesting, I love to see all the new things people are creating with this new platform, it is crazy to see what people are doing!!

Excellent work terry friend the idea of Ulog is no doubt great and once it comes in shape of a website then we surely see more participation, i subscribe to your channel and watch some videos and really like your ulogs, i will also try to participate in it soon by the way the logo of Ulog is so attractive and beautiful, wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors friend and thanks for creating another opportunity for us, Stay blessed

Hi [email protected] You're a blessing to us Steemians. I, for one have high hopes that your dreams will all be realized for the betterment of everybody here. I am only a plankton sir with intention to learn and develop my knowledge in cryptocurrency.

God bless you and more power!

Will definitely be there live.
Each steemgigs talk show is educative and information packed.

I will not miss this.

Joining asap

@surpassinggoogle, the design for Ulogs and teardrops is so amazing. I'm particularly looking forward to when the domain will be operative.
And for sure it will come to fruition.

Also, thank you for all you're doing to bring growth to steemit and giving steemians platforms to grow here.

I trust to attend your live talk show. Thanks so much.

Re-Steemed Terry

So much work, well done!

Am glad I got to know more about what ulog is about from your comment on my post yeterday. Am looking forward to a new experience of ulogs amid the community of uloggers here. Thanks for this great inspiring community you started @surpassinggoogle.

Wow..excited later..

Count me in always sir!

See you later guys..😊

Good work by information for you mr.@surpassinggoogle, i am follow you

You have a big heart.. dear you always create new things for us...


I wish your projects will prosper and we are here to support you as always

Hmmm! Great reminder to mmy mind is this statement...

There's still alot missing in the world. A lot of things are rare and...

  • Ulogs and the "mining" it carries can reveal these things as we manage to each re-tap into these things.

As the world go BLOCKCHAIN going forward, the mining effect in STEEMit & #ULOG becomes a phenomenon that I see, shooting STEEMit onto the frontmost of the the new world trend. The CRYPTO money trend.

YES, it's FREE to start mining STEEM on steemit.com , but more importantly, with the #ULOG tag, IT is easy to begin mining STEEM crypto by merely steeming it your own way as you please.

No much technicalities required!

I managed to join the discord show. Yeah!

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..

I have been a bit off and on due to projects here and there. I have tried to join the live sessions with you on steemgigs discord channel but a lot of things has kept me off. I pray that i am able to join soon cos i miss that

Congratulations to @jejes and I do continually pray for strength for you brotherly.


This is amazing @Surpassinggoogle.

You will surpass google soon.

It's an excellent project @surpassinggoogle, the new website of ulog.org, it's great that they keep creating new projects to strengthen the steemit community, and the fact of attracting new users is excellent it will be great, to participate in this new project you have support.. 😍😍

Wow!! There will be a website for ulogs??? YAAAY!!! That would be so nice :) You have been really working hard for it, sir. Take some time to rest, too. You also need some. :) I love you sir Terry!!! :)
And by the way, the Talk Show last night was awesome!!! Hearing you and the other steemians sing really washed away my tiredness yesterday. Lol :D I was really about to go to bed that time when i read @atongis'post about the talk show. :D Yesterday was a very tiring day for me but i was able to stay up until 4AM :D

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