Pinay's #ULog ~ 6: Requested STEEM/PHP Pairs from CX, the Coins Exchange

in #ulog2 years ago (edited)

Remember @surpassinggoogle's initiated movement gathering 200 videos about STEEM/Steemit that will take to and CX to implore them to add STEEM?

I've been testing Coins Exchange (CX) for a week now and finally, I successfully cashed out PHP from CX to after several attempts. CX is not working well on my Acer Aspire V5, Firefox browser. I have no budget for buying a sophisticated computer/laptop. LOL

After cashing out, I answered the "Survey" sent to me by CX representative via e-mail and found that there is a selection which feature and CryptoCurrency pairs we'd like to see in CX. Of course, as a Steemian I input STEEM/PHP!

I encourage USERS
to participate in CX Beta Testing and Answer Survey. Don't forget the STEEM/PHP Pairs.