Ulog 55: Rain Rain Go Away!

in #ulog3 years ago

imageEvery so often, our family has a Saturday that we don’t have any commitment and we would go out and about. This Saturday was one of those weekend days. Unfortunately it has been raining nonStop since yesterday.

So she started with her first song that went something like: Rain, rain go away...

That, however, wasn’t the funny song because I have heard it before. Here was her other song that she learned from music class at school.

No school tomorrow!
No school tomorrow!
No school tomorrow if it snows.
The weatherman is saying that snow is on the way.
The sun is disappearing.
The sky is turning grey.
I listen to the forecast; I hope it’s isn’t wrong.
And that’s why I sing this song.
No school tomorrow!
No school tomorrow!
No school tomorrow if it’s snows.

I started laughing so hard when she finished singing that song. She didn’t think it was funny. I guess it’s a legitimate song after all. I am just not sure who wrote it. Was it a kid or an adult? Or maybe an adult who thinks like a kid.

Alright, good night and don’t let the bedbugs bite. I hope you have a great rest of the night.

Image source: Pixabay Mobile App. No link provided.


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Good night too sir, my greetings to your children and family.

It's not raining here, we are already entering into the dry season.

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