Ulog 3 Manifestation: Working for Money

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In yesterday’s Ulog, I spoke about working to manifest money in my life so that my son @bxlphabet and I can continue in our same living conditions and keep working in peace and sanity.

The biggest problem I have had in this life after extreme weight loss is turning my knowledge and help into a profitable life. I give my work away for free on many platforms. I bought into the idea that if you do what you love, the money will follow.

At most I give a gentle nudge on my posts, suggesting people hire me for more help, and it is amazing that they ever do. A marketing guru looked at some of my sales pitches a few years ago and gave me a D- along with an offer of his very expensive coaching services which I did not take.

Why I Work Online

In my case, my passion is more than what I love. It is a driving force in me to help others to lose weight naturally like I did and kick the misery of obesity to the curb for good. I'm angry at the lies we are told about our food supply and ability to change ourselves. I know from my own experience and others I have worked with, that change comes quickly and is not difficult once you have the skills.

I have had some good coaching gigs, I sell my books, and I earn income from affiliate sales. Aside from weight loss work, I also work to help people with Canva, You Tube, Twitter, and Amazon Kindle.

But all of that is down now and nowhere near enough to pay my bills.

In the last year, I have been posting to steemit in hopes this would be a good outlet and attract potential clients, readers, and people who buy products I recommend to help them. This does not work at all unless my posts can be seen on the wider internet. Each post needs a $10+ payout to be visible to search engines. I have only had a handful of posts reach that payout level in the last months.

How to Proceed?

One of the manifestation groups I am a part of had a post today about clearing out all the regret so you can take action effectively. It is hard to work when you are kicking yourself at the same time.

That same post talked about removing fear of the future from your mind and focusing on the positive result you want. Taking action is the most important step and it must be done with confidence.

I was working on a coaching program and course back in June 2018 when I got the bug from @jerrybanfield to try steemit. I regret deeply not completing the course back then. I could have done both, but I didn’t.

Steps I am taking to Create Wealth:

Yesterday I created my first #steemgig, offering to make posters for steemers who need them for their posts here.

Today, I am working on that coaching program and course I mentioned above. It will help authors get their books into better categories at Amazon. This is a common problem I can help them fix. Their books will sell better after it is done.

I am also looking at my free weight loss work to see how to monetize that in a course or coaching program. I have done this in the past one-on-one and the work is not in a condition to post yet.

I’m still posting on steemit and encouraging my son to do the same. It may not be much now, but we still earn money here. If we stop posting we won’t. His excitement about steemmonsters is one of the best things to happen in a long time.

If you have read my posts, you know my son has severe ptsd partially due to the experiences he had as a young child when his obese mom was always falling, getting sick, and being taken off to the hospital. Seeing him happy and working with pleasure, is the best result of all from my time on steemit.

Finally, I am looking at my half-completed books to see if some of them can be published now. This is not immediate income, but helps with my image online and will sell for all the months and years to come. I am aware from my previous publications, that I can complete these quickly if I get into the zone.

Is Manifestation Working?

Manifestation is working for me right now. I am moving forward with much less fear. I’m working with purpose and have good thoughts to replace the worry that has been stopping me.

Suggestions from other people in the last days:

I have not acted on these, but they are possibilities.

Today is June 20, 2018

My most pressing need from my last post about manifesting money is to get my Thai Visa extended for 30 days. I “almost” have enough to do that if my Thai friends continue to feed me and nothing else comes up.

I’m grateful for all that I have now and the many people that have offered advice, voted my posts, and given me links to ideas that have worked for them.

The money I need now in US Dollars though much of it is really in Thai Baht

nowSan Diego Bus Passes and Supplies50.00
nowThailand Food and Supplies 50.00
Before July 1Thai Visa Extension86.00
07/01/18fitinfun Wordpress Renewal107.40
07/03/18San Diego Rent650.00
07/05/18Thailand Rent350.00

The total of those amounts is $1,293.40

I must succeed; and I will succeed.

= =

Help Me Stay on Steemit

If you want to help my son @bxlphabet and I stay on steemit, but your upvote is just not enough, here are my wallet and PayPal addresses where I will be so grateful for any help.

BitcoinCash - BCH


Bitcoin - BTC


Dash - DAS


Litecoin - LTC


PayPal Thailand:


PayPal US:


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Your talent and your determination will bring you much success. KEEP GOING!


Thank you so much for your continual support and good wishes, @rubelynmacion. It means the world to me. Soon you will see a post of my success :)

Have a look at this: "Taking action is the post important step and it must be done with confidence." I think it is "most", not "post".

Is this all right:"I was working on a coaching program and course back in June 2018 when I got the bug from @jerrybanfield to try steemit. "?
" It we stop posting we won’t" - If....
May i suggest my new daily contest? It is not much, but if you start in kryptonia, at least you get some SUP.
I have the feeling you need some fresh energy now. Don't worry, you will succeed!


I will take a look. Thank you so much for the edits. I am typing and proofing fast these days :)

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Very well made your varteles with very interesting messages dear friend, every day more enchanted. You will be very successful

Im late to this party, but I brought my freewrite post with me. https://steemit.com/freewrite/@pasaift/5-minutes-freewrite-wood

You’ve got this, and I know that amount will come easily to you! 😉


Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support :)

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I am rooting for you!!!

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