Ulog #8 | 16 moons in Steemit

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Although it is customary here in Steemit to publish an anniversary post, I decided against it last July. I thought I'd postpone it until I actually reach the goals I have set upon myself ever since I became aware of the value of SP and the importance of the Reputation Score.

Well, today is the day! With the help and support of countless Steemians, I am now at 60 for my Reputation Score, and with the pay out of my last post (which was 7 days ago), my Steem Power now sits at 2000.

But I must say that these metrics are not what defines my Steemit journey so far. These are personal targets that I insisted upon myself as part of my long-term investment in this platform. Steemit, however, is so much more than just an investment vehicle.

A Space For Me


I am not an expert in anything. I am just a stay-at-home mom following a (boring) routine that involves pots and pans, the laundry, and the few dishes that I know how to prepare. Surprisingly though, I discovered I have something to share in this platform still. I found ideas on what to write about by reading other Steemians' posts. I found delight in perusing posts about other countries' culture, so I wrote about traditions that are practiced in the Philippines too. I was ecstatic when my post, The Philippines' Sinulog-Santo Niño Festival garnered an honorable mention in eroche's Culture Vulture Challenge.


Through the challenge, I discovered how to use tags to find other topics that I also have much interest in, like art. The process of how an artwork comes to life is something that find deeply moving. The countless posts that tell, not only of the steps taken to complete a beautiful piece, but also about the determination and passion it took inspired me to write about my love for embroidery and my journey in finally learning how to do it.

an excerpt from my post My Steemit Design: Steemit as a place where beautiful things could grow


The last time I was out with old friends from work was about 4 years ago. I'm not kidding. Although I work on my own schedule now that I'm staying at home, I am still tied to what needs to be done to make sure everything is in order for my small family. It is a breath of fresh air when I get to interact with people through comments or chat with them through discord. In my 16 months in the platform, I am happy to say that I have struck a friendship with other Steemians, who I truly admire for their work and contribution to the platform.

steemit 2.jpg
from my post Unveiling The Human Behind The Steemian. My Adaptation of Steemgigs' Mission & Vision, where I wrote about my friendship with sis sunnylife.


What impressed me the most about Steemit is the fact that you can use your investment (SP) to actually help people through your upvotes, and yet get your investment back (after your SP recharged) with some interest (curation rewards). In my early days in the platform, I have read about how the whole Steemit community was able to help pool funds for someone in need. For me, this gave a whole lot of meaning to the platform and so it was a delight when Red told me about SteemPH, a non-profit organization within Steemit that aims to help enrich lives of our fellow Filipinos with the help of Steem and Steemit.

We (Red and I) became members of this organization, and have found a family in them. We worked with them on community outreach events and Steemit promotions. Below are some of the SteemPH projects that Red and I (together with our two daughters) were part of.

steemit 4.jpg
Steemit Philippines' Project Alinaga Arts & Music Therapy Day: My First Steemit Event

steemit 5.jpg
Steem-Powered Outreach Event in Libertad National High School, Samal Davao del Norte

steemit 3.jpg
Meet Up Caravan in Bulacan SteemPH Meet-Up Caravan Kick-Off in Malolos, Bulacan

Meet Up Caravan in Cavite SteemPH Meet-Up Caravan 2nd Stop - Kawit, Cavite

Meet Up Caravan in Antipolo SteemPH Meet-Up Caravan 3rd Stop - Antipolo, Rizal

Meet Up Caravan in Davao SteemPH Meet-Up Caravan 4th Stop - Davao!

I also became the newest addition to the Bayanihan Curation Team, with the mission of discovering and rewarding quality Filipino posts. To be part of this team is truly an honor.


16 Wonderful Months

My definition of Steemit has evolved over time. If today someone asks me what Steemit is, I'd say it's one of a kind -- a delightful combination of a blogging site, a social media platform, and an investment vehicle. I have learned to enjoy those three aspects of Steemit, and it has been a wonderful journey so far. Thank you for being part of it.





Buenas noches Dios te bendiga, es maravilloso has demostrado lo que quieres, asi seas una ama de casa. Dios da a las personas dones y talentos .

Congratulation for your 16 moons in Steemit with Reputation Score at 60 and Steem Power at 2000!

Great article! Ah! I can see that you have done many excellent works and great activities from the beginning till present. I always admire you on these and I’m glad to meet you here and become a good friend forever. ;)

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