CX Beta Testing: How to Deposit Philippine Peso and Bitcoin to Coins Exchange

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*This post is exclusive for users.

Reference to my ULog~3 post, I mentioned that I got the 'Exclusive Early Invite to CX', May 08, 2018.

I followed the 'Guideline' given by #CoinsPH via e-mail using the laptop. I clicked the "Activate My Account" button and logged in to Coins Exchange (CX) using my details.

*But, before clicking link/button from e-mails I always check SENDER's DETAILS to make sure it is from the official site, not from scammers/hackers (I always check e-mails from mobile first).

I then 'Cash In' PHP/BTC from Android App. Please don't mind my PHP balance below. That was not my real balance when I cashed in. LOL! I converted few ETH to PHP to cover the minimum amount before proceeding.

PHP Cash-In (Deposit) to Coins Exchange (CX)

(1) From mobile app or browsers, click "Pay Bills". I used android app this time. I only used the laptop to activate my account.

(2) Select Coins Exchange (PHP).

(3) Enter amount, click 'NEXT' and 'SLIDE TO PAY'. Minimum is P10.00 to date.

(4) Enter Verification Code. DONE.

BTC Cash-In (Deposit) to Coins Exchange (CX)

  1. From desktop/mobile browsers or app, select "Pay Bills".
  2. Select Coins Exchange (BTC).
  3. Enter amount, click 'NEXT' and 'SLIDE TO PAY'. Minimum is 0.00003 BTC to date.

I can't remember if I was asked to enter verification code. I guess no need since I cashed in BTC right after cashing in PHP. Just enter code when asked and you're DONE.

Funds were credited to CX INSTANTLY.

Will try to 'Buy', 'Sell' and 'Cash In/Out' from CX and make a separate post soon.

~ Images are my mobile screenshots ~

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Eto ka nah naman ha nanggugulo ka nanamn., hahaha joke., Teka ano ba ang kagandahan neto?., ayaw kong magbasa nakakahilo ung mga imahe., hahaha


Sa iPhone mo basahin kasi baka nakakahilo talaga sa desktop/laptop iba view. Haha tinamad ako mag edit ng images eh di ko alam sizes pagdating sa desktop browsers tamad ako gumamit laptop kaya saglit ko lang yun inoopen pag need lang talaga gaya ng CX account activation. Shutdown ko after ko makitang credited na yung cash in's. :-D

Kung maiadd po ng ang STEEM/SBD dyan po yun sa CX mapupunta. Cash Out dyan ang gagawin natin if FROM Steemit. Dyan din mas makakaSAVE kung gusto natin bumili ng 'Steem Power' galing sa sariling bulsa if added na dyan ang STEEM/SBD.

Pero habang beta pa lang PHP/BTC pa lang listed. Magiging available din dyan Ethereum, Litecoin at Ripple pag fully launched na. At yun nga sana maadd din STEEM/SBD. 😊


You have to explain all these to me in person .. ;)



nahilo ako lol...but resteem ko to para madali ko makita pag need ko...maraming salamat sissy, ang galing mo talaga lodi na kita haha😊


May dagdag na naman po ako pampahilo at dadagdagan ko pa bukas lahat CX 😂😂😂