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I remember the first time I dined in here with my partner, I noticed the big serving size of the waffles and pancakes. I asked my partner if that is a normal size serving in the USA and he said "No, it's not the normal size you can order waffles bigger than the plate!", lol.

IMG_20180708_135830 (1).jpg

The waffle was baked beautifully, light and a little crisp on the outside. The fruits makes everything more enjoyable because of the freshness that you get from every bite. I can't believe am actually describing the waffle as if am Giada De Laurentiis on food network, lol!

The photo doesn't show how big exactly the waffle is but it's definitely enough to feed three people if you want a dessert to share at 395pesos (7.30 USD). For some people, it can be pricey but I think it's worth the price when you are paying for the quality of the food. Sometimes it's good to indulge with delicious food once in a while.

Although, it's not always true that you get better quality food if you pay more because I've been to some restaurants who overcharged their customers but the food was so horrible that I'd rather eat at fast foods.

The Abaca Baking Company definitely maintained it's good name when it comes to quality of there food and as for service, so far I never had any bad experience and they're always professional and polite.

More on Abaca Baking Company:

the abaca baking company.jpg

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Yeah that waffle looks a little small. Lol. The eggs Benedict looks good!


Yeah that waffle looks
A little small. Lol. The eggs
Benedict looks good!

                 - markvance

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is definitely big and trust me, this is enough for just me. Hahahaha. You know how to make me drool.

Good to see you back @purepinay

A pleausure those waffles!
Hugs for u girl!

very tasty and delicious food ....

delicious, from the fruit and the color, @purepinay,☺️

Sarap nman ng Pan cake..

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Your foods look very delicious, especially the waffle

Nice to see you back Gil☺


Thank you 😊

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Looks Delicious!!! This would be great in our Food Fight Friday contest :). Be sure to check us out @foodfightfriday and the #fff tag.

Thanks for sharing, Resteemed :)

Really tasty food

I made waffles with @merrij the last 14 days in a row...should make a challenge ;)

looks so delicious sis.
so good to see you back:)
stay beautiful as always
talk to you soon.

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thank you, sis


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Que rica y nutritiva se ve ,se me hace agua a la boca ...buen provecho ,saludos

Hello @purepinay, the dish looks delicious and you're right when you say that sometimes we have to give ourselves some tastes that leave the account empty, but as a friend says "what you get is what you eat, drink and enjoy", so live the best you can and enjoy the pleasures of life. Congratulations and blessings.


Oh thanks for the lovely message, @marinmex!

Happy to see you here, how's everything?

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Friend @purepinay, thank you for your words that invite me to answer, you fill me with joy. Having a positive attitude, the complicated moments I take as learning, to grow as a person and as a professional, life we have to take it with ice and soda to be happy despite the circumstances. We have to take the best of the moments and do what makes us happy. I am happy to read your publications. Congratulations and blessings.


I love your enthusiasm!

It's important to keep a positive attitude makes everything better no matter how tough life can be.

Thank you for your support am happy to see you here.